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  1. As the Raven's game clarified, it was mainly the play calling. We ran 12 personnel like 20 times total the first 3 games and the offense looked like crap. We ran it 20+ times against the Ravens, and look what happens. A lot of it is on Baker and the Oline, but the majority of the issues were due to poor play calling. You cannot blame poor play on injuries, unless that injury is your QB.
  2. Is Nick Chubb the next Lebron James???

    No. He is not Lebron. He is not the best player on the team. However he SHOULD be used more. Any game that he is getting less than 20 carries is damn crime. We are like 4-1 when he has over 100 yards, and I don't think he's had a game with over 20 carries where he didn't get 100 yards. RUN THE DANG BALL!
  3. Take a deep breath

    While I am not doom and glooming us after this one game, this one game was VERY bad. We beat ourselves. And we cannot allow that to happen again.
  4. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    My guess is he is about to go into surgery for his hernia.
  5. Fantasy Football

    I haven't looked this year, but there used to be a trade block. However some players are set as undroppable. And the league manager has to change that setting.
  6. Browns trade for OL Wyatt teller

    Nah. From the film Ive watched this morning, he will be a good replacement for Zeitler....not an as good replacement, but definitely a good replacement. Maybe with some more development he can be.
  7. Browns trade for OL Wyatt teller

    Because they have a stacked OL and he was expendable. They likely wouldn't have cut him, but he was the only one they had that people would trade assets for vs waiting for them to cut the rest and claim them on waivers.
  8. Fantasy Football

    Offer sent
  9. Why?!

    I wouldn't count on it. If we are going to let Tretter walk, like consensus seems to agree we are, we aren't going to try and sign a different FA unless its a LT that we wouldn't have to worry about for 4-5 years.
  10. Fantasy Football

    Im not too mad at my auto draft. Though I am a little disappointed. I thought I ranked the Browns D high enough for me to auto draft them in the 8th round. Apparently not lol.
  11. Browns trade for OL Wyatt teller

    Not gonna lie. Who? Lol. Hopefully he pans out.
  12. Training Camp 2019 - The Iconic Champion Awakens

    Don't get it twisted. I'm still a knuckle dragger.
  13. Bud Light selling Victory Fridges

    Gotcha. I typically avoid buying licensed merchandise. So I feel ya. Though I do spend a truckload on my season tickets every year.....
  14. Bud Light selling Victory Fridges

    As a Browns fan, you can't imagine paying for something Browns? Interesting.