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  1. Fantasy Football

    Its usually 24 hours before the draft. It's automatic.
  2. Let's see your Browns ink!

    While Im not as ignorant as the dude who got the Superbowl(Yeah 1 word) tattoo. I was too excited to wait for a playoff win like was my original intentions.
  3. Browns sign Braxton Miller

    I believe his having 21 "Games played" makes him ineligible.
  4. I doubt OBJ or Landry play. But I foresee the starters getting 2 series max.
  5. Pretty sure that went away when the expanded the roster for dressing to 46.
  6. Browns sign Braxton Miller

    I don't think so. Its complicated how they calculate it. But players are only eligible for 3 seasons. And the 3rd season there are stipulations. I think he has an accrued season from last year, which means he wouldn't be eligible.
  7. Browns sign Braxton Miller

    He isn't making the team. We are already going to be cutting very good WRs
  8. Fantasy Football

    Except driving. Don't draft and drive...... lol
  9. yo this team is gonna be good

    14-2. Making it to the SB!
  10. So disappointed

    That doesn't solve the problem that it's only available in the medium width. Im a 15 4E lol
  11. Fantasy Football

    Cannot do Labor day weekend at all. Leaving Friday afternoon and won't be back in town until Tuesday morning
  12. So disappointed

  13. So disappointed

    That is exactly my point. They can. So why can't we? lol
  14. So disappointed

    The sporting goods store that is asterisked out when you type its name and the team shop just released the new NFL Team Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 and the largest size it's available in is a 14 medium........ What kind of BS is that? That means more than half the NFL players aren't going to be able to wear their own teams shoes....... So aggravating.
  15. Training Camp 2019 - The Iconic Champion Awakens

    Probably just precautionary. Hopefully he is okay.