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  1. i have no issues with the draft for MIA if it fell that way, but man....I have a hard time believing N.Harris falls that far, bud. But, I won't hate it. hahahaha! J.Chase/WR w/W.Fuller, D.Parker and P.Williams (including M.Gesicki/TE) - interesting 5 wide set K.Paye - i'm ok with that dropback and still get a quality DE. A.Leatherwood in 2nd, good and hot damn! N.Harris at 50? sign me up for all this.... ok, back down to earth and back to work....
  2. I was good through 50. At that point, at 81, I'd probably consider J.Cox/LB, J.Mayfield/OT, S.Forsythe/OT moreso. I don't think Jabril will fall that far, but I'm 100% ok if he does, and probably who i would draft in this case, but.... I'm not as high on Banks as some are.... I like the play of Mayfield & Forsythe more, if we are going to add OL at this point. And if still avail in rd4, maybe Schwartz/WR to pair with W.Fuller, T.Marshall, D.Parker and P.Williams. And including M.Gesicki.
  3. Worst MIA draft scenario or pull in a while. Sorry, hoss. We will be referred to as the might mouse team with some of those selections. hahaha!
  4. didn't they have the same questions about Philip Rivers (2003 or 2004 at #4?) and his release point & various mechanics? That didn't affect him when NYG and SD traded those picks. And SD only sat Rivers a short time. I was just making a simple response to that and this one too, so eh....back to the mock.
  5. Observations: I don't see Kyle Trask going in the 2nd, i think more likely 3rd. Not so sure about Carlos Basham in the 1st either. He's been a 2nd rounder forever and better options available as far as talent. No offense to him, just better options. Pitt taking a RB in the 1st round might require new ownership/GM/coaches first. they usually take a DEF/OFF line. This would be very uncharacteristic of them. I think I'd be surprised to see Etienne last to #43. I think someone will trade up for him if he slides past NYJ in the 2nd. Also, I think I'd be surprised to see Terrace Williams/W
  6. They said the same thing about Aaron Rodgers.
  7. I agree with you on #6, that will be Pitts or Chase. I agree with you on #18 as well. Far better edge rushers to select. I like Rousseau just a little more than Paye, but either works. I agree with you on #36 as well, but I think this is RB not OL. #50 with Humphrey is ok with me. Interestingly is he is a left handed C, working with a left handed QB, hmm.... interesting. #81 is ok. I agree it would seem like the kind of pick we would do, but I'm still thinking we are working on EDGE in that case. Payton Turner, Rashad Weaver and Quincy Roche are available. I just think it would
  8. I like this draft for MIA.... Addresses a few important needs and still getting a good player without reaching much. I would be 100% onboard with this draft.
  9. Right? Well, most of the drafts I'm seeing like this seem to think we are still in that ridiculous tank mode. I think they think it's funny cuz Dolphins/tank mode/har har.... I still wanna know who let Rick Spielman/Randy Mueller back in the draft room.... haha....
  10. No where in what I said in my previous post did I say that, bud. I do not hate any of them. I'm not judging them as harshly as some people have been in recent weeks. I mean, 3 rooks on the OL in the first year, they didn't do a bad job - all things considered. The job that Gaskins, Howard, Ahmed and Breida did will be the EXACT reason we actually address this in the draft this year. We thought we had a plan last year, so it seemed, but it didn't work. No one should be happy with what any of them did. A good game or 2 doesn't give them a reprieve. It's about consistency. I
  11. Sheesh, when did MIA get Rick Spielman or Randy Mueller back in the draft room? Sorry, man. I can't agree with this draft. I mean, I hated the Noah Igbinnalskdskjfoweifjee draft last year/should've traded down for a RB, but this is just a so outside the realm of viable and everyone should be fired. I'm not that excited about Sewell like others are, there are exceptional OL targets later. Leverage the crazy people have for Sewell or a QB to trade down a few slots. Additionally, I think ATL can trade down a bit to pick up a TE. Pitts is good, but not top 15 good.
  12. Being bad enough to pick #1 doesn't mean you tanked. So.... MIA "tanked for tua", right? I'm overtired of "tanking for <player flavor of the week/month/year>" No one has to start that crazy talk! LOL.... c'mon....you know you wanna laugh.
  13. Yikes. No deal. You're welcome to keep 3 for that much crazy. Sorry, man. Right! -------------------- There is zero reason for MIA to move at all. All this fear about LAC, pfffft.... no scare. if they do, they do. MIA needs to stay @ 5, use all 3 picks in round 1, or trade 26/move down for more picks this and maybe next year. I can't see an honest AND viable reason to do anything else. Rebuilding is not selling the farm and should not be done. I hope MIA stays the course and doesn't make crazy moves like this out of fear.... And most CERTAINLY not a wild ransom that @dpu
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