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  1. 2020 Prospect Follow Thread

    At this point, I'd wait until next year. No reason to waste picks! If we believe we want/need a QB next year, we have capital to go up and get them. NO REACHES! That's the concern, to me.
  2. Week 10: Miami Dolphins (1-7) @ Indianapolis Colts (5-3)

    Yeah, Hilton being out changes that a little, but I still stand by the score. mine or yours.
  3. Week 10: Miami Dolphins (1-7) @ Indianapolis Colts (5-3)

    Colts 23, Mia 13 Mack should have a fairly good day, since we are allowing around 150 ypg. With that, even with Hoyer, that should open up more for him in the play-action/flat game. Hilton will more than likely have a field day. Miami is trying to stay in the games or keeping them interesting. Just as much as we are trying play with intensity, we are not built up enough to dominate.........yet. A barrage of picks the next 2 years should help the future, but just not right now..
  4. Week 9: New York Jets (1-6) @ Miami Dolphins (0-7)

    Honestly..... I would be ecstatic! My personal opinion is we should be working on OL and DL. We have the fire power to get a QB either year, but I'm not convinced Tua is the guy (personally). So, for ME, we look at next year. there are a few good ones. no argument with that. my only 'concern' is protecting that person. I am interested to see who they target in FA before the actual draft. This is where I think we will see a clearer vision of where the draft is headed.
  5. Week 9: New York Jets (1-6) @ Miami Dolphins (0-7)

    I'm morbidly curious.... Does any(or)every-one on this thread TRULY believe that QB is the presumptive REQUIREMENT in 2020 or it's a failure? I don't think so, personally. But, wanted to get a consensus.... Asking the group! Me? I'd personally like to see us address the lines, at some point we have to protect ANY quarterback that run out there. I've been pretty clear about that for a while, but that's just my opinion.
  6. 10/28 1 rounder

    I agree!! Herbert is just too inconsistent. But, if the draft fell this way I wouldn't sleep on Anthony Gordon or Jordan Love. Options there. Starting to like Gordon.... Truth is, I'm ok with passing on a QB completely in '20. Update the lines.... But, I've been saying it for a while. Young & Leatherwood are solid picks! Good! As long as he isn't going to MIA. Not a good fit.... And yeah, I believe he can and does falls this far. I don't fully agree or disagree with that. But, Chase Young is a great first pick of 3. The Tua table pounders are just plain delusional. Now is he....Talented - yes, but is he the right fit in MIA - NO! Don't think Herbert is the right choice either. LINE LINE LINE! If we can't protect the QB, we will have the next David Carr (all the potential in the world, running for his life on every play, beat up, concussions and useless in 3 years). I'd rather have Anthony Gordon or Jordan Love than Tua.... Truth is, I'd wait until '21 to look at a QB. MIA has the draft capital to get who they want this OR next year. the "what if so-and-so gets hurt, then what?" well....look at Tua, same issue. He got hurt so NOW WHAT? Sky is falling, Sky is falling!!!! LOL.... Nah, I don't look at Tua until end of Rnd1. Will he go that far? no, someone like TN would grab him. And that is ok too....
  7. Mock Draft 3.0 / 2 Rounds

    Let CIN have Tua, you're welcome CINCY.... Burrow isn't just tempting, he's a better prospect for MIA. So, if I had to choose between the 2 -- Reject Tua selection, replace with Burrow. Just my opinion, been saying this since last year.... Wirfs is a solid RT! Still think I'd rather have Thomas & Wirfs, but I'm just one voice....Start fixing that OL once and for all! sheesh.... But, this is a solid pick to upgrade the OL. Solid selection here to help with DL. Great motor! Interesting selection, need to look this up more. I also like Darryl Williams/C out of Mississippi State. Could possibly get him in Rd3.
  8. 1 Round Mock

    AGREED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is not viable with the options of LT/Andrew Thomas or RT/Tristan Wirfs (more viable if we made the mistake of drafting Tua). The big issue is drafting Tua (Just let him go to CIN, I don't mind).... Not a fan at all and i don't think he's a good fit....long term. I'd rather look at Burrows or Love. No hit? We can look at a QB in 21 (Potentially Lawrence, albeit having a down year compared to last year, but still a candidate). We have enough capital to do it. But, as for Swift, he can be had in the 2nd round, not first. Same with Burrows or Love/2nd round. OL (I'd rather see us draft all OL in round 1, personally. Not everyone agrees and that is ok) and DL in round 1. If we can't protect a QB, drafting a high QB in round one will become the next David Carr....running for his life on every freaking play. If it were me, I guess looking at things, I'd go Offense (we can fix our OL once and for all(after horrible OL play for what seems like 2 decades), if we play the right cards) this draft and with the capital we have for next year -- restock with Defense. I'm not even opposed to trading one of our #1's this year for a 2 this year and a 1 next year to keep the options open and the potential of maintaining draft capital year over year. Always having the ability to trade up if we needed to....
  9. Who's going to be the Dolphins starting QB in three years?

    You're right!! Rosen, RT, Tua.... same player, different heights. But, honestly....Until we can block for (any of) them, I can't see how we get any better or move forward. I really hope that is a high priority (for real) this time.
  10. Who's going to be the Dolphins starting QB in three years?

    Ok. Clearly I misunderstood your concern about worring about resigning rooks
  11. Who's going to be the Dolphins starting QB in three years?

    Exactly. Re-Signing all at the same time is not an issue was my point.....
  12. Who's going to be the Dolphins starting QB in three years?

    4 year rookie contract with 5th year option is cert very standard these days....gives you flexibility to sign a few year 4 and others year 5. Just a thought, bud. But yes, I thought about this issue too until i remembered 5th year option clauses. -S-
  13. Who's going to be the Dolphins starting QB in three years?

    One isn't guaranteed in 2020, either.... sadly.
  14. Scalamania's first 2020 Mock Draft (2 rounds)

    If we made the mistake of drafting Tua 1st, drafting Andrew Thomas would be the wrong pick again. Thomas is a LT. We would need to look at Wirfs as a better selection as he is a RT. To protect a lefty's blindside. I'm still pounding the table to go all OL in the first and forget the QB in the 1st round this year (look to possibly Jordan Love - if you just HAD TO HAVE ONE THIS YEAR!), we've not had an effective (in any way) OL in eons. And it really won't matter what QB you draft, they'll all just run for their lives and we STILL won't have an OL to work with! To me, I would look to (using this pick order in the first round, if the stars aligned).... Thomas/LT, Wirfs/RT and if we were LUCKY.... Biadasz/C (if not avail - maybe look at Darryl Williams). I think with the 2nd round we could still get Swift. But, I think if we were able to grab those 3 Offensive linemen to pair with Dieter/LG and Davis/RG....we could finally start looking to have a line that would be there for many years - and you could almost put Marino back in a uniform at that point. LOL! j/k....ish. But, who's to know what we have in ANY QB if they are just running or under duress the whole time.
  15. Who's going to be the Dolphins starting QB in three years?

    Ok, let's try it a different way.... As I said, I was grandstanding about the Alabama QBless grinder because I have a different opinion about it all. And yeah, i am NOT on the Tua bandwagon. Not even a little. So, with that....I think drafting Tua is an EXTREMELY BAD IDEA!! REGARDLESS of the argument. Several reasons, but let's just discuss this one -- We have been devoid of an offensive line for an eternity. To me, I would focus my energy on OL in the first round. Looks sort of like this (is it perfect? no, but it could be if the stars aligned, buuuut they won't).... First round selections, in order of selection (however drunk I could possibly have been when I thought about this) - Andrew Thomas/LT (1st - top 3 pick), Tristan Wirfs/RT (2nd - top 10 pick), Tyler Biadasz/C(hopefully available w/3rd - middle to lower first. If not Darryl Williams is a possible option in the 2nd)... Pairing them with Dieter/LG and Davis/RG. We could potentially have a pretty good line for darn near ANY qb & rb to stand behind for a long time. Use the draft capital of next year to package up/as or if necessary and get someone like Lawrence next year. But, that is dreaming and stars aligning. Some would argue or say defense, well, we need to use some of our cap money, use it there. Rebuilding takes time, but at some point we need to be able to keep our offense on the field to give the defense a rest. And we also have several 2nd round and 3rd round picks this year and next. I agree Alabama never goes after top tier QBs. It's just a gut feeling he'll bust horribly in MIA. Why? well, this is why I posted that in the previous paragraph. Let Cincinnati have him. That's where I think he will land, if we pass on him/hoping we do. Seems like a Zac Taylor match, actually.... Is all of this a better argument? Lord, I hope so! LOL....