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  1. Goldfish's 7 Rounds (Updated 02/17/2020)

    Interesting, but I think a better pick at 142 is either Anfernee Jennings [ EDGE ] Alabama (who you had going at #150) or Kenny Willekes [ EDGE ] Michigan State (at 151). That doesn't change that we could still look at/draft Garvin at 184, in this scenario. We need to find DE's. This is and has been a problem for us recently and we need to start looking for new ones!! Getting a few DE's is not a bad idea and is completely plausible. And I'm not opposed to Sean Pollard [ IOL ] Clemson (at 246) instead of Hasty at 245. Turning stones for OL is important. 3. Tua Tagovailoa [ QB ] Alabama 26. Josh Jones [ OT ] Houston 39. Patrick Queen [ LB ] LSU 56. Jonathan Taylor [ RB ] Wisconsin 70. Netane Muti [ IOL ] Fresno State 142. Afernee Jennings or Kenny Willekes [EDGE] 161. Michael Ojemudia [ CB ] Iowa 164. Brian Cole [ S ] Mississippi State 184. Jonathan Garvin [ EDGE ] Miami 196. Tyler Bass [ K ] Georgia Southern 245. Sean Pollard [IOL] 249. Brendan Bowen [ OT ] Ohio State 1 QB, 4 OL, 1 RB, (6 offensive prospects) 2 EDGE, 1 LB, 1 CB, 1 S, (6 defensive prospects) 1 K (1 special teams player to challenge) and a lot of high round draft capital next year and salary cap to help FA this and next year.
  2. Chomp_Chomp 2 Rounder

    Agreed! We could easily grab Taylor at the bottom of the 2nd (before HOU) if we HAD to have a RB in the 2nd. Besides, I still not convinced Swift is the right pick for MIA (just as much as I'm not convinced that an often injured Tua is the right pick either). In college, Swift has done great things, but I think he is going to have challenges and not as much success in the NFL. In this scenario - I think i'd take Biadasz. That Offensive line is offensive.
  3. Pre Super Bowl 5 Rounds With Comp Picks

    R1 - I'm ok with the first 2 picks (I guess. Not a Tua fan personally, but I think it's almost a foregone conclusion), but think we get better overall value by using R1:26 on Biadasz R2 - Replace Cushenberry (not a bad pick btw), with JK Dobbins (I like him a bit better for RB than Swift). MAYBE Cush falls to the end of 2, not sure about that, but otherwise, I'm ok with Niang there. R3 - I would rather have Ashtyn Davis, please. R4 - Decent pick, but think we are ok on WRs. I think we would want to focus more on potential line players R5 - Never watched any tape of this player. Will have to check it out. But, think we will probably pick up LB players in FA to cover this. Just guessing this far down.... But, the top end changes I think are better changes for the team overall. Don't get me wrong Swift is a good player, but I think Dobbins would be more of what we would be looking for. Thank you for taking the time to share your draft, man!
  4. Quick 1 Rounder No Trades

    I'm sorry, but I can't accept that draft for MIA. Becton is going to be avail much lower and there are far better BPAs to select in the top end of the draft. the last 2 picks I can support that first one is a no-go. As much as I am not really a supporter of Tua, I think MIA drafts (based on your draft here) - Tua or Okudah (better BPA). And I only put Tua 1st because as much as I disagree with the pick, it's the worst kept secret in ALL of 2019, that he was the target. Stephen Ross cannot keep a secret. Or, it's the best distraction ever.... hahaha! Anways, No to Becton @ 5. Chaisson @ 18 and Biadasz @ 26 = good.
  5. J-Deere’s 1 round mock (trades) 1.0

    Not the top half of the draft. I agreed with Tetsujin. We stay at #5 and get the likes of Okudah or Simmons. Sure we need OL, but those are top shelf blue chippers and instant upgrades. If we consider the idea of being sellers, that would be the bottom of the 1st. And I'm ok with that - to buffer next year's 1st round with a extra 2 or 3 +6/7 this year (not looking at chart just off the cuff).
  6. J-Deere’s 1 round mock (trades) 1.0

    he won't play this year, and my quote was regardless of cleared OR injured reserve. Sorry if I was not as descriptive. Didn't mean it that way. I was just thinking, if MIA stays true to the worst hidden secret all year... he will still sit behind Fitzpatrick. Just an opinion. It's draft season, there is GOING to be buzz about anyone....ready or not.
  7. J-Deere’s 1 round mock (trades) 1.0

    For MIA - Uh oh....Who let Rick Spielman back in the building? lol....teasing/kidding! LOL! And 2 trades up like that? Gutsy, but highly doubt that will happen. I do not believe CAR is going to sit a trade up for a year/IR. I do see them taking a flyer on Rivers if he shakes loose, or going after Bridgewater. But, I would not be surprised to see LAC consider it based on Rivers leaving or not, but I think they stay where they are and take which ever falls to them after MIA. FYI.... I'm not a Tua fan! I'd rather wait until next year and use draft capital to chase Lawrence or Fields. So don't think it's because I am forcing that pick to MIA. I surely am not.... R1:5 - Andrew Thomas, I am ok with that. Everyone knows MIA need OL help in the worst way. But, I think Okudah is more the BPA over Thomas, in this scenario. Picking in Top 5, I believe you stay with BPA or trade out. Howard (CB1) and Okudah (CB2), that is sick sounding! And it's entirely plausible. How many times have we seen teams that go against the expectation, have you watched MIA draft in the last decade? LOL!! R1:18 - Eason? uhh, noooooo no no no no! Not in the 1st.. he can be had in 2nd. And, I noticed that you think Jordan Love is going to fall to the 2nd, not Eason won't? Hmm... Just curious/not sarcasm. R1:26 - Henderson has good height and speed, BUT MIA has enough poor tackling players, we don't need another. Pass on henderson/no pun intended. Side note - I don't think an RB is going to be selected in R1, regardless of team and flexibility. People can say BPA, but I don't think it will happen. So, the run on RBs (again, no pun intended) will happen in R2. Swift, Taylor, Dobbins, Etienne, Akers (mostly likely in that order).
  8. Brushmyhairs divisional rd mock

    I get that... But, i dunno... I can see it as a possibility, but ultimately -- I think they'll stay where they are and grab Herbert. Plus, Tua won't be able to start next year and plausibly a little longer....LAC needs someone to be able to start ASAFP, or it'll be Lynn's head. I am not convinced there will be any viable/available stop gap vets that they would bring in to let him sit. If anyone thinks I'm just stuck with that Tua mania stuff....I Am Not. I just think it's a forgone conclusion they'll draft him, let him sit next year+, let him rehab fully. But, for me, I would honestly prefer fixing the OL/DL issues this year. Then waiting until next year and using our draft capital for Trevor Lawrence (more prototypical/similar to Tua but taller and i think a better fit) or Justin Fields. That's just MY opinion. But, I think they'll still force the drafting of Tua. I didn't like that he made everyone wait to find out if he was going to enter the draft and that his concern wasn't health, but how much money he was going to lose if he potentially fell out of the top 10. Money only players are selfish people and of no interest to me. I get it, get what you can while you, but you still have to strive to play the game at a superior level. Not a Brady fan, personally, but i respect that he took less money than he could have so the TEAM could fix deficiencies. Ok, someone take my soapbox! LOL!!!!
  9. Brushmyhairs divisional rd mock

    MIA agrees.... LOL! Sorry, man. I just don't think that is necessary. I think Tua, if that is the pick *lol. worst secret for a year*, will make it to 5. MIA will keep their spots. I would see them more likely trade down instead of trading up. This would've been necessary if he wasn't injured.
  10. 4 Round Post Wilcard Mock With Comp Picks

    I'm very ok with this draft for MIA. For a franchise that has been devoid of a good draft for some time, this one can work as a foundational draft!
  11. Who is going to protect Lawrence if we are building a foundation? Not a single OL player taken and a DT with the first pick? Then a WR which we have 4 rock solid ones? i'm not even sold on Okwara in the 1st. Who let Rick Spielman back in the Miami Draft Room? LOL.... No way, if we lose the ABILITY to draft Tua (which almost seems like a forgone conclusion), do we pass on a far better player in Okudah to pair with X.Howard/depending on his legal status at that point. Or even Wirfs/ORT, for that matter. And at the bottom, we probably wouldn't let Wills slide by either, unless we got a lineman earlier. This is most likely going to be a offensive draft more so than defensive. I appreciate your time building the mock, but it's just not a viable one for MIA.
  12. Rack's 2020 Mock Draft - Updated 2/4

    I agree that it is important, but I think we can still get Swift with our 1st pick in round 2 while grabbing one of the best Center prospects. Win-Win!! If we wait on it, I just don't know if someone like Creed Humphrey would be avail in round 2 by the time we pick, either. Tough decision.... I'm sure we will look at OL & a few 'specific' FA RB's prospects in FA (shhhderrickhenryshhhhnothingtoseehere)! haha! Lord knows we have the cap space to accommodate! I'm also wondering why people are sleeping on Zack Moss/RB. But, if we don't get a solid RB in FA - I still like the idea of RB in round 2....we will still have access to a really good one! But, that's just me. Happy new year and thanks for taking the time on your mock!
  13. Rack's 2020 Mock Draft - Updated 2/4

    For MIA, clearly Tua is going to be the pick, as long as no one jumps ahead of us. I'm good with the Chaisson pick! But I think i'd rather have Biadasz for the final pick in round 1. Justification? clearly we need to rebuild the OL in the worst way AND Swift, Etienne, Dobbins, Taylor and Akers are MOST LIKELY all available in the 2nd. Plenty of RBs in this draft to find one. i think we with all the salary cap we have we will fill in some OL and potentially chase RB. But, draft wise, I think Biadasz is the better pick for our needs in the 1st.
  14. I guess I find it difficult to believe that MIA wouldn't go after OL upgrades with plenty of cap space to accommodate. I don't think the Jets will get both of those players, regardless of any connections/ties. Players are about the money, not so much about the connections. I don't think they'll go hog wild like they have in previous years, but it is possible to see MIA go after a few OL before the draft. I can also see them going after an edge rusher/DE. Ngakoue is a plausible target by MIA and/or IND (with the most $ to spend) and that would be a position I don't think they have a major need at this time. I could be wrong, but that defense is pretty stout and Frasier is doing a great job coaching them.. Additionally, I don't think Jacksonville moves on from Fournette and drafts D'Andre Swift in the 1st. Actually, i'm not sure we will see a RB taken in the 1st round at all this year. there is a LOT of good options for RB in 2020. I think they go CB more so than RB. As for draft, i won't be surprised if MIA targets/drafts Tua now. Barring a team to trade up to 4 to beat MIA to that one, that will be MIA's pick at 5. Yetur Gross-Matos has a great motor but not sure he's the pick if we grab 1 or 2 in FA (don't get me wrong, i'm ok with the pick) and Tyler Biadasz is perfect. We need to rebuild the OL so so so badly....
  15. 2020 7 Round Mock Draft Updated 2/3/20

    Round 1 -- As much as I don't think Tua isn't the right fit. They will draft him anyways..... if no one leap frog's into pick 4 to take him (Raiders?). I really, really can't see MIA taking Harris over Swift. If we take a RB in round 1, based on the way things fell -- MIA takes Swift. Don't get me wrong....I like Dobbins, but I don't think he will go that high. I would be surprised to see '1' RB taken in the first round at all. 2nd is where I see them going. At best, low 1st round for '1' RB. Swift, Etienne and Dobbins. in that order, is how I think they will fall. But, for MIA, no way I see them pass on Swift to take Harris. As for Yetur, i'm ok with him or K'Lavon. Albeit, I wouldn't be surprised if MIA like Chaisson better, but I'm ok with either. Round 2 -- I can be ok with the Murray, but not ok with Fotu. Since we did NOT take a single OL in the first round OR the 1st pick in the 2nd round, there is NO WAY we continue to pass on that. Niang over another DT. Round 3 -- I see more Diggs as an option than Simpson. Not a bad pick, but we need someone to pair with X.Howard. Round 4 -- I'd rather have Prince Tega Wanogho over Eiland. I think Prince has more upside than Eiland. Currently they are essentially the same player, but Price for growth. Not a bad start.... Tua Tagovailoa/QB Yetur Gross-Matos or K'Lavon Chaisson/DE D'Andre Swift/RB Kenneth Murray/LB Lucas Niang/OG Tevon Diggs/CB Prince Tega Wanogho/OG