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  1. Happy Draft Day mock

    I agree! this would be a reason that they stay put at #13 instead of moving down. We lost 3 DE's this offseason. This would be a solid add to start re-stocking this position.
  2. Happy Draft Day mock

    Solid MIA pick....
  3. Seven Rounds - Final Mock Draft 2019

    1st round: no issue with that or what I believe to most likely be Ferrell, actually (I know they love Wilkins).... They need DE's because we lost 3 starter or start-capable DE's this offseason (Wake, Quinn, Branch). But, I have no issues with Wilkins pick! But, we need a DE.... Oh wait, look at round 2! 2nd round: accommodates the DE selection if we take Wilkins, works for me! Great picks for rounds 1 & 2! They also may go early with O.Ximines/they showed interest in him. was fodder? 5th round: I like that idea as well. Staying local with Redwine. The future of Rashad Jones is up in the air, even as soon as this June. But, I would guess next year, if we're being honest. Solid pick here too! Here's a few changes.... 3rd round: How about Connor McGovern instead? We need line help on DL and the OL. Lost a starting RT and no obvious legit OG, we can look to work on that slot. McGovern might be a better fit for BPA and need. based on where your draft is at this time. (bummed that Elgton Jenkins went just a few picks before or I would've thought that would be a better selection). 4th round: I would take Vosean Joseph instead of Daley. MIA has done some research on him and like him, possible future replacement for Kiko Alonso. Another thought -- At some point, I would guess they are going to draft a QB to develop. my guess is in the area of Round 4, so they can address a lot of the DL and OL needs.
  4. FINAL! Mock.

    DL/OL is definitely the pick, most likely DE (since we lost 3 this offseason, a lot of solid prospects and a defensive minded coach), but I think they like Clellin Ferrell more than they do Burns. That is what I would change here. All the best to you and your team on draft day today! \m/,
  5. 2019 Mock NFL Draft (No trades)

    Absolutely solid pick! We lost 3 in the offseason, this will help! Best of luck to you and your team on draft day today! \m/,
  6. I agree DE is an absolute team need (we lost 3 of them this offseason) and a lot of solid options. Burns for MIA, ehhh.... I think I'd go Ferrell over Burns here, honestly. that would be my drother.... Otherwise....Good luck on draft day for/with your team!
  7. Final Brush 1st RD Mock

    No for MIA for a QB in 1st round, not even plausible at this point.... YES YES YES! We need a new QB, but we need line help more right now. So....after losing 3 starting DEs, I see this as the potential pick. Based on your draft.... Clellin Ferrell would mostly likely be the pick. If we look elsewhere Christian Wilkins/DT was definitely a player they liked. If they looked OL - since we lost our starting RT, Dilliard is a possibility or concern over our C maybe picking Bradbury/can play C or OG. We have no real starting caliber OGs either. Does MIA draft a QB in this draft? Yes. probably towards round 4, if I guess. Someone we can develop. Tyree Jackson, Jarrett Stidham or Will Grier. Whom honestly SHOULD still be there.
  8. FInal 2 round mock with a few trades

    Round 1 - I agree. DL and OL is no secret. Solid pick! Round 2 - ehh.... Probably more Winovich or Mullen here. Winovich if a LB would potentially replace Kiko Alonso. As a DE, he would be 1 of 3 in a solid rotation of DEs (since we lost 3 starting DEs this year - Wake, Quinn, Branch). Why Mullen? a few reasons - 1. we eventually have to get someone opposite Xavien Howard and 2. Flores runs a lot of Nickel & Dime packages. I get the Adderly approach, the speculation of us getting rid of Rashad Jones is plausible (june cut or next year). But, I think DL and OL are more plausible picks for the top end of the draft. I don't think it's a secret. We severely need upgrades in the trench lines / DL and OL. Additionally, I see them picking a QB to develop round 4-ish. Happy draft day! \m/,
  9. My one and only mock (4 rounds w/trades)

    1st round is not a no, but HE** no! This is DL or OL pick all the way! We've lost '3' starting DEs! Lost our starting RT on the OL, we may not have a solid starting C, we have no viable OGs. WR is NOT a position of need at all right now. My guess is this pick, based on your draft - Clellin Ferrell or Christian Wilkins/whom they love or Garrett Bradbury. My guess is DE. 2nd round is the same situation. we have 2 valid RBs under contract and plenty of years left, maybe late rounds, UDFA or june cuts. I know we've had some crappy drafts, but hoping that will change. This slot is ALSO a DL or OL pick. I almost feel like if your draft falls this way, I wouldn't be surprised if we double down on DEs. Chase Winovich is a potential pick/whom they also like. Otherwise, truthfully - best available OL prospect (most likely the case here). 3rd round ok, so now we have a DL pick, but I think Joe Jackson goes 4th round, not 3rd. I think based on the new coach defense scheme and approach (runs a lot of nickel & dime), he could look at another CB across from Xavien Howard. Possibly Trayvon Mullen? I've also heard Vosean Joseph (both of these 2 after the Joe Jackson pick you gave us), wondering how much longer they will keep Kiko Alonso.... 4th round - plausible. Stidham and Grier are possibilities as well. I agree that they will draft a QB in this draft, but none of the 1st/2nd round picks. I see them as future busts, personally/gut-feeling. But a developmental QB of any of these 3 I totally agree - Tyree Jackson, Jarrett Stidham, Will Grier. Sorry buddy, I just don't think the top end of the draft works for the team, and with explanations or other picks that would better suit the team. Have a great draft day later!
  10. Final Mock Draft

    I agree with this pick, but also TORN about Wilkins. I know MIA loves Wilkins, too. Either one works, honestly! DL & OL is (and more than likely) going to rule the roost for MIA in this draft (and a guess - probably a QB to develop in round 3 or 4), but most importantly -- you're picking correctly! As for the 2nd round selection.... I don't mind this pick, but I think I like RISNER (as I think) he would be the better selection. We honestly don't have a single or valid starting caliber OG at all, in my eyes. Not that we have a lot of faith in our RT per-se (right now) where someone like Greg Little would fall in place, but I think Risner would be a better fit, not only at quality but for need as well. Otherwise, honestly, I like where you're going with BOTH picks! Absolutely a plausible mock draft! Thank you! -S-
  11. Final 2019 Mock

    Plausible! DL & OL are going to be key in this draft! I wouldn't be surprised if they go DL before OL, but I can't argue with your pick!
  12. 3 round mock QB’s in demand - few trades thrown in

    Interesting approach. I agree with Line upgrades, most definitely. And thank you for not giving us a QB in round 1 (i don't see ANY of them as "can't miss" prospects)! But, I get why everyone wants to do that, but I don't see that happening. DL & OL is going to be the approach. Getting a QB in round 3 or 4 is more plausible/palatable. The only thing I'm thinking is that with a defensive minded coach, i wouldn't be surprised if we go DL first and then OL after. But, I still like this approach. O.Ximines is an interesting prospect.
  13. Giants4eva Mock Draft.. Final Draft

    I appreciate the comment and where your opinion is going, but honestly don't agree. Yeah, I know....we are clamoring for a lineman or 2 or 20....But, we really need them. I get your point, but I don't think Lock is a "can't miss" prospect (and that includes Haskins, 1 year and albeit a good one, still not enough information to judge as a "can't miss 1st round player"). Will he be good? Possibly. Any of them could....But, we need trench workers now more so than a MAYBE at QB. There are just too many solid "FIT" players for what we need for our team moving forward. I still think OL, DL is the way we go 1st round. Wilkins, Ferrell, Jonah Williams, Bradbury.... something in that realm. Just my $0.02. Thanks! -S-
  14. Mock 1.0. One Round, Trades, Explanations

    So, if we are supposedly "tanking" as everyone is saying/expecting....Can we, please, at least have a solid player that 'FITS' where we are going? One player is not going to fix our roster, but Rashan Gary is not it, in my opinion. Talented yes, A good Fit, no. So, Pass.... Although this is the case, I give you more bonus points than others just keep handing us a QB in the first round. They love Wilkins. Other solid fit players are Clellin Ferrell, Jonah Williams, Garrett Bradbury....as examples, based on the way your draft fell. Now....Do I think they'll take a QB in the draft? Yes. probably 3rd/4th round. But, honestly, we need OL & DL upgrades now that fit our team. Gary is a good player, just not a good fit. Peace!
  15. Let's go CRAZY with multiple trades

    I can live with this and this is ABSOLUTELY THE CORRECT OPINION! QB next year, not THIS YEAR! This is rebuilding the lines.... OL or DL that is the way to go in the first handful of rounds.