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  1. Being bad enough to pick #1 doesn't mean you tanked. So.... MIA "tanked for tua", right? I'm overtired of "tanking for <player flavor of the week/month/year>" No one has to start that crazy talk! LOL.... c'mon....you know you wanna laugh.
  2. And so it begins. LOL!!
  3. Yikes. No deal. You're welcome to keep 3 for that much crazy. Sorry, man. Right! -------------------- There is zero reason for MIA to move at all. All this fear about LAC, pfffft.... no scare. if they do, they do. MIA needs to stay @ 5, use all 3 picks in round 1, or trade 26/move down for more picks this and maybe next year. I can't see an honest AND viable reason to do anything else. Rebuilding is not selling the farm and should not be done. I hope MIA stays the course and doesn't make crazy moves like this out of fear.... And most CERTAINLY not a wild ransom that @dpudvay was asking for.... For everyone, good luck tonight....and all weekend between Rounds 2 - UFA madness!
  4. In this scenario, I think MIA would be better suited to grab Ruiz over Taylor. Not that we don't need a RB, just need to start solidifying the OL. I think they can get an RB in round 2. The possibility that Taylor, Dobbins, Akers, Edwards-Helaire are there in 2 is very possible. thanks for working up your mock and good luck tonight!
  5. I would be interested to know what it took for gettleman/giants to actually trade a1st round spot? Honestly. Not a dig.. He just isn't known for doing that at all.. What do you think miami get from IND for that trade at 18? Thank you!
  6. MIA is ok with this draft. Thank you for not forcing a trade up from 5.
  7. You mean, MIA doesn't trade up in supposed fear? LOL...Thank you for not doing that. I can live with that draft. Though I wonder if we went with Ruiz instead of Delpit and try to grab him in the 2nd. Risk, yeah, but just a thought to help continuing to work on solidifying the OL.
  8. I don't see MIA moves up from 5. Trading off other 1st's down the line? Probably, Sure, Ok... I just don't personally agree with the belief of moving up. I think they stay where they are get whatever forced QB everyone thinks they should draft at 5. An injured one or a quiet one, or whatever. too many issues with those players to think moving up is the right move. Everyone is so fearful of LAC moving up in front of MIA....I think they stay put too. They take the other forced/handed to them QB. Why not.... But, again, Stay put @ 5, period. Personally, I wouldn't be upset if MIA COMPLETELY skipped QB with their #5 pick altogether. If available, I'd take Simmons or a top tier OLT. Not a popular opinion, but i'm not overly sold on any of them being a top 10 pick. Burrow is interesting, BUT.... only 1 good season. put it all together? that would be awesome and I hope it did for him! But, if I'm trying to be objective, I just see too many IFs wrapped around all of them.... Now I wait for the i "don't know what I'm talking about" folks. LOL! PS - Just laugh, it's all fun. I'm excited for the draft. I really am curious to see what MIA does with all that draft capital.... All the guessing stops in a week.
  9. I don't think they move up at all. Everyone knows Detroit wants to move down, no king's ransom going to be given there. And honestly, I personally wouldn't give up 1st round assets for that silly game. One or both of those QBs are falling to me at 5. The Washington tease about a QB made me laugh. Miami stays put..... LAC is welcome to jump up, if they want to give up assets they can't afford to give up in the draft at all. I think MIA is content with either QB at this point. If that truly is what they are going to do, but for me....I am not a fan of either, at this point.
  10. Just honestly asking, not sarcasm for a change.... Do you honestly believe MIA would have to trade up for Herbert? I truly don't think we do. If he is the target, we can stay at #5 and pick him right there. LAC is not going to leap frog MIA for Herbert. If anything LAC jumps up for Tua. Just my opinion, regardless of reports and many opinions.
  11. Round 2: 56. Miami Dolphins select JK Dobbins, RB, Ohio State Round 3: 76. Tampa Bay Buccaneers select JK Dobbins, RB, Ohio State. ----------------------- Don't think Dobbins can be drafted twice. Small oops, bud. But, I like the pick in R2:56 for MIA. Tampa may not have him. haha! as for the MIA draft, I can be onboard with this one. But, if I had my druthers, R1:26.... I think MIA likes Cleveland moreso than Wilson if they were doubling down on OT, but think the better approach is: - R1:18 - Josh Jones/OT - R1:26 - Xavier McKinney/S - R2:39 - Cesar Ruiz/C - R2:56 - JK Dobbins/RB
  12. I don't think MIA needs to trade up from #5. No.....thanks..... Honestly, i'd be fine if we didn't draft him at all. Often injured players in college don't suddenly STOP getting injured in the NFL. Actually happens more often.... Let LAC have him.
  13. As much fun as a WR would be, MIA does not need WR at this time. We have a solid group and probably the deepest group on our roster as it is. We need to work on OL. So, potential better options might be - Ruiz? Biadasz? Cush? just my humble $0.02...
  14. Top 3 rounds of the draft looks acceptable. But, honestly - No. Wide. Outs. We already have SOLID depth on our roster for WOs! Oddly one of the deepest parts of the team. We need to dig for all the line help we can get.... So, for me, this is a better pick. 143. Baltimore - Logan Stenberg Kentucky RS SR OG -------------------------------------------- Some little potential nitpicks/druthers? Just conversation and ideas. And NOT that your selections were bad, just potential better options? Again, convo/ideas to discuss.... I actually like all of this, buuuuuut.. Maybe (or could) consider sacrificing Bandy or Coe for..... ....(potential) continuation of OL hunting: 159. Raiders - Calvin Throckmorton Oregon SR OG/OT - probably the better option, based on versatility. 163. Chicago -Michael Onwenu Michigan SR OG If we took a chance, with the hopes of re-grabbing Bandy or Coe instead of Clarke at the bottom of the round. Like a QB, we need to keep working on drafting them until we find the right one(s). I'm not opposed to bringing in someone to challenge and i'm OK with this, but think he can be had in R7. So maybe get more depth with Pinckney? Good for not only for game day rotation, but also ST. 206. Jacksonville (From Seattle) - Michael Pinckney Miami FL SR OLB Thoughts? Feedback on my responses R4-7? Thank you and overall good job, man! Better than most that I've seen!
  15. I'm completely fine with Cush pick for our OL. Everyone knows we need anyone that can help! hahaha!
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