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  1. I am very uneasy going into the season with the backfield as currently constructed. We have done nothing to get better running the ball outside of repeating the Juan Castillo mantra. If Baltimore cuts Gus Edwards I'm all over that. I would also love to see Mike Weber brought in as competition for the 4th RB / PS role.
  2. Windy would you say you’re more optimistic with Pig Simmons than Arlington Hambright?
  3. Is that a function of Saints backloading his deal or a fair reflection of value? I want Warford and expect there will be high demand for his services. Might have to get that Robinson extension done though if we want him, as we still have holes in the 53 at RB and ILB.
  4. Higher AAV than the deal he just got cut from?
  5. I think both Roberson and Jenkins will be part of the active roster on gamedays. I am working on an analysis of ST snap counts over the last 2 years to see if we can get an idea of how the bottom of the roster might fill out. The 12-man PS and new rules with that will be interesting to consider. I wonder if they could form a platoon of ST contributors rotating in from the PS. Regardless, will be interesting to see if Nagy & co. look at the PS changes as a way to enhance roster flexibility or if they continue using it primarily as developmental.
  6. Cohen was at his highest value last year. He is in a contract year plain and simple. The insurance is for letting him walk, not getting comp.
  7. No chance Mooney ends up on the PS. If he REALLY disappoints in preseason MAYBE they consider keeping Trevor Davis over him. We are going to keep 6 WR and are placing an emphasis on speed. Wims is odd man out from last year.
  8. I think your core WR group for the future looks like this: X: Robinson Z: Miller, Ridley Zebra: Mooney Ginn gives you some immediate impact at Zebra while Mooney learns. Patterson is your utility guy that you keep for ST and gadget plays. My guess is this will be his last year with the Bears. Wims will almost certainly not make the final roster as he offers no ST value. T. Davis likely a camp body at this point as well. This is more than enough, especially given (as mentioned) previously that we will be in 2 TE sets more. Continue to draft for Zebra and U TE talent as those are the critical differentiating positions in this offense.
  9. I didn’t realize that, thanks. I just remember GB backloading his deal on the transition tag.
  10. Seems like you have high hopes for that lame TG nickname catching on. I’ll have to observe his performance and demeanor on the field before I grant him any titles.
  11. Freeman would be OK as a rotational guy. I’m sure one of the Reid disciples could probably give us what we’re looking for. Not crazy about Riddick. Telegraphing pass when he’s on the field. Never a threat to run. I know we are going the Reid offense, ZBS route at RB. But I wish Nagy/Pace would take a look around the league and see how some of these teams are manufacturing offense with the run ESPECIALLY because we are in flux at QB.
  12. I know guys that were cut don't count. As far as guys whose contracts were up and haven't been signed I'm not sure. I think we almost need to add 1-2 guys at S. List of available RB's is puke-worthy.
  13. Hope we can get this guy on the field early this year. If we can get 2 full time contributors (Kmet, JJ) and 2 rotational contributors (Gipson, Mooney) - this will have been a great draft.
  14. It's taken me a while, but I think I have finally overcome my initial reaction to this pick. Kid looks like a freight train and I hope we see some more physicality and nastiness from him. Helps that he's a local kid - cool to see the videos of the community lining the block to welcome him! Unfortunately, I will always judge him against the players picked 44-49 and there are some STUDS in that range.
  15. Agreed. Versatility and upside. Interested to see if we'll ask him to put his hand down at all. I like our EDGE room a lot with Gipson, Mingo, and hopefully Lil' Mack rotating in behind the studs. Although we have to admit that Pace's track record drafting at this spot is not great.
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