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  1. I truly believe 2022 is up in the air for Ben and the Steelers. Ben may say he wants to come back after next season, but will the Steelers want him back for another season? For Ben, he would need stay healthy (which I think is the biggest question) and will he still have the “competitive fire” to want to compete as he will have a revamped O-Line. I would imagine Steelers would like to bring in another qb arm into training camp as they typically go in with 4. Do you think they target a qb in this draft? It sounds like they have some level of interest in the qb’s that could potentially
  2. I doubt we could afford Rudolph. I would expect him to sign a deal at or above what we signed Ebron to last year. Based on what I’ve read, he was unhappy with his role and how he was utilized by the Vikings since they drafted Irv Smith. I definitely think the Steelers should at least kick the tires, but I wouldn’t expect him to be affordable. It would be nice to have someone of Rudolph’s caliber on our team as a 1B to Ebron as I don’t have faith that Ebron will stay healthy this upcoming season and our current depth is super thin at TE. If he’s affordable, than I would be really excit
  3. I think it’s a very interesting to note the trade of 2022 3rd and 4th rd picks. Not sure if you did this purposely, but I could see Steelers making similar moves in this draft knowing that they’ll most likely be receiving 3rd and 4th rd comp picks next year. Similar to what they did with trading up to draft Bush. They traded the next years 3rd while assuming they’d get that pick back through the loss of Bell. Overall, I’d be happy with this draft. Not super high on RB with 1st pick, but it is clearly a need while assuming Connor will not be resigned. I am still high on McFarland. Not
  4. I really like this pick. I became a fan when I watched him carve up Ohio State in 2018 with nearly 300 yards rushing. Hoping he stays healthy.
  5. I'd prefer no RB for the 49th pick. Praying for Delpit at this point or Mims or OT.
  6. Feels like Al Davis has come back to draft for the Raiders.
  7. I think you bring up a valid point and I think there will be an excellent defensive player available at 49 (Delpit?? - wishful thinking anyway on my part), but do you truly go BPA or just go highest ranked player on the offensive board? I too am a huge fan of Laviska Shenault. He pops on gameday and was a joy to watch on Saturdays. I've been following this site closely the past few days, and BigBen is getting my hopes up that he could potentially fall to us. I'd be ecstatic with the pick. Just as I would love to have Tyler Biadasz in rd 3.
  8. I agree with Duff. Rudolph has struggled with accuracy from the time he took over. I am personally sick of watching his inaccuracy and noodle arm. Even when he tries to step into the throw (which I know is rare) he is like Randy Johnson pitching in the all-star game with a wild throw. He clearly has a lot to learn and I would expect him to get better so I wouldn’t rush to kick him out of the league. As for Duck, I like the moxie he shows. He may not be the biggest kid with a big arm, but he has a lot of confidence and the players seem to really like him and also believe in his abilit
  9. I have followed this forum since 2009, but just finally decided to join a few months ago. I’d enjoyed the insight for the drafts that was provided, and I also like to get a pulse on the thinking of management, coaches, and players.
  10. Since the Steelers don’t ever like to make changes and typically hangs on to awful (assistant) coaches for far too long, do you think the Steelers will actually make a move at OC at the conclusion of the season? I certainly hope they make a move, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they retain Fichtner for another season.
  11. No question he may have been a decent addition, however there’s still the issue of Fichtner being the Steelers OC. Not to mention how little he utilized the TE in the passing game last year and so far this year.
  12. Just some food for thought, but do any of you see the Steelers continuing their recent trade of post cut additions, whether it’s by trade of a surprise cut from another team? As we’ve seen over the past several years Colbert has added players from outside the team. I just find it difficult to believe the team is happy with their TE group.
  13. It could be worse. We could've drafted 1st round quaterbacks in back to back drafts.
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