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  1. UK Mock 2018

    Ya, I am a huge fan of both these kids. I think Gallup would instantly take the #3WR role and run with it. Hernandez looks like a beast and plays like a beast. Orlando looks like a beast and plays finesse. I just don't see it with Brown. Give me Tyrell Crosby over him all day.
  2. 2018 College Prospect Thread

    If that's the case, then I think that deal is a real winner. The Dolphins get a chance at a franchise QB. They managed most of last year without James as he had an injury, and with their cap/rebuild it seems unlikely they would resign him anyways. Denver gets a RT to protect their QB investment (Kirk). I dislike the idea of bargain diving for a 3rd straight year, and a rookie will have inconsistencies that could get our investment killed. We still get a pick in the tier to get a low-end elite prospect, and we add a R2 to snag a RB/CB/WR, necessary after we (likely) move CJ/Talib/Manny to make room for Kirk. Seems like a winner all around.
  3. Alex Smith to Washington!

    I think its going to come down to guaranteed money. He will definitely set the bar there. I would hope we can do something like 5/120 with 80M guaranteed. Just front load the early years w/ GTD money.
  4. 2018 College Prospect Thread

    They picked up his 5th year option last offseason I believe. Can you not trade for guys on their 5th year options?
  5. QB Carousel 2018

    This could be one the better overreactions I have seen on this forum in my half decade of posting.
  6. Alex Smith to Washington!

    Its going to happen IMO. Its clear that Elway isn't willing to risk his reputation on a rookie QB again. A failed rookie QB would mean four years of poor QB play in this town. John aint about that life.
  7. Is the Qb situation good enough?

    Malik flashed more as a pass rusher but was more undisciplined, got lots of penalties and, again, wasn't willing to give a discount. Elway went with the guy willing to play for less. Its a really, really simple decision. Wolfe signed Jan 15th, 2015 for a reduced price (He probably was 11-12M open market). And most people were on board with it at the time. Wolfe was seen as more reliable with a better motor and, most notably, more interested in loyalty (IE: Taking the paycut) than Malik. Consensus was that Malik cared more about money than winning, this was the narrative before the summer even hit. Extending players on a regular basis before their rookie contracts expire is something that happens more in Madden than in real life.
  8. Is the Qb situation good enough?

    Wolfe was a starter almost the entire time and had like 11 sacks his first two years. The decision was easy, at the time, when taking into account the amounts each was demanding. Wolfe was willing to sacrifice salary, Malik wasn't, the talent difference wasn't worth sticking with the more expensive player. It was a simple decision.
  9. Is the Qb situation good enough?

    Well Wolfe was also willing to sign on a discount, was more proven and had not yet shown a injury bug. At the time it was the correct decision. Malik was always planning on testing the waters. He wanted to get as much as possible. Its great to get guys to sign early, before they know their true market value, but that isn't the reality of this leagues economics. Agents are always going to steer their players towards testing the waters, and in most cases that's the right decision for the player too. 80%+ of players will want to test the FA market coming off their rookie deals. This is a violent sport, it may be their only chance to get paid.
  10. New Kirk Cousins Prediction

    Because 29 is not old for a QB, so even if we need two good drafts before competing for a Super Bowl, he would have 5+ good years left. Not to mention a QB and a RT can get back in the running to win the division and once in the playoffs, anything can happen. And finally, Elway simply cant afford to miss on a QB again. He wants the quick fix, to get the monkey off his back. That is Kirk. If Elway takes a QB and he bust, again, he is out the door. Cousins is a prudent move to ensure his career as GM, and legacy overall, isn't blemished by a ongoing inability to land a QB. Elway isn't going to watch putrid QB play four years running. Something has to change. I really think he is going to go all out after Cousins.
  11. 2018 College Prospect Thread

    I like the idea of snagging a plug/play OG around our R2 pick. The talent will be there and if we want immediate contribution with our draft picks, IOL generally translate well as rookies. I also think that McGovern can battle Paradis for the starting OC spot. We cant just hand him that again, he has to prove recovered from injury. We need talent infusion all along the IOL. Great teams have five quality starters, a quality swing OT and a quality swing IOL. McGovern fits best as a excellent swing IOL, and will get snaps because your guaranteed injury and rotational rest. I think he can get about 3-4 starts worth of snaps as a primary IOL.
  12. Alex Smith to Washington!

    Rosen would actually be my #1 choice over Kirk, but I think there is very little chance he is available at #5. The gap between Rosen and the next best QB prospect is so wide, in my eyes, that the #2 choice is easily paying Cousins. Then again, if it comes down to trading up for Rosen, which would likely cost a 2019 R1, maybe more, then my preference begins to shift back to Cousins. Regardless, we are talking about a QB in Rosen that might be incrementally better than Kirk Cousins in 1-2 years. That's reality. Reality is that one QB in this draft ending up better than Kirk (Top 10-12 QB) is statistically unlikely. Its another reason I lean towards the sure thing.
  13. New Kirk Cousins Prediction

    I think he ends up in Denver with a deal in the 25M AV range but with insane guaranteed money. I don't really understand the idea of CLE throwing a ton of cash at him. They have a chance to get an elite QB at #1 in Rosen, they are not a QB away from competing. The Rosen/Barkley duo is just so obvious to me. I understand the idea of wanting the veteran presence in Kirk, but IMO Barkley basically gives you that overnight. He is that tremendous of a leader and individual. Rosen is a bit immature but he will grow and his tools/mechanics are insane. Now if Rosen makes a big fuss about Cleveland, that changes this idea. There is a large dropoff between he and the others.
  14. Is the Qb situation good enough?

    I think there is hope that Marshall bounces back and Darian was still quite good last season. Scheme and the coaching change didn't help. Lets hope they can bounce back. I still don't see the Stewart deal as bad. On the other hand its clear we paid the wrong ILB but there is still hope for Brandon. And all Manny needs is a QB. I think he is gone, but his career will bounce back. He is all motivation based and two (Actually three) years of bad QB play took its toll. Some can handle it, he cant. Get him a real QB and he can become an elite #2 again.
  15. 2018 College Prospect Thread

    A trade down that I have been pondering recently is 1.05 to Miami for 1.11, 2.11 and OT Ja'wuan James. Staying in basically the top 10 near guarantees we still get a borderline elite talent (Roquan Smith, Calvin Ridley if Manny is dealt, Quenton Nelson if position drops him would be my top 3 targets) and we pick up another R2 and a starting RT. James is on a one year, 8M deal so he will need to be resigned but lets say we use one of the R2 on Hernandez or Wynn to plug/play at OG. We evaluate James over the year and if he proves worthy of investing a long-term deal, we cut Leary after the season, elevate McGovern from his role as interior swing OL and give the Leary money to James. Or even restructure him if he is willing. Regardless, this OL is drastically better than what we have had in many years and would go a long way in protecting our Kirk investment: LT - Garret Bolles / Donald Stephenson LG - Will Hernandez / Connor McGovern OC - Matt Paradis / Connor McGovern RG - Ron Leary / Connor McGovern RT - Ja'wuan James / Middle-round rookie OT And maybe keep Max Garcia as an emergency IOL. I like McGovern as a IOL backup, and if elevated to #2 at each IOL position he is nearly guaranteed a decent amount of PT w/ injury and rotations. Should keep him seasoned and developing despite drafting a guy like Will.