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  1. Something is wrong with Luck

    His arm is shot IMO. I never trusted his ability to bounce back from the shoulder issues. Then again, while he is actually a great physical specimin for a QB, he also is pretty cerebral. I can see him adjusting and finding a way to grind it out despite the loss in arm strength. Maybe end up somewhere between Peyton in Denver in Pennington.
  2. GDT Week 3: DEN @ BAL

    Todd Davis at 5M per season was an absolutley bananas signing. He is a vet min talent. Thumper ILB's are a dime/dozen. I would take a guy off the streets over Davis, as long as that guy is getting paid the minimum. Maybe his attitude has kept him unsigned, but you cant tell me that Navarro Bowman at the vet min, taking the spot from Todd, isnt an upgrade to this team. Especially if he only plays early downs, and we keep rotation Josey / hybrid S in on passing downs. Todd Davis is a replacement level guy who is making middle tier ILB money. Its insane, especially with our cap issues looming.
  3. GDT Week 3: DEN @ BAL

    Bolles has grown on me but Reuben Foster is still the correct pick. I also think Ramczyk will end up better in the long run, and further that dealing down rather than up and getting Forrest Lamp or Cam Robinson would have been better moves. But Bolles isnt some firey bust or anything, he has a good work ethic and above average athleticism. He just plays too 'excited' and, to me, doesnt seem like the smartest cookie in the jar, and that may be limiting to his ceiling as the true elite OT's have very fast play diagnosis on the field and use the 'little things' to their advantage, IDK if Bolles is going to get there.
  4. GDT Week 3: DEN @ BAL

    Jake Plummer would be a godsend right now. He was far more talented than Case. More mobile, better arm, not a one-year-wonder. We wouldnt catch LAC or KC with him, but may slide into a WC spot. I have so much jealously for KC right now. They have a 23 year old franchise QB, mobile, gunslinging and confident with a quality personality. Players dont play like has has these past three games and just come back to earth. If this is a fluke, the gods certainly do hate KC. He will be the guy we look at in our conference and say 'wow, imagine if we had him' for the next 10+ years. I guess it was time for KC to get something exciting at QB, we have had Elway and PFM while they have struggled finding consistency there, but man I am jealous. O well, at least we have Case to play the role of the-little-arm-that-could and hold the ball too long then try to make gamechanging throws that inevitabley dont work because noodle.
  5. GDT Week 3: DEN @ BAL

    Amen. You dont take on high motor, edge setters who get effort/motor sacks at 1.05. You take guys that have those aformentioned traits but can also explode around an OT and bend their hips. Chubb doesnt do those things. It is so disheartening that this teams future probably depends on a R7 pick, Chad Kelly, because as is the team is going nowhere with Case, but wont be nearly bad enough to have a high end R1 to snag a QB. So either Chad is a monumental steal, we ride it out with Case like talents until the Super Bowl players retire/walk and enjoy pergatory or we deal 2-3 high draft picks to roll the dice on a QBOTF (And consitering we are likely picking in the middle of R1, the price to get up top will be monumental). Its a horrible situation to be in, and we could have avoided it all last draft by using 1.05 on a QB. Even if Chad is the real deal, or we find a competent QB some other way (Herbert is QB1 by miles IMO), we still face Case as a 10M dead cap hit next summer. Thats huge for a team struggling w/ money. Ugh.
  6. GDT Week 3: DEN @ BAL

    This is why, once out of playoff contention (Which will happen), we need to see some Kelly. Give him some make-or-break games. Because drafting another QB high only to have him outplayed by a R7 pick in TC and end up on the bench just cant happen again. Kelly needs to get a chance this year so we can enter the 2019 draft with better understanding on whether QB is a R1 need, or a middle round need. I would start him next game but then again, the optics and media dont weigh on me.
  7. GDT Week 3: DEN @ BAL

    I think that would have been the correct move. Talib is an elite talent, and a passionate locker room presence who brought a great enegry to the defense. Lets say we have the below two options: 1) Sign Davis / Brock / McDonald / Keenum as FA ; Trade Talib for cap space 2) Dont sign the above guys or resign Davis ; Sign Bridgewater or McCown ; Keep Talib ; Sign vet-min level guys in place of Davis (Its ILB, just throw Josey into the fire and see if he can sink/swin, if sink sign a vet off the street) / Brock (Who wouldnt be a need anyways if Talib is kept) / McDonald (Who isnt even on the team) Its just so clear that option 2 is the correct choice. The talent comparison of say, Bridgewater/Talib vs Keenum/Brock leans pretty clearly to the former. I will never understand the Case signing. Elway may have been scared of Teddy's injury, but a late career one-year-wonder like Case is just as risky an investment as a guy coming off a terrible injury IMO. Or just get McCown in here. We are stuck paying a backup QB tens of millions for two seasons. His contract will burden the team next summer to the point that we may have to let quality players walk, or even cut them, to accomodate. Paying him that amount is going to be one of Elway's top 3 blunders. It was a worse decision than drafting Lynch, who the whole NFL was quite high on coming out of Memphis and presented a guy with a pretty high ceiling. I have parroted it so many times but old QB's that suddenly have a single good season are the definition of 'buyer beware'. Then add in that this single good season came on arguably the most talented team in the league, with an elite defense and great offensive weapons, and its 'buyer run away'. Just so foolish.
  8. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    I agree. I was expecting it to be horrible. It was actually really fun. Not great, and it could have been great IMO, but still worth 2 hours. The sets alone are the best since the origional, by far IMO. Some of the costumes are just tremendous. Great practical effects.
  9. GDT Week 3: DEN @ BAL

    Nothing about this game suprised me. The 2-0 start is what suprised me. This offseason telegraphed exactly what our issues were in this game, and its a few things I was saying all along. 1) Case Keenum isnt a starting talent. He is a backup who had a fluke year. As a starter, he is one of the 5 worst QB in the league. 2) Vance Joseph isnt a competent HC. He is one of the 5 worst HC in the league (And that may be generous). 3) Trading Talib for a R5 pick (Then subsequently using the money saved to sign the above mentioned backup QB to 22M) was a horrendous move that will deeply cost this team in 2018. 4) While one game doesnt define his improvements, I still prefer Bolles as a RT moving forward. Look, I understand he was going against a HOF pass rusher, but as a R1 pick you should come out slightly negative in that situation not look like a turnstile. 5) I have not been that harsh on Woods, but he looks to be incompetent too. IDK if Vance is influencing the schemes but for a guy that was supossedly Phillips understudy, he sure doesnt call a game like Wade. Overall, despite the 2-0 start, its going to be a 'nothing to see here' type season. We are a middling team who will end up 6-10 to 8-8. A treadmill team without a competent HC and stuck paying a bad QB a ton of money in a desperate attempt to get booted in the Wildcard. On the plus side, the 2017 draft class looks tremendous. It just wont matter until we have a QB and HC.
  10. Could Cousins end up the best QB from his draft class?

    He is going to be consitered below Russ until he gets a ring. I think he is easily better than Foles and Tannenhill and will have no issue putting him ahead of Luck depending on his play in the playoffs this season.
  11. TNF: Jets vs Browns GDT The Battle of the light weights.

    Baker looks to have 'it'. I wasnt sure that magic would translate from college to pro, but last night he certainly had a sort of aura that made him just clearly stand out as a ship-steadying, franchise caliber QB. Baker looks great and Myles snags 2 sacks. Browns fans must be estatic, they are finally developing blue-chip talents. Ward played well too. Would it be insane to throw 1Y / 8M at Dez Bryant? Get Baker as much help as possible, and IMO Baker has the mix of that fun loving / uber competitive personality that Dez would gravitate to and respect.
  12. What movie are you watching?

    Its not showing anywhere in my city. I was so excited to see it. Nick Cage is my guilty pleasure, when he tries he is just so good. But unlike most, I also love when he sorta phones it in because its absolutley hilarious. Mandy is a 'Nick Cage trying' movie, and seems to be surrealistic horror, so its all in my wheelhouse. Hope to see it soon. Not sure what else to maybe see this weekend, was so excited for Mandy.
  13. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Wut! Im watching it for the second time right now and think its probably the best show ever made. Definatley like it more than Breaking Bad, and lean to Sopranos over The Wire too, mostly on basis of acting talent. The characters are so perfectly cast, acting amazing all around, storyline I guess can sorta get repetitive season-over-season but man, James sure could act. Such a loss he was. More than anything I love how the show creates a multitude of characters that are abominable but have attractive qualities. To each his own though. I am now really excited for Maniac which comes out tomorrow. Looks freaking trippy AF.
  14. Bond 25 - February 2020

    Wow. Fukunaga is about as good a replacement as they could hope for.
  15. Maroon 5 to perform at Super Bowl halftime show

    Smart choice by the NFL. He should get alot of non-fan 'fans' to watch. Also whoever suggested a comedy show at halftime is nuts. That would be the most sanitized, boring, 'try to please everyone without offending anyone' type comedy show ever performed. NFL wouldnt take any chances with that stuff, it would make a comedy guest on Kimmell look like Chapelle by contents standard. Gross.