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  1. Obi-Wan Kenobi movie in development

    Its nice that Ewan can come back without worrying about looking aged because the film will almost certainly take place after E1 and before E4. On another note, the amount of CG it will take to create a Yoda film makes it almost certainly DOA for me. I suppose a Boba Fet movie may have potential but the way they handled his character in E1-3 makes me hate him irrationally.
  2. Movie News/Buzz Thread

    Agree to disagree. Looks fun if nothing else. I agree with Clooney regarding his direction as of late, but lets remember this is the man that got South Park discovered in the first place. He once was pretty level headed (SP and Confessions days), then got super smug, and the tone of this film makes me hope he may have grounded himself a bit. But who knows. I will hold out hope because I love a nice dark comedy.
  3. Movie News/Buzz Thread

    Just watched the preview for Suburbicon and it looks like great fun. Hints of a Cohen brothers movie but directed by Clooney.
  4. Ego plays a role, but parity does too. Star players in the NBA understand that they need to band together and make super teams if they want any postseason success. In the NFL, a team can basically come out of nowhere and have a great year. But mostly, its because football is simply more of a team sport where you are ingrained from a young age to view the moving parts rather than the sum. In the NBA you have 16 year olds who go to school online and travel to tournaments with random teammates to show their personal skills. Its far less of a team sport, at least these days.
  5. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Ya, Ozarks is pretty much the definition of 'just good enough to keep watching'. The only truly OUTSTANDING thing about it is Charlotte. I know shes 'only' 18 but this isn't a morality contest guys.
  6. The Best Actor Ever According to You (And WHY)

    Its hard to argue with Oldman. I have never seen him in a role that wasn't amazing. I also love that he doesn't generally take the 'Oscar bait' type roles. He is willing to have fun, be creative, etc. And another thing that is great about him is that he simply wants to act, not hedge his celebrity to push agenda. I will never understand why we listen to peoples opinions simply because they are good at being famous. DDL is up there with him, as is Leo. So for me, those guys are the holy trinity of acting haha
  7. The Best Movie Ever Made According to You (AND WHY)

    Probably Apocalypse Now for me. Its a lot easier if you could pick favorite for each genre, but I suppose that's cheating lol
  8. Broncos QB Battle

    I would be astonished if Brady doesn't finish his career with NE. And I really hope he does. HOF talents that bumble around a few seasons after elite careers with a single teams always make me sad. I still refuse to believe Karl Malone played for the Lakers.
  9. Broncos RB DeAngelo Henderson

    Yes. Franklin was above average for a R2 selection in that he started for years with us and gave us adequate play, and I will never stop touting how effective he and Vasquez were in mauling from the right side. Moore was about average for his draft position, I don't expect much more than a mediocre but passable starting safety from a R2 guy. Julius and Virgil were both far above average selections considering their draft positions. Nate was a bit of an injury bust, and could have been better, but even with injury he gives you about what you should expect from a late R3 pick; great ST play, versatility as a backup with bit-starter ability. Expectation must always be tempered when looking at the draft, but we always seem to expect 4+ starters. I expect two average to above average for their relative playing position starters from a draft, three is a great draft and four is a generational draft. Of this past draft, I expect Bolles to be a slightly above average starting LT, DeAngelo to eventually be our starting RB and Walker to be an exciting if flawed pass rushing DL, who may be best in a career rotational role. Outside those three, I wont bet on anyone. Butt even when healthy was little more than a reliable chain mover and his athleticism may just be shot now. At best he is Joel Dressen level, but I wont put money down for someone with his type of knee injury history.
  10. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    I was actually thinking prequel so I guess spinoff was the wrong word but the adventures of Bronn the sellsword and his exploits leading up to working for a Stark would be quite entertaining and his character has the on screen charisma to make people forget the primary characters a bit, which will be difficult to do in any prequel, spinoff or whatever.
  11. Daniel Craig to return as James Bond

    Ya, I too was hoping for Elba. I probably will see it, especially if Villanueva directs, but Elba would have been so perfect. Although I am unsure about the humor aspect, his characters are generally quite serious.
  12. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    Back to the topic. Can we get a Bronn spinoff please? It could be like the Better Call Saul to GOT's Breaking Bad haha
  13. 2018 Qbs?

    I would offer the sun and moon for Sam Darnold. I am talking 3 R1 picks. I think he is just a notch below Luck as a prospect and a franchise changing signal caller. After him I don't see a guy that I would deal picks for really. Bradford doesn't offer anything more than Siemian IMO. Bridgewater would be a nice reclamation project, but not a guy to sign and hand the starting spot based on his injury. Tannenhill is another guy that I don't trust as a 'hand him the keys' type starting QB. Brees would be fun for a year or two, and seems much more like an 'Elway' move than the others. Who knows. Its quite early and IMO we all overreacted to a single preseason game. Siemian may continue to build on his bright spots from last year and Paxton may have the light switch on suddenly. This should be a thread reserved for overreaction after a regular season loss w/ poor QB play not a preseason one haha
  14. Broncos RB DeAngelo Henderson

    Exactly. I think guys constantly underrate quality draft picks that don't have 10+ years on the same team, like Franklin, JT and Rahim. I would be astonished if this draft had near the production of Von, Franklin, Julius, Rahim, Green and Irving. I wont even include Harris as he wasn't drafted.
  15. Broncos RB DeAngelo Henderson

    If this draft turns out better than 2011 I will eat my own foot.