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  1. He is a legend. A comedians comedian. Some guys just have such a unique style that you know the world wont see it again. Thats Norm.
  2. This is on Hamler, he should be sending Jerry a Edible Arraignment ASAP. That being said, while Jeudy is more talented and explosive, we have one of the best plug in backups in the league in Tim Patrick so I honestly dont think we miss much of a beat. Might even be arguably better in the RZ w/ Pat and Sutton on the wings. But Jerry is a gamebreaking loss, and if Hamler cant improve his hands our big play abilities take a hit here (Albeit we have a absolutely unique duo of big play capable TE's to help there). What I am saying is it sucks, thats not debatable. But it also shows just
  3. Tim Patrick about as great a fill in as one could hope for. DEN is deep AF at WR.
  4. Paton has been phenominal so far. The draft was great, the FA class was great, the team has depth that has been missing since the PM years. To judge him already as a goon because he chose to pass on Justin Fields is insane. We dont even know if that guy will be good, he isnt some Lawrence level talent or anything.
  5. Teddy won this job the moment we passed on Fields. This team is too talented to trot out a guy like Lock and hope he figures it out. Teddy is going to give us the best QB play we have seen since PFM, which isnt saying much but is saying something. The way he climbed that pocket the last PS game is something we have been missing for like 5 years. Surtain is going to be elite but we never should have passed on a QB. But thats the past, put out the guy that gives us the best chance to win. Lock wasnt every anything more than Chad Kelly without the mental issues, I would actually argue
  6. Pig was the best film I have seen in a very long time. Its beautiful. No other way to really describe it. There are a few monologs that Cage gives that are up there with the best I have ever seen. He is that good.
  7. Blood Red Sky was a very, very fun movie. One of the better Netflix origionals I have seen. Nonstop action but well done, absolutely phenomenal makeup. I loved it honestly.
  8. Yep, reminds me of this saying 'Mental health issues are not your fault, but they are your responsibility.'
  9. Sevigny could have been whatever she wanted to be as an actress. She is that talented. Just didnt see the draw of the limelight and kept to the indies or smaller. I really wish she did more crossover into at least slightly bigger films. But whatever makes you happy.
  10. Season 2 of Black Summer is the surprise of the summer. Its really, really good. Best season of a zombie show I have ever seen potentially. Some tremendously well filmed action scenes, minimalist but well done character development, amazing tension builds. Man its good. First season was watchable and a bit of fun, but the jump in quality from season 1-2 probably is the biggest of any TV show I have ever seen. Its a grand canyon sized jump.
  11. Amanda Peet is fantastic in Betty, as is Slater. But Peet's character has such range she needs to get the most credit. Slater is great, but being asked to play an emotionless narcissist is a bit easier play (Not to say he isnt great at it). Between Peet and Kate in Mare its been a month of some of the best female acting roles I can remember. I hope Kate with her superior name recognition doesnt allow people to overlook just how good Peet is in Betty.
  12. I honestly think he is a big enough selfish narcissist to actually sit the season out. That being said, I would love my team to trade multiple assets for said selfish narcissist. Its football, not the guy your daughter brings home. The rules are different.
  13. Army of the Dead was just horrible. The intro got me excited as well but it just sucked. I figured it would be a 'good-bad' movie that was fun but it just didnt hit on any level. And my lord the acting was so bad. The locksmith guy was the only character with even an ounce of screen charisma.
  14. That last episode of Mare was some of the best, emotionally touching acting that I have seen. Kate is just so talented and whomever plays her BFF is a hell of a talent as well. Really good, if surprisingly straightforward, cop drama.
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