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  1. True Detective Season 3

    Might be corny, but I would love there to be a passive connection to the first season. Make the TD anthology about a loosely connected pedo ring, and have it come together in some sort of way for the final season. It would have to be underscored and as realistic as possible, but it could be done really well. A series using the Franklin Coverup as plot material where the primary character isnt a cop but someone that stumbles on the ring could be really good.
  2. Broncos trade for Joe Flacco

    I think he is clearly an upgrade to Case, and easily our best QB since Peyton. The issue is Kubiak whispering into Elway's ear last summer and signing the telegraphed bust Case Keenum. Flacco is a win-now QB, but to win-now we need a huge talent infusion both in FA and the draft. We need another 2018 draft, and 3-4 FA 'hits' to become playoff relevant. Having the salary of both Flacco and Case makes 3-4 FA 'hits' very hard to do. Anyone know what our cap space looks like after this? For all my pessimism, its going to be great to have a QB that can push the ball down the field for the first time since Brock in our SB season. Thats nuts.
  3. Love Chubb but...

    Well he unseated our new starting QB so what does that say about Denver's state of the franchise right now. It was unconventional but it worked for Baltimore and got them into the playoffs. And I would wager that he would have managed the same here. If we could have gotten LVE, who is a more unique talent at ILB thant Chubb is at EDGE, along with a freak like Lamar, this team would be in better shape moving forward. Just my two cents.
  4. Broncos trade for Joe Flacco

    Anyone else finding its hard to care about this offseason and next year when our QB choices are Keenum and Flacco? I feel there is just so little excitement moving forward for this team.
  5. Love Chubb but...

    Ya, I was wrong on him. Replace any of the trash we have at QB with Jackson and we are in a better position next year and in the future. There is a decent argument that we would be better off long term taking Lamar at 10 over Chubb much less taking the trade down package.
  6. Ravens trade Joe Flacco to Broncos

    I dont really love this move but to whomever says that Flacco isnt that much of an improvement over Case, your so wrong. Case was absolutley terrible last season. Worse than the Trevor Siemien years. His arm strength somehow has regressed to the point of almost being a non-NFL backup caliber player. The passing offense switch-the-channel bad last season.
  7. Broncos trade for Joe Flacco

    I actually think he is a tremendous upgrade over Case. Its still the Case contract biting us in the butt. We look like fools right now paying these two guys. One is a backup and should be making 4-5M, the other was benched and should be a guy you take a flyer on after he is cut. Instead we are paying millions upon millions for them. Flacco has a big arm but is a statue at this point, and we have little cash to spend on upgrading the OL.
  8. Love Chubb but...

    I still wish we took this deal. Chubb has been better than I expected, but the idea of ending up w/ Leighton Vander Esch (12), Lamar Jackson (22) and Isaiah Oliver in R2 is way too good to pass up.
  9. Broncos trade for Joe Flacco

    The Case Keenum snowball is starting to really roll downhill. If we didnt have Case on the books, this would be merely a sad move. Sad as in the org thinks we can compete. With Case on the books, this is beyond that. We have infinite amounts of money tied up in two middling QB's who are not fixes beyond 1-2 years. We now have a minimal amount of cap space to play with as well. Any GM that ends up having to deal for a overpaid, non-starting QB because he overpaid a non-starting QB the year before has to be put on the hot seat. Actually, at this poing Elway should be put in the brazen bull. Its been like groundhogs day since we won that Super Bowl.
  10. What movie are you watching?

    I am excited to watch this. I hear it shows the greivance that led to Brexit, misplaced or not, and doesnt just sit back and point at the Brexiters for being stupid, which is basically what Vice did (But w/ the American right obviously).
  11. True Detective Season 3

    I would much prefer the wealthy pedofile scheme than a GBG rehash. The fact that they allude to the Franklin Coverup near the beginning of the series lends me to believe its the latter rather than the former. I really hope they allude to some Clinton involvement. Not because I believe the conspiricies but because it would be hilarious to watch everyone suddenly start crying and calling Pizzo alt-right.
  12. True Detective Season 3

    I think deep down there is a part of him that cant get over the fact her interest romantically may have initially been due to his proximity to the case. Even if true, she clearly grew out of that IMO, but he just had so many insecurities getting over it. I think she ends up dead in a cover up and that the Chicken People kill her as she gets closer to the truth. I also think its worth noting how well and nuanced the racial undertones are. Ali faces real racism, and through that makes incorrect assessments of some encounters as racist. Dorff both understands and doesnt understand what Ali is going through. Its a level of nuance that is so rare these days with the pure black and white cultural battle lines that are drawn. So much grey here and its great to see.
  13. True Detective Season 3

    I thought it was great, outside the lazy police station scene. I still think the best scene of the show so far is the reunion of Ali and Dorff. That was some grade A acting. The emotions about growing old, losing friendships all tied together with the case. The subtle tears from Dorff when Ali shows truly how bad his memory has become. It was just beautiful. Scoot is great, as always. He is a tremendous actor. Same for Ali, and wow what a career revitalization for Dorff. This season has been so good thus far. Nothing will ever top S1, but this is of quality deserving to be under the same unbrella as the first season.
  14. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Watching 'One Strange Rock' a Nat Geo series about the Earth. Its narrated by Will Smith and Astronaut's, directed/produced by Darren Aronofsky and is tremendous. It has surreal moments, and likley takes some liberties, but its just beautifully made, the music is amazing and so, so worth a watch. Its really, really Aronofsky. Its goal is to imbue you with wonder at this planet and universe and it does that perfectly. Like, jaw dropping at times.
  15. Favorite unpopular movie(s)?

    The Big Hit.