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  1. What movie are you watching?

    Forgot how many feels Almost Famous gives me. In my early 30's now and every time I watch that it brings back nostalgia from college. Watching that as a freshman half hippy gave me butterflies. Really made me lionize music.
  2. 2018 53-Man Roster Projections and Discussion

    Barring injury, I just cant see this. Lindsay is one of the most motivated guys in the league. That only counts for so much, but he is also an elite athlete (4.39 40, 35.5 vert, etc) with elite football IQ. Guys with elite motivation, athleticism and football acumen rarely flame out. It will be all abount keeping him healthy. He is a strong 190lbs, but he is still 190lbs. We should be leaning on Royce more, but right now the entire offense is Lindsay. Get this team better QB play and they dont have to lean on him as much, letting Royce get more snaps, lowering Lindsay's injury risk and elongating his career. But we wont be getting better QB play anytime soon so lets hope Phillip is the RB version of former-iron-man Sanders.
  3. WR Emmanuel Sanders tears Achilles, on IR

    I think its pretty foolish to assume any of the young guys, even Sutton, ever become the caliber of player that Manny was. I dont see us taking a WR early (IMO we go BPA in R1 and overdraft a QB in R2), but we will need to fill this loss from the outside. Sutton is going to be an elite deep threat but he leaves alot to be desired in the 1st/2nd level. Hamilton has been hyped to all hell since TC, but even after DT was booted he sits at 5 catches for the year and was always seen by this staff as a pure slot guy IMO. Tim Patrick is a nice piece that also gets some ST work done, but he is mid 20's and a replacement level guy. It will be nice to see if Tim or Hamilton can stand out, but I wont hold my breath on either. Make no mistake, this team will desperatley need a WR after losing Manny. This is absolutley huge. He was our clear cut 2nd best offensive player this season after Lindsay. I hope we target a somewhat young guy in FA; Funchess, Moncreif, Conley, Enunwa. Whoever comes cheapest. Then again, Manny is a freaking beast so for all we know he could recover in unheard of time. One can hope.
  4. WR Emmanuel Sanders tears Achilles, on IR

    This, if true, is horrible news. Losing a #1 WR on a team friendly contract at his age to this injury? About as bad an injury as could happen to this team. Just horrible news.
  5. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Bodyguard is suprisingly good. I assumed it would be basically UK 24, but its been alot better than expected. A bit over the top at times, but realistic enough to keep me hooked.
  6. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    They are a bit of an odd pairing in that Jeff Ross seems more like a host and Attell is much more of a traditional comedian. I personally think Attell is much, much better than Ross, who is a funny guy but not nearly on Dave's level (He is up there w/ Burr, Chapelle, Stanhope, etc).
  7. Kareem Hunt Altercation

    Are we at the point societally where a bad word can justify physical violence? That should never be the case, especially against a woman. What he did was wrong no matter how many N bombs she dropped. Two wrongs do not make a right, especially when the second wrong, as a physical attack, is much more serious. But, this shouldnt ruin his career. People always deserve second, even third, chances. Give him a suspension and move on.
  8. Movies & TV News/Buzz Thread

    Roma is going to crush the awards this season. Albeit the content may not be woke enough to win. It looks beautiful. I would be suprised if it wasnt a masterpiece. Cuaron is probably the best in the business right now. God that single shot scene in Children of Men still gives me a filmophile boner.
  9. Aquaman (December 2018)

    They could have just filmed it on set in Atlantis.
  10. What movie are you watching?

    Because from what I heard that wasnt 100% necessary, and it clearly didnt seem necessary aftering seeing the 2nd. But jesus, it was such a flat movie.
  11. The Lion King - (2019)

    Man, the preview looks cool but I almost want to skip this in silent, useless protest against reboot after reboot. If super hero movies and reboots consistently make Hollywood tons of money, thats all we are going to get. Its like Groundhog Day with tiny variances each day. IDK, its just sad to see all big budget movies be so devoid of origional ideas. But alas I will probably get baked and go, against my better judgement.
  12. 2019 NFL Draft - Quarterbacks

    If OAK pulls a blatant tank two years in a row, I hope the NFL takes the NBA route and makes the top 3 picks a lotto. Thats probably how it should be already honestly.
  13. What movie are you watching?

    I thought Creed 2 was boring, perdictable, unmoving and formulaic. I did not see the first one, but this was not even close to a top 10 fighting movie. IDK what I was expecting, but it was just a heaping scoop of 'meh'.
  14. lol. The NFL brass is probably texting whatever team claimed him asking them for 'take backs'. Its a really bad look. Please dont be Denver.
  15. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    Taking a R2/R3 QB this upcoming draft does nothing to diminish my hopes we draft a QB in 2020. We need to throw darts at the board, which sucks because we have been doing that for years now (Case just happens to be a 22 million dollar dart). This carosel has to end sooner or later and taking a few guys is probably the best way to approach it. Also, I think Montez is a R2 pick when all is said and done. Trailed off the second half of this season, and played in a QB friendly offense, but he has everything from a physical standpoint and unlike Paxton, doesnt seem like a dolt. Its also worth noting that CU has a putrid offensive line that did nothing to help Montez. I am a CU fan, so my eyes may be biased, but he looks like a great developmental guy. And these days developmental QB's go earlier than expected. I like Daniel Jones more since he is more advanced based on what his offense asked of him, but Montez is not that far behind. I am extremley wary on Haskins. Guys in ideal conditions with ideal talent tend to put up ideal stats. I need to see him faced with adversity. How many times has he been put in a position to deliver a second level throw with a big hit imminent? Not many. Grier and Lock I simply have not watched enough to comment on, other than to say that Grier's frame and age scare me quite a bit. He has a Teddy'esque frame and isnt nearly as elusive as Teddy was, making it all the more troublesome.