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  1. Sharp Objects (HBO)

    ^ I hope not Deadpules. That seems too easy as well. I think it may be the 'cool' drunken friend that is always buddy-buddy with Amy Adams. I hope its a conspiracy though and not a single killer. The mom does make sense, possibly too much sense. I just really want a deep dive into an underworld in the vein of True Detective but I think it may be a more traditional mystery with a single killer. Regardless, the acting and filming will keep me coming back for more.
  2. Sharp Objects (HBO)

    Really like it. The acting is great, and the filming is amazing. I already have my theory on the killer, see below: Both victims families are referred to as 'outsiders' that are not active in the community. IMO the killer is weeding out people that don't fit into the cohesion of a perfect small southern town. It could be a number of killers working together to achieve this goal IMO. Her stepdad is almost too obviously a maniac, so I actually hope he isn't involved. Too telegraphed.
  3. Aquaman (December 2018)- Trailer Saturday

    I am predicting that this is one of the worst superhero movies ever made. Momoa is a horrendous actor if the role requires him to speak. I think its going to be laughably bad but the thing is, everyone sorta knew that from the get-go. I am talking sub 20% RT bad (If RT was unbiased, its seriously being corrupted by kickbacks to give good reviews for big films IMHO). I hope its so bad that its 'funny bad', falling into that no-mans-land of just bad-bad is the worst case scenario, see Batman v Superman.
  4. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I don't think he is more than the 4th best talent on a good team. A truly good team, not a 7/8 seed. Get more talent around him, let him play off screens and he can be great. But he isn't dynamic enough off the dribble or creating for himself to be a 'big-3' level player. Certainly should have touched on him more tho. I probably should stop this convo as its derailed the thread lol. Closing comment regarding Sacrament is that I hope you take Luka because as fans you deserve a end to the suffering.
  5. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    So basically your agreeing with me? The team has a PG that might get to Mike Conley level, a middle 20's aged versatile SG that seems to fit best as a 6th man, and a bunch of unknowns that likely have roleplayer type ceilings. And then Giles who is, to me, not worth discussing until he hits the court. They are in desperate need of elite talent and should approach the board w/ BPA in mind. That's Luka.
  6. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I don't want to seem like a hater, and each has their own opinion, but I don't see a single player amongst that group that I would project as a 'top 3' guy on a legitimate playoff team. Fox has the potential, and I would not be surprised to see him develop into a middling 3# option (Ala Conley), but outside that I see a nice 6th man in Bogdanovic and a bunch of unknowns.
  7. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Insinuated it w/ not releasing medical records and such to them if I remember correctly. So definatley not a Steve Francis type move but I thouth something was there. Could be wrong. How could they pass on Luka? I just don't understand. For a traditional'ish big who isn't a good defender or passer? His best trait, rebounding, is one of the most devalued traits in the L right now. Just seems crazy to me.
  8. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Doncic not wanting to go to Sac, when that culture has been built up to be so Euro friendly, has to say so much about the status of that team. And if SAC is passing on Doncic not because he doesn't want to be a King, but because they legitimately believe that Bagley is better, then they deserve to fail for the forseeable future. In other news, if Wendell Carter falls to #7 he would make a great compliment to Lauri IMHO. Love that duo and how they fit into the changing NBA game.
  9. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    A pick in the 6-9 range, where Trae is being projected, should be expected to have a Jason Terry like ceiling not a Jason Terry like floor. A prospect with the floor of Jason Terry would be a concensus top 3 pick like prospect. Every year people expect a lotto with 14 future All Stars. That's not remotely realistic. Spending a top 6-9 pick and ending up with a Jason Terry should be seen as a win. I personally don't expect Trae to hit that Terry like ceiling. I expect a strong rookie year w/ inefficient numbers on a bad team w/ high usage, then everyone gets excited about him, then he proves to be a hollow stats guy whos only role on a good team would be as a bench talent. Just IMO.
  10. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I think Trae isn't so much boom-or-bust. I think he is the ceiling of a Jason Terry caliber guy and the floor of a bench scorer who is spanked on defense such as Juan Dixon. No good team is going to give him the usage rate and ball dominance he had at Oklahoma. He needs to find a way to transition, like Terry, from ball dominant traditional PG to a combo type that can move off ball, off screens, doesn't overdribble and may even be best as a microwave off the bench.
  11. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I really don't think MEM would deal #4 in a deal centering around Faried/Arthur rather than Millsap. That only saves them one season of Parsons contract. Faried, Arthur and lets say Lyles (The other young guys are nowhere near fair value) for #4 and Parsons just would still be one of the worst deals for a top five pick ever. Saves MEM one year of Chandlers salary and gets them a 7th man type big. In return they deal a possibly franchise changing top 5 pick. Maybe there is a middle ground; Millsap, Murray, #43 for Parsons and #4 (DEN only does this if Doncic is available). Then use #14 to move Faried. Something like #14 and Faried to ATL for #30 and #34? I personally think JayMichael is a great fit in DEN as a low usage, cheaper and younger replacement to Millsap. With the more offensively dynamic Lyles as his backup and compliment off the bench. That could be a nice combo moving forward. Dealing Murray would open a huge hole at PG though, and DEN would have to rely on picks/MLE to give starting caliber play for the upcoming season which is a heavy task. If they somehow could get Doncic without dealing Murray or Harris, that team would be nasty. I would go as far as Millsap, Chandler, Lyles, #14, 2020 Top-3 protected R1, 2022 lotto protected R1 for Parsons and Doncic. Murray / Harris / Doncic / ??? / Jokic is a potential championship level team in 3 years.
  12. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I would love to see Doncic on the Nuggets. What would that cost them to get to #4? Paul Millsap (TO After this season, essentially a huge expiring), Jamal Murray and #14 for Chandler Parsons, JayMichael Green and #4? Then try and deal Faried, Lydon and a lotto protected 2020 R1 for cap space? Then hope the lack of cap space around the league puts Avery Bradley in the MLE tier. PG - Avery Bradley / Vet Min SG - Gary Harris / Wilson Chandler / Malik Beasley SF - Luka Doncic / Wilson Chandler PF - JayMichael Green / Trey Lyles / Juan Hernangomez C - Nikola Jokic / Mason Plumlee / Darrell Arthur That's a really interesting team.
  13. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I fully agree on the Bagley hot takes. He is a hollow stat guy who only plays one side of the court. He reminds me of a Center version of Shareef Abdur-Rahim, with better rebounding and worse passing. Carter has upside as a #3 option and downside an elite two way role-playing big man. Bagley has upside as a hollow stat #2 option and the floor of a Marreese Speights type bench big.
  14. Kawhi Leonard wants out of San Antonio

    I concede that incremental was an overstatement. But LBJ/PG still get mopped by GSW. I think that LBJ/PG/Leonard loses in 5-6 games as well. I personally just think its a huge risk for him to go West, not just to LAL but to any team, when there is a large % chance that he could end up losing in 3 straight WCF. That would be a tremendous tarnish to his legacy. Staying east and losing 3 straight finals just looks better on paper. His ideal scenario would be Ainge going full 'Trader Danny' and working a 3 team deal that sends Irving to NYK, LBJ to BOS and picks/filler/Ntkiilina to CLE. Then BOS moves their picks and filler for a PG. Weirder things have happened. And the storyline would be freaking gold. Still think LAL is his most likely destination.
  15. What movie are you watching v1

    Wait what lol