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  1. How Naomi Watts is 52 blows my mind. She must be drinking the blood of children or something to steal their youth and vigor.
  2. Very good flick. The two main characters are great upcoming comedic talents.
  3. Search Party is good, but the 3 side friends are absolutely hilarious. Great satire of the millennial generation. John Paul Reynolds in particular is made to be a comedic side character. He is just so good.
  4. Sputnik was very good other than the absolutely worthless orphan subplot. Took me completely out of the film.
  5. IDK why athletess get into relationships with career strippers. Like, not run of the mill strippers but 'I am going to do this job as a way to get social media exposure, become quasi famous and latch onto someone famous' strippers. Not going to speculate on what happened, but the above remains true regardless. It boggles my mind.
  6. Midnight Sky had potential and was pretty good until about the middle of the 2nd act. The 3rd act was absolute trash and the twist was about as worn out as Jenna Jamison.
  7. Ya. He is my favorite prospect in this draft. Maybe not the best, but my favorite. And a great fit for us.
  8. If we dont take a QB, and cant get Sewell, I would love to make a big trade down to get a 2022 FRP and draft Zaven Collins late R1. I love the kid, and really want more ammo for a draft that has a normal NCAA season. Also prefer taking the 'use 2 FRP to trade up for your guy' route at QB and getting more capital would help in that area.
  9. Its one thing to walk away from a job. But the contractual situation here makes this more than a 'O wow, Amazon bad, I will leave this position'. He signed a contract and should honor that. Make life for the owner miserable, make them suspend you if necessary (Which would be the biggest woke win he could score), but honor the contract. If you dont want to honor it, you should not have signed it. Its the same owner as when he signed. Having a lightbulb moment about social issues doesnt negate his signature. The argument that he wasnt mature enough to understand the owners dirtbag'ness, th
  10. 2 FRP + Tua could be a great haul, especially considering were talking a QB who may have specifically requested a trade (In many circles, this would lower his value)
  11. I think the continuity Von brings on the field and in the eyes of casual fans is really important. He seemed ready to step into a leadership role this past offseason, finally, as well. IMO it would take a pretty sweet offer to get Denver to move him. He is the bridge to our glory years. He needs to take a paycut, but I think he will.
  12. Honestly, Joker was so good that I would take 4 guaranteed horrid films if it meant DC knocks one out on a Joker type level every 5th lol.
  13. WW84 was hilariously bad. The first hour and a half was absolute nonsense. I have never seen such a long stretch of movie do nothing to forward the plot. It was actually laughably bad, and for that reason surprisingly enjoyable. The fireworks scene was complete insanity. Like, they found it necessary to show three different views of the fireworks (Invisijet close, invisijet sorta close, invisijet far). Also, in the first one the Gal Gadot robot was programmed to have a bit of charisma. They must have forgotten to tinker with the circuits on this. She came off as a talking mannequin most
  14. I actually disagree that this came from ownership. The franchise doesnt have a stable ownership base right now and pushing a legend like Elway out at this time just doesnt seem likely. I think John just wants to move on, and likely is very low on morale after his constant string of QB swings and misses.
  15. Alice in Borderland is like an elongated Black Mirror episode. Its tremendous.
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