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  1. Deadpool 2

    I have never agreed with a Chiefs fan more than at this moment. This is like verbatim what I was going to write regarding this flick. Tried too hard in the first act at times, but gained steam in the second and really loved the third. The kid was annoying at times, but not sure it was the actor or the writing. You cant really push the dialogue in as vulgar a direction when it comes from the kids mouth (I would, but you cant in Hollywood blockbusters), which probably played a part in his role coming off a bit 'meh' compared to everyone else. Actually, the kid playing Fire Fist was great in Hunt for the Wilderpeople, so I will blame the writing. On another note, that kid needs to make his money as the lovable chunky tween ASAP because he needs to lose it sooner than later if he wants to live a decent life.
  2. FIX your team thread.

    This is my ideal Portland offseason. I think its time to blow it up and go semi-Hinkie for a few seasons until the West has resettled with GSW and HOU declining a bit. Trade Damian Lillard to Phoenix for #1 and filler. Draft Luka. Trade CJ to Philly for #10 and Saric. (Filler to PDX would be Bayless to preserve cap space for LBJ/PG). Draft Mikal Bridges at #10 Trade Al-Fariq Aminu and #24 to SA for filler and #18. Draft Khyri Thomas. Future Starters PG - Khyri Thomas SG - Mikal Bridges SF - Luka Doncic PF - Dario Saric C - Jusuf Nurkic That ball movement would be drool worthy.
  3. This is America

    He clearly stole most of his moves from the Golden God himself. Despicable.
  4. This is America

    This video would have made me emotional when I was 20. Now that I am 30, the new Coleman Hughes article is more of my style.
  5. Sucks for Tony but honestly I dont think NE is going to have nearly as bad a year at tackle as most. They have a group of really good pass blocking OT's. The run game is where they should struggle at OT.
  6. Movie News/Buzz Thread

    Ya just watched it. Thought the Stranger Things vibe in the beginning would be the low point of the trailer, but it was actually the high point lol. Starts downhill and quickly looks worse and worse. I too had a bit of faith in Shane Black b/c KKBB and The Nice Guys are two tremendous films and Iron Man 3 was decent. Who knows though. Trailers cant always paint the full picture.
  7. Goldfish's Way Too Early Draft Rankings 2018 (Tampa Bay at 1)

    Agreed. Treadmill team is exactly what I think of when looking at Denver, unfortunately. I don't see Miller, Mack or Bosa level pass rushing from Chubb and that's what I would need to see in order to pass up a potential franchise QB. I think he has Hali upside but there is no guarantee he reaches that level. More likely a solid run defender that gets 6-8 sacks per season. I also question if his best fit isn't at 43DE rather than 34LB. He isn't close to bendy enough to speed rush around the OT as a 34LB. I am very worried that he doesn't translate his pass rush to the NFL.
  8. Goldfish's Way Too Early Draft Rankings 2018 (Tampa Bay at 1)

    I keep parroting this but as a Bronco fan I just cant give this draft a great grade because our GM passed a franchise QB talent in Rosen because we overpaid a one-year-wonder of a QB in Case who is almost certain to have a regression to the mean this upcoming season. Its tremendously short sighted. In one season we will be right back where we have been in our frantic search for a quality passer.
  9. Odds of going Worst to First

    Dallas and Seattle are coin flips to me in regards to being better than us. I honestly think SF is going to take a big step forward next season as my bet is on Jimmy being the real deal. That defense has a lot of young talent ready to make the jump too IMO. I think their OL will surprise this season personally too. The Texans are wildcards in that they could be better than us but that hinges a whole lot on their cornerstone offensive and defensive players returning to their former playing quality. That's not something you bet on. I basically see us 'in the mix' with Dallas, Seattle, Texas and SF. Betting man, I would put Seattle and SF ahead of us and rely on the history of Dallas underwhelming year-after-year and the unlikelihood that both Watt and Watson both return at 100% next season.
  10. 2018 Free Agency Discussion Thread

    I honestly think he is on par with Freeman and Booker as a talent, and would be in no way surprised if he ran away with the starting job. He has a burst that the other two lack, and in college at least was deceptively good at running between the tackles. He should get every bit a chance to earn reps as Booker and Royce. My issue with Booker is that he is basically a telegraphed pass or play action guy. He is just not scaring any team as a runner, and we are not prolific enough as a passing team to have the luxury of a RB who can only catch the ball. Maybe in NE, or ATL, but we need guys that can run and take pressure off our mediocre at best QB situation. I think Booker's lack of acceleration once the ball is handed off to him will in the end snuff out his career. It was like night-and-day watching CJ vs Booker hit the hole. Gonna miss CJ's hitting the hole like shot out of a cannon, albeit he slowed down a bit as of late.
  11. 2018 Free Agency Discussion Thread

    I wish CJ the best in Carolina. Not sure that I appreciated how long we held onto him before the cut, but it worked out for him in the end as he ends up on a better team and will likely get a surprising amount of carries IMO. Keeping Watson and cutting CJ was pretty confusing to me. I think we are going to be surprised by how poor our RB play is this year. I don't see a starting caliber player on this roster. Freeman is intriguing, but he isnt a guaranteed plug-and-play caliber prospect. He comes out of a really quirky running scheme and may take time to adjust. And Booker is a WR masquerading as a RB. He wont get it done on the ground.
  12. Westworld (HBO)

    I have a huge problem with how the park security team approached the fort. I mean walking slowly in the open shooting from your hip basically? Against guys with antiquated weapons but in defensive positions? Can we assume the security team was actually comprised of hosts? Because no way you get a human to meander through an open field to get shot by fortified defenses. It also seems so odd that they wouldn't have more advanced weaponry, machine guns or rockets to start with. There just isn't any scenario where they shouldn't have been able to easily wipe the floor with the confederatos. More than anything the team walking in the open towards the fort, not even seeking cover or vantage points to return fire, it just really took me out of the episode for a bit. The whole battle scene was pretty poorly done IMO. Everything else has been quite well done though and I love how much the show trusts its viewership to be inquisitive and intelligent in deciphering a lot of things.
  13. Are You Smarter Than the Front Office v.2018

    I don't have many issues with the draft outside the Chubb pick. I am simply not sold on his pass rushing translating to the NFL at a rate that justifies a top 5 pick. I think he is a very well rounded prospect that can have some 8-10 sack type seasons and grade elite against the run, but I am just not sure that he is going to be disruptive enough rushing around the edges and I expect a Von or Mack caliber pass rusher if I am passing on a guy who I personally saw as a franchise QB (Rosen). I wont change my tune because he went from prospect to Bronco. I saw what I saw when scouting him a bit, and he may prove me wrong. But I don't want to get rose colored glasses and adjust my evaluation at this point. That's not a fair way to look at the draft. I hope that I am wrong, but to me we had a draft where a guy I evaluated as a franchise QB was passed on for a guy that I saw as more of a Tambi Hali. Chubb as our Hali would be great, but not as great as a Matt Ryan level QB and simply put my evaluation or Rosen has him near that level. Its not a bad draft, certainly better than many of our past drafts. I just have reservations on passing the QB when we finally have a top 5 pick, especially because I think Case is pure fools gold and will stink next year. History shows that one-year wonder QB's that play randomly well at a late age are likely to regress to the mean. I am betting Case does so.
  14. Are You Smarter Than the Front Office v.2018

    Sweat may have a higher likelihood of reinjury based on his past ACL tear, as all who tear the ACL do, but his injury sure didn't seem to hinder his athleticism at the combine. Tremendous explosion for his HW ratio. Raw as all hell, but we have a elite DL coaching staff to get him coached up. Kid has oodles of potential. He has nearly the same physical profile as Danielle Hunter. I would be surprised if he isn't at the very least a '2nd contract worthy' situational pass rusher. More athletic with better bend than Chubb in all honesty. Really wish we went a different direction with this draft. Chubb has a 3-cone time that just terrifies me.
  15. Are You Smarter Than the Front Office v.2018

    Already posted in this but only concentrated on pick #5. This is what I would have done overall. Lets look back in 2-3 years and see how we did: 1.05 - Josh Rosen QB - UCLA 2.40 - Connor Williams OT - Texas 3.71 - Michael Gallup WR - Colorado St. 3.99 - Ian Thomas TE - Indiana 4.106 - Josey Jewell ILB - Iowa 4.113 - Josh Sweat EDGE - Florida State 5.149 - Tyrell Crosby OL - Oregon 5.160 - John Kelly RB - Tennessee