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  1. Whats going on with Demaryius Thomas?

    Its primarily the poor QB play. This is 75% of it. Then its him getting older and losing a step. He isn't Boldin slow, but he is hitting that natural decline in athleticism. Then, finally, its motivation. DT was a guy that ran on motivation even when the team was playing very well with a HOF QB. He would get motivated, have insane games and block like Hines Ward. Then get complacent and take a few plays off. Its just always been his MO but its never been 'yank him from the game' bad. With poor QB play, his motivation has dipped. He still brings it and doesn't loaf on routes, but he isn't giving that extra sell, that extra block, making concentration mistakes, etc. Some also think his mom getting out of jail has had a negative effect on his game. I cant speak to that but it wouldn't surprise me.
  2. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    She is quite cardboard and lacks on screen charisma. Her look was perfect for GOT, but her talent is just vanilla as hell. I am excited to see how bad this movie is. I hope its either surprisingly good or laughably terrible, its the movies in the middle that are truly a bore.
  3. Is the Qb situation good enough?

    So your saying that 2-3 QB's from this draft class will become top 10 QBs? That's fine, not true, but fine. Cousins hasn't had a WR with half the talent as AJ in his entire career. I simply believe that we have a timeframe that doesn't project well to a rookie QB. We have a defense that is in its prime. Why wait for a rookie QB to develop? We can be a top team in the league next season with a upper tier QB and improved OL. That's my stance. The league right now is not preforming that well, there are no juggernauts, its a ripe time to skip the rebuild, sign the franchise QB and make another run. If we don't take that route, we might as well dismantle the defense and truly start from scratch. Cousins is a gun slinging QB who also manages to not throw many interceptions. He is in his prime, a great leader, no stranger to adversity, and would massively transform the offensive culture, likely overnight. He is the player that many would hope Sam Darnold becomes, but with a better arm, and bigger hands, than Sam Darnold. If we can get a franchise QB and turn our #5 into more picks to upgrade the OL overnight, we should do so.
  4. Is the Qb situation good enough?

    I don't think its a stretch to say that we would be lucky if even the best QB prospects in this draft end up as good as Cousins in 2-3 years. This idea that Darnold or Rosen are going to be HOF caliber players is pretty optimistic, and I say that as someone who thinks they are our 2nd and 3rd best options at QB. Cousins is a borderline elite player. The NFL is about to hit a QB vacuum when Brady (41), Ben (36), Eli (37), Brees (38), Rivers (36) even Rogers (34) leave (That was a GREAT point broncofan48, and the ages I outlined are for the 2018/19 season). Once the old, elite QB's are gone there is a very good chance that Cousins is a top 5 QB. Even if he only falls into the top 10, and I would argue that he does right now, then he is worth the $$$. Elway cant afford to miss on a drafted QB for a third time. This defense is still good enough to win a championship. I truly believe that if you added Cousins and Saquan Barkley to this team, find even a slightly-below-average RT, and we would be overnight Super Bowl contenders. So do we handicap the team in a way by spending 25-30M on Cousins, or do we deplete our draft capital by trading a future R1 pick for Darnold/Rosen? Clearly I prefer the former to the latter. Even taking into account Darnold (Maybe even Rosen) falling to #5, I still think Cousins is the better option. Because best case scenario the QB develops into a Cousins like talent in a few years. The defense is aging, I say we just get that talent now. Its surprising to me that so many people are willing to rely on drafting a QB when it has shown to be so shaky in the past. IMHO this is all moot because Elway cant afford to miss again on a QB so I believe he goes for the sure thing.
  5. Is the Qb situation good enough?

    While their OL is near elite on paper, it didn't mesh overly well this season. There is a disease to that franchise that is beyond explanation and unless they offer more money than anyone, I don't see Cousins going there. If the money is the same, can you really expect Kirk to choose CLE over DEN? I just don't think anyone in their right mind would do so. Cousins could come here and become the third head on our Mt Rushmore of QB's after Elway and Peyton. This city treats good QB's like dieties, and when Elway brings Cousins in he will make that known. I hope he cost closer to 25M than 30M, but in the end success is measured not even in wins, but in championships, in Denver. Elway has had two subpar seasons and the pitchforks are being sharpened. This fanbase is rabid and expects a TON from their Broncos, and even our HOF QB isn't going to be safe from three poor seasons. Elway understands legacy, understands his job is on the line and that if he doesn't find a franchise guy sooner (IE: This offseason) rather than later, people will remember his inability to get a signal caller almost as much as they remember SB 50. Its clearly going to be Kirk, with outside chances at Rosen/Darnold.
  6. Is the Qb situation good enough?

    And I believe that he would run because Rosen's character flags wont scare him, in fact they may remind him of himself to a lesser degree. The entitlement part especially. People forget 1983 John Elway.
  7. Is the Qb situation good enough?

    Ya, I just don't buy the personality issues with Rosen. Maybe he is a bit immature, but I will gamble on a immature, slightly abrasive personality if that player knows how to play the game. Rosen isn't Tim Tebow, or even Baker Mayfield when it comes to passion and fire for the game, but we have seen innumerable QB's that are not 'rah rah' types succeed, and vice versa. Its far more important for a QB to have natural accuracy, good mechanics, crisp footwork. There is little chance that Rosen doesn't love football. Any college athlete willing to deal with the rigors of the sport has to love it. I know that I would choose girls and beer at 19 over the rigors of football training. So if the critique is that Rosen doesn't bleed football, that he has a social life, likes to have a few drinks, chases girls from time-to-time, isn't doing insane film room hours, then I have zero issue. Mayfield somehow gets a pass for getting violently drunk because he likes to clap his hands on the sideline and makes people think of idealistic ideas of what a QB on the field should act like. Rosen has whispers about being entitled and he gets thrown under the bus. Its pretty clear to me who has more red flags.
  8. Is the Qb situation good enough?

    There isn't anything stopping him from putting Riley Dixon at QB, I just don't expect him to do so. Elway most likely isn't going to want to relive his 'Plan A' from the 2015/16 season, notably a questionable bridge QB (Sanchez) with a 'omg soooo toolzy' R1 QB sitting and learning (Lynch). Signing Teddy and sitting Allen/Jackson would be like groundhogs day.
  9. Is the Qb situation good enough?

    Ya, that's a understandable position to take. I don't think Allen or Jackson are ready to start from day one. Allen to me is a Lynch/Osweiler level talent, someone with the physical tools and a NFL frame but who is sushi raw. I would wager he wouldn't post a 1/1 ratio if starting from day one. Jackson is similar. His footwork is terrible and he relies far too much on one-read-and-run type plays. He isn't Russ Wilson, much more RG3. Scary frame too. Evaluating him as an athlete, he is a R1 talent. As a QB? R3. Mayfield may have the strength, confidence and football IQ to play immediately, but I am far from sold on him. I hit on it before but its a huge red flag to me that he doesn't make adjustments at the LOS, that he never took behind-center snaps, that his game relies so much on improvisation, etc. Simply put, I don't think we are the best team in the division with any of the above guys at the helm, where as with Cousins/Darnold/Rosen/Eli, I think we would be able to get back on top quite soon. And Elway will have that same mindset. He knows the impatience of this fan base, how we are spoiled by winning and legacy, and he wont gamble again with a raw, sit-and-learn QB, a bridge QB or a rookie Blake Bortles type 'let him start and roll with the bad play to help his future' type QB. He will want a player that can be good immediately. He isn't going to let this team go three seasons with subpar QB play. His legacy and job are at stake.
  10. IOWA DB Josh Jackson

    He is my #1CB in zone predominant schemes. Think he can get burned on a fly route in man, but so can most CB's. His toughness, instincts, length, etc. all remind me of Josh Norman. He is going to make a team very happy near the end of R1.
  11. NFL.com's Power ranking for QB's for the upcoming 2018 draft!

    But BPA is a QB. Their pick should be Rosen unless he is a total Manning about it. As for the rankings, they are horrendous and seem to just be based on basic college stats.
  12. Is the Qb situation good enough?

    You have to get into the advanced stats to realize how good Cousins play has been. And the 'lowest ceiling' is a pretty stark claim. Kirk has a gunslinger mentality and live arm that none of the other guys available on the FA market possess, outside arguable Eli who is declining and almost certain to end up back in NY or w/ Coughlin in JAX. Tyrod is a game managing high caliber backup. He doesn't take enough chances down field, checks down all the time and gets injured at a high rate. Bridgewater seemed to be developing similarly to Tyrod in a low mistake making, mediocre arm having game manager. He takes a bit more shots down field but really is the guy that we hoped Siemien could develop into. And hasn't played in two years. Sam Bradford is also quite similar to the two above guys, but has degenerative knee issues and may have little mobility upon return. I would take any of the three above guys over our current stable of QB's, especially if cheap, but if we want a guy who can win a game for us at QB, its Kirk Cousins and Kirk Cousins only on this FA market (I exclude Eli because, again, he is so connected to NY and JAX that I have our odds at slim, he would be the #2 FA target at QB IMO). And the Foles comparison is disingenuous. Remove the aberration season under Kelly where he was 27 / 2 and his rate is 34 / 25. This team has 3.5 legitimate QB options this offseason; Kirk Cousins, Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold and the 0.5 is Eli Manning.
  13. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Started Room 104 last night. Not spectacular, and if something new comes out I plan to switch over, but its good enough. Pretty creative. I freaking loves James Van Der Beek in the second episode. I would say 7/10 as a season with hopes they make a second because its a good 'filler' type show. Not something to binge, but watch when you don't have a series going.
  14. I see Averett as a R2 pick, where Wallace can be had at the top of R4. Really like both of them though to be honest. And agree w/ you on Payne. Kid is going to be very good, and he is only 20 years old. Tons of functional strength at 310lbs, definitely enough to play NT in our 34, and with his youth you can imagine that he continues to add a good deal of functional strength/weight his first couple years in the league. Might compare him to Brandon Mebane, stout and athletic, stronger than his listed weight.
  15. Clearly not at #5, and its a overly trendy name, but its hard to not love Levi Wallace - CB - Alabama. Kid walked on at Alabama, and earned playing time as a Senior. I hope we all realize how unbelievable that is. He should have 4.5 speed and is a nice 6 feet tall, but mostly he loves to play physical and has excellent technique for a incoming, non R1 rookie CB. Would love to look at him in R3 to eventually replace Talib (Whether cut or in a year) and push the putrid Langley to #5CB.