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  1. Broncos v Chargers - 3:25 pm ATX Time

    Ya, Trevor's play this past game was simply unacceptable. Even with our poor OL he was showing himself to simply not have what it takes to be a starting caliber QB. And I hate saying that because I really like the kid. I thought he was going to be a Hasselbeck type QB for a number of years, but he looks cooked. And while its tough to disparage a QB for being a tackling dummy because of how bad the OL is, the truly quality starting QB's find ways to make plays even with pressure. And Trevor cant do that. He has also been unable to push the ball down the field for 3 games now, which I truly don't understand because he looked fine in terms of arm strength in the first 2-3 games. He just has been poor, and likely isn't anything but a backup caliber guy moving forward. But, I would still stick with him as the starter over Brock. I still think there is more of a glimmer of potential in Trevor than Brock, and even if not I think Trevor has a better chance of being our long term backup QB solution than Brock, so I would stick with him. If Lynch, or even Kelly, are ready to go, then I would play them over Trevor just to see what we have. But not Brock. Stick with the guys who have a future here, and who might develop into something. That is Lynch, Kelly and Trevor, despite his recent dumpster fire play. Overall, I agree with the resounding sentiment that Elway needs to be held accountable for his inability to build an offense. He just doesn't know how to draft on that side of the ball. And his most recent draft overall has netted us ONE player worthy of snaps and one out of control punt returner. That's it. Demarcus Walker has been a total no-show (Not to mention we are foolishly trying to turn him into an EDGE, apparently Elway wants to relive the Robert Ayers at 34LB years). Henderson has been booty and doesn't understand a route tree. We got a developmental CB when tons of more NFL ready guys were on the board. Ugh. Also, I think its time for some De'Angelo Henderson. I understand that Booker looks good catching the ball, and maybe he can be a full time receiver, but he is still very slow hitting the hole and doesn't have any power through tackles. CJ is still our best option though, he put a respectable 4.4ypc on the board last night despite the OL being abused by SD's tremendous rush. In fact, Anderson has probably been our best offensive player this season. He always goes unnoticed for some reason. It may be time to go young and tank, but I don't want to waste this defense. A Tebow-era type reliance on the run game may be our best bet. We have a lot of warm bodies at RB, we might as well run them into the ground. More than anything, please people don't suggest tanking for Josh Allen. We don't need a third 'looks-like-Tarzan-plays-like-Jane' type pick at QB. The kid is terrible.
  2. Favorite Halloween Movies

    Watching 1999 Jessica Alba should leave no man with idle hands.
  3. I have been as big a Siemien fan as there is on this board but his play has been steadily declining since his phenomenal two game start. I understand that the OL isn't doing him any favors, but we live in a era where the vast majority of OL's are outmatched by the opposing defense, so you simply must have a QB that can deal with that pressure constantly or hope to be one of the few (4-6) teams with acceptable, 'no holes' type OL's. I subscribe to the notion that if you don't have a, at the VERY least, top 20 QB then you should be looking to improve on the position each offseason. Right now Trevor is playing like a sub 20 QB. I am not willing to fully write him off, but he simply looks bad and is playing more like a Brian Hoyer level stopgap/elite backup than the QBOTF I hoped for. The next 3-4 games will dictate whether he survives as a starter in this league or is relegated to a career of backup roles. I wish him the best.
  4. Cowboys DT Stephen Paea decides to retire

    Ya, but when a team cuts a guy mid season its totally fine. Each player has the right to decide what is best for them. It can be frustrating, but in the end all that matters to Paea should be Paea, and that's how it should be. Its his life, his body and his choice. Hell, Nolan Carroll just got cut coming off a concussion and people laughed at how booty he was to start the season. But that's fine right? Players have the right to go when they feel like going, as long as teams have the right to cut who they feel like cutting. Two way street.
  5. The Great Debate: Sam Darnold vs Josh Rosen

    I think the most glaring similarity is that both are big bodied guys who one would expect a cannon arm from but alas seem to be mediocre in that regard.
  6. edit

    Tremendous breakdown regarding Mayfield. Outside height, he seems to have basically the entire package. He really reminds me of Drew Brees with a bit less arm and a bit more athleticism. But the height isn't the only clear similarity, their personalities are similar in that each is a true leader on and off the field. That commanding but not over-the-top type presence. And a similar ability to really feel the pocket, in fact that's what stands out most about Baker. He has the pocket presence that all QB's need to really be elite. I would not be surprised if he has the best career of any QB taken in this draft. Many will disagree but I love his fit in Cleveland. He has the ability to be the face of a franchise immediately and not wilt under that immense pressure, and has a NFL ready game with a body that should hold up well taking the hits. The upside may not be quite the same as with Darnold, Rosen and especially Jackson, but he has immediate payoff potential and isn't a slouch talent wise either.
  7. Bye Week GDT Edition (Week 5)

    I am a bit worried about the Giants game. They are a flawed team, but they are not 0-5 bad and actually have some good talent. I worry that they may use the Odell injury to rally and play super, super motivated. Then again when teams start to spiral like NYG, they tend to keep spiraling. Really sad to see JJ and Odell go down this weekend. Watt is so fun to watch, and is universally loved around the league from players to coaches to fans. He is the best 34DE ever and its sad to see him basically lose two years straight. And Odell is a diva at times, but he is so fun to watch and truly loves the game. I was looking forward to him and CHJR battling next weekend.
  8. Dolphins OL coach resigns

    Recording yourself do blow at work right before a meeting with your boss and sending that video to an escort mistress. Its like a Trailer Park Boys move. Also, if you want more lolz read some of the gems his mistress is spewing.
  9. What movie are you watching v1

    Regarding the ending: The original ending was supposed to be far darker. The cops show up and he simply gets arrested. Understanding the events and how the evidence is burnt in the house, this means he almost certainly would be convicted of murdering the family. Way better ending IMO. His buddy showing up was below the film, definitely a change the execs wanted to make. Anyhow, I watched Blade Runner Final Cut last night. Wow. Such an aesthetically beautiful movie. The sets and detail still rank top 5 all time. There are some cringy scenes, but that's to be expected for a 35 year old movie. I forget how charismatic Ford is on screen, even without saying much. And wow, dude was 40 in that movie. Found myself talking to the GF about how good he looked for 40, lol. Goals. Going to Blade Runner 2049 tonight in IMAX. Stoked.
  10. I think a team like Arizona or even Minnesota could use him with their injuries, but it would be something like a R6 for Peterson and a R7. He is worth very, very little today. A potential pick swap may be the best NO could hope for (EX: Peterson for right to swap 2018 R7 picks)
  11. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    This is just not true. I have traveled through Vietnam and its quite homogenous for a nation that was in a Civil War so recently. Its economy is really picking up and I think its clearly developing faster than all its neighbors outside of Thailand. Its a great, great place with extremely friendly people and a culture that is warm as hell to Americans considering the recent history. SE Asia is, for the most part, trending in a direction very far from your idea of breaking up into multiple nation states. In fact with the recent business in England (Scotland will soon vote for independence) and Catalonia in Spain, the SE Asian area looks comparatively more stable. Some issues for sure, but its doing fine. Stalinist policies hurt Vietnam a lot, as did the crony capitalistic policies of the puppets we supported. But considering the gravity of the war, its done a tremendous job at overcoming past wounds and modernizing for the future. I don't see how anyone that has visited could see anything different.
  12. Nothing directly indicating interest but at this point, holding out 1/4 the way into the season with reports neither side is budging, its a situation where one can assume he may be heading to market. Also, just going off headlines, many think the Houston OL is starting to gell without Duane and that he should be jettisoned. I wonder if they would bite on the SF R4 for him. Looks to be a top 100 pick most likely.
  13. Tom Petty passes away at 66

    This has hit me harder than Bowie and Prince. His music forever brought me HS nostalgia. And the age, younger than my parents, its just so sad. Guy just stopped touring like a week ago to spend time with his grand daughter. This world man. Live it up now because jesus life is fleeting.
  14. Just looking around the league, what do you guys think about a mid season trade for Duane Brown. He is still holding out w/ Texas and it may be past the point of no return. He is 32, and is likely to struggle for a bit with conditioning and a new system, and wants more $$$ than the 9M he is getting paid (It may actually mostly be about wanting guaranteed money, not more money) but on the field, he is a monumental upgrade at RT. He would be an elite stopgap for 2 years and wouldn't force Denver's hand at taking a RT in R1 this draft. Denver is better than we thought, or at least I thought, and we could legitimately be a capable RT away from really hitting stride offensively. The options we have now are seriously hindering our passing game and if Brown can be had at a discount based on his flags, it could be a great move.
  15. Mid Season Trade Candidates

    Nope, we are totally done with the Kubiak system (Thank god). Ya, I think a R3 is a reasonable asking price from your side of the fence. I am just looking at the contract issue, age and the whole 'new team midseason after not playing for 1.5 years' type of issue and don't like the R3 asking price. But, ya, going off on field play he is worth more than a R4. Denver is surprisingly good this season, possibly even SB contender good as no other teams have really shown out so far this season, so it may make sense for them to throw the R3 at Texas for Brown. I would maybe do it with conditions added, or something like R3 for Duane Brown and R6. Denver has an extra high R4 from SF and a R5 from ATL, so they have the ammo. Preferably, I would do SF R4 and conditional 2019 pick for Brown.