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  1. He really doesnt seem like an ideal personality for a rebuilding team, or middling team, and Cleveland is somewhere in between those two options. His value would come to a contender with a strong personality at QB. GB seems ideal.
  2. What team will Cam Newton he traded to?

    Carolina should trade or cut Cam (IMO he will only net a 4/5th rounder), draft BPA in R1 this season and tank for next year to take a QB. Keeping Newton around is just treading water.
  3. Broncos fire OC Rich Scangarello

    I dislike these moves, but I dislike them because I actually think this was a nice coaching staff. I dont get how you can logically dislike these moves as someone that believes the entire coaching staff is a doofus factory. I have to assume that any coach out the door, for a staff that you believe so incompetent, would be a positive. Or did they just manage to sign the one guy worse than our bunch? That seems unlikely. Seems like your trying to make logical jumps in order to pile on. If you dislike this move, your tacitly implying that you liked the staff.
  4. Ya, we need to get back to the good old days of home-style favorites like Joe Namath.
  5. What is even more annoying is that there are lots of cool cops out there. Dudes that would be enjoying the moment, understanding that they are there as a precaution. Not there to actively police a locker room. Instead we get this dude who even in the video you can tell exudes stick-in-the-muddiness. Get a cop that will have a sip of champagne with the boys, not this guy who has a limp-**** energy that literally seeps through my computer screen from a single cell phone video.
  6. This is insane, but ideally can be another puzzle piece in exposing the over-policing that happens in this country. This is nucking futs. Also, that cop seemed like a total stick in the mud. LSU just won a chip. If you need security in the locker room, grab someone who doesn't sleep in a separate bed as his wive.
  7. Broncos fire OC Rich Scangarello

    Ya, not a big fan of these moves. QB's need continuity, especially young ones. Lock has likely been working with McCartney extensively this entire year and we are dropping him now because a 'big name' like Shula is available. I just dont like the optics or likely result. These are move you make when you transition from a Fox 'culture precedent' to a Kubiak 'time to superb owl'. We are nowhere near that moment. I expect surprising, short term over payments this off-season. And not for internal players. Elway is showing that he is still Elway. WC or bust baby.
  8. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    This show is up there with True Detective Season 1 IMO. Its just awesome. The music is tremendous as well. Love it, and really re-watchable as its so dense.
  9. 2020 College Prospects

    Burrow may be only above average athletically and in terms of arm strength, but his processing, footwork, ball placement, anticipation, deep ball accuracy, football IQ, pocket presence, etc. All of those traits are 100% elite. He smells like an all time great to me, I like his moxie quite a bit more than Trevor. Also, after last night I am 99% sure that Simmons is nowhere near us when we draft. He is going closer to Top-5 than Top-15. Absolute prototypical ILB for this league.
  10. Broncos fire OC Rich Scangarello

    Jesus. How on earth is Carroll 7 years older than Reid. Lifestyle choices make such a difference.
  11. 2020 College Prospects

    IDK about that man. Bausby was showing out a bit, but still likely a #3 type CB on a good team. And he isnt young. Bryce is a slot guy if you want to max his skills. Honestly, I hope this team brings back CHJ and drafts a CB in R1 or R2. Even if Bausby and Callahan are 100% heading into the season, they both are not reliable at this point. We need to upgrade the talent base at CB moreso than DL or even OL IMO.
  12. Official 2020 OT/IOL Thread

    I really dont think DEN is going to target a OT. While he wasnt perfect, Bolles was much better the second half of the season. And he has Risner to lean on when needed. Elway was pretty supportive of him when asked last week. He also outlined the cohesion he was building w/ Risner. I would stick with him and hope Risner is like the George to his Lenny, ideally with less dead rabbits once it plays out. On the other side, James is just making far too much money to be written off. Guaranteed money to boot. I think a R2/R3 IOL is much more likely, then hopefully a developmental OT, then we revisit this if Bolles doesnt show out his last rookie contract year.
  13. I agree. Higgins brings some of that, and could be had on a prove it, 1 year deal in the 3M range IMO. I just hate spending big on a WR, it rarely works out or contributes to true, long term team building. Personally, I have no issues signing a cheap vet like Higgins and waiting until R2 / R3 for a WR. I think Brandon Aiyuk is just as talented as guys like Hamler, Reagor and Laviska when it comes to vertical threat and YAC. I am not affiliated with this website, but it has great write ups, here is his: https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/brandon-aiyuk/ZsLQCCVH6K Adding Aiyuk in R2 and Lynn Bowden in R3 would change the dynamic of this offense tremendously, and we would still have our R1 pick to use on BPA at DB, OL, DL or LB (If Simmons somehow is available). I like a trade down too, we dont need more picks but we can then be more aggressive dealing back up in R2/R3.
  14. 2020 College Prospects

    The slight headcase'eness that he brings is worth the potential payoff. He is an insane YAC guy who would be awesome value anytime after R2. You want to talk about a guy that a QB can just dump a ball to and watch make plays, he can do that. Bubble screens, deep shots, designed backfield runs, occasional wildcat (Albeit I hate bringing that up, he isnt a wildcat QB, he is an offensive weapon that may throw 1-3 passes per season). He is a really fun, electric talent.
  15. 2020 College Prospects

    Totally agree. I think he is going to have a Dan Feeney like cooling once the draft process starts. We all saw Feeney as a high R2 pick at worse, with most mocking him in R1. He fell all the way to R3 once people singled out his athletic deficiencies.