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  1. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how funny it was. The actress playing his daughter was phenomenal. I would have liked them to take a swipe or two on the far left but it certainly outlined some of the insanity on the far right in a refreshing, actually funny way. All the non-hidden camera scenes were atrocious (Specifically the beginning and end) but they sucked in the first one as well.
  2. I dont think I have ever been as excited to watch a 2-3 team as this years Broncos. Stumbled out of the gate and some things look bad on paper like Lock's stats (His play has been much better than his stats IMO) but this team is bubbling with potential and its clear as day when you watch them.
  3. I will say, Albert dropping passes sucks but it looks like this team could soon have the best TE duo in the league. At least from a pass catching standpoint. These two guys are both absolute freaks of nature considering their size.
  4. His best performances recently were Mandy (2018) and Bad Lieutenant (2009). The move as a whole wasn't that great but he had some flashes in Mom and Dad (2017) that were must-see. Crazy Cage at his best.
  5. This movie is going to make tons of money abroad, specifically in Asia. They eat this type of campy action crap up.
  6. They really should have done a 14 game season to allow for more flexibility in rescheduling due to COVID. Would have been good on the players health as well as this injury flurry cant just be a coincidence, lack of preseason practices and dare I say preseason games has a lot of guys stiff on the field and getting more injuries IMO. More time off means more time to let their not-ready-for-full-contact bodies recharge.
  7. I somewhat feel for him. COVID has likely extended what is probably a super annoying working and diet regime by about 3 times the length he initially expected. Then again, when its millions and millions of dollars on the table, maybe just buck up? Millions of people in this country would kill to get paid to stay in shape lol
  8. Amanda Seyfried was absolutely born to play a 1930's starlet. Thats some awesome casting.
  9. Really hope they stick as historically accurate as possible. I want to see seubian knots and full nude berserkers. I assume the main protagonist is Arminius.
  10. I said in the general News Forum, I really like these numbers. Dislike paying alot for a 2-down guy, but this isnt a lot and he is absolutely elite on those 2-downs. Great signing.
  11. Haskins sucks but this is a silly move. Just ride with him you took him in the upper half of the 1st round like 15 months ago. I also think going with Kyle over Alex is the move. With Smith you might suddenly start winning games and get yourself out of competition for one of the top QB's.
  12. I really like these numbers. One of the few good things to happen to the Broncos so far this season.
  13. Every Texans fan is going to end up with COVID from the celebrations tonight. And it just might be worth it.
  14. Its like groundhogs day every year. This guy is a savant. Never doubted that he would crush it in TB.
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