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  1. 100%. Albeit I would trade down if a team is willing to give a kings ransom for Pitts. Sewell I think I would just sit tight and draft.
  2. Looks like we got Shamar Stephen on a cheap deal as a rotation DT. I really like that. Guy has great athleticism and twitch for his size. Not a difference maker, but we needed the depth and the cost likely is peanuts.
  3. ZeroZeroZero was the best single season of television I have seen since the first season of Dark and before that the first season of TD. Nearly flawless.
  4. How cheap could Teddy come at this point? I would throw a 2022 5th at CAR.
  5. I am starting to think I would stay 1.09 if Pitts falls, but Sewell is the only non-QB where its a no-brainer to take him. I think there is a better chance Peni falls to us than Pitts FWIW. I would be estatic if that happened. Having to pay James doesnt mean in any way that we should avoid taking a blue chip, bookend OT. Its really short sighted to think so.
  6. I couldnt disagree more. I think Trevor (duah) and Wilson are worth mortgaging the future. I think Fields/Lance are no more than 50/50 shots to becoming good QB's. I just have far less faith in them. Wilson in some ways is everything people wanted Manziel to be, but better. He has tons of similarities to Russell Wilson IMO.
  7. I get a pre-draft trade to get up to #3, but this seems nuts.
  8. At this point its going to cost an arm-and-a-leg to trade up for a QB. On the flip side, I am starting to think there is a non-zero chance that Sewell falls to 1.09. Fingers crossed on that. My stars-align mock: 1.09 Peni Sewell OT - Elite RT prospect who is just too talented to pass up simply bc we are stuck with James. Elite character. 2.40 Zaven Collins LB - Plug / Play ILB who has elite zone cover instincts and good blitzing skills. Elite character. 3.71 Talanoa Hufanga S - The well rounded jack-of-all trades S that Vic seems to prefer. Elite character Trad
  9. I dont think Wilson and Fields are in the same universe as prospects. I see Zach as a much better prospect.
  10. With the way we have drafted lately, I would be very surprised if we take Parsons at 1.09. We have been prioritizing character for at least 2 drafts now and, so far, its been a great play.
  11. I love Horn, but he is a guy whos skills are not going to be maximized in this scheme. He is a pure man cover guy. Thats where he will shine. He is, IMO, the best man coverage CB in the draft, and by miles the best press-man coverage CB in the draft. If we ran that type of scheme, I would look at him 1.09.
  12. I dont love Foles, but I think he is good enough to make us more than a bubble WC team, which we are if Lock is the QB again IMO. Not enough to be a true contender, but better than the 50/50 WC team we may be with Lock at the wheel.
  13. I hope that the 'what have you done for me lately' type of thinking allows Kenneth Gainwell to fall to R3, but I doubt it. He is just about ideal for what we should be looking for.
  14. I hope we bring Bausby back. He is a excellent depth boundary CB. Like, much better than most. This CB depth is pretty great: CB1 - Kyle Fuller / Michael Ojemudia CB2 - Ronald Darby / De'Vante Bausby SLOT - Bryce Callahan / Essang Bassey / Draft Pick I think we can wait until later and target a slot only guy. We have surprising depth on the outside, but then again Fuller may be a quick date.
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