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  1. Mark me down as an eternal optimist, sort of. If with Rogers at QB, we go 12 - 5. If with Love, we go 4 - 8. After Love crashes and burns, Bortles goes 2 - 3. If with Rogers, we go to the Super Bowl, but lose to the Chiefs. If with Love/Bortles, we get some nice early picks in each round of next year's draft. But what the hell do I know?
  2. Ok,guys, the more I read about the vacant positions on our o-line, the more puzzled I get. I could be wrong, often am wrong, but the talk about moving Elgton Jenkins somewhere often ends there--and being a Big Picture type person that leaves me mystified a bit. For about half of next season or longer, we have no one to play left tackle as things stand today. Between Elgton Jenkins, Jon Runyan, Lucas Patrick and Jake Hanson we fill at least left guard and center--maybe even right guard as well, especially if we throw in Simon Stepaniak. Our right tackle appears to be Billy Turner as of now. And
  3. I really like your choices for o-line and d-line players. Your selections have solid credentials and are picked at sensible spots. Farley, on the other hand, is just a bridge too far for me. Having gone through the surgery myself and then a second operation because the first one eventually failed--I just feel that there is too much risk involved for making him your first round pick.
  4. Hey, I think Caleb Farley could be an outstanding cornerback too--if he didn't hurt his back. But he did. And Scoremore is absolutely correct--a ruptured disc is way more serious than commonly understood. It demands a microdisectomy. And, yes, I am a person who recently had to have it done. Just like Farley, a few weeks after the operation I felt like a new human being. Everything was going to be great. Then a couple months later my right leg and hip went completely numb. Then my right arm. Two months after that and three trips a week for unsuccessful physical therapy, I had to have fusion su
  5. I try to read this forum every day, but I've been laid up for a long spell due to back surgery--so my question may have already been discussed at length. If so, please forgive and maybe point me to a page. If not, I think it's one that still could receive plenty of attention: Assuming for a moment in the unlikely event the Packers trade away Jordan Love to a quarterback-needy team like New England, etc., at the end of this April, what do you think the Love trade would bring in draft choices and/or players?
  6. To expand on the microdiscectomy surgery that Scoremore discussed and experienced, I want to share what a leading medical website has to say about it: "Microdisectomy is reserved for severe cases where nerve compression is causing significant pain or nerve compromise and weakness (verywellhealth.com)." And I couldn't agree more with Scoremore about the serious risks of selecting Farley until the late rounds, if at all. Yes, the guy is big and fast. So what! I had the surgery too, and after a month of rehab my entire right leg went numb and I had to go back in for fusion surgery. I think the op
  7. I absolutely agree! A cheap, reliable starter at right tackle. Unless his knee surgery did not go well, he should have been signed and sealed already.
  8. Clearly your mock draft demonstrates significant insight into Packer needs and impressive technical skill in composing your pictures and information. After reading it, I thought I had just died and gone to mock draft heaven. Have to agree that to get Horn in the first round we likely will have to trade up. And as much as I would love to get Mayfield at #62, that is just a bridge too far for me--I think he will be gone by early round two. Love the selection of Jay Tufele; I would bet he has a great chance to be our actual pick. As some mocks have Aaron Robinson going in round one, again I will
  9. I happen to share everyone's concerns about the o-line for next year, especially who will play tackle. They moved Turner to left tackle against Tampa Bay and that didn't turn out all that well. But even if they leave Turner at right tackle, you are still hurting at left tackle or left guard--Elgton Jenkins can only play one position at a time. Reviewing the comments on this page--and I really want to stress how uninformed I am--is there any hope at all for Yosh Nijman to play right tackle, or is that just a pipe dream?
  10. Just a typo I expect, but as I read your description of what happens in Round Two, you have the Bengals giving the Packers' pick #62 and #111 for the Pack's pick as #69. As the Packers' pick is actually #62, and the trade would beget Green Bay picks at #69 and #111, the trade now would be accurate and more logical.
  11. You make really excellent free agent signings; your decisions and insights into cap spending decisions is impressive, and your knowledge of even late round players' abilities and fits for the Packers makes my head spin. Damn good mock. Congrats!
  12. As a complete neophyte (rookie) at this mock draft stuff, but still obsessed with it all, my first take is that you've done a great job of selecting players who are very realistic choices both in terms of need and likely availability. I happen to especially favor Joseph, McNeil and Jefferson, so not only selecting them but also picking them in appropriate rounds makes good sense. Maybe the only suggestion I would offer is that I think you could still get Dillon Radunz with a bit of trade back into the second round and add a fourth round choice to boot. But he is a nice pick--farm boy strong, n
  13. Well, as a real amateur of this mock draft process, the first thing I think someone should speak to is how impressive the amount of effort and detail is that you have put into your mock. The thinking behind your decisions, at least to me, reveals a deep understanding of player abilities, team needs and financial issues, not that I agree with all of your decisions. Do you really think there is a legitimate chance to get Alijah Vera-Tucker in the first round? That seems like quite a stretch to me, but I guess stranger things have happened. My first round money is on Jalen Mayfield, the OT from M
  14. Within a couple weeks, "the plan" about free agency, the salary cap, the new tv contract, player cuts and surprising trades will be exploding like cold popcorn seeds in red hot butter. But the contrarian in me does pause for a moment or two. How much, if anything, should some lesser known players already on the team figure in as possible replacements? Sadly, it looks like Aaron Jones may well be gone after being franchise tagged and traded for a fourth round pick. But am I way off base thinking there is a decent chance Mike Weber, a 5'10", 211 lb. halfback from Ohio State silently sitting
  15. Any o-lineman with a beer gut and a tenacious attitude is gonna be popular in Wisconsin! Tauscher #2!
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