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  1. Any o-lineman with a beer gut and a tenacious attitude is gonna be popular in Wisconsin! Tauscher #2!
  2. Just for shucks and giggles, thedraftnetwork.com discusses two mid-round running backs (Round 4/5) who may have some promise. Kylin Hill, Mississippi State, 5-10, 214, is a pounder who has nice hands in the passing game. Khalil Herbert,Virginia Tech, 5-9, 205, is more of a slasher like Aaron Jones, although he needs to improve his pass blocking. There will still be a rotation of backs in Green Bay of some kind. If Jones is too expensive, A.J. Dillon and Jamaal Williams have individual qualities that could complement a mid-round back. Just sayin'.
  3. Welcome CroCopNo1! My mother's grandparents came over on the boat from Bohemia. Not sure how to spell the village name but it sounded like Comanitzanedlipo or something like that. They made violins until the Nazis came along. So I am half gypsy and half German/Austrian. I really admire your long distance devotion to the Packers. Here's hoping we all can enjoy a Super celebration at the end of this season.
  4. As the talk here had focused on a mid-round wide receiver--then suddenly moved to an early round left tackle because of Bakh's injury, I have two names just for the purpose of discussion. Not claiming to be any kind of expert, but it appears to me that someone like Liam Eichenberg, a 6-6, 305 lb. tackle from Notre Dame, might be had in the middle of round two. And if we are looking for a mid-round receiver, say Round 4, I would toss out the name of Tamorrion Terry, a 6-4, 203 lb. pass catcher from Florida State. Eichenberg might be a little light in the pants--someone who needs to add some wei
  5. Sorry, guess I confuse easily--but in your opening post I see you resigning Will Redmond and then a few lines farther down you say goodbye to him. What am I missing?
  6. First of all, God bless you for your service to our country. And anyone who loves dogs is damn good man. Second, it is obvious you spent serious time and thought on your mock. I wonder if you have considered the Badgers Jake Ferguson at TE? He comes across to me as a pretty rugged guy who can make catches in the clutch. As far as Devonta Smith, I have to agree he is already off the board by the time we pick--and given Gutey's preference in body type and draft value, I think he would look at someone with better size at WR and not until Round 3. Hey, I am by no means an expert, but I will b
  7. Unfortunately, Hitnhope, I have to agree. But count me still in the Queen, Higgins, Aiyk crowd. Que sera, que sera.
  8. If you decide to trade Adams, then draft Rashad Bateman, WR, Minnesota, 6-2, 210. If you decide to keep Adams, then draft Rashad Bateman, WR, Minnesota, 6-2, 210.
  9. I have done some defensive assistant coaching but don't pretend to be a pro expert by any mean. I believe HighCaleb is absolutely right about rubs, stacks and motions. In my mind another big factor was the absence of the two starting cornerbacks for Green Bay. With both Alexander and King on the bench, playing mostly zone is meant to protect the backups from giving up homerun tosses. The choice to go one-on-one did turn out well for the Pack at the end of the game; however, I think they were pretty much forced into using man-to-man in order to eliminate the easy catches in that last drive.
  10. Vegas 492 exactly expressed my own thoughts about this year's draft. In a perfect world, I was convinced that Gutekunst would continue along his preference lines of a bigger, tougher wideout that could be had in the mid to late second round. Shenault and Claypool were both receivers I felt were perfect fits, and with a little moving out of Round One, we could at least secure an extra third or fourth that would allow us to use it along with our second pick to get two players--one early in Round Two and one later which would be a wideout. But, of course, hindsight is always twenty-twenty. Hopefu
  11. Just wondering if anyone thinks Jon Runyan might start at left guard instead of Patrick? I realize that Patrick has more years of experience, but when I see him play he looks like a much better fit for right guard where you can be very strong but a little slower and stiffer. The left guard position in many offensive line schemes usually requires a more athletic player who traps and pulls down the right side of the line for right-handed offenses. And Runyan did look pretty decent in his debut. But, hey, I admit to being pretty darn ignorant about NFL offensive line play. Thouhts?
  12. After carefully reading over the last couple pages and the last few comments, I think the criticism above is spot on. Outpost, Incog, and Skibrett have enumerated exactly the problems most all of us see on display. Yet Gutekunst simply sits in the middle of it all and does nothing. Zip. Nada. I just don't get it. And it's impossible to listen to national radio and tv sports talk without an almost daily reference to the bizarre draft picks this past spring and the total blindness to the need for a second wide receiving threat, a speedy inside linebacker or some quality talent next to Kenny Clar
  13. You're absolutely right. Another problem I heard about on a local radio station here in Eau Claire was that Dillon was "running too high," and they wanted him to bend more and "run behind his pads." Not sure that the need to run at a lower angle is a documented issue for him, however.
  14. Hey, after this year's draft trying to predict what Gutekunst will do in the draft is a true crapshoot. Not that I have insider information, but I will be surprised and disappointed if the Packers don't take a defensive tackle at the end of Round One--or maybe work a deal to take a good cornerback first. Someone like Jay Tufele, a fine d-lineman from USC, makes sense to me, at least given the present state of things. I just think that Kenny Clark needs more help inside, or that Kevin King's fragility is a major issue that has to be addressed early.
  15. Hey, I am sure plenty of others on this site as well as myself hate to see Aaron Jones let go. But everyone knows there is only so much money to divide up. Some real tough choices ahead about signing players. Hopefully, Dillon really develops over the course of this season and maybe Tyler Ervin can add more of the elusiveness we lose. Your draft may be early for the season, but many of us love all the mocks we can get. Interesting choices, and I agree with many of the picks. Pretty hard for me to go with two running back picks, however. And it's my guess that Gutekunst will want a defensive ta
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