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  1. Just wondering if anyone thinks Jon Runyan might start at left guard instead of Patrick? I realize that Patrick has more years of experience, but when I see him play he looks like a much better fit for right guard where you can be very strong but a little slower and stiffer. The left guard position in many offensive line schemes usually requires a more athletic player who traps and pulls down the right side of the line for right-handed offenses. And Runyan did look pretty decent in his debut. But, hey, I admit to being pretty darn ignorant about NFL offensive line play. Thouhts?
  2. After carefully reading over the last couple pages and the last few comments, I think the criticism above is spot on. Outpost, Incog, and Skibrett have enumerated exactly the problems most all of us see on display. Yet Gutekunst simply sits in the middle of it all and does nothing. Zip. Nada. I just don't get it. And it's impossible to listen to national radio and tv sports talk without an almost daily reference to the bizarre draft picks this past spring and the total blindness to the need for a second wide receiving threat, a speedy inside linebacker or some quality talent next to Kenny Clark. Somebody tell me we're still gonna make a last minute trade. Please!
  3. You're absolutely right. Another problem I heard about on a local radio station here in Eau Claire was that Dillon was "running too high," and they wanted him to bend more and "run behind his pads." Not sure that the need to run at a lower angle is a documented issue for him, however.
  4. Hey, after this year's draft trying to predict what Gutekunst will do in the draft is a true crapshoot. Not that I have insider information, but I will be surprised and disappointed if the Packers don't take a defensive tackle at the end of Round One--or maybe work a deal to take a good cornerback first. Someone like Jay Tufele, a fine d-lineman from USC, makes sense to me, at least given the present state of things. I just think that Kenny Clark needs more help inside, or that Kevin King's fragility is a major issue that has to be addressed early.
  5. Hey, I am sure plenty of others on this site as well as myself hate to see Aaron Jones let go. But everyone knows there is only so much money to divide up. Some real tough choices ahead about signing players. Hopefully, Dillon really develops over the course of this season and maybe Tyler Ervin can add more of the elusiveness we lose. Your draft may be early for the season, but many of us love all the mocks we can get. Interesting choices, and I agree with many of the picks. Pretty hard for me to go with two running back picks, however. And it's my guess that Gutekunst will want a defensive tackle and a cornerback much earlier than you do. Mayfield is a great player, but I could see someone like Jay Tufele, a d-lineman from USC, being selected for us in Round One. Then again, I know less than nothing about judging player talent. Thanks so much for the effort!
  6. Apparently the next guy up is Darrius Shepherd to replace Lazard. Rodgers had some nice things to say about him earlier. Any thoughts?
  7. One page back I wrote that I thought we paid too much for Jordan Love. The responses were fair, and I'd like to reply: If not Love, then what would be my alternative succession plan?--and Love's strong qualities should allow him to develop into a good QB. My succession plan, now very hypothetical, would have been to keep the plan we already have: that is to start Rodgers and back him up with a promising big QB--Tim Boyle. I actually think we have more in Boyle than many realize, but I could be wrong about that. I happen to like his size, arm strength and confidence in the pocket. In this spring's draft, as I said, I would have taken Shenault in the first round and in the fourth I would have selected a lineman, preferably a defensive tackle. Even if my particular choices don't fit precisely with others on this forum, there are plenty of members who wanted more immediate help, especially if this is the last year or two for Rodgers. What I didn't say, however, was that I thought Love lacked ability. He has plenty of it, no argument. But to have your first and fourth round pick sit for two or three years is too rich for my blood given this appears to be the year to go all in for the SB. Come spring, and with Shenault and a lineman helping us this year, I would look at either Trey Lance, a QB from North Dakota or Tyler Shough, a QB from Oregon. Lance is a great athlete and Shough has a strong arm, size and plenty of smarts. Sure, they would be sitting for one year less than Love. But again, Boyle will get some kind of shot too. And it's possible we might have to pay more than a first round pick to get either of these guys, just like with Love. But at least for me, I would have gone for more help for Rodgers while he is here. And, hey, nobody can say for sure that A-rod won't still be here four years from now.
  8. Packfanfb, I can't agree with you more! As draft day approached, I was thinking Shenault was just what Gutey wanted: big body, rugged style, capable of playing in the slot, delivering strong blocks as well as making difficult catches in traffic. I'm still skeptical about the move to take Jordan Love. I could see bringing in an understudy, but I thought the first and fourth round picks were just too costly at the time. Even a first round o-line or d-line guy would really help out right now. Oh well....time will tell. Gonna watch Shenault's career!
  9. I am pretty sure most Packer fans on this site agree that Bahkti/Jenkins at LT and LG are an ideal pairing, and that Runyan will make a fine RG or swing o-line player. Further, there is lots of consensus around the idea of Jenkins moving to RT next year and possibly moving Runyan into LG. So please don't have a heart attack over this question: Given how incredibly expensive it will be to sign Bahkti as well as to keep other important players like Kevin King, Aaron Jones, etc., would there be any possibility that Gutey would pass on keeping Bahkti and move Jenkins into the LT slot instead? Hey, I'm not advocating for this--just asking a question that a forum like this could explore. Jenkins says he is capable of playing all o-line positions; Runyan looks to be able to play LG, and we would still have Turner/Wagner to play RT along with a draft choice next spring. Is there some sense to this or is it just plain nuts? It could provide serious cap room as as team profits get squeezed this year.
  10. Jumping in the stands could be absolutely lethal right now, but not so much for body passing.
  11. As a passionate but totally unskilled observer of these two young QB's, I have to say how much I have enjoyed this discussion. And I think Lodestar is on the right track. Baker's leadership qualities likely are his best asset, especially given the team situation he is in. But I love how Lamar is progressing. His game is really coming on.
  12. I think Outpost hit the nail exactly in the "middle" of the head. His post is "spot on." The issue of using the field between the lines, not outside of them, I believe will be critical to seeing Love's passing game improve or not.
  13. I keep reminding everyone as well as myself that I'm really an amateur poster on this forum, but I have begun to seriously examine some player positions of need for the Pack. So with the notation that I can be really off base on this, I strongly agree with "ReadyToThump." I think signing Krys Barnes will turn out to be a solid acquisition if he gets a good chance to show his stuff. Barnes was rated as high as the late fourth round, and critics agreed that is because he is was just a good "all-around" linebacker. While not specializing on any one aspect of backer play, he is was steady force on the defense. The tape I watched was pretty encouraging--didn't shy away from taking on guards, had enough speed to get outside. Again, he's not a superstar at any one thing, but his 4.63 speed was encouraging. Martin's looks tough too, although his forty was a full 1/10 of a second slower. I'm sure someone will point out that the speed differences may not be that important depending on their assigned roles as run-stoppers or chasers. Thanks for listening!
  14. I've been trying to sort out so many mixed feelings about this draft. It's not just quirky picks. There are the head-scratching omissions and strange priorities...like no defensive tackle, no cornerback. So the commentary on this forum is really appreciated, especially from so many experienced posters. ATHLON SPORTS lists its top 45 inside/outside linebackers for this draft, and Kamal Martin does not even appear on the list. WALTERFOOTBALL, an admittedly mediocre source, lists Martin as their 16th outside linebacker. Wow! The people expressing doubts and concerns here are not off-base to do so. I actually had a little more hope for the undrafted guy the Pack signed. While described as "average" in every way, Krys Barnes at least may have some sideline to sideline juice at 4.63 in the forty. Or am I just whistling in a dark and windy place here?
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