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  1. Any plan that retains DeVondre Campbell and Rasul Douglas, at least in my way of thinking, can't be all bad. Those guys balled out for us this year!
  2. Packerraymond has done some very good early-mock work here. What I especially appreciate is that from what I read his player selections are appropriate to the rounds and later positions in the rounds. Frankly, I think many readers would be very satisfied if this scenario actually played out this spring. The positions he fills are clearly areas of need. Nice job!
  3. You just hit the proverbial nail directly on the head for this game! All the chatter about whether we get some good players back from the injured list is a good and necessary thing, but that said I believe once we actually start watching the game all eyes will be riveted on Jordan Love's performance. What he does or does not do in the Lions' game this coming Sunday may be the best indicator of what Gutey and Murphy must decide to do about Aaron Rodgers.
  4. The debate about keeping Rodgers versus Love is going to fire up this forum depending on Love's performance in Detroit this coming Sunday. If Love comes out and looks strong, things will get very interesting in the Green Bay front office. Conversely, if Love comes out and looks awful, chances are the Packers will have to swallow hard and pay Rodgers.
  5. Three thoughts to talk about: (1) Trey McBride, Tight End, Colorado State, 6-4, 260 (#2 TE, later second round?); (2) Charlie Kolar, Tight End, Iowa State, 6-6, 252, (#3 TE, mid-third round?); Cade Otton, Tight End, Washington, 6-5, 240, (#4 TE, later third round?). Obviously, we don't have a great feel for just when and where these guys or others will be selected yet. But that said, it will be fun to watch who steps up at the Combine. Me? I'm liking someone such as Kolar 'cause he is the tallest and heaviest, adds some beef for blocking especially if Big Dog is gone. Then again Badgers Tight
  6. Yes, I think every Packer fan has some degree of frustration around the team's apparent reluctance to get injured players back on the playing field asap. But my brother actually used to do some of the medical checks for the Packers, especially on high draft picks. (Yup he gave a thumbs down about the big lineman with man boobs and a reputation for steroids). Now he has been out of that line of work for more than a decade, but I asked him for his sense of the current situation. He leans on the financial risk for teams should they put a player back too soon. Contracts, their guarantees and detai
  7. I just saw a replay of Teddy Bridgewater being carted off the field. Makes me wonder if this pushes Denver's management a little closer to offering more in draft picks for Rodgers after this season ends.
  8. Maybe you're right, but the impression I came away with is that "the chick" is the old guy's daughter. Check out the picture of the man's deceased wife early in the ad, and compare it to the young woman.
  9. Hey, was anyone else a little bothered by how many passes Love wobbled and bobbled out there? I just happen to prefer pro quarterbacks who throw spirals. Silly me.
  10. My life experience absolutely confirms what Scoremore is saying. A back injury from football has plagued me ever since. Finally, this summer my right leg went numb. Micro surgery failed. Had to do the full fusion--titanium rods and screws deal. I too have a real bad feel about this for Z. Even a bulging disk can have a really negative impact on a player. Until you have back problem, it's very hard to appreciate how miserable it can be.
  11. Mark me down as an eternal optimist, sort of. If with Rogers at QB, we go 12 - 5. If with Love, we go 4 - 8. After Love crashes and burns, Bortles goes 2 - 3. If with Rogers, we go to the Super Bowl, but lose to the Chiefs. If with Love/Bortles, we get some nice early picks in each round of next year's draft. But what the hell do I know?
  12. Ok,guys, the more I read about the vacant positions on our o-line, the more puzzled I get. I could be wrong, often am wrong, but the talk about moving Elgton Jenkins somewhere often ends there--and being a Big Picture type person that leaves me mystified a bit. For about half of next season or longer, we have no one to play left tackle as things stand today. Between Elgton Jenkins, Jon Runyan, Lucas Patrick and Jake Hanson we fill at least left guard and center--maybe even right guard as well, especially if we throw in Simon Stepaniak. Our right tackle appears to be Billy Turner as of now. And
  13. I really like your choices for o-line and d-line players. Your selections have solid credentials and are picked at sensible spots. Farley, on the other hand, is just a bridge too far for me. Having gone through the surgery myself and then a second operation because the first one eventually failed--I just feel that there is too much risk involved for making him your first round pick.
  14. Hey, I think Caleb Farley could be an outstanding cornerback too--if he didn't hurt his back. But he did. And Scoremore is absolutely correct--a ruptured disc is way more serious than commonly understood. It demands a microdisectomy. And, yes, I am a person who recently had to have it done. Just like Farley, a few weeks after the operation I felt like a new human being. Everything was going to be great. Then a couple months later my right leg and hip went completely numb. Then my right arm. Two months after that and three trips a week for unsuccessful physical therapy, I had to have fusion su
  15. I try to read this forum every day, but I've been laid up for a long spell due to back surgery--so my question may have already been discussed at length. If so, please forgive and maybe point me to a page. If not, I think it's one that still could receive plenty of attention: Assuming for a moment in the unlikely event the Packers trade away Jordan Love to a quarterback-needy team like New England, etc., at the end of this April, what do you think the Love trade would bring in draft choices and/or players?
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