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  1. 53 Man Roster Predictions 2019 Edition

    Yup, I am sure you're right! Should'a thought of that. Thanks!
  2. 53 Man Roster Predictions 2019 Edition

    Palmy is a great dude! Hope he posts now and then anonymously. Now regarding roster predictions, I am wondering if anyone has noticed the continuing number of free agent running backs the Packers continue to sign, as well as the fact the new guys are definitely heavier? Contrast incumbents Aaron Jones at 5-9, 208, and Dexter Williams at 5-11, 212, to new guys like Tra Carson at 5-11, 228; Darrin Hall at 6-0, 217 and absolute new guy Keith Ford at 5-10, 219. Is management/coaching looking for more durability or power to get a yard on third down? Or is it that they are still looking for a proper running back fit for LaFleur's outside zone system? I am wondering if Dexter Williams should be considered a shoe-in for the third halfback job.
  3. Josh Jones wants to be traded

    So I am a new guy on this forum and do not pretend to have the knowledge and experience so many of the great posters do who regularly contribute. But maybe a perspective from the peanut gallery has a little value. Jones has made it clear he wants to start or be traded. His approach to date has been to avoid voluntary camp, complain in the media, dismiss a viable player position he could fill, and to arrive with a questionable injury. Maybe I am missing something, but isn't the best answer for him for both alternatives summarized in four words?...Get healthy. Play better.
  4. Hey OscarTG, Welcome! Any fan of Ray Nitschke is a fan of mine. And I totally love The Searchers, a movie that I thought broke the stereotypes of main character roles for westerns at the time. Gypsy 1027
  5. 2020 Needs and Free Agent List

    I am real new to this forum, but I love the depth of the discussions. A theme I hear that keeps repeating itself in the talk about Bulaga is his back and knee injuries, so I looked ahead at some of the very early thoughts about o-line tackles available in the first and second rounds in next year's draft. At least for my inexperienced self, I came away with two or possible three players. WalterFootball. com mentions five possible tackles in 2020--Trey Smith (blood clots in lungs early Round 2), Tristan Wiffs, (big but really needs work at pass blocking), Liam Eichenberg, (mid round two and plays left tackle), Marcus Norman, (who reportedly had a great season), and Trey Adams, (he played great until an ACL injury). Of course, all this is very preliminary, but there could be a couple lineman who we could draft or trade/draft for in the second round. If I made a mistake mentioning another website, please let me know.
  6. My life- Username: Gypsy1027. Age 70. Born in Sparta, WI. Unique quality? In 5th grade Sister Joseph Marie said I was the slowest thinking person who had ever been born. My love of the Packers- First followed the Packers: First game I ever saw was the Pack defeating the NY Giants and Y.A. Tittle. Have been an incurable fan through good and bad since. Current Favorite: Davante Adams - best release of any WR in the league and money on third down. All time Favorite: Max McGee - only player who had the nerve to lighten up Lombardi with a humorous quip. Favorite Moment: Frozen Tundra QB sneak to win. My interests- Hobbies: I enjoy teaching people how to write and how to catch fish. Music: I love listening to gypsy music--ballads and Dvorjak.
  7. Arron jones

    I'm a long time follower, new to commenting. It seems like the third round is a favorite spot for teams to look at running backs, but maybe the Packers' need isn't that high. Any thoughts on running backs like James Williams or Evan Holyfielf later in Rounds Five or Six or do we pick one sooner?
  8. 2019 Draft Discussion

    First timer for a comment, but I've loved the forum for a long time. As draft needs and available quality come together, it seems likely to me the Packers could look hard at a running back at Pick 75 in Round Three. NFLDraftScout.com lists Weber, Montgomery, Harris, Sanders, and Singletary as possibilities there. Who fits best?