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  1. Las Vegas Raider Stadium

    It would be a surprise if they aren't.
  2. 2019 Draft Recap

    If we have there's no NFL Europe to develop him anymore.
  3. Raiders re-sign RB Doug Martin

    Probably because the press highlight them and bang on about them.
  4. Las Vegas Raider Stadium

    Can't wait to visit.
  5. Raiders suspend their scouting staff?

    Spot on, that's exactly how it should be.
  6. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    Makes perfect sense, hopefully the majority of the fan base feels the same.
  7. Raider UDFA's

    Looks like a pretty good hall so far.
  8. 2019 Draft Recap

    I think this has been a good draft for us, obviously we won't know until the season is under way, but I really like the look of the players we have drafted and their apparent attitude and values.
  9. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    I guess we'll begin to get the answer to that in a few hours time.
  10. Raiders suspend their scouting staff?

    Is this a story? No, its just Rapoport blowing things up again. Do we have a leak in our Scouting department? Probably and Mayock is cleaning house just like the Browns dd last year.
  11. 2019 Oakland Raider Schedule

    You would think so, but either someones messed up or the league doesn't care.
  12. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    Option 2 makes the most sense to me.
  13. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    Personally I thnk Carr is (and should be) our QB for a while yet, in the draft instead of going for another QB i'd be more confident if we were looking to improve our D and if we're looking to trade up it should be for Bosa.
  14. The Welcome Thread!

    Evening all, also a Brit Raiders fan from a village north of Plymouth, been following the Raiders since the same game due to my dad wanting to watch it and have been hooked on the silver and black ever since. Been lucky enough to get to one of our games in London, although the result sucked and am hoping to get to this years visit as well.