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  1. Whilst i'd have to say NE are favorites to win, I wouldn't be surprised to see our team win, I doubt there will be more than a TD in the final score though.
  2. Amazing building, can see why its being called the Death Star, hopefully get to visit it one day.
  3. Well, just finished watching the game, bloody time zones etc, best game i've seen us play in years, still plenty of room for improvement but i'm more confident of seeing post season football this year than I have been in ages.
  4. Looking forward to this game, with Thomas out I think we have a good chance of winning our opener in our new home.
  5. Surprised at the length of the deal but not the amount, guess it gets renegotiated in about 5-6 seasons time.
  6. Think Freeman would be the best bet for RB.
  7. Always figured William would get the throne after the Queen tbh.
  8. It's happening in the UK, lead by F1 and BTCC teams, several prototypes already being tested.
  9. Assume it's a prove it deal? If so and he returns to previous form rather than last years performance then its probably a good signing for us.
  10. 17, 8 at home, 8 away and 1 neutral site/international series game. A 8 game London series of teams coming over each year for a neutral site game would make a lot more sense than putting a team over here and the fans of all of the 32 teams would potentially get to see their team every other year without the team's home fans loosing any games.
  11. Assuming Carr maintains his current level of performance I think we can safely say he will be our QB when we move to Vegas next season. Also means we can look at other positions of need in the draft instead.
  12. Oh, no doubt some would, but hey ho, it takes all sorts I guess.
  13. He gets the rest of the season to try and turn it around, but if this is what he can manage then its time to move on in the off season and use our first pick on a QB.
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