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  1. Dang all the NFL Analysts are gonna turn there backs on us now. They said we were playoff bound and through 3 games Baker has looked like a backup and Freddie can't call plays to save his life. Our offense really needs to practice more. Losing to both the Titans and Rams hurts. Need to somehow turn it around, but it doesn't look hopeful in respect to playoffs..
  2. Nah you don't draft a Kicker in the 5th Round to risk some other team stealing him, by signing him off your practice squad. Barring injury, Seibert is pretty much a lock to unseat Joseph. Gillan the "Scottish Hammer" is a longer shot due to inexperience, but the financials help his odds significantly.
  3. So K-Austin Seibert unseating K-Greg Joesph as the starter isn't really a hot take as you don't draft a Kicker if you don't expect them to be a starter. The bold part of the prediction is the Scottish Hammer to unseat quality veteran punter Britton Colquitt. Obviously, Britton Colquitt is a very talented punter and Jamie Gillan is more of an unknown talent with a supposedly high ceiling. Why do I think this will happen? The Financials... The Browns will save over $2.2M per year for the next 3 years with Gillan punting versus Colquitt. I think the Browns probably would like the idea of having two young talented players at Special Teams locked up on the cheap for the next 3 to 4 years. PREDICTION: K- Austin Seibert unseats incumbent K-Greg Joseph AND P-Jamie Gillan unseats incumbent P-Britton Colquitt What do you guys think are the odds of both K-Joseph & P-Colquitt getting unseated this offseason by our new talent?
  4. We traded quality for quantity if you remember. They got Irving and we got an injured Thomas, Crowder, Zizic, and a 1st and 2nd. A top tier talent like Irving we should have traded for a more equal caliber of talent or at least turned it into 3-1st rounders at a minimum if we couldn't get an equal player trade. There were a ton of teams that wanted Irving at the time. I get it Altman was a new/rookie GM at the time, but still, we got played big time in the deal. Had Griffin been the GM at the time no doubt he would have either talked Irving into staying and playing his season under contract or worked a deal with much better compensation for the Cavs.
  5. The intent of it is to balance the league. The reality is it has proven to do the opposite. The premier teams get better by replacing high paid aging vets with young healthy draft picks. It has never worked as intended in my opinion.
  6. Holy Trolls... haha.. Ditch hasn't changed at all.
  7. I guess I should have asked why you guys think it makes sense to have compensatory picks. Why should teams be rewarded for losing players in free agency? To me it seems non-sensical, and it typically hurts the Browns because that's generally more players that get picked before we get our allotted draft picks. But yes the better run teams like the Patriots have built the process into their competitive advantage..
  8. If you think he handled the Irving deal well then you are clearly clueless. Trading 2nd round talent for 2nd rounders is something any GM can do. Noone wants JR Smith, he won't get anything for JR. If you really followed basketball you'd already be aware of that fact. It's not difficult to analyze if someone is making decisions that improve or make a roster worse. Well not difficult for most people anyway.
  9. In a League with a salary cap where all teams have equal ability to pay players the same amount of money, it makes absolutely no sense to reward the good teams who can no longer afford their players who let them walk in Free Agency. For example, awarding the Patriots each year Compensatory Picks keeps them better than other teams and gives them an unfair competitive advantage. I understand that other teams could use the same scheme to get better, but it's the good teams that end up receiving all the benefit while the lesser teams tend to get stuck at the bottom as a result of not being able to receive compensatory picks, as they are generally the teams that need to add free agents to improve, and there lost free agents aren't of the same level/quality.
  10. Anyone who thinks Altman is doing a good job at GM would be the crazy ones. We got garbage for Irving when he still had a year left on his contract and that's what precipitated the Cavs demise.
  11. Will this be the starting day O-Line for the Browns or do you think training camp battles will change the projected starters? As of right now, I'm assuming these will be the starters. LT - Greg Robinson LG - Joel Bitonio C - JC Tretter RG - Austin Corbett RT - Chris Hubbard I've heard rumblings that Chris Hubbard might be the most likely to get surpassed in camp by another player... Who do you all project as the O-line starters?
  12. Of those 6 Players, TE-Njoku & LB-Avery already broke out last season and you can't really break out twice once you've proven yourself. Callaway will be good but OBJ and Landry will be getting more targets. OT-Des Harrison & DE-Chad Thomas won't be starters. Factoring all that in the breakout player has to be OG-Austin Corbett. Hell if Dorsey thinks he's ready to replace Zeitler then he clearly has the best opportunity to be the breakout player of the year for the Browns. I'm stoked to see what he can do. I bet he bulldozes guys over, and Chubb and Hunt get to run hog wild.
  13. Chad Thomas is just a free agent or draft pick away from not being on the roster. He lucked out we didn't pick a DE in this year's draft. He has to play his *** off this year as a rotational DE to not get cut next offseason.
  14. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I like the fact that he came up with and executed the scheme. He's clearly hungry for a shot. That being said the odds are grossly stacked against him. He's not going to beat out a bunch of WR's who went to big schools that were scouted and drafted.
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