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  1. Let's all hold hands and mock together.

    I believe Foles needs some new toys. Ol, wr, te. That wide receiver reminded me of a fast Bryant from is old NY days, so I'm going to say dk Metcalf. ******* lions next
  2. Let's all hold hands and mock together.

    Sounds good to me you never know with those big dummies. Jags at 7 I believe. What you got.
  3. Let's all hold hands and mock together.

    Ny dumb *** giants next they should go with QB but you never know what do you think.
  4. Let's all hold hands and mock together.

    That works for me Arz Murray 9ers bosa Jets j.allen Raiders q.williams Bucs k.white I like it
  5. Let's all hold hands and mock together.

    I have trouble mocking the bucs, they could go a number of different directions.
  6. Let's all hold hands and mock together.

    I think they would be better off with the DT from bama but I'm sure bosa will be the pick. I believe Murray, q. Williams, bosa, olb Allen, will go top 5 is some order
  7. I need some help my friends. Can we start with Arizona. I think the pick is already in. Oklahoma quarterback Kyle Murray. It that on we can all agree on.
  8. Arron jones

    I really like him don't think he can be counted on.
  9. What round was Za'Darius Smith drafted in.
  10. No I'm not Ted but you can get some quality players in the 4-6 rounds.
  11. Arron jones

    What is Matt LaFleur going to do with the guy. I think he is a good player, but the body of work is not there. Suspensions, injury, has hurt him. What are your thoughts. I think it is a need going into the draft.
  12. I wasn't saying no edge, just not first round. Or second, or third.
  13. Packers just invested millions in the edge rusher position, why would we draft a player who isn't going to start right away that high. We have other needs. I wouldn't be surprised if we drafted one of those tight ends from Iowa, but not at 12. There are only a few positions you draft that high and te is not one of them. The line can be addressed in later rounds. Oliver is going to be a stud. If he is there at 12 take him. I would like to trade back and fill some positions of need. Like safety, defensive tackle, another corner. Please help me out what do you think.