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  1. OneTwoSixFive I completely understand your concern. I have been told and have read that it was minor though the back does concern me.
  2. Needs: CB/DT/OT/WR/OC/RB/LB/OG/S/ 29. Caleb Farley CB Virginia Tech 62. Daviyon Nixon DT Iowa 92. Walker Little OT Stanford 135. Seth Williams WR Aurburn 142. Bobby Brown DT Texas A & M 173. Trey Hill OC Georiga 178. JaCoby Stevens S LSU 214. Javian Hawkins RB Louisville 220. Tedarrell Slaton DT Florida 256 Josh Ball OT Marshall
  3. Kevin King is back with the Green Bay Packers. What else could you have done with no money. Shouldn't have resigned Aaron Jones, could have gotten like 3 #1 for Aaron Rogers. Lucky I'm not the boss.
  4. Marqise Lee is a free agent. Played well for Packers offensive coordinator in Jacksonville couple years ago. Could sign him to cheap, 1 year deal. Need DL, WR, LB in that order. I say DL 1st because the Pack needs a impact DL or teams will continue to run the ball at will. Need a complimentary WR, and ILB. We should be in win now mode, and drafting a OT, CB, or isn't going to help the Packers win now. Or not as much as a DT would. Would be different is the Pack signed a DT like snacks, or a WR like Lee that would can't the order of our needs and take the BPA is the First round of the
  5. I believe Foles needs some new toys. Ol, wr, te. That wide receiver reminded me of a fast Bryant from is old NY days, so I'm going to say dk Metcalf. ******* lions next
  6. Sounds good to me you never know with those big dummies. Jags at 7 I believe. What you got.
  7. Ny dumb *** giants next they should go with QB but you never know what do you think.
  8. That works for me Arz Murray 9ers bosa Jets j.allen Raiders q.williams Bucs k.white I like it
  9. I have trouble mocking the bucs, they could go a number of different directions.
  10. I think they would be better off with the DT from bama but I'm sure bosa will be the pick. I believe Murray, q. Williams, bosa, olb Allen, will go top 5 is some order
  11. I need some help my friends. Can we start with Arizona. I think the pick is already in. Oklahoma quarterback Kyle Murray. It that on we can all agree on.
  12. I really like him don't think he can be counted on.
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