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    Defense- Safety- Diggs 3 more years at 6m per, and we have T Walker for 3 years and rookie W Harris for 4 years. Plus one year of Tavon for extra depth. We have 9m total per year over 4 safeties. Could be a nice group. Many of us didn’t know much, or say much about Harris. However if we’d have drafted Adderley, Rapp, Chauncey-Gardner, or somebody we talked more about, there would be more buzz. Between Harris and Walker we should have one really good starter next to Diggs. Corner- Slay is top shelf, and deserves a 3 year and 45m extension now. We have 2 more years regardless. We have Coleman at age 25 for 4 years. We have Melvin for a veteran presence. I wanted Amani in rd 2 after a trade down. He was a top 5 CB on my board. I loved the pick. I love that Slay is his role model. Add in scrappy Ford and Agnew- see ya Teez. Again a ton of depth and long term contracts here. Love it! Linebacker- ugh. Van Noy was a fit for the prior Regime. Quinn admitted he likes, and feels more comfortable scouting and drafting to this defensive scheme. Tavai is a similar body type and athleticism. He’s a tic stronger, a tenth slower in the forty, an inch better vertical, an inch less broad. Similar competition- Tavai has way more tackles, and Van Noy more sacks However, the 125 tackle with 19 TFL and 6 sacks and 1 int was pretty amazing. Could be something here. The down side is that likely means Davis is old regime, and maybe doesn’t fit. I hope he becomes a blitz wlb as he has 2 more cheap years. Kennard also has 2 more years at decent pay if he can duplicate his production from last year at 6/7 sacks a year from SLB- we have no depth here. Jones for one year is it! NEED A COVERAGE LB BAD! Sign Zach Brown!!!!! DL: Please extend Snacks. He’s the leader and workhorse Give him 2 more years and 18m on top of the two he has Make it really a big 1 year extension. Keep the glue. It looks like we drafted mini snacks with similar college path. Out of nowhere! Maybe extend Ashawn? Keep Hand rushing from DT, and kick out to DE on run downs. Contract lengths are scary here DE- I love Flowers, Okwara, and Bryant for 2 plus years each! If Hand plays more at DE, we are set here, and have need at DT. If Hand is more DT, then we need another Edge Summary- extend Slay, Snacks and Ashawn! At least the first 2.... sign 2- Zach Brown, Corey Luiget, and Ziggy Ansah - sign 2 Flowers/Okwara Hand/Ashawn Snacks/ PJ Johnson Ziggy/ A Bryant J Davis/Maybin Z Brown/Tavai Kennard/C Jones Slay/Amani Diggs/ W Harris T Walker/W Harris Coleman/Melvin

    Great topic! I tried starting a thread similar, but pre-draft there was just too much content. Here is my take on the current presumed depth chart, and how it might look beyond 2019... I will break reply into offense and defense so it’s a bit easier to process. Need scale- 0 is lowest priority, and 10 is high priority QB: Stafford- I’m not sure where the disconnect on his cap figure is. I read and listened (sports talk radio) to dozens of scenarios regarding moving on from Stafford. His dead cap is 55M this year. Next year it’s costs 31m to keep him, or 26m to cut him. The 5m we’d save wouldn’t pay a decent backup- to be a backup! When you consider he’s already down to #7 in average salary, I’d guess he’ll be #14 by 2020. I like that Cook has an arm. I’m not sure I like Savage. I wish we’d gave drafted a QB in 6-7 but whatever. I think we are above average and set at QB for the next 4 years, possibly we’ll above. We have him til age 34, meaning he will be younger when his contract is done, than A Rodgers is today! -summary: we have 4 years with Stafford unless the wheels come off. If that happens it’s a full tear down with a new system. This assumes progress of Matty and Bob, and their “system” staying in place Is like to see a better backup situation, maybe a 3rd rounder next year. RB: I love Kerryon. CJ was my ideal backup. Not the threat to battle to start (ego) of Hyde or Ingram, but more than sufficient to play the lead role 2-3 games and adequately handle 5/6 carries a game. I love that he humbled himself and promised to be in better shape too. The rookie TJ has speed we haven’t seen since J Best. Zenner is solid on ST, and in my opinion Riddick expendable, but provides value if we keep him. -Summary: we have a dynamic albeit fragile young RB. He’s got 3 years left. The depth behind him is either short term (1 yr deals) or unproven. I like the group a lot though. WR: We all like Golladay, what’s not to like. It would be nice if Quinn started extending some key players, and he’s one of them. Give him 4 years and 44m extension? That would equate to about 6 years and 46m when added to his current. That’s less per year overall than Humphrey’s got, and the extension alone is a notch above Tate. The price for a 900 yard and 6-7 TD will be 12m per year plus by 2020. He could be well beyond that. That brings me to Marvin Jones... why does everyone want to move on? He’s got 2 years left at 9m per. We save like 3m by cutting him this year, and 6.5m by cutting him next year. What 29 year old WRs that average 950 yards and 6-8 tds a year are being signed for 5-6m per year???? If he catches 65 balls for 900 yards and 6 tds, he’s well outplaying what a UFA would cost. Our depth is awful. We need a solid free agent at WR next year. Our depth is blah and short term TE: we are beyond set. James was a top 7-8 TE under 26. Hock should be a potential Pro Bowler. Our presumed #5 TE had 3 touchdowns last year. What a difference a year makes. We are set for 4 plus years! OL: Decker is now set for 2 years, and Ragnow for 4 more. I really think we need to ink Glasgow now! 4 years and 40m extension. Decker and Rags are cheap enough. Wagners isn’t cheap, but it’s not catastrophic. He grades out above average, and Hock next to him will help. He’s here for 3 more if we want him. We only save 5.5m next year by cutting him, and again- NO CHANCE WE FIND A BETTER TACKLE FOR 5.5M PER YEAR! Unless we waste a first round pick at RT, and ignore drafting an impact player. I’d ride him out as long as he’s above average for the next 2, cut him after 2020. THAT LEAVES RG- between Crosby, Dahl, Wiggins, Oday A, and I like the Beau Benschwazel pick-up as an udfa. I’d love to find out Crosby is our future RG, and extend Glasgow Summary- backup QB, WR2/3, RG, and backup RB is all we need on offense, That’s even going into 2020- I assume we sign a WR, sign a RB2, draft a RG and a backup QB next year! Overall I’m only worried about QB this year
  3. Lions GM for a day....

    36” vertical at 285 plus pounds is pretty decent leg strength. My point was he’s explosive, He’s strong, and he’s mean. When a guy who was in the #1 overall pick conversation in August, shows his athleticism is at least on par with his crazy production, you have a rare player. Patrick Willis, Calvin Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Aaron Donald, “specimens” with athleticism I like our CB situation. I’d be pumped to see a scrappy guy like Mike Ford be our M Butler. He’s big and fast, and he looked decent last year when give a shot. We have a Pro Bowler on one side. We have the top paid nickel in the NFL. We have a vet we just pod 4.5m in Melvin, we have a promising 2nd year guy in Ford and recent 2nd and 5th round picks. I hate our WR situation. We have a guy pushing 30 that is coming off a blow knee. 2 years left, who knows how his knee rebounds. We have a 3rd year player who feels a bit like M Colston to me. Maybe 900-1200 yards and 7-8 tds a year. A really nice 2, but doesn’t separate easily enough to be a consistent 1. Our wr3 is 34, injury prone, has zero upside, a career high of like 630 yards and never plays even 12 games. We have nothing beyond them. Slay > Golladay Melvin < M Jones Coleman > Amendola Ford > TJ Jones Agnew > Powell Tabor ??? ???? Edge?? I know pressure is important. We finished #10 in the league in sacks last year. We have 3 edge rushers that had 7 plus sacks each last year- Flowers, Okwara, and Kennard We have a lack of pass rushers from the interior though. D Hand is suited best as a LDE to set the edge and run into 6-7 sacks, and if Davis become a blitz WLB he could hit 5-6 again easily This team needs a MLB, penetrating DT, WR and RG, and hopefully a TE and scat back Cut Riddick and pay Zach Brown 1 Oliver 2 Butler/Harry/AJ Brown Or Samuel/Isabella/Campbell depending on the type they want 3 N Davis- RG 4 Bryce Love 5 TE 6 DE 6 CB 7 DE 7 QB
  4. 4 for 4

    1. D White, E Oliver, J Williams, C Wilkins 2. N HarryD Savage, H Butler, C Linstrom 3. A Isabella, N Davis, A Bryant, C Winivich 4. B Love, J Hill, K Willis, Arcega-whiteside
  5. Possible Trade-Back Scenarios

    Gents- my GM for a Day topic was my first post here....it wasn’t a hit. So I’ll try again. Lol Id trade down sure. Id stay put, I’d even trade up...... just get the right guy. It’s not a draft value “puzzle,” and half the guys we are discussing won’t make it til round two, and another group will fall 2-3 rounds. At #8 we need an impact player. Or we need to trade down and get at least 3 starters. Aka- Devin White better be head and shoulders above Jarred Davis. A 23 year old lb who had 100 tackles and 6 sacks last year. He “might be.” will Geedy be that much better than Coleman? We spent 9m a year on Coleman Will that 2nd rd guard be better than Wiggins or Crosby? Okwara and Flowers were top 30 nfl sack guys last year. Who do you bench for burns or sweat? Amendola? Robinson? Walker? Those are the 3 weakest spots in my min. Not just Amendola, but we have 1 and 2 years max left on 2/3 of our starting wrs Both coming off injuries It’s Taboo around here, but I’d argue that trading down would allow us to grab N Harry or AJ Brown. If we stand pat Oliver over Robinson is contract insurance, and massive upside
  6. Lions GM for a day....

    Again, we have holes at RG, WR, DT, DE, LB, CB, Safety, and maybe TE depending on whether coaches like hand as an edge setting DE, or a pass rushing DT more really decides whether it’s DE or DT we have a need at. Maybe my bias for Oliver or even Wilkins is because I doubt many of these draftees will be 10 sack guys. We have 4 of the top 50 sack guys from last year on our team now in Okwara, Flowers, Kennard, and Davis Signing Zach Brown at MLB deploys Davis to blitz even more, and he’s good at it (6 sacks) Half the top 25 sack leaders last year weight over 285 pounds. 7 were listed as pure DTs and another 8 were 5 technique guys like Campbell, Donald, JJ Watt, Chris Jones, etc 3-4 DT/DE very few Von Miller body types. Guys like Sweat aren’t stout enough against the run, nor agile enough to drop back 285 pound DE/DTs who can rush the passer and eat RBs are the most valuable players on the D now. Donald, Watt, Buckner, C Jones, J Reed, D Autry, F Cox, the fact that Bosa is less productive and less efficient than Oliver and is consensus too 2 makes me laugh compare Garret or even Chubb to Bosa- stars, size, athleticism It’s not even close the 4 freaks are Oliver, Q Williams, J Allen and D White
  7. Lions GM for a day....

    Oliver might not be “as” strong as Aaron Donald, but pound for pound he’s stronger than Fletcher Cox, N Suh and G Mccoy. More bench reps by far than any but Suh and he tied Suh at 16 pounds lighter. He was between 6 and 10” higher in vertical and crushed them all in broad jump. Despite missing 5 games last year, and only playing 3 years- he has more tackles for loss over his career than any of the above despite playing far less games. Had he played one more year, I’d bet he would have eclipsed all 3 in sacks too. I’m 2.5 years he did eclipse Cox and Mccoy. We are talking about 290-310 pound guys who stop the run, collapse the pocket, and disrupt QBs If you gave 31 other teams the choice between- D Hand is 6’4 and 277- hrs too tall and too slight of frame to play DT! He played a lot there while A Rob was in the doghouse. Teams ran all over he and RJF- Then Snacks showed up, A Rob started playing, and Hand kicked outside til he was hurt. Hand was a force on the outside. Stout against the run, able to get some pass rush, even strip the ball. The problem? Snacks with 5.2 speed, A Rob with 5.1 speed, and Hand with 4.8 speed. No pass rush with that lineup Now remove Ziggy (hurt) for Flowers, pull Snacks for Oliver, A Rob for Hand, and start line up Okwara on obvious pass downs On run downs- Oliver, Snacks, A Rob, Hand base- Flowers, Oliver, Snacks, Hand DE Flowers okwarwa hand DT Oliver Snacks A Rob That is a DL
  8. Lions GM for a day....

    Ed Oliver fills all of the above. 1) BPA 2) NEED 3) future stability at position. His Pro Day was nuts! He was .04 slower than Donald in the 40. 3 reps off in bench. Still crazy fast and strong. Bigger vertical, top end WR type vertical and broad. Far better than Donald. Better cone drill time too. Right now we need a coverage LB, a foundational interior DL piece, and one more secondary player, preferably a safety. I agree our OL needs attention. Clearly at RG, soon at C, and not too far off at LT and RT. WR is crazy expensive in FA. Guys like Humphries getting 7-8m per, and guys like Funchess, Allen Hurns and Moncrief have been ridiculously expensive. We need to be real optimistic to pretend we are okay are WR. Not just in 2019, but by 2020 its possible that Golladay is the only current lions WR that is still on the team I comp out Oliver to Fletcher Cox or Donald. He was pegged the number 1 overall pick a few months ago. He’s back to full health and he is a wrecking ball Flowers/Okwara Snacks Oliver/A-Shawn Hand/Okwara J Davis Z Brown D Kennard Slay/Coleman Walker/ E Berry Diggs Melvin/Coleman We have a ton of money Extend Glasgow and Ashawn now. Glasgow’s price will go up in the off-season. Not being taken care of before risking injury, will justifiably push him to test the waters. Pay him 4 years and 40m extension. I think he’s take that now In reality it’s 5 years and 40.7m Fair deal for him Give Ashawn 4 years and 26M now It’s like 5 years and 26.9m Take a lot of the hot now We have 28m left sign Zach Brown to 3 years and 16m, in realty 2 years in 10 then cuttable Coverage mlb who cleans up tackles Let’s Davis become the blitz and chase and tackle WLB he is Sign Berry to a 1 year prove it Flowers and Oliver add 12 sacks to our D Plus versatility and inside pressure Oliver is faster than nick Bosa He can also play DE Fix the offense in 2, 3, and 4 WR RG RB
  9. Lions GM for a day....

    Being a GM is tough. Balancing the fans hunger to win now, but being mindful that we will be just as “hungry” the following year, and the year after that is no easy task. A big part of that is being in tune with the HC, and knowing which guys are bought in to the program. Here is my “virtual GM” assessment of where we stand now with regard to 2019 and beyond positionally. QB- Above average. I believe at least 12-13 teams would trade a 1st or a pair of seconds for Stafford. Yes he’s overpaid, but by next year his contract will be middle of the road. I like the Savage signing, now we need a guy like Rypien in 6. RB- Average- I love KJ, but it’s scary when a talented and historically injured RB, breaks out as a rookie and then gets hurt. I liked the CJ signing, but he was also cut 2-3 times last year I hate Riddicks contract for his value. I love a 4th round RB who can catch and break big plays this year TE- Average- I’m fine here. We have 3 young guys who are specimens. Tight ends typically don’t blossum until age 27, and we have 3 that are 26 and under Let’s see what we have unless value lands in our lap in 5-6 We not only have young bodies and some proven production, we have at least 2 years with 2 of them WR- below average. At this point I think Marvin is a nice 3, and Amendola and regency 4. I expect 750 and 520 yards respectively. Golladay is a low end #1 without shiftiness or break away speed. Add a burner and we have a nice squad. Without we don’t give Stafford much to work with. IE- give me a top tier WR and Jesse James in our starting lineup over Amendola and Hock. OL- above average. I love 4/5 of it I’m worried about 1 year with Glasgow and 2 with Decker, and no RG. Give me a 3rd round RG over Wiggins all day CB- solid. we still have Tabor and Agnew I haven’t 100% given up yet. We spend big money on Coleman, and decent money on Melvin opposite Slay. We paid 2 free agents about 9.0 and 4.5M respectively, have a Pro Bowler, and 2 rookie deals that are in year 3. I’d leave this alone. Safety- terrified. I think Walker is purely hope, and Diggs is great. No depth behind them. I’d have like Ha Ha or maybe a run at Eric Berry DE- strength. I don’t get the edge rusher desire. In my world we have 3 young studs signed for 2-5 years each. Flowers on one side, Hand on the other and Okwara in rotation on either side. That should be 20 sacks this year combined. DT- terrified. Two years with Snacks at 31, and A Robinson in his last year Nothing else behind them. *Ed Oliver* He’s healthy and per his Pro Day, nimble and strong He’d have been a top 3 pick had he been healthy all year, and would have had like 25 TFL A rush DT like a hybrid between Donald and Atkins Less impactful than Donald, more than Atkins LB- nervous- I am a believer in Davis in year 3. I like Kennard, and I like C Jones for depth, not starting I’d love to draft White, and blitz Davis from the weak side RG- is our biggest starter hole MLB- would upgrade 2 positions with Davis going to WLB Safety- has great contracts and years, but nervous about Walker starting, and nervous about depth DT- have 2 solid players, but one battling age, and one with only 1 year left WR- we need a playmaker RB- need a gadget back on a good contract RD 1- Oliver, D White, C Wilkins- best way to sure up the D. We improve at starter and fix depth RD 2- WR- Harry, Campbell, Brown, Hunter, Isabella, etc RD 3- RG RD 4- DT or LB depending on rd 1 RD 5- RB RD 6- FS RD 6- TE RD 7- QB RD 7- DT sign Ziggy to a big prove it deal 13m on 1 year extend Glasgow and A Rob .