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  1. 2018 Free Agency Thread v2

    It would be way too early to open a 2019 FA topic, but I see some names start to get thrown around in different topics, so I checked the potential FA pool for '19. I know a lot can change and some of them won't get to FA market, but here are some guys I would consider signing or re-signing: RB: Jay Ayaji: He could be the perfect Lynch replacement, however I doubt we wanna pay top money to a RB... Tevin Coleman: He could come in and be the #1 guy, money is a question mark here too... TJ Yeldon: Could be a viable rotational starter/#2 IMO. CJ Anderson: Could replace Martin easily as a #2 WR: Martavius Bryant: He should be back after a good year, if he is not facing susp. Devin Funchess: He could be a great go to guy IMO. Randall Cobb: He could be a great piece for us if he leaves. Golden Tate: Could be a great pick up despite his age IMO. Phillip Dorsett: Could be a speed option if Bryant leaves. TE: Jared Cook: We need him back if he keeps this up Jesse James: Could be an alternative to Cook Maxx Williams: Could be an alternative to Cook DE: Frank Clark: I doubt the Seahawks would let him go, but they might have a new FO/HC combo and he is a somewhat troubled guy, so might not fit into the new guys plan... Dante Fowler Jr.: Jax DL is too crowded, so he most probably will hit the market. Good prospect who could worth a shot. Trey Flowers: Most probably the Pats keep him, but he might be able to force himself out... Shane Ray: He could be out in Denver and we might wanna take a look Dee Ford: He could be out in Kansas and we might wanna take a look Shaquil Barrett: He could be out in Denver and we might wanna take a look Eli Harold: Could be an interesting guy Benson Mayowa: He seems to be a reliable rotational guy year in and year out. We could bring him in for the right price. DT: Grady Jarrett: I highly doubt they let him walk, but if they do we need to move IMO. Johnathan Hankins: We will have a great chance to see who he is and how he fits into our plans. He could be a good option at NT for the long run. LB: Jordan Hicks: He could be out in Philly with all these D signings lately and he could fit in well IMO. Kwon Alexander: He could be an interesting option at WLB if he gets to the market. Avery Williamson: He could try to cash in if he has a good year in NY and we might still need a guy like him. Preston Brown: He settled for a short deal like Avery for a chance to boost his value. He would also have some background in a similar D. Vincent Rey: He might join his former DC and give us some veteran presence after DJ is gone. CB: Darqueze Dennard: If he gets to the market I can see the logical fit with PG and our cap situation. Ronald Darby: Could worth a shot if Philly can't retain him...not sure about the scheme fit stuff tho... Rashaan Melvin: If he plays well and can stay healthy we should bring him back on a mid range deal. Bradley Roby: If Denver moves on he could worth a shot. Dontae Johnson: He could be an interestic pick up IMO. S: Landon Collins: I doubt he makes it to the market, but if he do, we should move IMO. Adrian Amos: I doubt he makes it to the market, but if he do, we should move IMO. HaHa Clinton-Dix: I doubt he makes it to the market, but if he do, we should move IMO. Adrian Phillips: If the Chargers let him walk, we should check him out IMO. Tyrann Mathieu: His size could be an issue for our staff (same with Joyner) but he could definately help IMO. Asking price will be interesting. Marcus Gilchrist: Gruden seems to like him, PG seems to trust him, so if he has a solid year, he should be back as a veteran guy. George Iloka: I think he wants to go after a ring in Minnesota this year, but could look for a longer deal next offseason IMO. His limited playing time in 2018, could help us get him with PG's "backtrack" Clayton Geathers: If he can stay healthy and want to have a prove it year...
  2. The Good, the Bad, the 0-2 team vs the Broncos

    I was really pleased with Carr and Cooper obviously. I was pleased with the pass protection. I was really pleased with the first half play calling and scheming. I'm concerned about our run blocking to some extent. I think Martin is not worth the PT he gets. I'm concerned with the old guys on the D, they get worn down too much. We need the Hurst, Hall, Key, Carradine, Hankins, Lee, Morrow, N.Nelson, Harris, Karl "group" to step forward in a big way. I start to worry about the half time adjustments with the coaching staff...I mean because of the lack of it...this seems to be a Raider coach issue for quite some time now...hopefully Gruden and PG shake this off...
  3. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Denver is bad against the TE's, so Cook has a good shot for another strong game IMO...
  4. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    I'm not among the "jump the gun" type of guys IMO. Carr's play however was so worriesome. It is not like he had a bad day and forced some bad throws, made some bad reads or wasn't on the same page with his recievers in a new scheme. He was scared, he played like a headless chicken...he saw ghosts and he felt pressure, even where there was none... If he start to see ghosts and become scared and shell shocked he is lost... If he is lost, we need to move on. We can cut him with a 7,5M dead money or ship him to a team, who thinks he can fix him... I'm not saying we need to do it now obviously, we have a season to go, Gruden has a season to fix him, but if he can't we need to move on
  5. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Sure, but if Carr sucks we need to do something
  6. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Will there be good QB prospects in the 2019 draft? We could trade up with the double 1s and select the QBotF after we traded or cut Carr early 2019...
  7. The big problem to me is Derek Carr and his lack of confidence and his ghosts!! He doesn't trust his arm, his OL, his WR's...what the f*ck happened to the 2016 Stone Cold Derek Carr?? He is panicing and making bad decisions. If he starts to see ghosts I doubt Gruden or anyone can fix that...
  8. I expect an 8-8 record. Carr to get back to TOP tier QB class. Cooper to find his best/beast form. The running game to be solid. Miller, Hall, Hurst and Key to look like our new foundation behind Carr and next to the interior OL. Conley to break out. LB and S play to cost us multiple games.
  9. Camp Cuts (53 Announced)

    It is kinda funny how much we overreact. Sad, but still kinda funny. When Gruden took over it was mostly sunshine and happiness. Now after a rocky offseason, but before a few actual regular season games everything is horrible and terrible. Mark Davis brought here Jon Gruden for long term, his and Derek Carr's spots are the 2 safe spots and everyone has to fight for his next paycheck. Theoretically I'm fine with that. You need a good HC and a good QB to have a shot. The roster will be completely new by this time next year. Reggie might be gone too. As bigP said the most important question for this year is how good Carr can be in this scheme. If Carr get's back to MVP or elit QB discussion we should have a good chance to build something for the long run. Let us see how good the gameplans are, how good the rookies and the important guys look in their places and build on that. Check our past 15 seasons...the 2017 season wasn't the anomaly...the 2016 season was that. We need a winning culture and that has to come from the HC and the QB IMO. Let Jon and Carr figure it out, we can't go in and replace him anyway right Relax, enjoy life and find the good stories, nice plays, emerging players during this season.
  10. Khalil Mack traded to the Bears (Page 19)

    What part? DL: Wilkerson-Clark-Daniels should be rock solid. EDGE: Matthews-Perry-Gilbert-Fackrell looks like a pretty strong group to me. That young secondary should also play solid, especially with a strong front 7play.
  11. Khalil Mack traded to the Bears (Page 19)

    The Bears could put a pretty strong defense on the field IMO. That front 7 could be really good under Fangio. Their offense on the other hand has lots of ?s. Their OL looks weak to me, so this might not be a Rams 2.0 with Matt Nagy and Trubisky. They also happen to be in the same division as the Packers and Vikings! I can't really see them taking over those 2 squads... Rodgers is still one of the best, their D looks good on paper again! The Vikings have one of the better rosters overall and should be a lot stronger and balanced then the Bears IMO. I can see a 0-4 or 1-3 for the Bears against these teams easily...Even the Lions could go 1-1 with them IMO. With that said we might end up with 2 TOP 15 picks next year...
  12. Martavius Bryant Cut

  13. Khalil Mack traded to the Bears (Page 19)

    Can't even laugh at this... Really... I tried...can't
  14. Raiders trade for AJ McCarron

    Lol They smoke some good ****
  15. Khalil Mack traded to the Bears (Page 19)

    I can understand this if I want to, but I still hate it...