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  1. Offseason workouts underway (OTA's page 6)

    That was Joyner as you said and while he is not an elite CB, he has the speed to keep up with AB and while AB has a step on him it is not a big window especially with the sideline near. This is a throw one would expect his franchise QB would make 10/10 especially to a start WR, but hey they made it happen, so it is nice to see that right now they are where they need to be. Carr will have every tool he needs to succed, so if the OL can give him a little time he should be playing really well.
  2. Random Raider Stuff

    It sounds like Brandon Parker will also get a shot at LG...would make sense IMO, since he was a LT all his life, but seems to be too slow to be an OT on the outside...kick him inside and also keep him on his natural left side... Miller-Parker-Hudson-Jackson-Brown could be the line if Parker can beat out Good...would be a pretty inexperienced and fearfull left side...
  3. Around The League V.2

    Dallas and maybe the Chiefs IMO. He is an Oklahoma City guy, who wants to play for a winner close to home...my guess only
  4. Projecting the Raiders Win Total

    Try to be optimistic here Week 1 - @ home agains the Broncos - Win 1-0 We come out of the gates firing with everything we got and the Broncos need time to gel with the new coaching staff. Week 2 - @ home against the Chiefs - Win 2-0 At home we play after a big opening W and it turns out to be a shootout. The Chiefs CB's could be super bad, so I would expect a ~80point overall game, where we win by a late FG. Week 3 - @ Vikings - Lose 2-1 First road game after two emotional and full effort divisional games, against a strong squad. First L of the season. Week 4 - @ Colts - Lose 2-2 That Colts roster is loaded and will be too much to handle. Week 5 - Bears in London I believe - Win 3-2 That week before the week will be super anoying to everyone on the team. All that talk about Mack and the trade. The fantastic Bears D takes a hit with the new DC and Turbo can be rattled, so after a big prep talk we manage to get a W. Week 6 - Bye week Week 7 - @ Packers - Lose 3-3 Rodgers is still Rodgers, that D will get much better. L Week 8 - @ Texans - Win 4-3 That OL is still a joke, we finish a tough road schedule with a W. Week 9 - @ home against the Lions - Win 5-3 First home game in a while, should be great atmoshere. Week 10 - @ home against the Chargers - Lose 5-4 That team is pretty strong and this could be their year. Week 11 - @ home against the Bengals - Win 6-4 New staff there, not that strong team, so we can bounce back here. Week 12 - @ Jets - Win 7-4 New staff, 2nd year QB, lots of new players. Week 13 - @ Chiefs - Lose 7-5 Easy L at Arrowhead. Week 14 - @ home against the Titans - Win 8-5 By this time Mariota should be banged up and slowed down. Week 15 - @ home against the Jaguars - Win 9-5 Last game in Oakland. Huge emotional game against a team, who could be totally dismantled by that time. Week 16 - @ Chargers - Lose - 9-6 Chargers playing for homefield here and beat us up. Week 17 - @ Broncos - Win 10-6 Lock is behind center by this time after Flacco struggles in the mayority of the season and we ride out on a happy note with a solid record, but without PO, since the Chargers and the Chiefs finish ahead of us.
  5. Raiders Offense Thread:

    drfrey13 chill man! What you do lately is not good for you! Let it go, put on a pink tinted sunglass and enjoy the ride till it last. Preseason? Week1? Week6? Week17? PO? We don't know...but the amount of stress you have in your posts is not good for you...
  6. This was expected since the Abram pick
  7. TE Lee Smith released

    Bit of a surprise, but I guess they like what Willson brings to the table as a blocker and they are pretty high on Moreau as a blocker too.
  8. Raiders Offense Thread:

    I really like the potential of this offense under Gruden, my only issue is OL and Cable. The OL issue could pretty much kill this hole offense and Carr's carrier IMO. On the other hand if the OL can be at least average in pass protection, I think we have a real shot, to be better then the 2016 unit was!! I really like our WR group and their fit in our scheme. I think Williams will be a great physical presence for Carr and will get lots of jump balls on the sideline, in the RZ. Brown should be a true weapon for us, I expect Gruden to move him around and let him run slants and crossing stuff. His ability to get open fast will be big with Carr and his quick relelase. I think Ryan Grant could be a solid surprise, after his lackluster year in Indy. I think he was a pretty good player in Jay Gruden's scheme and I think he will be a pretty solid slot option for us. Renfrow should see some slot reps too, but I would imagine 2020 will be his year to step up, after we let Ryan walk. JJ Nelson is a gadget speed guy, but we should find few quality touches for him. There will be a pretty big battle for the 6th WR role and Harris has an inside track with his return abilities, so guys like Doss, Ateman potentially have to beat our Nelson instead of Harris. Jacobs and Richard should be a fun RB duo. I would like to see a power guy in the room, since we lost Crowell, but since we added Martin I imagine we are pretty much set at RB. Jocobs has a chance to be a really effective rookie IMO. I was surprised we cut Lee Smith, but since we have Willson for the blocking duties it is not a big deal. Willson will be the blocking option, Waller the recieving option with Moreau being the rookie guy with all around potential. Carrier could stick as a ST guy and depth TE. I won't get into the details of the OL, but the Brown, Miller, Gabe, Good, Hudson starting unit should be solid IMO. If they struggle, it is on Cable and we would need to fire him... If the OL can get together, we should have a potent running game behind Carr and that should really open up stuff for him. We could utilize the play action deep passing game with Williams and AB. I think we will have enough pass cathing options to really cause trouble for opposing defenses from week to week.
  9. Raiders Defense

    I think in our scheme Mayowa is not a starter. I think PG will use the Mauro-Ferrell base pair and will pull Mauro out when the pass attack begins and replace him with Mayowa, Key and/or Crosby to bring in speed to the edge. It worth noting IMO that Mauro played 4 years under Buckner and started 26 games out of 47 and he was picked up a lot sooner then Mayowa this offseason. I think they want to use him like Frostee last year. Be that edge setter LDE early on and on short yardage situation. Ferrell can play the base RDE role and then shift over to LDE when the "speed" guys sub in to RDE. Mayowa seems like a solid addition as a rotational DE and the timing of his signing makes me think how much has Arden Key showed to PG and Co. in this offseason? I mean why not address the issue sooner? They were waiting on Key to show up ready and it didn't really happened, so they went out and grabbed Mayowa? Arden Key's rookie year was pretty bad. I get that there were no quality guys around him, but still he sucked on his own. I mean he wasn't double teamed, because he was the best rusher we had...he was a non factor. He might jump in year 2, with a full offseason, with the rookie experience and also with a limited role (he was gassed last year), but I wouldn't bank on him stepping up big time for us. PG told reporters that Hurst, Hall and Key looked good when reporting in for the after draft workouts, so we can all hope he can be usefull. Also PG told reporters, that now we will be able to use Key the way they wanted from the start. Rusher on passing downs...he said that they just wanted some muscle on him from his rookie year, they don't really want him too big around 270, because he "looked like a slug" at LSU with that weight. I imagine he will be around 245-250 and be a situational pass rusher. If all goes well, he can be the first guy off the bench when Mauro comes out, if not Mayowa will be that guy and Key will sink...
  10. Raiders Defense

    So we just finished with the draft and we went Defense pretty hard, so you know I'm smiling We got some D pieces in FA too, so our Defense in 2019 will look quite different on paper and also on the field. I really think that this roster is finally one for PG to really work with. We saw last year that PG's hands were extremely tied, especially early on. He didn't have one quality pass rusher on the outside, he only had rookies on the inside who could offer some penetration. He had a pretty slow and inexperianced LB room and also had serious speed issues in the back end. Here is the current roster on D: DT: Hurst, Hall, Hankins, Ellis, Vanderdoes, Wright DE: Ferrell, Mayowa, Mauro, Key, Crosby, Bell, Barrett LB: Whitehead, Burfict, Marshall, Lee, Cabinda, Morrow, Coney, Cowser, Collins, Wilber CB: Conley, Worley, Mullen, Lawson, Nelson, Johnson, Gafford, Meander, Dorleant S: Joyner, Joseph, Abrams, Harris, Riley, Richards, Leawitt At the DT position we invested last year with Hurst, Hall and also Hankins. It is clear to me that the staff feels pretty good about Hall and Hurst going forward and I think it is realistic to expect them to be better in 2019, especially in the pass rush department. They showed up pretty well against the run as rookies IMO and showed flashes of pass rushing potential here and there. Hurst is an ideal fit for PG and for the Atkins role and Hall should be a really good rotational piece behind and next to him. Hankins and Jelly are 2 down players and we should see lots of the Hall-Hurst duo in the middle going forward, I expect them to be our nickel/dime pair. Vanderdoes is a bit of a wildcard, since he missed all year after his 3rd ACL if I remember correctly, but as a rookie he had one or two solid games. He might be able to stay healthy and if he can do so, he could sneak in as the 5th DT IMO. The Hankins and Jelly duo should give us a pretty strong NT rotation and a pretty strong goal line set in the middle. Overall I expect a lot from this group and especially from the young H's. The DT position is maybe the most improtant part of the front 7 in PG's scheme, so a jump in production here, could mean a lot overall. At the DE position we got better and we got also younger and faster. Yeah Ferrell is not a super athlete, but he is basically replacing Frostee "Grandpa" Rucker, so we will have a big jump in that spot instantly. He will be able to set the edge as well as the old gun, but should offer a lot more as a pass rusher. With the interior DL stepping forward I think Ferrell and Co. should have the chance to get some sacks. We all remember how "ineffective" the Mack-Irvin duo was sometimes because of the weak interior push, I think it can work now in the other direction and a strong interior play can help the improved ED spot look even more improved. I know it is somewhat wishfull thinking, but I think this is pretty realistic to expect. Arden Key will have a competition finally for that starting position, since we added Mauro and Mayowa in free agency. Both of them can be spot starter and have some solid skills (one dimensional, but solid), so I think Key need a big offseason to get a starting spot this time around. Mayowa offers some much needed speed and so does Crosby, who could be a solid situational rusher even as a rookie IMO. Not a sack artist, but a solid speed presence. Bell and Barrett are more like PS candidates to me, but we will see. At LB we got better in the short run with Burfict and Marshall. Since Burfict will miss multiple games most probably and both of them are on 1 year deals, this is still the weakest group on D and maybe on our team period, but still the Whitehead-Burfict-Marshall trio should be at least servicable early on and we can expect a more disciplined and organized D with vets as Burfict and Marshall on board. We still have Cabinda and Lee, who showed potential last season and they should be fine with Morrow and maybe Coney as depth. Cabinda could be a nice surprise when Burfict is down IMO, since he played pretty well as a rookie and Lee could also serve as a solid ER option at SLB. With that said this group is still slow to my taste, but we have to give PG the chance to show again that he can work with an average (athletically) LB unit pretty well. The LB spot is the least important one in his scheme IMO and we should be alright here. At CB we got faster big time. Leon Hall, DRC, Melvin was a pretty slow group and maybe the biggest knock on Worley is speed to me. Nelson after the injury was another one who struggled with speed IMO. Last year we only had Conley with good NFL level speed to be honest. Now we have Mullen, who will give Worley a good run for that #2 role IMO, we also have Lawson who is an upgrade over Hall at least IMO, Nelson should be better off after a full healthy offseason, we added a physical freak in Johnson and we will have Joyner at CB a lot too, who is a pretty fast, quick guy. The speed and also the size, lenght got a lot better at CB IMO. With that said it will be interesting to see how much can the rookies contribute, since we saw last time that even Conley had a tough time with the scheme and to get to the field. The good thing is that this time around we will have a better veteran group (Conely, Worley, Joyner, Lawson>>Melvin, Hall, DRC, Gilchrist) and we could have solid help from the young guys during the season, when they get the system down. At S we got a lot faster and that is huge in todays NFL. No more Reggie Nelson, no more Marcus Gilchrist. The Joyner, Joseph, Abrams, Harris quartett looks the part from a speed, physicality stand point IMO. Yeah Joyner and Karl are smaller guys, but both of them have good speed, good quickness and both of them hits a lot bigger then their size would indicate. Add Abrams to the picture and you have a pretty fast and hard hitting trio. It remains to be seems whether Abrams can start day 1 or not, but I expect him to contribute early even if it is "just" on nickel/dime packages when Joyner is at NCB. We play a lot in nickel anyways...The Joseph-Abrams duo, could be one of the hardest hitting pair IMO and could make some WR's thing twice about the middle of the field stuff. Abrams will need to really show up against TE's, since neither Karl or Joyner has the size to match up with them, hopefully Harris can help a bit here too. Riley, Richards and Leawitt will have a hard time to get on the final roster IMO and they will need to show great ST value as a minimum IMO. Overall our Defense got faster, got more physical, got smarter and got more disciplined. I think we made a big step in the right direction regarding leadership and motivational skills on D too. Ferrell and Abrams could give us the "Tuck-CWood leadership element" down the road, which we really missed lately. I would expect Burfict to be another motivator kinda guy in the crazy way, if you know what I mean...We got tone setters and we kinda start to have identity under PG. We still have question marks regarding the pass rush, regarding the speed at LB, regarding the CB play and the TE cover duties, but I think this unit is a lot, lot better right now, then the unit we had last year and we have the potential to put a solid, well rounded D on the field, to help out Carr and Gruden offensively. What do you think?
  11. 2019 Raider Depth Chart Thread

    Good idea! If Carr 2019 = Carr 2018 we are screwed...he needs to make a big step forward and I fully expect him to do so in year 2 in the same system. #3 WR will be Ryan Grant IMO and he should get a slight > over Roberts IMO, but I could live with a = for now... Key better be much improved from his 2018 play. If he is not, he won't start IMO. Mauro or Mayowa will jump him for sure if he is on his 2018 level... Burfict will be the MLB according to some articles, but it makes no real difference here Joyner is at least >> to Gilchrist IMO, maybe even >>> I wouldn't put Mullen in already at #2. Worley will have the chance to hold him off IMO. The real important stuff is that our team got better, so now it is trully up to the coaches to do something and start to win games...the schedule is tough as hell, but still they need to win games, need to hit at least 8 wins IMO to get a good feelin before the move to LV
  12. 2019 Draft Recap

    Really like the speed, the toughness, the mindset, the leadership this class brings to our team. We have a clear identity now under Gruden and Mayock. We have our schemes and we finally get guys who fit in well.
  13. Raider UDFA's

    Coney is a great addition and I like Doss too, however he will have a hard time in that stacked WR room...
  14. Pick is in, #230 - DE, Quinton Bell

    Big time project, but with those pro day numbers, he worth a try!
  15. Pick is in, #149 - WR Hunter Renfrow

    I like this pick too! He will push Grant this year and take over in 2020 as our slot. Great hands, great routes, grinder...