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  1. Sure thing! But how many short QB's failed? The exceptions are always the great stories, but there are size thresholds for a reason in the NFL. It is super difficult to succeed with that size. Could Stills be an exception? Sure. But a GM won't put his job on the line with risky decisions like that. That is why he went undrafted and the reason he was signed after the draft by us, is because we bet on him being an exception. You can and should bet on guys like him in the UDFA period or late in the draft if you roster is already strong.
  2. This is the Defense thread guys. Don't need to turn this into a Carr thread or offense thread. We have those already...
  3. Check Stils spider chart and % numbers: https://www.mockdraftable.com/player/darius-stills Height, weight, wingspan, armlenght, handsize are all really low. This has to be super rare, that he is this bad in every aspect of size. If you put his weak bench press to this, which could suggest that he is weak too makes for a total train wreck. He was able to live off of his athleticism and technique in college, but that is extremely unlikely in the NFL, where every OL is on a different level. I don't know what was the issue with Nixon. I thought that he was a really
  4. There is no training for short arms That is his big issue in the NFL IMO. That is why he went UDFA IMO.
  5. When you hit on the big ones and they became All Pro guys, suddenly your mid round guys starts to be good. Obviously not every time, but at a much higher rate. When you have an All Pro QB, your mid round WRs will become a lot better... When you have an All Pro LT and OC, your mid rounder OL picks start to work better... When you have a great DE and a good DT, suddenly the mid/late round front 7 picks start to work better... etc...
  6. It will be interesting to see how much of a factor was PG and his scheme. Ferrell had to watch for the run IMO and in the college he just rushed and then reacted if there was a run play...IM just guessing here...
  7. Vic said lots of inaccurate stuff lately IMO. I mean sure, the writing is on the wall, they want him to start and to develope into a quality starter, but that's it. I doubt they will force him into a starting position if Martin looks clearly better. They must know that Carr needs a steady OL, especially in the middle... Andre can pick up an injury along they way, so the faces are saved and still the best OC starts. I'm not saying this will happen, I just saying that Vic knows as much as we do IMO...
  8. Bradley doesn't use that SAM/SLB role like they did in Seattle. There will be basically 2 SLB/SAM player/role IMO. When the SLB is a classic LB and have cover duties and when the SLB is the 3-4OLB type pass rusher, edge container. Let's call the first one SLB and the second one SAM. At SLB Nicholas Morrow will be the player and will be used similarly to White With the Chargers. At SAM Crosby, Koonce and even Yannick will get his chance IMO and their role will be the Melvin Gordon, Nwosu role. 4-3 base will be with SLB and from that when we shift to 4-3 under we wi
  9. Don't forget that Ferrell will play DT in nickel and dime packages a lot. We are not thin at DT.
  10. Richie hasn't played RG in 11 years or something like that. I would definately keep him at LG to help Andre as much as possible. When/if he goes down Simpson should be able to step in his place. I would put Good at RG to be a veteran next to Leatherwood and also Andre...
  11. I think Drake's arrival is what makes Richard expendable and also that is what could open the door for a non pass cathing, power RB as a 3rd RB.
  12. Hayward could play some as NCB, however he played mostly on the outside. He played more NCB, when Harris went down... I think Arnette is better suited to play NCB, then Hayward. I can see a scenario where Mullen and Arnette starts outside and when we switch to nickel formation Hayward comes in as an outside CB and Arnette slides inside as NCB. I'm not sure I want to train and use Anrette in multiple positions, with that being said the NCB in Bradley's scheme is a realtively easy job, so he could do that on paper. Zone cover, facing the QB...
  13. Yeah well, before the draft Mayock talked up that Smith guy at RT...
  14. Yeah you can do that easily. Here me out: Nassib was a solid rotational player before he signed with us. He got too much money and a badly structured deal from us. He struggled in PG's scheme like almost every D player on the team. The staff had a chance to cut him before his guarantees kick in this year, but they kept him around. Bradley was already on board when they kept him. I think they view him as a solid depth guy, who could help on the edge and maybe inside a little. I think we should give him the benefit of doubt in the new scheme. I
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