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  1. He born to be a Raider with that name, size, speed.
  2. I think this is a pretty bad pick! They could have selected Darrisaw or even Jenkins ahead of him easily. They could have traded back for anything, since noone would have select Alex before them. With that said he could develope into a solid RT for us. I would expect a brutal first year like Kolton Miller had and then steady developement. If there is no developement after year 2 he could kick inside to OG and be solid there. This move is again a testament to Gruden's job security IMO. He doesn't care what the media, the fans think and he knows that Mark Davis l
  3. 17 - Darrisaw would have been my pick for sure
  4. 1. Darrisaw 2. Jenkins 3. JOK It is suprising to me that Jenkins and JOK fell out of the 1st. I guess Jenkins is viewed as an OG with his short arms and JOK is viewed as a tweener
  5. I was thinking this before read that Mayock already said day 1 starting RT. Still could happen if Brown is there at our 3rd rounders...
  6. This or get lucky and take Grant at 48
  7. Where can I sign up for this? Really like the hole mock. Darrisaw is a really clean OT prospect IMO, only question would be the switch to the right side. Holland could be a solid starter for us. Abedo might be the only early pick I switch, but without the hole tracker I can't say for sure, he would be a good system fit, so could live with him. McNeil could be Hankins replacement in '22 and good depth in '21, however that DT spot will be crowded. Jaimes as OG would make sense! Snowden would need a big offseason to stick around, but could be a solid PS candida
  8. CWood said in an interview that he didn't reach out, but that is not a problem and he would help gladly when/if he reaches out
  9. Absolutely no! Gruden and Carr not using WRs enough to go and grab another 1st rounder IMO. Waller is our #1 receiver. Ruggs, Edwards needs to step up and with Renfrow and Moreau also on board we could have a trully strong receiver group and then we still have depth too. No need for another WR IMO and definately no need for a high draft pick in this scheme, team...
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