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  1. I won't even react to the first line, which is really true by the way. My biggest issue is if we learned anything after the Mack and Cooper trades is that you need to use those picks well. So far this regime haven't done that, so I would be pretty reluctant to deal away a quality starter for draft capital... You can deal away a Mariota if there is a buyer, since it won't really impact the team, but they can't deal away an impact guy, cause they can't really draft...as it seems right now...
  2. The situation is tricky for sure. Yannick is not a sure fire game changer, so I would not break the bank on him, however Williams is not an A.Donald, so I wouldn't break the bank on him neither. Williams will be back with the Giants IMO, so our hole discussion about him will be mute They traded for him, then they tagged him after a so-so season, then he had a super year for them. He will be resigned there by Gettleman. There won't be any hot 3T on the market IMO, so we might need to go after a true LEO, since we don't really have any under contract right now. Yannick mig
  3. It was an issue back when we had Mack and Irvin... We need to get that 3T position in order. We need a top FA or a top rookie alongside Mo Hurst and let them work in an aggressive 1 gap scheme.
  4. It was reported on that week IMO
  5. But is he worth 20M? Yeah he had 11,5 sacks in this last season, but before that 7 was his highest in 2016. He was a really good prospect coming out, but he basically has this lone elite season as a pro. I would be really anxious if we give out that much money to a guy, who was never consistent as a pro before... I would rather pay a guy like Yannick, who is a consistent 8-10 sack guy since he arrived in the league and also a sure system fit. Also Yannick could be cheaper by a solid margin...
  6. Yeah. Originally I thought that he played FS this last year and Addae played SS, but then read about Jenkins and he is SS in fact, so he is not on my watch list anymore
  7. Denver has a better cap situation right now then us and they have some additional space there in too, so I also doubt Simmons makes it to FA. Jets have a ton of cap space, need quality players,just traded their SS and just got a D HC. I think Maye will be abck there. Williams should hit the market with that cap situation over in NO. He is a young, quality FS, who could be a realistic option, however I have some concern because he played in a strong D. Harris should test the market IMO and could be a really solid option for us. Johnson also should hit the market with that L
  8. I would like to see a new guy at FS and would definately like Joyner out. Go out and spend Joyner's salary on a top young FS in FA. At CB I can see us targeting a veteran with outside and slot ability, so we have an insurance guy in case the young guys struggling. I think Morrow will be let go, since he and Littleton would play the same WILL position in this D. McMillan can stick around, but only for some minimal salary as depth IMO. We need a SAM in front of him, possible Nick Vigil, who was Bradley's SAM kastély with the Chargers. He should be cheap IMO. Muse and White should be ba
  9. There will be a few interesting DT prospects in the draft tho Get a LEO and a FS in FA, then get a DT in the draft
  10. Move Ferrell to base LDE, nickel LDT. Move Crosby to base LDE depth, nickel LDE. Sign Yannick Ngakoue to base and nickel RDE/LEO. Resign Takk to base and nickel RDE/LEO depth. Resign Hankins to base NT. Keep Hurst to base and nickel 3T in heavy rotation. Draft Christian Barmore to base and nickel 3T in heavy rotation. Give them a good scheme and plan. That is our best option right now IMO.
  11. I said could be based on scheme knowledge, connection. If we get outbid from the top FSs, then hé might be a target for FS. I hope we pass on him too.
  12. I hope we won't go after ET. He seemed to lost his speed and he seems like a huge off-field/locker room issue. If the AB situation thought us anything is to keep away from fire... Sherman could be an option, however I hope we go young and fast in the secondary.
  13. How to fix this D under Gus Bradley? We have our new DC and it seems like we will have a quality D staff under Gus. Marinelli is a respected DL coach, the reportedly arriving Richard Smith is a great LB coach and Ron Milus is a really good DB coach too. This D will be a Cover 1, Cover 3 defense and with Bradley's and Marinelli's back ground we can make a really good guess about the DL play too. Bradley uses the "Seattle guideline" and if we check Rod's Cowboys DL, he also like to use "uneven" DLs. What I mean by that is he likes his LDEs big and RDEs smaller, faster. With
  14. Then you think Morris was the problem and then he gave the D over to Ulbrich and he is the real D mastermind? Then lets hire Ulbrich!
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