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  1. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    I would also like to see the youth at LB. I would roll with the Lee-Cabinda-Morrow trio for the rest of the way. Brown-Hankins-Hurst-Key Lee-Cabinda-Morrow Conley-Joseph-Harris-Worley would be my base with a Lee to N.Nelson change for nickel. Calhoun and Smith could be the DE rotation, Hall and soon Jelly the DT rotation...
  2. State of our team

    I just said open and honest. That's still true IMO and at the same time you are totally right. Weak and pathetic... I just have the feeling that we will continue to suck as long as Mark has the team. This thing stinks from the top. When we suck in LV, the NFL should force him to sell IMO. So we just have to survive 5-10 year of struggle
  3. State of our team

    Surprisingly open and honest (seems like to me anyway) interview from Mark Davis: http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25252751/mark-davis-oakland-raiders-1-8-start-buck-stops-me He takes lots of blame as he should. Gets into the Mack situation, the Cooper situation...I guess if a rookie doesn't want to come to the Raiders just need to hire Segal as his agent from now on... Talks about Carr and to me it looks like Carr will get another year at least... Talks about Reggie and to me it looks like Reggie could very well let go after this year... This is all we need to know about Gruden's job security: "Having Jon Gruden here was the end game for me. Jon's going to be the stability here. Jon's going nowhere. That's just the way it is."
  4. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    You could be right. We should see more from Martin to see whether it was just 1 game against a weak Colts D or not.
  5. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Maybe Alexander will hit the FA market because of his injury and because of a coaching staff change...
  6. 2018 Depth Chart...How do you see it?

    To the QB debate: I think that Jon needs to decide to roll with Carr or move on. If he rolls with Carr, he needs to coach him up, he need to build up his comfort level, he needs to make the squad, especially the OL better around him. Bringing in a new, high priced veteran QB is not the move you make in a situation like that. If we stick with Carr, we should just keep McCarron as his back up and totally focus on the OL, recievers, RBs during the offseason. Fitz is a high risktaker, who lives and dies by his risky throws. Gruden wants a high % completion offense, where the most important trait for the QB is precision, accuracy and good decision making...definately not Fitz game. If Gruden wants to move on he needs a high draft pick and a stop gap guy IMO. McCarron could be an option or a guy like McCown maybe. The complicated thing here is that this QB class is pretty weak, especially if Herbert returns to school or if the Giants get an earlier pick. I can't see any solid QB hitting the market, so I think we need and should keep Carr and McCarron on board and build up the roster. If Carr struggles again behind a better OL, better talent then we need to retool at QB in 2020. If Carr struggles we can check McCarron as a stop gap, he at least fits the WCO scheme. We will have 2 first round pick next year too and if Carr struggles we will have another early on our own right, so we should be in solid position for make a run at our QB of choice in a stronger class.
  7. 2018 Depth Chart...How do you see it?

    Sorry mate, but this is totally unrealistic to me... Why get Fitz for 12M if we keep Carr? Fitz is a terrible fit to Gruden's O anyway IMO. Thomas, Graham, Mosley, Brown, Darby, Veldheer, Hogan, James and Telvin as a FA haul is crazy...also most of those contracts are off IMO Can't see Melvin back after his Twitter messages and his benching. The draft I like a lot in the 1st especially.
  8. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    I think Bell would struggle behind this OL. When you have a good OL you don't need a top of the market RB salary in your books. Seriously did the Steelers miss a beat without him? Nah. Conner is doing pretty much the same. They have a really good OL and a great tuning scheme. We need a good OL coach and a good running scheme much much more then an overpriced diva at RB IMO
  9. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    Clowney will stay in HOU IMO. Thomas could be a big upgrade for sure. May be we van go Thomas and another guy like Iloka...we have money
  10. State of our team

    Check this lift our team up plan out! Cut: Tahir Whitehead and save 6+M Seth Roberts and save 4,5+M Andrew DePaloa and save 900K We would have 91M in cap space even with Penn still on board, who I would consider bringing back to help the young guys out. Ideally on a reduced contract. I would also keep KO, Gabe and Derek Carr in place. After we get our new OL coach, which is a must, we should be in solid situation with Miller, KO, Hudson, Gabe, Parker, Penn, Silberman, Felciano before the FA period and the draft. Carr gives us the best chance to win IMO, I can't really see the benefit in trading, cutting him. He should be better in year 2, behind a better line. If he countinues to struggle, we will be in good place in the 2020 draft to address the situation, position. I would resign: Jared Cook for a nice 2-3 year deal around 6-7M/year. Big contract alert! Brandon LaFell for a 1 year deal. Marshawn Lynch (or Doug Martin (if he keeps up the Colts form)) for a 1 year deal. Jon Feliciano for a 2-3 year solid depth, rotational OG deal. Dwyane Harris for a 1 year deal. Ian Silberman for a 1 year deal after he hits the FA market without an RFA tender. I would tender: Jalen Richard (2nd) Daryl Worley (2nd) Erik Harris (original) Fadol Brown, Jason Cabinda, Trent Sieg, Marcell Ateman, Daniel Carlson (ERFA) I would sign: John Brown WR to a 3-4 year deal to be our deep threat. Big contract alert Ryan Grant WR to a 1 year deal to be our slot WR. Ty Nsekhe OT to a 1 year deal to help at OT. Za'Darius Smith ED to a 3-4 year deal to be one of our starting DE's. Big contract alert! Vincent Rey LB to a 1 year deal. Darquez Dennard CB to a 2-3 year deal to from a good quartett with the guys already on roster. George Iloka S to a 2-3 year deal to start and join Harris and Karl. Draft: 1.a. Nick Bosa ED 1.b. Devin White LB 1.c. Raekwon Davis DT 2. Marvell Tell S 3.-7. BPA
  11. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    This is the free agency thread, so talk about free agents guys! 2019 Raiders FA class: Rashaan Melvin CB: Can't see him back. His twitter communication, followed up by his benching said it all IMO. Jared Cook TE: I think we need him back. He is a great weapon for Carr and Gruden. Marshawn Lynch RB: Interesting situation here, since Lynch still seems to have some in that tank. We might bring him back if we stay in the Oakland afterall. Marcus Glchrist S: I don't want him back, but he might stick if PG keeps his job. He could be the veteran with hopefully less and less role during the year, who knows the system and duties. Reggie Nelson S: I think the Nation will be really upset if Nelson is here for one more year. I can't see that in any logical manner. Jonathan Hankins DT: Another tricky situation here. Hankins played solid so far, but we might just have the same in Ellis already under contract. He wasn't under contract for so long, because he was very picky about his destination and price. With the mindset, I'm not sure he wants to be back or we want to pay him. Hopefully Ellis can comeback strong and just take that NT spot back. Clinton McDonald DT: I can't see him back. Martavis Bryant WR: Tough call, since we would really need a deep threat and with his baggage he would struggle to find a better deal, place IMO. We might keep him for 1 more year on a prove it deal. Brandon LaFell WR: Have to see, how he produces in the second part of the season. If he can build on that Colts game, he might worth a short term deal IMO. Doug Martin RB: He needs to play well the rest of the way and I think he needs Lynch to retire to have a chance. Frostee Rucker DL: He is 35 and while a good locker room guy, solid veteran he is not a real force anymore. I think he should retire. Leon Hall CB: I think we need to move on from him. He is a solid run support CB, but don't have the wheels anymore. Dwyane Harris WR/KR/PR: He still looks good as a returner, so I think we bring him back and then obviously we should bring in young competition for him. Emmanuel Lamur LB: He is not a starter in this league. We could opt to keep him around as depth till TC, but can't really see the benefit. Kony Ealy DL: We have to see what he has, but I think he is just a roster body at this point and should be gone after the season. Still young, so if he fit well, could worth a look tho. Jacquies Smith: We have to see what he has, but I think he is just a roster body at this point and should be gone after the season. Still young, so if he fit well, could worth a look tho. TJ Clemmings OT: Should be a no brainer walk on from our part. Jon Feliciano OG: I thought he looked solid in KO's place, so I would like to keep him as depth. Issue could be money and his desire to try to land a starting gig elsewhere. RFA: Erik Harris S: Should be back as a ST player, depth S IMO. Daryl Worley CB: Definately will be back, since the staff sees a potential starter in him. Denver Kirkland OL: I can't see an RFA tender for him, but once he hit the FA market we could bring him back as competition, however I would like to see the new OL coach actually showing a clear direction. Kirkland is definately not a ZBS fit, so can't really see his place here. Ian Silberman OL: Again, can't see the RFA tag in play, but he should be back IMO as a FA. He has value as a swing OT IMO. Jalen Richard RB: Definately worth a RFA tag IMO. ERFA: Shilique Calhoun ED: Could stick around on the ERFA tender till TC I guess. Fadol Brown ED: Should be back on that ERFA tender. Trent Sieg LS: Should be back as the LS IMO. Tevin Mitchell CB: Can't see him back, but could be, since he is almost for free on the tender. Jason Cabinda LB: Should be back IMO. Daniel Carlson K: We should see what he got in the reamining games, but should be back as competition for Eddy IMO. Marcell Ateman WR: Should be back. Justin Murray OL: Could be back till TC, but the (hopefully) new OL coach, should bring his project instead. IR guys: Ahtyab Rubin, Mike Nugent, Dexter McDonald are probably gone. UFA targets: WR: I think we need to go out and add at least one quality FA to our WR pool. We need some veterans with good route running ability or with special phisical treats. Tyrell Williams WR: Big, strong target for Carr John Brown WR: Could be the deep threat for us Golden Tate WR: Could give us a reliable slot option Randall Cobb WR: Could give us a reliable slot option Ryan Grant WR: Could be a solid slot option Cole Beasley WR: Could be a solid slot option OT: I think we need to sign a veteran option to push Parker. Ty Nsekhe OT: He looks solid in the Redskins ZBS scheme, so might fit in well with us and here he would have a chance to get a starting job ahead of Parker. Jared Veldheer OT: He could come back for a finish period and be a swing tackle or even a starter if Parker struggles. Bobby Massie OT: He could be a solid option if we want to start a veteran ahead of Parker. OG: We could opt to get a new guy in stead of Gabe Jackson, if we can land one quality RG, we could unload Gabe's contract so the overall cap charge would be similar. I can totally see us keeping Gabe and trust in the new OL coach (I hope, I hope) to fix him. Mark Glowinski or Mike Person could be upgrades over Gabe, but obviously they would cost more IMO. DE: We definately need EDGE help. I would like to see at least one quality FA signing. Za'Darius Smith ED: I'm not sure how great of a fit he would be, but could be a good starter with size, speed and pass rush potential. Brandon Graham DE: Solid veteran player, who would command a strong contract, but not market setting crazy numbers IMO. Michael Johnson DE: Could worth a strong look as rotational guy with good system knowledge. Markus Golden, Aaron Lynch, Dante Fowler could be targets for prove it type deals IMO. DT: A lot will depend on our draft position and plan. If we finish in the top 5, but not in place to land Bosa, we should go DT early and can skip the FA period with that spot. If we get the 1\1 and we are focusing on Bosa, we should try to grab a veteran DT IMO, to help out Hurst, Hall, Jelly and Vanderdows. Muhammad Wilkerson or Suh could be interesting options IMO. LB: We need to cut Whitehead and retool the LB spot totally IMO. It would be nice to see Morrow and Cabinda more in the 2nd half of the season, to evaluate them. Lee, Morrow, Cabinda and Wilber can stick, but more as ST, depth and situational guys. We need a quality and a depth FA and at least a solid rookie. Vincent Rey LB: He could be a solid depth, rotational signing KJ Wright LB: Could be an impact signing, if Seattle moves on Manti Te'o or Denzel Perryman could worth a look too CB: I hope we see more and more from the Conley-Worley-Nelson trio, they might be solid afterall. We should add at least one more quality FA IMO. Darquez Dennard CB: He could be a logic fit with PG. Ronald Darby CB: He might be too expensive, but maybe we can make a run Bradley Roby could worth a try. S: We need all the help we can get. After this year, the only S I see back is Erik Harris and he is more of a ST, depth S guy. Joyner and Mathieu would be too small for our staff IMO. Ha-Ha will resign after the trade IMO. I would like 2 signings and some draft help too. Earl Thomas, Landon Collins, Adrian Amos, Tre Boston, Eric Reid, Adrian Phillips, Kenny Vaccaro, George Iloka could all be serious upgrades for us. We need a P to compete and beat Townsend, but can't really see a quality one in the Fa pool yet.
  12. State of our team

    I just went back and checked RM's drafts and came away with a new idea. RM might still be in this rebuild with Jon after all... Kolton Miller was a small reach for a need position. He was the best remaining LT prospect, but definately not the BPA pick. Hayden, Joseph picke were made by similar approach IMO. PJ Hall was a reach for a need position. A guy with great upside, but pretty raw. Watson, Edwards, Ward were similar picks. Middle of the draft is where Reggie likes to go OL/DL...Bergstrom, Gabe, Jelly, Calhoun, Vanderdoes, Sharpe...we got Key, Parker and Hurst now. Victor was the usual middle LB pick...Heeney, Ball, Lee... Am I delusional here?
  13. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    D.Thompson is a Top 15 Pick IMO, the rest looks good and realistic as of now ( which means pretty much nothing as we now )
  14. State of our team

    Hey Darbsk! Spot on write ups man! I agree with you totally about the roster we had and about the question marks regarding Gruden and the rebuild. We needed a quality Offensive HC and an upgrade at DC. Then we would have needed a good FA session and a good draft to get going again. Just imagine for a second what could a Kyle Shanahan do with Carr, Lynch, Richard, Cooper, Cook when he has a Penn-KO-Hudson-Gabe-? OL...not even funny...
  15. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Serious question: Should we go and select DT 1/2 or 1/3 if Bosa is off with the recent Hurst, Hall picks? They could be much improved and they could soldify the interior, but are they showed enough to make us pass on a top DT talent this year? I think Jelly and/or Hankins, Hall, Hurst and Vanderdoes could be just fine in the middle going forward, but if Bosa is off we should select DT IMO, so we could finally make the middle a strength. What do you guys think?