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  1. FA 2020

    Sharpe was LT in college more IMO. He played LT for us in his rookie year some... He got a tender, he stays, so don't understand Chicago's interest here tho
  2. Mock Offseason Thread:

    1\12: Jerry Jeudy WR, Alabama1\19: Jeff Gladney CB, TCU3\80: Jeremy Chinn S, Southern Illinois3\81: Chase Claypool WR, Notre Dame3\91: Troy Dye LB, Oregon4\121: AJ Dillon RB, Boston College5\159: Terence Steele OT, Texas Tech
  3. Raiders Defense

    Ferrell was quite ineffective last year inside, but it could happen. Hopefully he gets a lot better
  4. Raiders Defense

    Yeah I was sloppy a bit and it comes down like you interpreted. I wouldn't want to demote Crosby, I want him to get better, to grow and be a great one. With that said Nassib is better at run D then at pass rush. So was Ferrell, while Crosby was better as a rusher and so was Key. So I think Nassib and Ferrell will see a field quite a lot together as base ends, while Crosby and Key will play more pass snaps then run D snaps in general. We will have a heavy rotation with this group and that could be a key in wearing down OLs, closing down the outside running lanes and get after the QBs. They will still need help from the interior, because they lack that elite speed on the edge, so we need Collins and Hurst to really show up too!
  5. Raiders Defense

    Kwiatkoski and Littleton just made our LB core the best in long long year instantly. We still have M.Lee (contract) and N.Morrow (tender) on roster next to them and some young guys. With that said we need to add some LB's still preffereable in the draft and UDFA round. Collins and Nassib looks to form our DL group nicely. Collins most probably is the main 3tech DT, but there will be a heavy rotation with Hurst IMO. Hall needs to really step up, cause Gruden called him out, then they added a young starter. He needs to work hard or they will get a late rounder NT instead of him. Nassib should be a base DE with Ferrrell and then give space to Crosby and Key as rushers. The rotation will be heavy at DE too. CB and S are still somewhat weak and this front 7 won't carry them, we won't have that great of a pass rush IMO. We need a quality outside CB at least FA or high draft and we also need a quality S IMO, since both Harris and Heath are more ST and rotational guys, while Abram is a rookie basically... We have multiple picks in the 3rd, 4th...lets make a move or two...Slay, A.Harris...
  6. We will have a heavy rotation for sure!!
  7. Starting 3T in front of Hurst in the house. Ferrell-Hankins-Collins-Crosby With Hall, Hurst, Key etc looks great on paper...
  8. Raiders Defense

    Nick will be our MLB most probably and we still try to get Littleton to play WLB according to reports, which sounds great IMO. Maliek Collins could be that DL we need/get with the Marinelli connection. Chris Harris Jr. seems to be the target at CB, which could make sense, however I would be interested in a guy like Dennard. At S I would try to get A.Harris on that tag for a mid rounder if we can agree on a contract with his agent prior. Seems too rich of a list...
  9. FA 2020

    Maliek Collins could be our guy
  10. Around The League V.2

    I am not a Carr hater, but I would seriously call them and offer Carr and #19 in a heartbeat...but I doubt BoB would ship his job saver/keeper too...
  11. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    I think that tweet is more based on that Lamb and Jeudy could be TOP10 and with our need at WR we could pick Ruggs at 12...
  12. Random Raider Stuff

    But he was toasted at NCB last season...hole season...what will change in 2020?
  13. FA 2020

    Just to add to this...we can always get a rookie behind him and if Carr turns the corner we trade the young guy away at some point and if Carr stays the same, we will have a 2nd year guy ready to jump him with knowledge of the system already...
  14. FA 2020

    Robby and Tyrell together makes only sense to me if we are prepared to move up for a QB aggressively with both of our 1st round picks. If we move up and get a QB, then we won't have the draft capital to get a WR early and also we would be able to pay that amount of money to those WR's down the road if we switch to a QB on a rookie deal after 2020. Actually I can see this scenario work. Get Robby, keep Williams and Zay with Renfrow to form a quality WR corp, next to our great TE group. Go D heavy with the rest of the FA. Move up for Gruden's and Mayock's QB of the future with our 2 1st and some change. Let that guy compete with Carr and most likely sit his rookie year and learn that Gruden system. Let him play 1 or 2 games when/if the PO is out of reach. Go full D with the rest of the draft and most of the UDFA session.
  15. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    I wouldn't go that far as there is no way we draft a QB, but I also think this is their strategy to some extent. Similar to last year, where they let the QB talks heat up...