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  1. Random Raider Stuff

    With both Cooper and Nelson being a capable slot WR I see low snap numbers for Switzer for '18. Same of Ateman on the outside with Bryant and Nelson as big bodied guys. But I think Nelson or Bryant or possibly both of them will be gone after this season, so these young guys can step ahead in '19 if they can find their places in Gruden's scheme
  2. 2018 Depth Chart...How do you see it?

    That DT spot is pretty crowded so Mario has to step it up. He played trully well only as a rookie, which is in the past now...he needs to show that he is dedicated and he needs to show that he is better then the rookies. Hall and Hurst will make the team almost for sure. Jelly is a lock with the extension IMO...he is the only true NT under 30 too... Vanderdoes, Hester also showed some potential as rookies, so Mario needa to hold them off too... Last year he was better vs the run, but if he can't show pass rush potentian even Rubin can take him over as a run defender. Carradine, Forster looks like a strong duo behind Mack and Irvin at DE too...then you still have the cheap Brown in the mix... Edwards really has to show up
  3. OTA's

    I'm not a fan of moving a raw, young guy from left to right and potentially back to left later on... Find his place, leave him there and develope. With that said he could be a RT in the future and if Parker can be the LT I'm totally fine with that. In today's NFL you need two good OT's and especially against teams like Denver you need your RT to be mybe even better then the LT...
  4. Raiders Defense

    Great article by Vic Tafur: https://theathletic.com/378775/?shared_by=333901 He interviewed Paul Guenther and we can get a bit better feeling about our D philosophy through it. “Defense is not for nice guys,” Guenther said. “We’re going to play physical, with press coverage on the outside, be strong against the run and not back down from anybody." “I want to get back those old Raiders defenses.” Re Mack: “I do think this system will free him up, I do,” Guenther said. “It’s going to be hard with some of the fronts and some of the pressure packages we have for teams to target him. We’re going to move him around. He might be on the right side, he might be on the left side … we might line him up over a guard." Re Irvin: “I liked Bruce coming out of West Virginia,” Guenther said. “I went to work him out down there, and his best assist was rushing the passer. Used to be, you had to be 285 pounds to play defensive end, but not anymore. He has fit in like a glove at that spot right now.” He highlighted M.Lee as a player, who had a great spring and mentioned that D.Johnson is cathing up quickly and bringing great energie and experience. Re Nelson: “Reggie knows our system inside and out,” he said. “Reggie is the kind of guy if you tell him what to do and how to do it, he is going to do it exactly how you want him to do it. If there is any gray area in there, then maybe he is not going to be as effective...Reggie played 99 percent of the snaps last year,” Guenther said. “We’re not going to have guys playing 99 percent of the snaps. ‘Your goal is to play in this package or that package.'” Karl, Reggie and Gilchrist will play in rotation based on O personel, formation. Hopefully Obi can get there too after a good TC. Re Karl: “We just want to get Karl to understand the details of how offenses attack and where the ball should be thrown based on the coverage,” Guenther said. “As well as the leverages of everything that he has to play with. We all know that he can come down and hit ya, so that shouldn’t be an issue in the run game.” Not sure what JDR and Norton were doing with Karl till now...hopefully PG can mold him into a good starter. It seems like we have a competent DC after all these years fellas!
  5. OTA's

    I'm still not sure about that man. I get what you say and I totally get that the Bengals used bigger DE's under PG. But I think it is worth noting that Zimmer started to use smaller DE's after he left Lewis and Cincy...PG might change it up too... Danielle Hunter is not a big DE at 252...he is longer then Irvin, but not a heavy, big DE like Dunlap or Johnson. I think Carradine and Edwards will rotate in with Irvin, especially on running downs, but I think Irvin will be our other starting DE.
  6. OTA's

    I think we started the year with the Norton cover 1-3 and played more FS and SS, then as they shifted the defence and started to play more cover 2-4 and played more LS and RS.
  7. Chargers: They just lost Henry with an ACL...they must really have a curse on them... I agree with you that their OL is kinda a boom or bust unit...I think a strong run game will be a must against that D. If we have that we have a solid chance. And obviously we have to get into Rivers face! KC's defense is not that dangerous anymore, if we have a strong running game we have a good chance to controll them. It will be interesting what happens with Mahomes at the helm. They will be a dangerous big play offense IMO, but they could be prone to mistakes too. Smith was a machine and he owned us as you said...Mahomes will be a rookie essentially, so with a complex D and some interesting blitz packages we could have success against him. Denver seems like the weakest link in the division to me, however an improved QB play can make a big difference. We know Musgrave can be creative and could call good games. That defense with Chubb and Miller could again be special, however that No Fly Zone is over IMO and they somewhat struggled against the run in recent years... Overall I think we need a strong and consistent running game. If we have that I trust Carr, Gruden and Olson to find ways to make plays, make big plays and score points through the air. On the other side we need discipline, solid run D and finally some interior pressure. Easier to say then do obviously, but I like our chances with PG and his scheme, with Trgovac and with the Hurst, Hall, Key pick ups... My fear is that we need the OL and Cable to perform well in order to have the run game going and he is my weak link in this coaching staff since his hiring...I try to think about his time with us when he made that OL servicable and made Fargas and Bush look good and also his early years with Lynch in Seatlle, but still...
  8. Hey Darbsk! I agree with you as usual. Would like to hear your opinion on our divisional rivals! The Chargers roster looks really strong on paper and also that KC offense can be special IMO. Our 2016 success shows how far a dynamic O can take a team in the regular season. We could have hard times against those teams IMO. Denver is also not an easy win with that defense...
  9. Raiders Defense

    Mack is elite. He is "above" coaching. The rest is not, so they need good coaching and a good scheme. We clearly haven't had that lately. So I think a guy like Joseph, who struggled under a bad D staff, could still prove to be a solid/average starter under a good staff. That's all I'm saying...
  10. Raiders Defense

    I think we will have to see what PG brings scheme wise and playcall wise. Karl Joseph looked pretty good in college, but never looked the same with us. While this is true we have to put JDR and Ken Norton and their historically bad D in the picture too. I think every player on roster should get a pass on his previous years. Let's see what the new staff can do with them. It is clear that they are not affraid to let anyone go...we saw how they cleared the CB room, how they let Autry walk and also how they traded Ward, a former high draft pick. I think they kept the players whom they think can contribute in some way. Let's see what they have in store for them. I think Karl will be a solid starter in a 2 deep S system...maybe not the impact guy we hoped after the 1st round pick, but a solid starter would be nice. If he struggles, we can replace him with Gilchrist or Nelson and move on next year, but till then I think this debate is somewhat pointless. Of course the forum is for discussion, so no offense here, but it is really hard to talk about our D players based on the last few years. What a difference the Norton-Pagano switch ment for Bruce Irvin right?
  11. Rd. 5- DT Maurice Hurst

    Good stuff! Hopefully the kid can stay healthy!
  12. 1, I wanna see a prepared team, which doesn't get outcoached week after week. 2, I want to see Carr back at his '16 level or above that 3, I want to see pressure from our DL on a constant level 4, I want to see a solid D overall without communication break downs 5, If we accomplish those, I would expect a 9+ win season and a chance for the divisional title or at least for WC
  13. Raiders Defense

    Cover 2 and Cover 4 with man-to-man CB duties most of the time IMO.
  14. 2018 Raiders - Reasons to be Optimistic

    Spot on analysis IMO! I feel the same way!
  15. Raiders Defense

    I was definately expecting a Defensive player in the first round. I was hoping for a cornerstone guy. Gruden&Reggie went in a different direction obviously, but still managed to strengthen our defense with this draft class IMO. We got a defensive player in the 2nd, in the 3rd, in the 4th, in the 5th and one also in the 6th round. So after all this turned out to be quite a defensive heavy draft. All of these guys are boom or bust types like all of this 2018 draft class of ours. PJ Hall is a small school guy, with great athletic traits and good potential. His competition level makes this pick risky obviously, but with proper coaching and a little luck this guy can be a really dangerous interior DL player. Arden Key has big time character issues, so the risk is obvious here too. On the other hand after his 2016 season he was regarded as a 1st round prospect by most. If the staff and his teammates can get his head right, he could be a steal. He could be a really good rotational piece behind Mack and Bruce and actual could be Irvin's successor in the end. Nick Nelson was recently injured (risk), so we got here in the 4th round. Could be a solid value pick if he can get back to 100%. I read that he is expected to be ready by TC, so we might just added a competitor for that slot CB spot. If he is healthy I like his chances. Mo Hurst was a huge risk oviously with his heart condition. He was a first rounder a potential TOP 10 guy before that combine testing. Right now he is good to go according to himself and according to the team. As I understand he is going to be a year-to-year decision by the doctors and with little luck we can get multiple years out of him just like Michigan U. He should be a true force in the middle and could very well be a starter come day 1. Azeem Victor is again a character question mark like Key, but clearly Gruden and Guenther are betting on themselves to turn them around. Victor was compared to Burfict, but more so for his character issues then his play IMO. At best I see a back up LB/ST guy for 2018. I think Hurst, Nelson and Hall has great chance to play a lot early and also Key has solid chance if he keep himself out of trouble. That is quite a lot fresh blood. We also had a these guys as FA's: CB: Rashaan Melvin, Daryl Worley, Shareece Wright, Leon Hall S:Marcus Gilchrist, Reggie Nelson LB: Tahir Whitehead, Emmanuel Lamur, Kyle Wilber DL: Tank Carradine, Armonthy Bryant Lot's of new players overall. We will have a new defense scheme wise, but pretty much personel wise too. Let's see how our Defense looks right now!! Our base defense will be a 4-3 defense, tailor after the Mike Zimmer 4-3 concept. Stout DL, creative blitz packages, man-to-man cover 2 and 4 coverages. The scheme and the idea is clear IMO, let's see what we have for it after the draft. We have had DL issues for a while now and since this D requires strong DL we had to upgrade. Now we have a stronger group then anytime in recent years. We have a potent DE/EDGE group and a solid interior group IMO with two guys, who can move between these groups. DE/EDGE: Khalil Mack, Bruce Irvin, Mario Edwards Jr, Tank Carradine, Arden Key, Shilique Calhoun, James Cowser, Fadol Brown, Armonthy Bryant, Joby Saint Fleur DT/DI: Justin Ellis, Maurice Hurst, PJ Hall, Eddie Vanderdoes, Treyvon Hester, Mario Edwards Jr, Tank Carradine, Shakir Soto As you can see Mario Edwards Jr. and Tank Carradine are the guys who can move between these groups well IMO. It will be interesting whether we keep both of them or not IMO. Khalil Mack is the cornerstone for this defense obviously and he will be an everydown player. Bruce Irvin will slide into full time DE, but could see a heavy rotation on early downs with Edwards/Carradine IMO. The Mack-Irvin duo is a dangerous one and if Key can contribute, we should have a fresh and fearsome outside pass rush. Calhoun and Cowser will have to really work for that 53 man spot this time and neither is a lock. At NT Ellis is the starter, but since he is a 2 down player we need lots of bodies at DT. Vanderdoes could miss the season opener and a good part of the season, so we needed these rookies badly. Hurst, Hall and Hester with the Mario/Tank duo would make a pretty deep group IMO. (Vanderdoes after another knee injury could head behind Jelly at NT in the long run.) The nickel/dime DT duo is the biggest question mark, but now we have multiple guys who fits what we need and who can really have a good TC battle about it. Hurst, Hall, Edwards, Hester and Carradine could all play inside on these downs. I like our chances with them and with PG and Trgovac coaching them up. I see something like this right now: Base DL--> Mack-Jelly-Hurst-Irvin/Edwards Hall and Tank as rotational guys Nickel DL-->Mack-Hurst-Edwards/Hall-Irvin Key as a rotational piece LB group looks like the weak spot again to me. We added Whitehead, who ideally can lock down the SLB spot and we have some young guys with potential, but this group looks weak. We don't really know what they think about M.Lee, C.James, N.Morrow, but the fact that they didn't signed big name FA to the position and only drafted a guy in the 6th round tells me they feel good about them. Bowman could still arrive as a base/2 down MLB obviously. Right now I think Lee is the back up for Tahir at SLB, James is our MLB and Morrow is the WLB. Lamur could be a key depth guy at SLB and WLB too. I really like Morrow so with Wilber and Victor also in the mix at WLB depth we could be alright. Nothing fancy, but alright, especially if the DL plays well. Cory James is a guy with solid potential IMO, but his injury history makes me a bit worried at MLB. Lee could help him some against the run and Tahir can also play some MLB if needed, but still MLB is a big question mark. It will also be interesting who stay on the field with the nickel group. Morrow and James could be the pair, but Tahir was a priority FA signing, so he might also stay on the field for most downs. Base LB-->Whitehead-James-Morrow Nickel LB-->Whitehead/James-Morrow Our secondary will look different and based on our 2017 track record that is a good thing. Melvin and Conley will be the starting duo. Worley, Nelson, Hall, Wright and McDonald will have an intense battle behind them IMO. If Worley can keep himself "clean" and Nelson can get healthy we could have a solid young quartett going forward. That 5th and 6th(?) spot will come down to ST IMO, so Dexter and the other young guys will have a chance to beat out Hall and Wright IMO. Base CB-->Melvin-Conley Nickel CB-->Melvin-Worley/Nelson-Conley At S it seems like Karl and Obi will get their chance. Marcus and Reggie are here as fall back/ER options IMO and the Luani-Harris duo will have to really show up on ST to stick around. If Karl and Obi looks comfortable I absolutely think that Reggie will get cut in the end and Marcus stays as the veteran in the group. I think we will try to really use Obi on TE's, so we will see the Marcus-Karl duo in the back end from quite some time with Obi close to the LOS guarding TE's. Base/nickel S-->Karl, Obi with Marcus in the mix This Obi on TE watch logic could also answer the lack of LB pick up. I can see us use Obi around the LOS against TE's and RB's almost like a nickel LB with Karl and Marcus guarding the deep halves/quarters. This would give our nickel formation a little twist and that could help us hide the lack of quality cover LB's... What do you think?