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  1. Raiders Defense

    PFF just recently made a run D rankings for the upcoming season. We were placed at 27, which is the same spot we got during the 2018 season. They said that while our front 7 will look different with the new additions, it won't necesseraly be better with guys like Burfict and Marshall. I think they undervalue the facts that: -Hurst and Hall will be 2nd year guys now in the middle. They will be stronger and the game will be slower for them. -Ellis should play a lot more this year and he is a good run stopper. Him and Hankins should give us a good, fresh NT rotation. -Our DE position got a lot better VS the run IMO. Mauro easily replaces Frostee's play and Ferrell should bring a big boost in Key's place as a base DE. -While Marshall is not run stop specialist, he is a savy veteran, who can work effectively behind a solid DL IMO. -Burfict wasn't strong last year against the run, but historically he was a solid/good run defender under PG, so if his body holds up, he can be a nice upgrade with his knowledge, experience -The Joseph-Abram safety duo should be a really active run support unit and that could help a lot against the big runs. Overall I expect our run D to get better and to be among the average units in 2019.
  2. Around The League V.2

    Cooper also played in a scheme based on Zeke running and opening up lots of stuff for Dak and his receivers...also that OL is a good one, which help a lot... Steelers also has/had a good OL, but their running game wasn't that effective. They areial attack made the running game gonig, not the other way around like in Dallas...big difference IMO
  3. Offseason workouts underway (OTA's page 6)

    Yeah. GB with a new coach, new vibes on offense and some continuity on an upcoming defense should be fun to watch and the Vikings will also bounce back IMO, so the Bears will have a hard time repeating...
  4. Raiders sign OG Richie Incognito

    Captain Checkdown to me is RB screen most of the time...I get what you say tho
  5. Offseason workouts underway (OTA's page 6)

    Or we could have seen that the 49ers sucks and we could make the deal with them for better value. They ****ed up the trade itself and that is a fact. The question whether we came out as a winner in the end really depends on our draft picks and on the 1, 2 FA's we got with Mack's money. We have to play this season, we have to select with all the picks and see them play some. Then we can declare a winner...and by the way there can be two or even 3 winners here. Us, Bears, Mack...
  6. Random Raider Stuff

    I'm not that concerned by the TE position. 1, We have an improved WR group and also an improved RB group (at least from a receiving stand point), so we won't use TEs that much in the passing game as we used Cook last year. 2, Gruden historically didn't use TEs as heavily as he used Cook last year, but as he showed last year he can really create opportunities for TEs and not just for Cook! Lee Smith had targets, Waller had opportunities. He will continue to give them opportunities in well schemed plays with all the WR and RB threats. 3, We have some guys with good potential. Willson is a good blocking TE, who can catch some. He can replace Lee Smith 1-1. Darren Waller is a freak and is pretty much comparable to Jared Cook IMO. He showed his speed and he showed that he can make the easy catches. It will be interesting to see whether he is able to make the more difficult catches, but I think he won't have to make many of those anyway. Moreau can be a solid contributor as a blocker early on and he has the ability to catch too. It remains to be seen, whether we carry 4 TEs to the final roster. If yes Carrier has the inside track because of his ST value IMO, but a guy like Swoope can also find a way with his athletic ability and reveiving ability to stick. Overall I think we will see much less targets to TEs and we will have a solid group to man the position in a group effort.
  7. Raiders sign OG Richie Incognito

    To me the 3 players are totally different cases. 1, AB was never a locker room problem until BB throw him under the bus. AB was one of the best WR's in football for quite a few years now and he was a solid, good teammate till the crack with the QB. He played his cards to get away from the QB, who throw him under the bus, the HC and the team that basically choose the QB in this "fight". He was always a hard worker and a high effort player. He gets to a new team, to a team he agreed to, he gets his money, he gets a QB who he likes and also a HC who he respects and wants to play for. Since that all we know is that he is working all the time, he is there in the OTAs (missed the first, but there since) and works hard. The beatwriters writing about his work ethic, his positive effect on his fellow WRs and on the DBs. I see no issues right now at all. The first "date" when I can imagine any issues would be around mid season if we are loosing and if Carr plays Captain Checkdown again, so Brown wouldn't have targets to preove himself to everyone. 2, Vontaze Burfict is regarded (and probably is) a dirty player (I never really followed the Bengals). He can be reckless and he can cost his team games with penalties and with suspensions, but he is not a locker room cancer and he has no criem/legal issues. He was a leader on that D, he set a tone similarly to a guy like Romanowski back in the days for us...He might get suspended, he might get injured, he might collect some penalties for us, but I doubt he will be a locker room issue for us. He is on a one year deal, I can't see too much of a risk here. 3, Richie Incognito is the 3rd guy and he is the only guy who has had problems with the law, who has really been a locker room issue during his carrier. He is trully a risk, but with him being on a veteran minimum 1 year deal, the risk is pretty low IMO. That Miami scandal was not only about him, but also about John Jerry and Mike Pouncey and also J.Martin had some health issues on his own and the hole situation was under a not too strong Joe Philbin. I don't want to defend him or anything here, just wanted to highlight that while he might be a total jerk, there has to be multiple things "in order" for a scandal like that to happen. Here he has a pretty strong HC in place and some respected leaders and good guys on that OL (Hudson, Gabe). I think if he can stay healthy he has a chance to play and to start for us some games (depending on suspension). The moment he starts to be a problem in the locker room Gruden and Mayock can kisk him out easily. Especially when he gets some suspension from the league, so you won't cut a 16 week starter, just a 12 or even less week starter...I mean Good will have to start then some games anyway, so you can simply keep him in and let the headcase walk...I really don't see that much of a risk here. With that said I don't really like the signing, since he is not that character they were talking about during and after the draft. I get the difference between a drafted guy and a stop gap, but still I would have let him be retired.
  8. Raiders Offense Thread:

    Yeah Cable is working with his most talented group so far IMO too. However I think he did nothing last year to stick around, so the decision from Gruden to bring him back is questionable at least. With that said he is still here, so let's hope This list won't gives us too much hope tho...pass protection rankings: Elite OL coach Tom Cable's year-by-year unit rankings in this metric: 2018: 25th 2017: 31st 2016: 26th 2015: 30th 2014: 24th 2013: 32nd 2012: 20th 2011: 24th 2010: 26th 2009: 31st Elite consistency. After this list with his best group to work with I would be surprised if we finish better then 20. Then the question is whether you are alright with a below average ranking from a unit, where you have a TOP 15 selection LT, the best paid OT, one of the best paid OC's and another well paid OG...I say no... What we need to see from the OL to keep Cable? I mean from a fan and anti Cable perspective? TOP 10 run blocking and TOP 15 pass protection would be the line for me. If the unit can get there, I won't care about the Cable man anymore...anything below those marks and I want his head again
  9. Raiders Offense Thread:

    IF Richie is really in good shape mentally and play wise this OL could be solid DESPITE Cable!! That interior could keep Carr relatively clean and could open up holes for Jacobs&Co. On another note I think the Jacobs&Richard 2 RB sets should be fun. Both can run routes well, both can catch well and both can run too.
  10. Offseason workouts underway (OTA's page 6)

    That was Joyner as you said and while he is not an elite CB, he has the speed to keep up with AB and while AB has a step on him it is not a big window especially with the sideline near. This is a throw one would expect his franchise QB would make 10/10 especially to a start WR, but hey they made it happen, so it is nice to see that right now they are where they need to be. Carr will have every tool he needs to succed, so if the OL can give him a little time he should be playing really well.
  11. Random Raider Stuff

    It sounds like Brandon Parker will also get a shot at LG...would make sense IMO, since he was a LT all his life, but seems to be too slow to be an OT on the outside...kick him inside and also keep him on his natural left side... Miller-Parker-Hudson-Jackson-Brown could be the line if Parker can beat out Good...would be a pretty inexperienced and fearfull left side...
  12. Around The League V.2

    Dallas and maybe the Chiefs IMO. He is an Oklahoma City guy, who wants to play for a winner close to home...my guess only
  13. Projecting the Raiders Win Total

    Try to be optimistic here Week 1 - @ home agains the Broncos - Win 1-0 We come out of the gates firing with everything we got and the Broncos need time to gel with the new coaching staff. Week 2 - @ home against the Chiefs - Win 2-0 At home we play after a big opening W and it turns out to be a shootout. The Chiefs CB's could be super bad, so I would expect a ~80point overall game, where we win by a late FG. Week 3 - @ Vikings - Lose 2-1 First road game after two emotional and full effort divisional games, against a strong squad. First L of the season. Week 4 - @ Colts - Lose 2-2 That Colts roster is loaded and will be too much to handle. Week 5 - Bears in London I believe - Win 3-2 That week before the week will be super anoying to everyone on the team. All that talk about Mack and the trade. The fantastic Bears D takes a hit with the new DC and Turbo can be rattled, so after a big prep talk we manage to get a W. Week 6 - Bye week Week 7 - @ Packers - Lose 3-3 Rodgers is still Rodgers, that D will get much better. L Week 8 - @ Texans - Win 4-3 That OL is still a joke, we finish a tough road schedule with a W. Week 9 - @ home against the Lions - Win 5-3 First home game in a while, should be great atmoshere. Week 10 - @ home against the Chargers - Lose 5-4 That team is pretty strong and this could be their year. Week 11 - @ home against the Bengals - Win 6-4 New staff there, not that strong team, so we can bounce back here. Week 12 - @ Jets - Win 7-4 New staff, 2nd year QB, lots of new players. Week 13 - @ Chiefs - Lose 7-5 Easy L at Arrowhead. Week 14 - @ home against the Titans - Win 8-5 By this time Mariota should be banged up and slowed down. Week 15 - @ home against the Jaguars - Win 9-5 Last game in Oakland. Huge emotional game against a team, who could be totally dismantled by that time. Week 16 - @ Chargers - Lose - 9-6 Chargers playing for homefield here and beat us up. Week 17 - @ Broncos - Win 10-6 Lock is behind center by this time after Flacco struggles in the mayority of the season and we ride out on a happy note with a solid record, but without PO, since the Chargers and the Chiefs finish ahead of us.
  14. Raiders Offense Thread:

    drfrey13 chill man! What you do lately is not good for you! Let it go, put on a pink tinted sunglass and enjoy the ride till it last. Preseason? Week1? Week6? Week17? PO? We don't know...but the amount of stress you have in your posts is not good for you...
  15. This was expected since the Abram pick