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  1. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    It is hard to say anything without the compensation in a case like this. I like the fits, not sure about those contracts and really not sure about compensation...
  2. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    Lacks elite bend. I think that is the knock on him. Fans and media guys tend to fall in love with the sexy smaller speed guys. I think Ferrell is a prototype Guenther DE, so after a good combine he could be pretty high on our draft board.
  3. State of our team

    I checked who will have an early roster bonus, who has early guarantee triggers in his contract and who makes "too much" money on our roster. Donald Penn has the heighest roster bonus for 2019 on the team with 3M. The unfortunate thing about it is 2,75M is already guaranteed because of his summer reconstruction. He could earn 7,6M as total and more then the 3rd of it is already his. With this in mind they might let him be around OTA's and even in TC to see where he is at health wise and how can he adopt to the right side. He might be the veteran RT, who can take Parker's lunch money in 2019. Then again with his back to back IR seasons and the way he looked at RT in September we might just write off that 2,75 and let him retire. We will see what happens. Gabe Jackson's total 6,75M deal will be guaranteed on the 15th of March, so that is a hard deadline. Jordy Nelson got his 2019 roster bonus in 2018 and because of that only 1,8M is hitting his 2019 cap number, so he is about to cost 5,4M. On the 15th of March his 2019 salary will become guaranteed, so after that point he will be a fixture on the roster. Justin Ellis has a 2,25M roster bonus on the 17th of March. After that date he would be a fixture too IMO with his total 4,75M deal. Hankins could be a reason to say good bye to Ellis before March. I think these two guys are pretty similar, so we are good with one of them, however with all the money we have, we might keep both of them to have a strong NT rotation. A.J. McCarron is also due to a roster bonus on the 17th of March (1,9M) and also 1,1M from his base salary will turn to guaranteed on that day. With that I think we can say that he will be the back up if he is on roster by 18th of March. Tahir Whitehead also got his 2019 roster bonus in 2018, which means that 3,325 prorates over 2018-19-20 like a signing bonus would. With this move his 2019 cap number is down to 4,15M, while he has a 2,2M dead money for '19. This means to me that he will stay as our WLB for at least one more year. If you combine that lowered cap number with his second half (of the season) play, we might have a solid option in him. Kelechi Osemele and his 10,2M cap number is worth at least a mention here, especially since he has no dead money left on his deal, so we can easily move on if we want or we can try to force him into a reconstruction for some guarantees. I can totally see scenario where Gabe is moved back to LG and Good or a veteran FA takes over at RG. We will see how much of a factor were his injuries or at least how Gruden and Co. sees that anyway... Seth Roberts had a few nice moments and some silly drops again. He is who he is I guess. To me his 4,65M price tag is too high even on a team with loads of cap space. He needs to reconstract, sign a totally new deal or leave IMO. After they decide the fates of these guys Gruden and MM can turn to our own FA's. UFA: Rashaan Melvin, Jared Cook, Marshawn Lynch, Marcus Gilchrist, Reggie Nelson, Johnathan Hankins, Clinton McDonald, Martavius Bryant, Brandon LaFell, Doug Martin, Frostee Rucker, Mike Nugent, Athyba Rubin, Leon Hall, Dwayne Harris, Bene Benwikere, Kony Ealy, Jacquies Smith, Chaz Green, T.J.Clemmings, Jon Feliciano, Dexter McDonald, Denzell Green RFA: Jalen Richard, Erik Harris, Daryl Worley ERFA: Shilique Calhoun, Trent Sieg, Tevin Mitchell, Jason Cabinda, Daniel Carlson, Marcell Ateman, Justin Murray Cook, Hankins, Martin, Good, Harris, Melvin, Feliciano and Green are guys who I would consider bringing back. Neither is a must, but we could use them. I would bring back all the RFAs and ERFAs for sure.
  4. Around The League V.2

    Guenther's D is based on strong DL play, on a potent 4 man rush. Without Mack he was shot in the leg IMO. We need to focus on the EDGE spot and also continue to watch the DT spot. We need to give him a strong DL to have a chance IMO. To me the Carr situation is somewhat similar to the Guenther situation. I know it sounds weird at first, but hear me out. I think Carr absolutely deserves one more year with better protection and better weapons in the same system. I think Gruden and MM can trully evaluate him after the next season when he had at least a not horrible OL and when he had some speed at WR. Next year he still won't have elite OL and elite skill guys around him, so it will be a fair evaulation IMO as far as his ability to be our fr. QB in the long run. I think the "same" with Guenther. Gruden and MM needs to add talent to that DL and speed to the back 7(8) to have a chance to fairly evaulate PG. He will also benefit from some guys being back in his not that simple system, so the communication should be a lot better early on. If he can elevate the D with some talent, you have something. If he fails again and puts some historically bad D on the field with better talent level, you need to move on IMO. 2019 should be about Carr and his future as franchise QB, about PG and whether he is the DC we need (among other smaller questions obviously).
  5. What's your big board? 2019 Edition.

    I think Hurst would have been a TOP 15 pick without the heart condition easily.
  6. Starters you want back in 2019

    Carrier was one of the core ST guys, so I would definately keep him. That money doesn't count with all the space we have anyway. I would keep Smith, Carrier and Waller around for sure and depending on Cook's asking price I would also keep Cook. If Cook asks for some crazy money or simply wants to move on I would let him walk, check the FA market for a guy like Jesse James, but won't spend crazy on him neither. This draft is pretty solid at TE and Carrier and Waller both showed that they can contribute.
  7. Tom Cable???

    Since this thread is about Carr now I will drop this here: Carr has the same OC, system in back to back years only once during his NFL carrier. Yes his break out 2016 season was the second season under Musgrave (who again seems like a below average OC without Carr). The difference on offense was one OG from 2015 to 2016 and while KO was a big addition and the hole OL played great in 2016 we can assume that the biggest plus in 2016 was Carr being totally comfortable in a system in year 2. He made really quick reads, he had quick release which helped the OL in pass protection big time. He felt comfortable, he made good decisions constantly and suddenly looked like a true franchise QB, like a top 5 guy. Let us sit back and see what he can do in year 2 with Gruden. Obviously we have to really hope that Mayock and Gruden can upgrade the OL and bring some weapons in, but I think the biggest thing for Carr will be year 2 in the same system.
  8. 2019 Early Mock Off-Season

    Jason Verrett is injured all the time. Why give him a long term deal with high guarantees? I would only touch him on a prove it deal. Haha was traded for by the Skins recently...can't see them letting him walk... The rest I like. The draft seems more like a dream scenario tho...
  9. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    What would you say if Arizona is willing to trade the 1\1 for our 1\4 and one of the other 1's? At 1\1 we could take Bosa and we would still have a 2nd first rounder...I would do it personally...
  10. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    I would like us to get a big WR for Carr and a quick, reliable slot guy too. Since the draft seems to be pretty strong early with bigger WR's, it could be smart to go after a proven slot guy in FA. Humpries, Tate, Beasley...
  11. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    My issue with Key is that I haven't really saw strength or speed/burst/quickness from him. Oh and he showed super limited pass rush move "set" At DE I would want at least one of those even from a rookie... During this offseason he can get stronger, but during that process I doubt that he will also get quicker. Hopefully he gets stronger and develops against the run plus adds a few pass rush moves. This way he can be a solid #3 or #2... We still need a dominant #1DE and possibly another impactfull guy to rush. This is why I would like to see a veteran addition and an early draft pick. Then we could have a nice trio or maybe a nice quartett with Calhoun, who showed as much or more to me than Key...
  12. Tom Cable???

    It would be nice to see some article about our OL scheme. Is it really a Cable scheme? Is it similar to the Seahawks or old Raiders scheme that much? Is it a Gruden scheme? Is it similar to his old Tampa, Raiders schemes? Is Cable just the guy, who try to put it on the field after Gruden and Olson put it together? I guess it is somewhere in the middle. I would expect from an offensive HC to have a strong word in the OL schemes and I would also expect an OC without playcalling duties to have a big say in the OL work too. I also expect the OL coach to have word in the scheme. Maybe Cable is kept, because he is much less in charge that we fans and the media think he is?
  13. State of our team

    We have some pieces in place, we have continuity in the coaching staff (I like that fact in every area other then OL coach...), we have money, we have pick, let's try to be positive I try to be as positive as I can in 2019...I guess it will be relatively easy till September or at least till the draft... How I see the roster: QB: Carr is the starter and he can be a pretty good starting QB in year 2 IMO. We obviously need a back up, but honestly I don't really care who that is, since we will go down hard in the minute we loose Carr to an injury anyway. McCarron could stick I guess, but if that 5M is too rich we can always bring in a Peterman to hold the tablet for Carr... RB: I think we need to tender Richard, since he is a solid weapon. We could bring Martin back on a team friendly deal, however he tends to have horrible seasons after strong ones...If we go after another FA I could accept that too. I would definately want to see what we have in Warren. I don't want to see us going after a big money guy like Bell or Coleman. FB: I guess we can live with Smith for another year TE: I think we need Cook back. I would also keep Smith, Carrier and Waller on roster and yeah I would roll with 4 TE's. Cook is a mismatch and a trusted option for Carr and while he will cost some money, TE is not a too "rich" position and he is over 30, so the sky won't fall after we bring him back. Smith is a solid blocker and locker room guy. Carrier is a solid ST player and offers some value as depth. Waller is an interesting option, who has really nice upside even as Cook's replacement down the line. I would sign Cook for a 2 or 3 year deal with all the quarantees being in the first year and as a roster bonus in the 2nd year. WR: I think we need to keep Nelson and Ateman, since they have solid chemistry with Carr. I like Ateman as Nelson's back up next year and his successor in 2020 as an outside possession guy with some big slot ability. I would also bring back D.Harris on a 1 year deal for ST duties. I would bring in some young competition for that ST role. I would like to see a quality FA signing (T.Williams) and a high draft pick (DK maybe) and a late rounder or UDFA for the final/ST role. OT: Miller and Parker are locks to be back, however I'm not sure Parker is a lock to start. I hope we bring in a guy, who gives him a good fight at least. Sharpe could stick as back up LT IMO. OG: It will be interesting to see where we go with this position. KO and Gabe can be cut easily, but I can see both of them back with all the cap space we have. Maybe Good made a strong enough impression to be back as a starter instead of one of the rich guys. Even if KO and Gabe are back I would like to bring back Good and possibly even Green. We need quality depth, since both KO and Gabe battled with injuries in '17 and '18. OC: Hudson is the rock of our OL, we only need a back up behind him. Feliciano could be that guy if he don't get starting offers on the market. Overall I would like to see us bringing back Cook, Martin, Harris, Good, Green and maybe Fliciano as UFA and tender Richard (RFA) and Ateman (ERFA). I would go after a top WR in FA, who fits our scheme and could gel with Carr. I would bring in a veteran OT for sure and possibly OG(s) too depending on the KO and Gabe situation. In the draft I would go after a WR early, could see a TE pick up if Cook is not back and you can always add OL help if the value is right I guess. DT: Hurst, Hall and Jelly are keepers IMO. Vanderdoes should get a chance to stick too. Hankins could be back on a solid deal, but it is not vital IMO, especially if we eye some of the DT's in the draft class. DE: Key and Calhoun should be back, but we need serious help here. A big ticket FA and an early draft pick is needed IMO. OLB: Whitehead and Lee seems like a solid WLB-SLB duo. Morrow could be a valuable depth, rotation guy behind them and we should bring some speed to the outside position via draft. Mid, late rounder developemental, ST guy could be enough IMO. Wilber could stick as an ST guy. MLB: Cabinda is a fine depth, rotational guy, but I would like to bring in at least a solid veteran in front of him. If we opt to go MLB early in the draft I can dig that too. CB: Conley should be our #1. Worley should be back on a RFA tender to battle for the #2 spot. I would like to bring in a guy like Dennard to make Worley win the job or slide in as #3. Nelson seems to be a project guy now, so #4 could be good for him. I would like to see one middle rounder to give him competition and maybe a late or UDFA guy if we carry 6. S: I would like to keep Karl and bring back Harris on a RFA tender. They seemed like solid players down the stretch, they finished with the best PFF scores on our D. I would like to bring in a veteran to give Harris a serious run for a starting gig and then draft a guy in the early-mid rounds too. Overall I would bring back Hankins if the price is right as UFA and tender Worley (RFA), Harris (RFA), Cabinda (ERFA) and Calhoun (ERFA). I would go after the top DE's and would also try to land a quality ILB, a solid #2-#3CB and a veteran S with starting potential. DE early is a must in the draft IMO and we could use speed on every level of our defense. K: I think we have our guy in place now. P: Townsend needs big time competition, I'm not sure if Kiser is enough for that role, but at least it is a start.
  14. Raiders hire Mike Mayock as GM

    Lol Could work since he knows the draft well, but most probably he is a yes man and we are screwed...
  15. State of our team

    I would like to see us bringing in a competition at #2