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  1. Yeah, but is it enough? I mean it would be nice to have real aggression...I get that that is a double edge sword, but when you have a D like ours, you have to be aggressive on O, if you really play to win IMO!
  2. So we should air it out more? We should be more aggressive with our passing approach? We should pass a lot more deep? Sounds like a solid plan, but as long as we have an ultra conservative run first, play not to loose HC, playcaller we won't go there...
  3. Sounds good on paper, but when you dump that many guys, you will have a new roster and then because of the turn over you will struggle again... Let this season go down first IMO. Mariota seems like an easy cut, but if they want to draft a new QB day 1, then they maybe keeping Mariota as a stop gap rather then have the unhealthy situation? with Carr and his replacement... Trent is a popular cut candidate right now, but what if he comes back for the last 10 games and dominates, like he did last year? Then you might try to twist his deal, but definately won't cut him IMO. If Edwards looks like a legit X, then Williams is a no brainer cut. If Amik looks competent, then you can cut Joyner. If Good continues to play good football, then you can think about dumping Gabe for Good IMO. Jalen is still a solid 3rd down back, since Bowden flamed out, we might wanna keep him around. Heath sofar showed nothing, but he is a new guy in this system, so maybe we could give him some time... If Simpson grows enough then you can encourage Richie towards retirement, but so far we might be better with the veteran on his last year with Simpson as depth.
  4. Can they? Bills, Chiefs, Tampa is coming up. This injured against that J.Allen led Bills I can't really seeing that W. Chiefs are on another planet and the Bucs just getting to gel... 2-4 is more likely IMO... Then comes the Browns, whom against we should have a good shot, especially if we can get healthy by that time. 3-4. The rest is managable. L from the Chiefs and the Colts seems to be locks to me, but the rest is winable. 10-6, 9-7 is quite managable IMO, if the D shows some life and Gruden and Carr can get back to the week 1 and 2 form with a more healthy roster.
  5. Because we need a chain mover X to the outside and he is our best bet there. I wouldn't use him exclusively there, but most of the time, till we get Edwards back. I might overthink this here and we should keep using him like we did so far...
  6. Really tough game coming up. They are super hot, while we are super banged up and got a beating in NE recently. I think Gruden needs to be aggressive from the start, because Allen and Co. will put up numbers on this D for sure. I would probably use Waller as X, Agholor as Z, Renfrow as slot, Zay as the depth everywhere, Moreau as TE1 and Witten as TE2. Will Sam Young be ready? Will he be an upgrade over Good? Will Good move inside at LG then? Will he be an upgrade over Simpson after these RT games? Kwiat will be back? Can our D start to look like an NFL D?
  7. I would say it is more because the QB's/teams we faced rather then our strong play deep... J.Allen and Mahomes will tourch us and the numbers will look even worse...
  8. Good: Jacobs Bad: Injuries Ugly: Pass rush playcalling/approach by our coaches
  9. I think we need to puch that DL in the mouth early and often. Let's get phisical with them, we have the size, strenght to do so IMO. I think we could be able to run on them, especially to the outsides. Let Tahir and Shaq think about run support, so then we can slice up that young secondary with accurate middle of the field passing stuff and some deep bombs On defense we need to double, maybe even tripple CMC most of the time. Limit him as much as we can. Don't let their superstar player beat us. Make Teddy beat us with his arm.
  10. We get into the PO as a wildcard team, then got lucky, because the Chiefs and the Ravens áré on the other "side" together, so we march till the AFC Championship game, where Mahomes and Reid finnish our season...
  11. I didn't really liked Grudens hire at first. So far he didn't proved me wrong in my eyes and I highly doubt any coach can be successfull after he was not successfull by his 3rd season. Show me a successfull NFL HC, who was not in the PO by his 3rd year!
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