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  1. I would like to grab an offensive guy, who is working under defensive HC right now. I don't want to find out the hard way that a guy like Bienamy or Leftwich only looks good now because of their HC and superstar QB. Guys like Daboll, Brady or Lombardi are running their own offense and because of this I would feel good about them implementing a quality O system with us. Daboll runs his scheme, calls one of the best O in the league and developed Josh Allen into a star. He served under a few HCs, learned from Bellichek and Saban too. He would arrive from a well run organization and
  2. The thing is that while Mayock could be a solid GM, but he could easily be bad too. He was an unortodox candidate when Gruden named him and his prospect rankings where always strange early on. Then he get it right after he traveled the country an talked with the GMs, scouts. I would like to get a true traditional GM after a deep search.
  3. Carr with that last year on his deal could be a solid option for the new GM/HC. If they can grab a good rookie great, they can sit him a bit, if the draft falls other way they still have a solid veteran, so they don't need to panic.
  4. I'm really not sure about keeping Mayock...matter of fact I would welcome a new GM. I would like to see a true, professional GM search during the season and jump the other teams to grab the best GM. I would look at the good drafting teams, teams with good, healthy organizational structures. Then I would let my GM do the HC search. Mark Davis hired JDR and Gruden, so I think the team would be in better hands if the new GM would choose his HC. I want a true, old school structure, where the GM hires the HC, where the GM deals with the draft and roster stuff and the HC deals with f
  5. If/when Gruden is let go I think Mark needs to get some help and hire a true and quality GM, then he should let that guy work. Like he did with Reggie early on.
  6. Gruden should retire at the end of the season and Mark Davis should be thankful for that.
  7. I hated the pick up originally and now on the fire Cable train 100%
  8. It shouldn't be the OL coach's decision and responsibility. The HC and the GM should determine the roster and they should ultimately decide how much faith they put into a 38 year old guy and who they bring in behind him. Yeah they should, could ask the OL coaches opinion, but they should decide and therefore the blame os on them IMO.
  9. Team should be laser focused and if they prepare right and execute, they should be able to get that W. The Miami OL is bad, so our new D should be able to rush the passer and force mistakes, hopefully turnovers. While the Miami DB's are good, I think as long as Carr keeps this up he can work them in the middle of the field. Would be sweet if Jacobs could return, so we could have some running game too
  10. Drake has his role and his dedicated packages. Gruden might just stick to that and use Barber as the hammering ram. Than again it could be just a HC sayin stuff to make the DC guessing more before the game.
  11. Hey! Thanks a lot for sharing your point of view! I'm looking forward to a great, injury free game!!
  12. We will see I guess. The Ravens running game is not a traditional one for sure, so it could be missleading.
  13. Bradley's scheme is quite different now. With Bosa and Ingram he used the 4T less and less and with the Crosby-Yannick duo we will also use that less. Ferrell, Thomas or Massive could play that role and will do so in certain situations, but that is not the base, core of our D now.
  14. Against a pretty good Bills DL. I think that interior is solid, Harris is a quality RB and we could struggle. That's all I'm saying.
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