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  1. FA 2020

    Trevathan is solid I wouldn't touch a Pats LB Klein is trash Kendricks (Mychal) could worth a look, but not a sure thing IMO Cory Littleton is a guy I would check Joe Schobert might worth a look too Overall the LB UFA pool will be weak...again I think we need a strong rookie early to grow with Morrow...Whitehead and Compton might be solid as veteran presence, Lee could return as ST/depth
  2. The Jon Gruden Thread, Man

    I eat some crow...I thought he is not a good O coach anymore...right now it seems like he still has it. We have now few great plays in every game on offense. He seem to turn the O around. I just hope he will let Mayock do his thing with the personel, because Gruden clearly sucks at that job It will be interesting to see how much patience he has with PG...PG is having a pretty bad year after an awful year. Will he get a 3rd year with some actual playmakers to prove himself like Cable this year?
  3. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    My "only" issue is I can't really see the coaching staff as one who can put the pieces together effectively
  4. FA 2020

    We would need to finish this year strong IMO and then with the Nevada tax we could be a solid destination point to FA's...
  5. Around The League V.2

    AJ Green will be an UFA after this season, so I would trade nothing for him. Go out and get him as a FA, if he is healthy and he wants to be here too. Same with Andrew Billings I would consider trading for them: 1. William Jackson #1CB, who fits PG's scheme. Would cost a lot trade and contract wise too... 2. Geno Atkins Great fit and would give us a game changer up front. His salary is ok, but I guess his trade price tag will be pretty high... 3. Dre Kirkpatrick Fits our scheme and has a solid salary, could be a good pair to Conley, but if Mullen can develope enough by the end of this year we might not need a #2 via trade 4. Shawn Williams Could be a solid pair to Abram IMO, he seems to be struggling under the new DC so far...
  6. Week 4: Bounce back?.. Raiders @ Colts

    Most probably they will just run over us with that OL...
  7. Chiefs @ Raiders Week 2 GDT!!

    I think that was more Andy taking away his leg from the gas pedal...he and Gruden goes way back...
  8. Chiefs @ Raiders Week 2 GDT!!

    My biggest issue to date is that out coaches can't adjust... If the original plan is working, we can be good, but when we need to adjust we struggle...
  9. Chiefs @ Raiders Week 2 GDT!!

    Same here... Can't really see how can we stop them, so Carr&Co needs to deliver big time, to keep the pace and then hopefully with good strategy we can win, but I would be glad with a well played, close game regardless of the outcome. Jones and Clark will provide a good test for our OL for sure...
  10. Roster cut downs

    How does any average back up QB help his team win games? I mean let us wait and see what happens at QB. I can't really see we keep 4 QBs and while I would just keep 2 myself, I can be OK with 3. That 1 roster spot is really not the difference between a PO team and a non PO team.
  11. 2019 Hard Knocks: Oakland Raiders

    I totally agree with you! Also I see a bit of good cop (Gruden) bad cop (Mayock) in this AB situation...seems like they are really on the same page and that GM-HC synergy is huge IMO.
  12. Around The League V.2

    He wants D.Lawrence money...I say pass...
  13. Roster cut downs

    Josh Mauro is a big strong base DE, who is stout against the run and if really needed can move inside in nickel, dime packages a bit. Ethan Westbrook is a small DT/UT, who is soft against the run and can offer a bit as a pass rusher, however he played with Aaron Donald and Brockers for his hole carrier and also with Suh last year, so his sack number is inflated for sure. He is really just a depth, TC guy IMO. Corey Liguet has a lot better chance to make the 53, while Mauro seems like a lock as run stopping DE. He might end up being our starter accross Ferrell or just a rotational guy if Key can win the staff over, but anyway I expect to see lots of Mauro against the run and no Westbrook on the 53 at all.
  14. Raiders Offense Thread:

    Middlekauff (who is not a Raiders homer) think our O has the potential to be really good. https://theathletic.com/1153576/2019/08/22/middlekauff-with-antonio-brown-drama-mostly-over-the-pressure-on-the-raiders-expensive-offense-really-begins/?source=dailyemail He sees some blue chip guys and some impact starters on paper, he likes our WR and RB groups and think Carr and the OL can have a good year. Carr and the OL are the questions and they walk hand in hand IMO. With that said Carr needs to really show up this year or he could lose his job not just the Cable guy...
  15. 2019 Raider Depth Chart Thread

    Every beatwriter so far seems to be sure about Mauro as our base LDE. Last year we used Granda Rucker because he was a steady option against the run. I still expect him to be safe as a 53 lock. With that said Key showed a lot more against the run and also as a rusher this year so far, so he definately could eat in his playing time. I think if Key can show up we will see Ferrell and Key as the pair more and more as the season goes on and Mauro could stick as a run down guy.