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  1. Mike Mayock recent interview with Pascal suggest that we keep adding talent around Carr
  2. Pick is in, #106 - DE Maxx Crosby

    While Crosby was a great great pick in the 4th and he looks like a real find and a future starter, possibly future impact starter, but he is not there with the big dogs yet. Crosby had 45 total pressures, 11 sacks, 5 hits, 29 hurries, 4 FF's, 26 tackels. The top 10 guys in pressure all get 70+, so there is room to grow there for sure. His 11 sacks are trully great and he is tide for the 14th spot on the sack list, which is insane from a 4th rounder rookie. The top 10 in hits all are 15 or more, his 5 is not a big number. The top 10 in hurries all are 45+, his 29 is good for #39. He is tied at 4 with his 4 FF, which is again crazy good. His 26 tackle is good for the 39th spot. He had a great rookie year, especially as a 4th rounder, but he is not yet with the big dogs. His pressure-sack ratio is not sustainable IMO, he needs to have more pressure to be consistently an 10+ sack guy. Obviously if Ferrell can step his game up big time on the other side that could help Crosby's case too with pressures, hurries and sacks. Interior pass rush would help both of them out. That is why I would like to see an impact FA DT addition.
  3. Raiders to re-sign G Denzelle Good (One-year deal)

    Seems like a strong depth deal, not quite the starter in Gabe's place deal to me... I guess we will rock the same starting 5 with Good, James and Sharpe as depth
  4. FA 2020

    To me Armstead seems more like base DE, nickel DT, so I would pass for that price. Jones would be a guy, whom I would go after hard, not sure about Leo. Since he was/is a Raiders fan, maybe we can have him for a better price/value, but is he good enough to really help? Hargraves from the Steelers would be my first tier 2 choice is Jones is not available. JPP could be an insteresting signing...would he come here to back up/rotate or would he look for a starting gig? Campbell has the tackels, but has brutal PFF grade too. Is he good? Vonn Benn is another short S, I believe Gruden already said that Joyner is moveing back to safety, so we have our pair to Abram in house... Alexander could be a good NCB for us...
  5. WR Stats who should we get?

    Higgins at 19 after Simmons at 12 you say? Clemson Raiders baby
  6. Mock Offseason Thread:

    Armstead played mostly DE for the 49ers, why would most want to get him to play DT? He had few bad seasons then he has a good one on a stacked DL at DE and we wanna throw crazy money at him to play DT on a weaker line...sounds risky to me... Give me Hargraves instead and rotate him with Mo...
  7. FA 2020

    According to spotrac they have 21M now. They can easily free up 18M (Watkins, Erving) Chris Jones is the only real important guy among their 2020FAs, so I highly doubt that they let him walk. They will tag him pretty quickly IMO.
  8. Raiders to re-sign G Denzelle Good (One-year deal)

    Money will be telling... The one year deal could mean prove it deal as a starter, but that could also mean he didn't wanted to sign as a depth guy for more... Then again if I think about it...why would he sign a deal to stick as back up before the FA period...why not test the market and come back after there is no starter offer out there... With that said it might be the prove it starter deal, so Gabe could be on the trading block like KO last year...
  9. Let me spark some conversation based on your list! Draft: -Jordan Love has great upside, but the risk is also pretty high. Colts are right behind us at 13 and with Brissett on roster for 2020, they really seem to be a solid landing spot for Love. Solid roster overall, quality O HC and system and a similar stop gap veteran QB in place. Ballard already came out that they will look really heavily into the QB position. Unless they sign Brady (if he leaves NE, which I doubt), they will have to draft a QB to back those words up. I think Love is a strong possibility for them, so I would say we have to take Love at 12, if we really think he can be the answer. -Justin Herbert seems to go TOP 10 right now (based on media hype) and QB's usually only go up after/around combine. If he is there at 12 and we think he can be our guy, we can pull the trigger I guess. -I wouldn't want us to move up for Tua and it is not really about Tua or his injuries and injury history. It is about our current state as a team. We have too many holes to go all in on a rookie QB. -Jacob Easton seems like a risky pick, but I will say it again that if Gruden and Mayock think highly enough of him, we could move up in the second and grab him. Same with Fromm, whom seems to be a system driven game manager to me (based on reports only), so I wouldn't touch him personally. I would like to keep Carr around if we want to draft a young guy. It makes no sense to me to ship Carr, get in a veteran, who will struggle with Gruden's playbook. You keep Carr try to build some momentum with an improved record and then make the switch in 2021. With that said they should also take a look at the 2021 QB class. If things go well (the defense improves, the offense improves) it will be harder to get a QB that year with less picks. Then again if/when you have a strong roster you can make a bold trade up for your QB, who can put you over the hump. Free Agency: As I said I'm not sure we should go the FA QB route, if we want to draft our QB of the future in these upcoming drafts. The only way I would go FA is if they think they can grab their QB for the next 5+ years via FA. Then you should go all in, trade Carr settle the back up spot and move forward in the draft to build up the rest of your roster. Tom Brady and Phillip Rivers immediately falls out for me, because of their age. Marcus Mariota falls out for me based on his track record in the NFL and I would be really really anxious about Teddy B too. If Gruden and Mayock can agree and say that Mariota or Teddy is their guy for the next 5 years and they go out and grab either one and then say hello to Carr I will be anxious, but on board. I mean we can't really be sure about anything from miles away and the team's success is mostly dependent from these two guys anyway, so if they come out and say that Teddy or Mariota give us the edge and he is the guy going forward I will try to accept it and root for him. Trade: I don't really think you can trade for your fr.QB and I think we should only trade for a QB if we think he will be our guy for multiple years. One could make an arguement that if we can trade away Carr for the same or more then we can make the move, but then again you would need a certainly higher quality guy to arrive IMO. -Alex Smith was good only under Andy Reid, so I wouldn't want him here in Carr's place without Reid. He also happens to be 35 and happens to be rehabbing after a brutal injury which was called by some as carrier ending or at least threatening. -Nick Foles was never really that good and it is also telling if the Jaxs move on after only one season and because of a late rounder rookie, who wasn't that great neither. Foles had his moments on strong Eagles teams with Reid and Pederson, but I wouldn't trust him to be better here for us, then Carr. His 2020 salary would be higher then Carr's and his DM in 2021 would be 10M higher, so he doesn't make any sense financially IMO. He is also already 30... With that said I think our only chance is either grab Teddy or maybe Mariota if the hole organization thinks that the new guy can be our QB for 5+ years or to draft one guy and keep Carr. The 3rd option is to keep Carr as the unquestioned starter without a rookie successor for 2020 and see what can the improved roster achieve with him. Here I'm not thinking about Carr magically becoming another QB, but to simply see what this roster and coaching staff can achieve with a conservative game manager type QB. If we hit the FA and the draft and then close down the 2020 season as a strong team, who clearly only lacks the QB to get to that contender level, then you can go all in on that 2021 QB class and then decide to keep Carr ala Alex Smith one more year or give the rookie the chance to start right away. Trevor Lawrence won't be available most probably for us even via trade if there is not a surprise team at #1, but possibly Justin Fields could be had after an aggressive trade up. Ehlinger, Mond and McDonald also seems to be interesting guys, so if there is no player at 12 whom you fall in love you can simply upgrade your roster and wait for 2021. With Gruden's contract they are not in a hurry to get the QB pick in, but even with that contract they have to get the right guy once they draft one.
  10. Season Highlights 2019

    With Joyner moving back to S wth that price tag I would imagine he will be the starter next to Abram. If this is the case I can't really see Karl back, since you don't want two 5'8 S in the back when you rock a 3 S look and anyway I think he would get somewhere an opportunity to start somewhere else. It is similar to Richard and Washington at RB...both of them are solid, but you only need one 5'8 change of pace back...
  11. Season Highlights 2019

    Interesting you put Karl Joseph in there, who might not be with the team going forward. Trayvon Mullen could have a nice HL IMO
  12. Random Raider Stuff

    With that contract it makes sense to bring him back. It also makes sense to put him back at S, since he suck at NCB. Hopefully he can compliment Abram well...
  13. Mock Offseason Thread:

    I throw a quick one out here: 2020 Mock offseason Cap space: 67,5M Cut: -Tyrell Williams DM: 0, saving: 11,1M -Tahir Whitehead DM: 1M, saving: 6,2M -Zay Jones DM: 0, saving: 1,3M -DeShone Kizer DM: 0, saving: 1,1M -Brandon Parker DM: 500K, saving: 600K -Marcell Ateman DM: 0, saving: 600K -Nick Nelson DM: 0, saving: 600K Cap after cuts: 89M Bring back: -Denzelle Good OG 2/9M -Dion Jordan DL 2/6M -DeAndre Washington RB 2/4M -Nathan Peterman QB low/orig. RFA tender 2M -Will Compton LB 1/1M -Nicholas Morrow LB 1/1M after not giving him an RFA tender All the ERFA guys at least till TC. Sieg, Leavitt, Doss, Carlson, Cotton, Hunt, Dorleant, Valoaga, Killings Cap around 73M FA market: -Robby Anderson WR 4/48M -Anthony Harris S 4/48M -Corry Littleton LB 3/42M -Darqueze Dennard CB 3/30M -Jarran Reed DT 2/12M Cap around 19M before the draft Draft: 1.12 Henry Ruggs WR Alabama 1.19 Kenneth Murray MLB Oklahoma 3.80 best LB/CB/WR 3.81 best LB/CB/WR 3.92 best LB/CB/WR/RB 4.111 best LB/CB/WR/RB 7.204 K QB: Carr, Peterman RB: Jacobs, Washington, rookie FB: Ingold TE: Waller, Moreau, Carrier WR: Anderson, Ruggs, Renfrow, rookie, Doss, returner UDFA OL: Miller, Incognito, Hudson, Jackson, Brown, Sharpe, Good, James, Hunt DL: Ferrell, Hankins, Reed, Crosby, Jordan, Hall, Hurst, Key LB: Littleton, Murray, Compton, Morrow, rookie, rookie CB: Mullen, Dennard, Joyner, Johnson, Nixon, rookie S: Abram, A.Harris, E.Harris, Leavitt, rookie P: Cole K: Carlson, rookie LS: Sieg
  14. FA 2020

    That is what I think too! Worey has solid ball skills, he has a good mindset and good size, but he is slow to be a good outside CB. His tackling is a questionmark, but he could be a solid TE guard/S/DB hybrid. The price has to be right tho...
  15. NYRaiders Mock Offseason V 1.5

    I remember he wanted to go to a winning team. We are not that yet... Kizer wasn't here in TC, so he didn't had a chance. Mariota was benched and Tanny played far far better...Not good resume... But you could be right and I wouldn't have issues if we go this way...