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  1. Nah. He is a slow possession only guy and since we have Williams and Edwards at that spot with a lot better speed and athleticism I highly doubt Ateman can get a spot.
  2. Try to light the mood up a bit here guys I really like the Collins-Hurst-Hankins trio at DT. I think they will rotate and eat up almost all of the snaps inside. Nassib and Ferrell might also see some action there. I also really like the Ferrell-Crosby-Nassib trio at DE, obviously with the expected jump from Ferrell, but we must expect that from the 1\4. Key can also be a solid rotational help. I see that the LB depth is an issue at first look, but don't forget we will play 4-2-5 most of the time. That is our base rather then the 4-3. Our DB depth looks really solid on paper, so overall I don't share your big depth concerns! I hope I'm right here
  3. Most NFL Draft talking head started to talk about how the CB position could be a surprise, since the second tier is super close and will come down to team preferences...they tried to save their faces, but ultimately they were right...there were some surprises and Arnette was the first domino in that game... I absolutely crossed him from "my board" with that reported speed and reach to us, but I guess we were wrong on the speed and they liked his technique and mindset, build up a lot. I can take it and now I wanna see him develope and be good! After the Mullen pick last year I have some faith in MM's eyes when it comes to CB...
  4. I just find it crazy to talk about our '21 needs now with so many moveing parts and question marks... You say S? What if Abram rocks the league and Randall seems like a quality FS? Then our S room with them and Harris+Heath will be among the best in the NFL... You say DT? What if Collins and Hurst emerges as one fo the better pass rushing DT duos? You say LB? If Cory and Kwia can be as good as we hope, that position will be in great shape You say OG? What if Gabe finally stays healthy and plays like he can? What if Richie has another in the tank? You say QB? What if Carr shows in year 3 that he can be everything we once hoped for? Makes pretty much no sense to me to talk about our needs next year right now...
  5. I think there will be a serious competition between Lee and Morrow for that 3rd base LB spot. Ideally Lee runs with it as a base SLB, but he is far from a sure thing... The rest seems to be spot on to me...maybe Randall can slip, but I think he will get a good chance to win the starting job.
  6. With Muse the ceiling is pretty high and the good thing is that while his football floor might be pretty low (IMO) he has great ST potential, so his overall floor is solid. With that said I still think he was a reach
  7. Rolni

    FA 2020

    I'm not sure about that. Obviously we can't see him at practice and his mindset, his effort, but based on game tape he doesn't belong to an NFL team as an OT IMO and with his height it might be difficult to move inside... The way his stance showed our pass/run games in his rookie year was alarming and he looked horrible last year when he get the chance. Sharpe easily beated him out and that guy is not more than a swing OT. We can say that Parker can be a solid depth guy, but that is only ok if he is on the bench. If he needs to step in and play, we will suffer...
  8. Rolni

    FA 2020

    Yeah he is big and long, but that's it...He is not an athletic freak like Bruce Campbell was.
  9. Rolni

    FA 2020

    How? Based on what?
  10. Rolni

    FA 2020

    I really don't see DT and S depth as questionable. We have multiple guys az either spots with starting experience and to me both units seem to be deep and bakancs. Whether we have quality NFL starting duos there is the question to me. LB is also pretty solid IMO as a unit on paper. I again have some question marks how good our high priced starting duo will be, but the depth seems to be solid IMO. I would love to see Parker off the team, but not sure there is real OT depth out there...a guy J.Peters would want to start...
  11. Rolni

    FA 2020

    He shower nothing when he played and I guess his mindset, motor etc was not Grudock style enough...
  12. That could be an issue with Carr too IMO.
  13. We will see what happens to his targets, but we could expect heavy numbers after the Ruggs pick up IMO. Check the Chiefs team...Hill is not their leading reciever yards wise...Kelce is. If Gruden can really stretch the field with Ruggs and Williams on the outside, we should be really dangerous. Since Carr will have good RBs to work the LOS area and the LB's will have to keep an eye for that, Waller could have another really strong year in the middle of the field. His size and speed is such a mismatch and if they can't double him, because of the outside speed...look out!
  14. I recently heard a podcast interview with T.Kelce and he said that T.Hill's speed is what elevates the Chiefs offense. Obviously Pat is a stud and all... I think that is the logic behind the Ruggs pick. We already had Waller, Williams and Renfrow and we needed that speed element most to really elevate the hole group. Then if someone actually check Ruggs play he will see, what you said. He can be a really good get for Carr with his experience on slants and crossing routes and with his sure hands. Then he will run go's for sure to strech the D... Williams and Ruggs are 2 guys, who can really get down, so the opposing Ss will have to really stay deep IMO, that will really open it up for Waller, Moreau, Renfrow, Bowden, Richard, JJ... Carr and Gruden will have to put some long bombs into the playbook and really use them to be effective, but last year, when Williams was healthy he and Waller had some deep grabs from Carr, so I have some confident in this plan.
  15. Booker has a lot better chance to get cut, then Richard IMO. If Bowden looks good as a runner from the RB spot, I think Booker can be afraid more then anyone.
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