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  1. Interesting since he will be UFA after the season. Maybe they wanna give him a chance to heal and then ask for a low prove it year, deal for 2021
  2. Are we sure about this? Maybe it was all BB, cause the Lions D stinks since he is there...
  3. After this long on the Covid list I think he will need a few weeks to get back into football shape, especially if he ate badly...
  4. He needs to be the starter IMO. Obviously if he is healthy enough...we need to see what we have in him. Most probably a rotational DT, but we need to know.
  5. Same here. When there is no blown coverage or bad (mostly too soft) D playcall our DBs seem to be close on them recievers. We have speed and it seems to me that we have some swagg back there, which is good. If the pass rush were alive and our DBs wouldn't need to cover forever, we could have a really solid, young secondary IMO. Kwia really looks like a good MLB and while our OLB play is below average, overall the LB play seems to be servicable and would be servicable for sure with better DL play. DL continues to be a mess and this Chiefs game showed IMO, that Ferrell is one of the most important piece we have. He is a force against the run and the most constant guy from the outside when it comes to pressure too. Yes Crosby has the sacks and the occasional big play, but Cle is the constant guy. It is sad how big a hole we have at 3T DT and it is a huge question what happened to Collins and also where is Hurst? Hankins is a really good NT, but we need interior pass rush so so much. Irving maybe will help down the road and hopefully Hurst can finally come back, but we can say that we desperately need a force in the middle and Grudock missed on Collins big time, which could cost us a year basically, cause this O seems to be able to make some noise in the PO (if we get there), but with a D like this we have little chance there... A star DE would obviously help, but I feel like DT is our biggest need right now. Leonard Williams might be a solution, but it is doubtfull he makes to the open market after the NYG tagged him following a weaker 2019 season. Most probably he gets a big deal there and we will have to draft our DT. Which sucks because DT is not a position where you get great results from rookies tipically...the good news is that I think we will have a chance to get a rellay good kid in the mid-late 1st for us
  6. Really a must win game. We need to get the W to stay in the PO race. Gruden knows Morris well and with Takk we got their playbook too, so that could help in preparation. Both offenses look good on paper, but I think we have an edge here. Falcons is better in yards per game, but only with 12yards. We are a lot better in 3rd down conversion % (actually we are the best in the league). Our rushing attack is a lot better then theirs 134yards VS 101yards / game. Their passing yards / game is higher by 45 yards on average, so there they have a clear edge, however they might not have JJ and that can be a huge difference. We have more TD passes / game. We have more points / game. Ryan is sacked almost twice as much as Carr / game. Both defenses are struggling, but we might have an advantage here again. The two teams give up basically the same amount of points to their opponents so far. We give up a little less yards / game. Their 3rd down D (8th in the league) is a lot better then ours. They have a top 10 run D with 106,5 yards / game, while we are at 12 with 112,2 yards / game. They give up less run TDs / game, but their average is at 1,1 and we win when JJ has a rushing TD We give up less passing yards / game, which says a lot about their pass D which is 31st right now. They have a bit more sacks / game then we, but their 1,7 average is still low, so it probably won't be a sack happy game. Neither QB throws lots of INTs and they fumble less then us, so most probably it won't be a high turn over battle. I think their D is a good fit for us and we should win this one fairly easy if there are no breakdowns. We should be able to control the game clock and put up points regularly. Our D will give up lots of yards IMO, but we should be able to held them under Carr&Co. in points.
  7. Derrick Ansley could be a DC option IMO. He did really wel as DB coach under Gruden and went on to be college DC, so now he has DC experience and the connection too...who knows?
  8. Abram is a first rounder S, who should be able to play that role well enough. I mean if he would have been in place and would forced a contested catch and Kelce would have win it it is another story and not his fault, but to leave his zone like this is on him. We run that same coverage before in that game and he made the right play and went with the TE, Mahomes had to go elsewhere...he just wanted to be a superhero and made a dumb reckless decision...
  9. Overall Abram is a great energy guy and he has 1 or 2 tone setting hit per game, but his coverage is a liability so far and his penalities start to be too much for me... He needs to study film more and he needs to get better in coverage. He is a hard worker and this is his rookie year basically, so I have faith in this regard. He needs to mature some and stop hurting his team with these penalities...I hope someone will talk with him about it...a guy like C-Wood would be valueable in a time like this as a veteran leader...
  10. Good: -we put up a fight and the SB Champs and one of the best team this year had to give it all to win -Carr looked really good, really comfortable -Waller looked good -OL held up in pass protection pretty well Bad: -the D -the drops Ugly: -Abram on that last TD play in cover -Abram with another stupid penalty I'm excited for our O. I'm excited for our new D-Coord. I really hope someone will do something about Abram's stupid penalties.
  11. I don't wanna be the pessimistic guy here, so I shut up...
  12. I think he is sarcastic There is no real difference sadly, which is odd a bit to me, since Rod was a very well regarded D coach for a long time...
  13. I agree with you, but I can't see how would it be a better option to switch up 2 positions on the OL instead of just one. Good seems to find his footing at LG, so he should stay there, he was not a good RT, so why don't use him at LG, where he seems to be better and keep most of the OL together to have continuity. Deal with the weak RT spot and go forward til TB is back. Gruden is the HC/O guru, let him decide how he wants to help the RT out...I mean he gets that big dope for things like that right?
  14. I think you guys are selling continuity a bit short. It is a really important thing especially with OL, so I guess Good is staying at LG until Richie is back, so at least our LT-RG line is good and have continuity. It is easier to help out the RT with TEs, FB and play calling then to deal with a new LG and a new RT again. I would put Parker in there at RT, would give him TE help against the fast EDGE guys and move forward...
  15. Good hard fought win on the road against a better record, which will/could be crucial in the PO hunt. Great job!
  16. Yeah, but is it enough? I mean it would be nice to have real aggression...I get that that is a double edge sword, but when you have a D like ours, you have to be aggressive on O, if you really play to win IMO!
  17. So we should air it out more? We should be more aggressive with our passing approach? We should pass a lot more deep? Sounds like a solid plan, but as long as we have an ultra conservative run first, play not to loose HC, playcaller we won't go there...
  18. Sounds good on paper, but when you dump that many guys, you will have a new roster and then because of the turn over you will struggle again... Let this season go down first IMO. Mariota seems like an easy cut, but if they want to draft a new QB day 1, then they maybe keeping Mariota as a stop gap rather then have the unhealthy situation? with Carr and his replacement... Trent is a popular cut candidate right now, but what if he comes back for the last 10 games and dominates, like he did last year? Then you might try to twist his deal, but definately won't cut him IMO. If Edwards looks like a legit X, then Williams is a no brainer cut. If Amik looks competent, then you can cut Joyner. If Good continues to play good football, then you can think about dumping Gabe for Good IMO. Jalen is still a solid 3rd down back, since Bowden flamed out, we might wanna keep him around. Heath sofar showed nothing, but he is a new guy in this system, so maybe we could give him some time... If Simpson grows enough then you can encourage Richie towards retirement, but so far we might be better with the veteran on his last year with Simpson as depth.
  19. Can they? Bills, Chiefs, Tampa is coming up. This injured against that J.Allen led Bills I can't really seeing that W. Chiefs are on another planet and the Bucs just getting to gel... 2-4 is more likely IMO... Then comes the Browns, whom against we should have a good shot, especially if we can get healthy by that time. 3-4. The rest is managable. L from the Chiefs and the Colts seems to be locks to me, but the rest is winable. 10-6, 9-7 is quite managable IMO, if the D shows some life and Gruden and Carr can get back to the week 1 and 2 form with a more healthy roster.
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