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  1. The Bears looks like a car that is stuck on neutral and many times even on reverse. Nagy has zero how to run a reliable offense and never established an identity for this offense. The run game looks solid at times but the passing game needs an identity. One thing is for certain that the Offensive Coordinator we pair with Fields will be paramount in the future. Nagy failed because he's trying to drive a Ferrari when he actually has a Honda. Not the same caliber of players as Andy Reid's offenses but still capable in their own right. Never tailored an offense fit for the players. Ev
  2. First throw of the day, overthrown ball led to int. Jeesh this team will refuse to catch a break.
  3. Agree to the fact that A-Rob simply isn't cutting it. We need to upgrade at the position and upgrade big. I also wouldn't mind a DJ Chark to help stretch the field or even Courtland Sutton with his diverse route tree. Even though Robinson is solid, he really isn't of much use aside from the occasional first down. We really need a vertical threat or a target with some size. In the Red Zone, we don't have enough targets aside from Kmet. Also, we lack the pass catching ability from the running back position. It sure is a far cry from having a Matt Forte that can challenge the other team with
  4. That being said, I'm also feeling the impact of losing Kyle Fuller when we're being demolished by these teams. We need some retooling all across the board. The good news about this is that we were able to draft a QB this offseason, so it was going to be a couple of rebuilding years from the start.
  5. As an organization, I feel we are in well over our heads. We are a .500 team if being generous. We simply were overmatched coming off an embarassing Packers loss and didn't have the morale to even score a TD. We still have a ways to go before we can even implement a cogent offense like a better offensive line. Even then we still lack the offense to even score points. The way I look at it, we will take another2-3 of drafting/free agency before we can even make any noise. I'd say fire Nagy and get a fresh new college coach in the model of Sean McVay for our organization going fo
  6. This team needs a lot of TLC starting with the offensive line. Can't even hold a clean pocket for 3 seconds sheesh! 😆
  7. With the salary he's going to command in the offseason, his talent has yet to produce the results. I'd say we focus on getting a Godwin, Sutton, or DJ Chark this offseason.
  8. The highest I'll have rated Robinson was at an Isaac Bruce level when at St. Louis. He's never shown he can be the alpha level wide receiver at any scheme.
  9. I actually believe that our defense has better matchup vs Bucs as opposed to the Packers. Both phenomenal QBs but A-Rods athleticism is what makes it a Trump Card in the matchup.
  10. We need more weapons! WE NEED MORE WEAPONS! Im ready to pound the gravel and call for our leadership. This offseason we need emphasize getting a WR like Courtlland Sutton or DJ Shark. Our field of play is so limited, we might as well be playing football in 1940 with **** Butkus. What we need is a modernization of our offense and it starts in the tranches and works out into our receiving threats.
  11. If A-Rod owns us, then I'll say Brady owns Rodgers.
  12. Fields is proving to have the superior arm talent compared to Trubisky.
  13. What the league has figured out is scoring points against the Chiefs. Their defense is soft and it is easy to out physical this team.
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