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  1. He seems to be more of the speed rushing type. If he could add more power to his game he could take his ability to the next level.
  2. This move is OK. If all things fails just draft a QB in the 1st round of 2021 draft and sit him while Foles plays. We needed a serviceable QB in the meantime.
  3. Signing Graham was a mistake. This team is in desperate need of an infusion of youth at the position. We need players that are young and hungry. Thumbs up on the other moves though. Overall: 8/10 Postscript: Our Offensive Line still needs addressing.
  4. It just shows how hard it is to play in the NFL. You see guys like Calvin Johnson and Andrew Luck retiring in their early 30s and you realize that longevity is not a given no matter the physical attributes.
  5. People also seem to forget the influence of Marshawn Lynch. Before Russell Wilson developed into the QB he is today, it was Beast Mode that gave their team the physical identity to devastate opponents on offense. I think people are devaluing the importance of the Running Back position due to the longevity. These guys are getting tackled 20-30 times a game which requires a certain amount of durability and stamina which is underrated. He didn't have much influence in the Superbowl Victory (which wasn't required because their defense pitched a perfect game) but he dominated NO and SF. And if they simply gave him the ball they would have repeated and maybe the Legion of Boom would not have disbanded. In today's league of pass happy offenses, passing the ball in a situation where your RB is dominating the game was a grave mistake that demoralized the franchise. Even though people feel RBs aren't worth their second contract, their value is still very important when they are on the field.
  6. Although people want to point at the lack of sack totals, offenses have gameplans designed around Mack whether it is pass pro and playcalling. I've noticed that the league leaders in sacks usually aren't the elite pass rushers in todays NFL. These are players that usually rack these sacks up beating one player at the LOS. I'd say that Von Miller is a player of similar talent to Mack and he only has 7 sacks. Hicks is the only other pass rusher on our team that is taking advantage of these matchups. Even though Danny T. is a good, solid player at this point having him on the team is a luxury. I'm fairly certain there will we many teams in the market that will offer him money that we can spend to improve our team elsewhere. Nick K has proven he's solid player that isn't as good vs. the run but he may be better vs pass. Prince is another player that we may need to cut. He's a solid player that will get work elsewhere easily but we need some youth at the position for the long term. He's also getting older and he's just getting gassed on some plays, I expect that to happen more often when he gets older.
  7. The problem is other than Robinson, we are in dire need of talent across the board on offense. Even though Lamar Jackson is having a great year, you have to take a look at the personnel moves that the Ravens have made to build around their young QB. By drafting 2 TEs in the 2018 they really took a concerted effort to upgrade the position, notably by drafting Mark Andrews in the 3rd. You also add in an explosive playmaker in Hollywood Brown and they just dominate other teams with their combination of speed with Lamar and Brown and power with their offensive line and Mark Andrews. The Ravens along with the 49ers are one of the few teams that actually utilize a fullback. When these teams trot out these offensive sets they are able to physically dominate teams with a weak front 7. Football is a game of matchups and even though I don't think they would put up too many points against us specifically, we have to design an offense to exploit the other teams weakness while using our strengths. The truth is offensively we have no identity. Other than Allen Robinson there is no player that we can consistently count on. In today's NFL one playmaker is not enough to win games. They can just double him on key third downs and goal line situations. This is why top tier WRs like Julio Jones aren't racking up 15+ TDs a year. We have a great defense and they are playing surprisingly well considering how long they are on the field due to our inconsistent offense. Of course we need to consistently fine tune personnel so we don't experience the falloff like we did when Urlacher, Briggs, Tillman, and Peppers left our team in a relative short amount of time. But I feel that we have a good core of players on defense to win a championship in the near future. The problem is that when you play in the same division of an Aaron Rodgers caliber QB, our QB is always going to look bad. Mitch is a solid QB but that simply isn't good enough for our team. However, we are a little hamstrung to upgrade the position this offseason due to our lack of first round pick. So our best bet is to upgrade other positions and go all in on the 2021 QB class.
  8. Expecting the refs to give us a penalty. They don't even call blatant face mask calls vs us.
  9. This, I'm sick of this thinking that one or two players is going to make us contenders. As bad as Mitch is playing, our offense is terrible on all fronts. Our QB play is below average, our offensive line is so terrible we aren't able to establish any rhythm on offense and the running lanes are nonexistant, and we are lacking explosive weapons to score enough points. There might be a throw here and there that Mitch is missing but we need more explosive weapons. We need guys to get wide open on every play if given the right amount of time. We need to upgrade our offense massively if we ever want to contend with the good teams. Vs our division rival 6 points in two games isn't going to cut it. When opposing teams see the Packers look like the '85 Bears everytime they face us, very little scheming needs to be done by opposing defensive coordinators when we face other teams. To win vs a talented QB like Rodgers we have to be able to put up +25 points in a competitive game not racking up garbage stats in a blowout. Sometimes the best defense is a good offense, especially when we aren't able to have sustained drives which end up in points. You can argue that we have ZERO cornerstone players on offense. Allen Robinson is playing great but he can be eliminated with double coverage on big downs. We need players that command double teams and beat them. Even though I'd have Hunter Henry on top of the FA priority list since he addresses a major need at TE, I wouldn't mind taking a look at AJ Green. Even though he might not have had the best durability when he's on the field he plays like a top 5 WR in the league. He has made Andy Dalton look like a servicable QB for nearly 10 years. Imagine what this offense can do with a 6'4'' possesion receiver like him. Even with little time in the pocket, with his catch radius and physicality he could be a big threat.
  10. Our team has to run such a simple, conservative offense because our offensive line is simply terrible. Hard to blame Mitch when were getting our butts kicked in the trenches.
  11. Clean hit by Patterson but GB get the flags, just another day in the office.
  12. I think this team absolutely needs to draft an OT with one of our second round picks. Our team is definitely lacking talent at the position and if you want a guy with talent you're going to have to spend a pick in the first 3 rounds. The only reason Leno and Massie are starting is because nobody else on our teams deserves to start at tackle. With that we are a Bottom 5 team in both Passing and Running. After QB, OT is a position that very few organizations have let their player depart unless they are getting up there in age which makes it almost impossible to address this need via free agency. With our team, both of our OT positions are in need of upgrade. However, finding a day 1 starter at the LT position is going to be tougher due to the steep learning curve of being on the blindside. So were going to need to find a guy that can start immediately at RT or a swingtackle that can earn his starting position at LT within a year. Of those TEs listed, I definitely think that Hunter Henry is a FA that is worth the risk. With Kelce and Kittle being on the top tier, Henry is a player with the talent to be just below those two on the Ertz level. If we want to shortcut the TE development period, we will need to address this need via free agency. I also wouldn't mind getting Hooper but I think his ceiling is way below Henry's.
  13. The way it shakes out with 32 teams, it is pretty much optimally set up with 8 total divisions. I see no problem with a division winner getting a playoff spot because each division has common schedules. However, I do think that winning your division shouldn't guarantee a top 4 seed. I believe that even if you don't win your division, if your record is good enough you could get as high as the second seed if your record is good enough similar to how it is in the NBA as of late. I'm also surprised with how successful NFL has been in recent history, there hasn't been more talks of the NFL expansion. With the globalization in the 21st century and the NFL playing games in other countries, I'm sure there are some domestic and international markets that could be captured.
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