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  1. Bears sign David Montgomery to 4 year deal

    Even though our earliest pick was in the 3rd round, we still ended up with a potential player that can have great impact. Considering our roster doesn't have any significant holes and RB is an undervalued position, giving up that 1st round pick to get Mack wasn't that bad. I also don't know why Josh Jacobs was rated so highly and may have been a reach with the 1st round pick we gave up. He's never proven that he can carry the load as a Bellcow RB and he's had the unfair advantage of playing behind an Alabama offensive line. Unlike past GM's, Ryan Pace has shown that he is very stingy with draft picks. Most GM's don't hold too much value on mid to late round picks but Pace is very pragmatic with his decisions. He may not be right all the time, but you have to respect the thought process with his choices.
  2. Bears believe Clinton-Dix is an upgrade over Amos

    From a value perspective, having Clinton-Dix at his price-tag is a much better deal. With regards to talent, I think picking him up has the potential to make the game completely unfair if he's plays up to his potential. Here's my rank of last year's defensive starters ranked with regards to positional worth and player talent. 1) OLB1-Mack 2) FS-Eddie Jack 3) DE1-Hicks 4) CB1-Fuller 5) MLB1-Smith 6) MLB2-Trevathan 7) OLB2-Floyd 8) NT-Goldman 9) SS-Adrian Amos 10) CB2-Amukamara 11) DE2-Bullard This Defense was stacked. Adrian Amos was the type of player that wouldn't have a terrible game but in his best games wouldn't be a difference maker. With a collection of this talent, we don't need Clinton-Dix to be one of the best players. At his worst he'd be around the Amukamara range, but at his best he could be a top 4-6 player on this defense. We have a player with high upside and a decent backup in Bush incase he is a complete disaster. Last year we had the best defense in the league. This year we have the potential to have a historically great defense. I'm certainly satisfied with how things turned out.
  3. Roquan Smith ranks as a top-10 linebacker in the NFL

    Considering that he wasn't able to enter the league running with the contract dispute, he was a flat-out stud. He was able to show his skill in all aspects of defense including pass-rushing. Other than the Cowboys, the Bears might have the best middle linebacker duo in the NFL that can be liken to combo of P. Willis and N. Bowman in Frisco. If there was one skill that he could work on is being more consistent in the run game. One of the things that made Urlacher great was that during his time here we've really limited the other team on their running. Of course there was the occasional Adrian Peterson monster rushing game but we would really dominate the running game on defense.
  4. The Adam Shaheen Thread

    Right now I'm just going to say that we should just chalk him up as a bust. He really lacks the fluidity to do anything after the catch if he even manages that much. You can't really blame the line of thinking of setting your rookie QB with a nice big target for third downs and goal line situations by spending a 2nd round pick but Shaheen hasn't shown me anything that he can be even an average starting TE. If he surprises us that would be excellent, but I think it would be best to take the loss and move forward.
  5. 2019 Live Draft Chat

    I really liked the draft. I'm glad that Pace isn't going to back down from taking best players by drafting based on needs. It would've been nice to get an OL or Pass Rusher but can't argue with getting more weapons. Last year we were weak at WR so we added A-Rob, Gabriel and drafted Miller. This year we were weak at RB so he decided to make that a position of strength. It's going to be nice to have a stable of 1A-Montgomery and 1B-Cohen with a couple of guys fighting for touches and ready to plug in incase of injuries. This draft stabilized the position for the next 3 years. I also like the WR pick because the Steelers have shown by drafting a WR every year, if you hit on the pick it makes every miss worth it. With the departure of Fangio it's clear that the offense needs to carry a bigger load for our team.
  6. 2019 Live Draft Chat

    Seeing what has gone on in this draft, I'm feeling even more confident with the Khalil Mack trade. I really don't feel like we've missed out on anybody of note. I'd project us to have a 10-15 pick without him this year, and there isn't anyone that jumps out. Given that we were the best defensive team in the league in a defensive draft, somehow we've managed to steal Khalil Mack for a mediocre tailback in Josh Jacobs and a 1st round-2nd round switch in next years draft. Some Picks of note:: Even though media is crucifying OAK for picking Clelin Ferrell, I'm in the minority of looking at this guy and thinking this guy is a flat out stud to play DE in a 4-3. Most people are high on Josh Allen but I think his best position would be WILL on a 4-3 which most teams don't spend high draft capital. The Redskins might have been blessed by Destiny. I feel that them signing a mediocre QB in Alex Smith was one of the stupidest decisions a franchise can make. It probably is a blessing in disguise that he got injured. It raised up the necessity of picking a QB and you get Haskins fall in your lap, I can't think of a better scenario for team ailing at the QB position. The Patriots get their first stab at the best WR of the draft. Even though Marquise Brown was the first, he's more of a super-stud slot receiver and with the Pats getting their choice at WR, with N'Keal Harry, this could potentially be a dangerous pick. I will be looking out for this guy on my fantasy drafts.
  7. Pace; "We Need To Nail This Draft"

    Even with a 3rd round pick I'm excited to see what he can do with our mid to late round picks. He's shown he can hit on those at a fairly high rate while most GMs fail miserably.
  8. 2019 Bears: How will it go?

    Regular Season i think 10-6 is the most realistic. The problem with this team is that on offense there isn't a reliable weapon that we can count on week in and week out. Mitch was wildly inconsistent and needs to take steps forward to prove to be a franchise QB. Also on our receiving corps there isn't a single guy that can be relied upon on a given 3rd/4th down do or die play. The person I see the most upside for is Tarik Cohen with Matt Nagy given a complete off-season to build a scheme to fit a player with his unique skillset. The second and fourth quarters of this season will prove to be the toughest. To me what's most important is how well this team can perform in the playoffs. To me this will be shown by how well Mitch can perform in clutch situations. Also, if we can find a RB to fit our system it will help immensely. The biggest problem with our offense is that we lack a reliable target to move the chains. If Mitch had a Tight End ala Dallas Clark or Jason Witten it would really make his life easier making reads/progressions.
  9. AZ’s Trade Down Mock

    That looks good, but New England being as savvy as they are with their draft capital, I don't know if they would trade away three bodies for 1 for +8 positions in just the third round. However, I do think that Mike Weber could be a flat out stud in our offense. His combination of power and speed would make our offense dangerous. The problem with Howard was that he was too slow to create explosive offensive plays. I would see our offensive line open up some holes so large that Howard would get 5-8 yards instead of getting 15+. From what I've seen Howard would best be used on 3rd/4th and short or goal line situations. I'm glad we got rid of him but I'm pretty annoyed we didn't get a pick in this draft and the Eagles have a chance to get a compensatory pick. On another note, I also like the other OSU offensive weapon Parris Campbell (WR) but his ranking has risen up a lot to make that unrealistic. Right now here's what I'm thinking. 1st) Would like to pick another offensive weapon to truly make this offense click. This could be either RB, WR, or TE. At Running back we need someone with the skillset of power, but he needs to be able to catch screens and short passes to fit a Nagy system (boy would a Matt Forte do wonders for this team). I feel that at best we would be functioning as a 1A/1B type of system with someone being the thunder to Cohen's lightning.WR: I think the biggest need is a slot receiver that can gain separation on 7-15 yard crossing routes and stretch them for even bigger gains. A Julian Edelman mold ala Andy Isabella would be insane for this offense. I haven't been really looking at tight ends but a nice 3rd down target could do Mitch some wonders. 2nd) It would be nice to establish some depth at OLB. With Lynch and Floyd on one year deals, it would be nice to draft a dog ala Chase Winovich to keep our pass rushers fresh and also provide some depth if we don't resign Leonard Floyd going on. 3rd) As shown before not only do we have to look at this year but at our future. I feel that we need to look at two positions in particular: That are ILB and CB2. A smart team is always looking into the future, and for a team like the Bears that historically had success with linebackers we need to look there. We have Trevathan right now but with him being an unrestricted free agent we either need to find another Inside Linebacker to fit this 3-4 system or a WILL linebacker to provide some versatility to our defense (which could be had at great value ala Lance Briggs,, Darrius Leonard, or Navorro Bowman) who we could plug in as our secondary ILB. For our CB2 we need someone that can play press man coverage on physical, possession-type WRs. 4th) We really need to find physical talent to play backup swingtackle that could be groomed into either starting offensive tackle position over 2-3 years. As seen in the past, a poor offensive line could ruin an offensive scheme and being 4th it's entirely possible I''m underrating this position. 5th) SS. This is one of the toughest positions to draft in terms of value of position, but also requires very little draft capital. I really like how we got a secondary FS in Clinton-Dix for this year, but we need to find a thumper to provide use in the run game and match up with Tight Ends.