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  1. Shouldent the Rooney Rule be for white coaches....i mean the NFL is 80% Black...just askin
  2. Really ...when Waller was healthy last year and this year before he got hurt who was leading d the Raiders in every receiving category..our Zpro Bowl TE that's who..but I understand lol
  3. Dont even go there..grouping them together.. Waller was hurt and then was playing hurt ..and is SILL THE RAIDERS BEST PLAYER ON O..he was a game time decision ..played led team in receiving yards..
  4. How come nobody is talking about TE Foster..no catches..drops...whiffs on blocking..which has been his M.O most of the season
  5. What i see is a 2nd rd WR...no separation ..and thats playin for the most part sorry pack 10 CBs
  6. Great player???...5 sacks...WORST DE in the NFL vs the run...yeah hes great lol..should just be a 3rh down rush end
  7. Jeremy 408.. glad you know whats up lol
  8. Tannick Ngakue 1st Raider sincd ol #52 to have double sacks in back to back games...leads team in sacks...no1 in pressuring the QB..but on no pRaider Page are they talking about him...hmmm i wonder why...let Crosby cough and its on a Raider page
  9. Him are Crosby (just like he was last year) are HORRIBLE vs the run..can't hold the edge to save their lives...just sayin
  10. Probably didn't need it's own thread..but every time I think about it it pisses me off
  11. For me the main thing was all that draft capital that Gruden & Mayock wasted...5 prime 1st round picks that could have set the team up for years. oh well here we go again ..wash rinse..dry another start over..ps Mayock needs to also go
  12. Go to the Raiders team page..talks about Women...gays {or as he says Faggots lol}
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