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  1. Ok...so..this is my take
  2. Probably didn't need it's own thread..but every time I think about it it pisses me off
  3. For me the main thing was all that draft capital that Gruden & Mayock wasted...5 prime 1st round picks that could have set the team up for years. oh well here we go again ..wash rinse..dry another start over..ps Mayock needs to also go
  4. Go to the Raiders team page..talks about Women...gays {or as he says Faggots lol}
  5. Gruden called Goodell a F****t..damn..
  6. If Kentucky even scores it will be a gift
  7. Raiders 1st team in NFL history to beat 3 playoff teams in a row from previous season to start the next season
  8. ......One of these days.....we..meaning the Raiders.....will draft....A F%^&#$G LBer in the 1st round...not a safty and TRY TO PLAY HIM AT LBer..a real ..stud ..LBer
  9. With a Competent coach and a QB who is Athletic and is not scared like DeShaun Watson...well you know
  10. Will this ever end...HE SUCKED and was cut..come on guys let it go
  11. If you go back and look at what i have said since ive been on here you will see ive been right in what ive said....now me saying this im sure is shared with alot on here...as long as Carr good QB but does not have the moxie...heart...or the "Im going to kick your *** " way about him...or Gruden who all he has ever seemed to really care about is QBs..goes from 1 min trying to be a tough guy to always joking around trying to be funny {Players see through that phoney ****}..not being able evaluate talent..having total control... a Owner who cant see the forest for the trees...well you know
  12. lol lol...you're a new guy so i guess the board will let that slide
  13. Why would Perryman who has played in this system...was 2nd best grade of MLBers last year..be moved and not the LBer who Morrow HAD BEAT OUT Kick Kwiatkoski...well
  14. You guys have short memories..Both Gruden and Gunther last training camp said he wasen't impressive...and that White looked better...then he got hurt
  15. lol...ohh their he is...tried to tell you he sucks
  16. Like ive been saying on here since day 1...he was a bum but a certain poster on here kept yelling me "You dont know what you are talking about"..lol lol you know who you are
  17. Raiders have just signed former Raider LBer ...Marquel Lee
  18. The Raiders arent sayin much {Nothin New}...White from what i have seen written its might just be a knee sprain
  19. There is NO way Perryman is not the starter..if Morrow didn't get hurt Kwit probably would have bee cut
  20. The other 3 teams ..Chiefs..Chargers..Donkeys...have made cuts...Raiders...ahhh no..we have some organization
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