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  1. And the only reason he was starting was because of injuries
  2. Great point...people keep comparing Moehrig to Woodson..Woodson dident start playing safty until he COULDN'T play CB any more Moehrig is a natural safety..hes not converting from another position
  3. lol i dont understand this Muse talk...last training camp Javin Whiter clearly outplayed him..JG even said so Muse will be lucky to even make the team
  4. Side Note....im so tired of Todd Mcshay..the sneaky..snide remarks he throws at Mel Kiper is so obvious..and Mel being the pro that he is never takes the bait..Mcshay knows as long as Kiper is at ESPN he will always be Robin and not Batman
  5. Man.... Cowboy fans are going crazy because they dident get TM lol
  6. At his pro day he was 223lbs...him with a trade up..and Richie Grant..with the other 3rd and a 5th might get him in the 2nd rd also...i can hope
  7. Back to Rodgers..if Packers move him dont think they would want to trade him to another NFC team
  8. Ok like I said ..except now Rodgers says he WONT Report to the Packers..hmmmm
  9. Like i said... Raiders Dark Horse for Rogers
  10. When it comes to the Saints..id give up 17 for Marshon Lattimore
  11. And another thing...how about drafting players and playing them in their NATURAL POSITIONS...no safety to corner...LBer to Safety
  12. Says the 49ers offered the 3rd pick and more...but Raiders are dark horse
  13. Mike Florio just said on ProFootballTalk that a wild card is the Raiders trading for Rogers
  14. With the we're smarter then everybody else duo it wouldn't surprise me
  15. You nailed it.. man I wish this would happen
  16. For the life of me I dont know why Malik Hooker wasn't brought in..F÷=/_n Gruden and Mayock doing their "We're smarter then everybody else" routine
  17. This is what ive been talking about....Raiders need Fast...impactful players...players that other teams have to scheme for...not a Damn RIGHT Tackle or omg a guard
  18. If he is straight up cleared medically Caleb Farley is easily the best corner in the draft...Patrick Surtain in my book is solid..THATS IT...certain players like him who have elite talent around them get exposed when they come to the NFL to bad teams...Surtain sure looked average vs Ohio st..i respect your opinion and would like to know what you think
  19. Yes it's the attack of Shimp and Moe Howard... Alias Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock.2/3 of the 3 Stooges..with the 3rd Stooge Larry... Alias Mark David
  20. You say that Bradley is a Competent DC...you say that JOK and Collins are great players...so you dont think a Competent to Good DC can find a way implement 2 very good {not great} into his defensive scheme...come on man lol
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