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  1. I hear ya...ive been a Raider fan for 57 yrs...{ but there are Quite a Few of us here in Queens New York City| and i get tired of all my arguments have to dtart and end with me talking and bragging about long...gone..stars..Daryle LaMonica...Lester Hayes and so on ..and 3 long ago Super Bowls...just think 1 Super Star player in the last 10 years..Mack ...and we trade him lol lol...only the Raiders.
  2. My wish is that 2/3 of the 3 Stooges stop thinking they are smarter then the other Head Coaches and GMs ...the Raiders need TALENT AND PLEASE NOT A GUARD OR A RIGHT TACKLE AT 17 {THE THOUGHT OF A GUARD AT 17 SCARES ME TO NO END}...lets draft a player that other teams have to scheme for...for me at 17 ..Parsons...Caleb Farley....or if they can a trade down for Greg Newsome or Zaven Collins
  3. My thing is a team like the Raiders who are so missing ANY... playmakers....players that other teams have to scheme for....PLEASE FOR GOD SAKES..not a damn guard or right tackle in the first rd...but when you are dealing with 2/3 of the 3 Stooges who think they are smarter then every other Coach and GM and NEVER seem to draft a player at their value...well you know ....for me Parsons...then Farley...or if the can move down and take either Greg Newsome or Trevon Moehrig
  4. Good looking draft...but why 2 saftys and no corner
  5. lol..Joined last week ...so what...that draft is nothing but 2nd and mostly 3rd tier players..the Raiders are allready filled with those type of players...on fact a few wont EVEN BE DRAFTED..try watchin some college Football then you might know
  6. That is truly a GOD AWFUL DRAFT...just a bunch of bodies...for a team like the Raiders who are devoid of TALENT it always amazes me when fans do thesecrazytrade downs
  7. You might not remember but from all reports Muse looked really bad before he got hurt...White out of Las Vegas University was the one that was impressing
  8. Every year since JG took over its the same thing.. sign 1 good FA..and think thats enough..then miss on the draft picks...always think they are smarter then everybody else
  9. FS..i get it we need one...but you cant GO INTO THE SEASON WITH JUST 3 LBers..White showed promise coaches liked him...thats it...cant rely on God Awful Kyle Willber
  10. lol..yeah when he entered the league 8 years ago...now he will be a 30 yrs old SLOW 215lb should be in the box safty..and it tells you that the Cowboys who had the 32 ranked pass defense the last year he was there knew it was time to hit the road...listen if it was up to me he would be the starting strong safty..smart and he will pop you
  11. I would not trust a slow...unathletic safty if Lawrence Tayler...Deacon Jones ..Reggie White...and Bruce Smith were rushing the passer
  12. That's true you don't pass on a talent like Parsons...but we are talking about two guys Mayock and Gruden who think they are smarter then everybody else...how many times have watched them pass on better talent to reach..bet a dollar it happens again April 29th...and 30th
  13. Im glad you see what i see...he is VERY average...had no impact plays...no factor in tackles for loss....and im not just going on what PFF said anybody who watched the Raiders last year saw that Morrow was the best LBer
  14. Graded out by who?????......how many stops did he have for loss.....i respect what youre sayin i just think he is just ok
  15. What is this love for MLBer Kwit...what did he do???..his tackles for the most part were 5 yards down field...from what saw and my friends Nichlas Morrow ( even Pro Football Focus graded him as the best on the team
  16. The main thing....These were rookies and 1st year players who ...HAD NO TRAING CAMP lol
  17. lol lol to Ha Ha....Hooker from the Colts is the way to go
  18. Was the Raiders best LBer last year...only LBer in the league with at least 3 sacks and 9 passes defensed
  19. At Free Safty Id rather have Hooker from the Colts
  20. This is the WORST.. FREE AGENCY. DRAFT ...I've seen so far this year..are you on DRUGS??...Heath starting SS ...
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