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  1. FF Advice Thread

    Depends on your boss, job, etc. I've always felt as if work/life balance is important, so taking a "personal day" was encouraged, so long as you didn't abuse it by trying to take days at the expense of others. If you got all your stuff done and you're just in a "wait and see" mode for everything else, I don't care if you call in sick from the front nine - I pay you to work, you worked efficiently enough to where the world isn't going to end in the event of you not being there. If you have like 4-5 projects in the air, clients who need stuff done, things rolling into yellow status...and you say "yeah, gonna sit this one out to make a moon baby," then I'd really reconsider whether or not you're an asset that this team needs. TL;DR - You're a grown man so do what you want. But you better make sure your stuff is in order before you call out, because if I have to clean up your stuff when you're out playing grab butt, then you're not much of a grown man in my eyes.
  2. FF Advice Thread

    Yeah, personal grooming might be a change worthy of note. Bigfoot can show up following the 90 day mark.
  3. Expectations for Deshaun Watson

    #5 is my favorite. Asked differently - what has Savage done to earn the spot? Why would you want him to start at this point? I'm legitimately curious.
  4. General Final Fantasy Thread

    @MrDrew and @fretgod99 are also sporting some slick avvys, IMO.
  5. Eagles release veteran RB Ryan Mathews

    I would argue that you are still wrong on that I would agree. He wasn't elite, but he was solid. Injuries really derailed him, but that's isn't to say he wasn't good.
  6. Ravens Sign Zuttah

    Otherwise known as the circle of life.
  7. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    ...I'd start getting your affairs in order.
  8. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Freebirds is 100x better on its worst day.
  9. Anyone ever try to watch every game in a season?

    I would take the Browns vs the Jags in a 6-3 triple overtime game on repeat for the rest of my life before I willingly watch just about any reality TV. C'mon, son. It's football.
  10. Pats rookie DE Derek Rivers may be done for season

    Can Belly talk Ninkovich out of retirement?
  11. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Give me Freebirds, or give me death.
  12. I think this is big, too. In the NFL, draft picks in just about any round are treated like precious metals. In the NBA, they're about a valuable as shares of Enron, save for lottery picks (and they're always specifically protected against in trade).
  13. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Mine has 135. And I don't even drink coffee.
  14. The Best Movie Ever Made According to You (AND WHY)

    The Gods Must be Crazy. 30+ years and I'm still in tears from laughing so hard.
  15. Men's fashion

    If you're that tall and have money, you're not buying off rack either - simply because you won't be able to find anything that fits you. No self respecting tailor is going to let you walk out of his shop looking like a mess, so my point holds. tbh.