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  1. Could Bryce Petty be a good quarterback?

    Hackenberg is a product of the hype his freshman year, while looking the part while throwing in a t-shirt and shorts during the combine. Oops, thought it was the other way around. They're both pretty bad.
  2. Could Bryce Petty be a good quarterback?

    I think people quickly realized that Griffin shouldn't have been drafted as high as he was, so that's a moot point. But to humor you, Petty didn't have the same physical traits that RG3 had - combine that with that back/spine injury Petty had, you had a guy drop. Jury has spoken on Petty - he can't even beat out a very bad Christian Hackenberg in NY. Not exactly a glowing endorsement.
  3. Boondock Saints Mafia

    You're right. You can't.
  4. Boondock Saints Mafia

    You should play, mafia is booming again.
  5. Coaching staff vacancies

    I think we were interviewing the Dallas RB coach for the opening, right? If Vrabel goes, I'd like to see RAC back in control.
  6. Texans off-season priorities?

    I'm not big on the receivers - I think Bruce Ellington looked great as a #3 and you can look to a lesser name like Taylor Gabriel, Marquis Lee or Kendall Wright (don't tell @Apollo Stallion I said that, ha!) Everything else is spot on. I'd probably look for two CBs, try to bring in Nickell Robey-Coleman as a nickel/slot guy. If we're moving Jackson to S, then move him there FT. I'd like to pick up a SS too - I thought Kenny Vaccaro was turning a corner this season prior to his injury, so I think he could be a low cost guy to rotate around with Jackson and Hal.
  7. Colts expected to hire Josh McDaniels as HC

    What if they're all backing off the Giants gig for Belly?
  8. Colts expected to hire Josh McDaniels as HC

    He's saving the Giants gig for Belicheck.
  9. Tennessee and Mike Mularkey mutually part ways

    That's a very fair statement as well, appreciate it. I just have faith in the things they do overseas - blood spinning, platelet injections, stem cell therapy, etc. At least, I hope we haven't seen the end of the greatest QB prospect since John Elway. That would suck as a football fan.
  10. Tennessee and Mike Mularkey mutually part ways

    Oh. Well, yeah. That's true. I like Brissett, I like Mariota. But I like Mariota more than Brissett. I like 'em both more than Bortles. I have a high school crush on Watson. Our division is going to be FUN next season. For a while, his name was tossed around as a replacement for Bill O'Brien (when that talk had legs) and I'm the same way. Color me unimpressed, I'd much rather shoot for David Shaw or Pat Shurmer if I'm looking for an offensive minded guy. ...I honestly think we should all hope for this potential trainwreck.
  11. Tennessee and Mike Mularkey mutually part ways

    'Saul Goodman.
  12. Tennessee and Mike Mularkey mutually part ways

    Ultimately, I'm not saying that Colts job > the Titans job. That would be foolish, the Titans just made the 2nd round of the playoffs and have two wins against everyone's Cinderella this season, Jacksonville. Just initially commenting on how the Colts are as committed to Brissett as the Titans are to Mularkey.
  13. Tennessee and Mike Mularkey mutually part ways

    But your follow-up post said you needed to know this prior to making a decision. You created a variable, I adjusted based on said variable. You take both interviews - you can't evaluate either job based on knowledge we have as fans. You have to meet the decision makers, see how that interaction goes and then make a decision on which job to take, period. The real deciding factor is who you're reporting to, not the players reporting to you. But it didn't.
  14. Tennessee and Mike Mularkey mutually part ways

    Well then, your options are as such: - Get a detailed report on Luck's recovery, get a green light, roll with Luck. - Get a detailed report on Luck's recovery, get a red light, draft Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen or Baker Mayfield. How'd Peyton Manning do after dealing with a similar situation with his neck? Missed the year, got some blood spinning in Germany, signed with the Broncos and then set the single season passing TD mark as well as won a Super Bowl. I'll agree that the Luck situation is a fluid one and uncertain. But let's not think that Jacoby Brissett is plan B this time around.
  15. Tennessee and Mike Mularkey mutually part ways

    We'll cross that bridge when we get to it. In the meantime, if you're a HC candidate, you're going into that interview with the expectation that Andrew Luck is your starter.