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  1. With Andre Hal done for the season with lymphoma, I wouldn't mind the Texans making a call - a S combo of Tyrann Mathieu and Earl Thomas is something you'd only get in Madden, and it would allow Justin Reid to come along slowly vs being pressed into action immediately. It would also pay some dividends with that 2nd Seattle gave up in the Duane Brown trade - gotta think a Seattle D isn't as functional without Thomas back there. Make the call, Gaine.
  2. Movie News/Buzz Thread

    Creed itself was a great movie, so the sequel has a high standard to live up to. They've really got a strong feel for how this story plays out (Save for Rocky V) so there's a lot of hope that this movie continues in the tradition.
  3. It's how I'm leaning as well - anywhere between 12-4 to 10-6. Packers are good, but so are the Vikings, and Chicago is poised to take a significant leap forward with Nagy and Trubisky. You also can't count out Detroit if Stafford catches fire early.
  4. GOAT Sports Movies Criteria

    Talledega Nights is going to win.
  5. Top 10 Players Overall

    I think it's actually universal agreement. If anything, we need to remove the "0" from the ranking.
  6. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Finished up Claws last night. Pretty good show, gives you an idea of how grimey the Dixie Mafia and the Oxycontin drug trade is. Has some "reach" moments that made me roll my eyes a bit, but good show.
  7. Top 10 Players Overall

    No Brady?
  8. GOAT Basketball Movie

    I voted for this, FTR. But Juwana Mann is GOAT.
  9. MathMan and the FPs. Right @theuntouchable and @utley4568?
  10. It ain't about you, bruv. But, read that thread again. Gets better with time.
  11. @HorizontoZenith Our team name will be "Texas Daddy and the Hectic Tree Crew" in honor of our beloved ex-cop recruit/Casanova of the 7-11 himself, @Dashing202. @MathMan will approve.
  12. Texas Daddy and the Hectic Tree Crew.
  13. Too many heads - max six people. Working and watching daughter today, but will create an actual chatty once done.
  14. Only thing better than sex is getting paid for sex.
  15. GOAT Basketball Movie

  16. We charge by the hour to use this name.
  17. I was just saying that to make you feel better. It's a bad name.
  18. @swoosh, @gopherwrestler, @11sanchez11, @domepatrol91, @MookieMonster, @bcb1213, @LetTheBallFly thoughts on a name?