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  1. Is Julio still the #2 WR in the league?

    Gimmie Hop if I have to take one. Because Homer.
  2. Week 7 - Houston @ Jax

    Pray for Deshaun Watson.
  3. Let's talk about Taysom Hill and gadget players

    Slash took over the world that year. Probably the biggest Nike campaign that year, and that was during Primetime's heyday. Comparing YPC isn't a fair comparison because Stewart was more WR than RB - he put up numbers comparable to a #3 WR back then (14/235/1 his rookie season, 17/293/3 the next season). He lined up all over the place, but he was pretty dangerous working out of the slot. My point was moreso how you didn't see these QB/WR/HB combos storm the league as Doomer suggested - Slash was a novel, productive player for Bill Cowher, but nobody really followed suit. I mean, teams tried - Eric Crouch, Antwaan Randell El, Brad Smith, Josh Cribbs - but guys just don't stick. Or, they stick FT at a position outside of QB (Julian Edelman, Hines Ward).
  4. Welcome posters! We're really glad to have you aboard. Feel free to tell us about yourself! Name: EliteTexan80 Age: 37 Occupation: Vendor Manager/Father/Husband Hobbies: Playing with my kids, hanging out with my wife, working out, and watching the Texans! Favorite player (current): JJ Watt, DeAndre Hopkins, Jadevion Clowney, Bernardrick McKinney, Duane Brown and Deshaun Watson Favorite player (past): Andre Johnson, Chris Myers, Arian Foster, Bernard Pollard Other Sports/Teams I follow: Houston Astros, Houston Rockets, MMA/UFC (Anderson Silva, Demetrius Johnson, George St Pierre, Shogun Rua) Anything else: Really excited you're here with us! GO TEXANS!
  5. Odd. Who do they expect to show up? Hmm, I guess it's a cheaper venue at least.
  6. Did the co-worker say the party is on their child's actual birthday? I've always thrown my kids' birthday parties on Saturday, so others can make it work w/o taking time off. This being said, I always take my kids' birthday off... just to spend time with them. We go to the park or the zoo, go out for lunch, etc - just spend time with them, which is just as much for me as it's for them.
  7. Let's talk about Taysom Hill and gadget players

    Eh...back in 1995, people said the same thing about Kordell "Slash" Stewart, who was considerably more productive than Hill as a WR, RB, KR/PR (and eventually turned into a serviceable QB). It's novel, but it never caught on after that. You'll see 2-3 guys come around and get noticed, but it's a parlor trick at best.
  8. Seahawks 2nd round draft pick watch

    I'm actually willing to consider this. Peterson would be such a big pickup.
  9. Seahawks 2nd round draft pick watch

    Gaine needs to make the call, Peterson is now requesting a trade - he wants to go to the Saints, but Honey Badger can talk him into Houston. C'mon Gaine!!! I believe in you!
  10. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    ...while holding a clipboard. The Kessler era began yesterday.
  11. Raiders trade WR Amari Cooper to Dallas

    Wow, a 1st!? Holy frijoles, that's a lot.
  12. Patrick Peterson ask to be traded.

    Texans have two 2nd round picks and Peterson's bestie in Tyrann Mathieu. Please, please, PLEASE make this happen.
  13. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    From 0-3 to top of the AFCS. Just goes to show that the AFCS is one big bucket of turds.
  14. It has less to do with Kamara, more to do with Gurley putting up 311 yards and 5 TDs over the last two weeks. If you're into semantics, "[Kamara] falling way behind" isn't apt... but "[Gurley] is running away with this" would be. The end result is the same - Gurley is the #1 back in the NFL, by a significant margin. Not completely wrong on this either - we're two games in to the tandem backfield, and while yesterday was a return to touches, the week before was clearly a drop in opportunities. (You also have to consider when he wrote that - before yesterday's game was played). It's admittedly a small sample size, so we'll wait and see - but we did see a drop in half the games played. Maybe it lasts, maybe it doesn't.
  15. Let's talk about Taysom Hill and gadget players

    Holy hell, a Dan Kendra reference. It's 1994 all over again.
  16. We could get a team of Mods to the NBA Finals from the East, c'mon.
  17. Mega Millions

    Eh. It's $10. It's spending $10 to fantasize on what I'd do if I won - y'know, everyone plans on being somewhat conservative with the bulk of the money, paying off all debt, starting up labors of love, buying boats and cars and houses, owning property in exotic locations, etc. I don't think anyone has the expectation to win, but it's a lil escape for a few minutes of daydreaming. I could think of worse ways to spend $10.
  18. Mega Millions

    $150m for the kids. I'm SOL.
  19. Lol Can't believe I'm saying this... but he's not wrong.
  20. ...or are the Wizards the Houston Rockets of the East, eh? Boom. Headshot.
  21. Mega Millions

    Iono, I'm basing it off of a ticket my wife bought.
  22. Mega Millions

    $1.6B is currently cash valued at $904mm, so I think we'd break the $1B mark at $2B...
  23. Now you go SIT in a corner and this of what you did!
  24. So, you're trying to build a wall around this thread!? Is that it!?