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  2. Never watched the marvelous mable fable, and I liked Star Lord: The Indiana years, so it's easy for me. I'd still pick Archer over both.
  3. I'm actually looking forward to laughing during Lions/Texans while sipping my scotch and basting the turkey.
  4. More touches for James Robinson. At least pretend that you're trying.
  5. Nashville had the draft - and by all accounts, they absolutely slayed it. It was a three day welcoming party, celebrating the new guys in the NFL. Charlotte? I don't know why they haven't, they host pretty much every major NASCAR event to very big numbers (they DID get a chance with the NBA All Star game, but that fell apart due to things that are political in nature). I'm sure their time is coming, all things considered.
  6. I shared this in General: A sidenote - Ross Tucker from NFL.com was on 610, and he was gushing about Watson's TD run, when he ran over one of the McCourty twins. His comment could be summed up as this: The Texans are 2-7 going into that game, out of the playoff hunt. There's nothing to play for, but the QB is lowering his shoulder and bullying a DB for a TD. You can't teach that sort of passion or intensity, that's a trait you find in guys like Brady, Jordan, Kobe... There is a lot of truth in that. Watson isn't playing for a contract or a playoff berth - he could dial it down and just go into protection mode, put up good numbers in the process... and nobody would fault him. But, he's not wired that way, he's looking for a W on every single play and he'll play every game as if he's got 2:00 left in the Super Bowl. Special is an understatement. People may not see it now, but he's going to catch up to Mahomes and make this a two QB conversation.
  7. Yeah - this sounds miserable to me. That weather doesn't appeal to a guy from Texas (and I know I'm not the only Texan who'd say that). And - it's Green Bay, Wisconsin. Outside of the Packers, what's the draw? I've been a few times, I used to have clients all over Wisconsin; I'd spent time in Appleton, Brown Deer, Milwaukee and Madison. Madison is a great city (it's like if Austin went and took a shower and got a shave) Milwaukee is pretty cool. But I wouldn't qualify the state as a whole as some "must visit" spot, and those are the "good" cities. Outside the weather, cities like Miami, New Orleans and Vegas are top of mind because you can party like nowhere else, you can go on vacation there and have a blast (even if you're not there for a Super Bowl). People spend landmark events in these cities - big birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, graduations, destination weddings... I'm pretty confident that nobody ever said "I want to have my dirty 30 in Green Bay, WI..."
  8. @ramssuperbowl99 https://www.instagram.com/tv/CH-rR9znT3g/?igshid=az9h2cv8dt46 This is from the show. There are a few points where I think you can hear me laughing. At the 11:13 mark, you hear my wife go "woo", and at the 14:18 mark, you hear me go "YEAH!".
  9. @ramssuperbowl99!!! https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/24/entertainment/dave-chappelle/index.html Halfway home! Gotta get CBS/Viacom to play some ball!!!
  10. Manning and Charles Woodson are locks. Ronde Barber is a guy I'd put in, he became the model of the zone/Tampa 2 DB and was a terror in all facets of the game. Torry Holt was such a big piece of the GSOT. He can't keep missing out, and I can't put Calvin Johnson in before him (not saying Megatron is getting in right now, mind you). It then comes down to Zach Thomas or Alan Faneca, IMO. Thomas was such a long shot as a 5th round pick, and was such a mainstay for that Miami defense. That razor thin aspect gets the nod for me, but that's something that can change with the right discussion.
  11. I'd argue that Charles Woodson is a lock. Maybe not a "unanimous" vote, but Woodson isn't going to need much to get his name called.
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