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  1. Eh... It's not the best OL, but it's serviceable. A lot of improvement should be found simply on James Campen instead of Mike Devlin, OL Coaching was an utter disaster if you really watched the OL play. Former NT Seth Payne and former QB Clint Stoerner watched a ton of Texans film last season, and neither could really decipher what the schemes were trying to accomplish. It's not good, it's incredibly overpaid in terms of assets (multiple FRPs and SRPs) but it's very possible it turns out to be a strength on a team lacking strength anywhere else.
  2. Well, it would have been really impressive if Rodgers got the starting job that year ...after breaking his foot and going on the IR after the first preseason game. Would put Favre's Ironman streak to shame, playing with a pedal fracture in his foot. I think we all collectively know your reality is a very strange world, once that's not really attached to anything we typically see. But, hey - do you, boo.
  3. Do you really think the plan was to use a first round pick and let him sit as long as Rodgers was playing at a high level? FRPs are signed for five years (4+1 if you want to get technical). The plan was to move on from Rodgers - ideally while you had years on that rookie contract. Thinking otherwise is absolutely lunacy.
  4. I think it's less about Jordan being that bad and moreso Rodgers playing at an MVP level. As Rodgers said, he sort of threw a wrench in the plan, because the expectation was that last year was supposed to be his last year in GB.
  5. ...he himself returning from an achilles tear.
  6. I don't think AP had an achilles tear - Terrell Suggs comes to mind, however.
  7. EVERY SINGLE FIRST ROUND PICK YOU OWN! ...wait, LAR doesn't ever own any First Round picks. Dammit.
  8. Ohhhhh no... Man, this is horrible. He was due a significant breakout.
  9. ET80


    Stewy is one of the few characters (perhaps the only character outside of Marcia) who simply isn't intimidated by Logan - when they were partners/Stewy's VC funded Waystar/Royco, he told Logan that people straight up hated him. As enemies in the bear hug, he flat out laughed them off when they came with the offer at the retreat. I think Kendall can't really get a read on him, which is why when Stewy said "I'm asking you as a friend" Kendall still stuck with his dad. It isn't that Kendall didn't want to stick it to Logan, it's just that Stewy might be a worse partner than the man who creat
  10. ET80


    Perhaps one of the most underrated characters on the show - Stewy Hosseini. He comes off as a goofy screwup like Roman, but he's incredibly calculative and isn't playing to make friends. He can create and execute a plan while getting everyone laughing at his quotes, all the while transparently saying "I'm going to ruin you..." If he ever had a path to the chair, he'd probably wipe out Kendall and Roman with little effort. Shiv would be a formidable opponent, but I doubt she'd be able to withstand his knowledge in leveraging money against her. Stewy is such a fun character...
  11. Lot to pick from, but I'll go ahead and say RIGHT THE EFF NOW.
  12. I wish that guy existed on this roster. Closest to it is Tunsil, but that's about it...
  13. And I would believe this if there was some competency in the coaching ranks - somebody sees a weakness and exploits it, or they have a deep enough playbook to take advantage of attrition. I simply don't think the Texans coaching staff (David Culley, Tim Kelly, Lovie Smith) have that - and THAT'S probably the most important part for me. It's very likely that the Texans downgraded from their last HC (and we all laid witness to how bad Bill O'Brien was...)
  14. ...more like leveling the playing field. Next up, he's going to overinflate footballs and watch every single bit of film with an Instagram filter that makes everything fuzzy.
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