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  1. LeBron in Miami? (Legit question, didn't he not take a full max deal?)
  2. Trade Rumors

    Everything I've read is that he's a below average run blocker, but is an ascending pass blocker - the Texans OL is adequate at run blocking, so bringing in a pass blocking LT who is young and on a rookie contract is manna from heaven.
  3. Trade Rumors

    Clowney for Tunsil, I would absolutely buy in on that.
  4. Trade Rumors

    ... yeah, I think so.
  5. Yeah, I've already dealt with this. My only hope is Mike Vrabel and Ryan Tannehill can put on some kind of show and win the division. (Cheese and crackers, I'm cheering for the Oilers again...)
  6. Yeah, I've already dealt with this. My only hope is Mike Vrabel and Ryan Tannehill can put on some kind of show and win the division. (Cheese and crackers, I'm cheering for the Oilers again...)
  7. Eh...a few things running through my head now: - Texans are 0-3 vs Jacoby Brissett, so it's not exactly a reprieve for us. - Colts with Jake Fromm or Justin Herbert is pretty frightening. - Colts with Trevor Lawrence is nausea inducing. - Five years from now, this could be Deshaun Watson. - Football is better when the best are playing at their best. Beating the Colts with Curtis Painter felt good, but it's not the same as beating Payton Manning. - This news might be big to everyone, but I'm checking who is gonna be on the RB wire in a few weeks.
  8. I think Snyder is the kind of guy to trade to 1.1 and STILL pick RG3 - so that's what I think would happen. Rams at 1.2 going with Luck and moving on from Sam Bradford? Highly doubtful, so someone probably gives up a mountain of picks to get Luck.
  9. Let's remember, Luck has more injuries than we like to remember - and probably several more we don't know about. Let's not forget that Luck once suffered a lacerated kidney with the hits he took. Forget career ending, that's a life threatening sort of injury... The human body wasn't created to withstand that sort of abuse to major organs. There's the cost of playing (shoulder) and then there's this...
  10. Fans Boo Luck as he walks off field

    $12mm. And it's about 0.44% of Jim Irsay's net worth. It's literally the equivalent of you funding a few quarters in your cupholder, it's easier to let than money go out the door than to fight for it in the courts.
  11. Since I have been watching football...

    I think he got away with the bare minimum in college. He was an incredible athlete for the position, with a truly golden arm, just a spectacular weapon at his disposal. From HS onwards, he was the best simply because of those gifts. At the pro level - when everyone has 2-3+ gifts like that too - you can't just roll out of bed and dominate, you have to hone your craft. I also got the sinking suspicion that Carr wanted to be a celebrity. As soon as he got to Houston, his face was plastered on every single billboard and local commercial in the area. He did a TON of commercials then, always was the "special guest" at events in the city, etc. I don't say a player shouldn't do that, but if you're struggling on the field... focus on that, you know?
  12. I'm personally reading this decision as a collection of injuries over the years - the shoulder being primary. I get what you're saying, this calf/ankle thing is the most recent predicating this decision, but I get the feel that Luck is just tired of always being hurt, no matter where the "hurt" is.
  13. Since I have been watching football...

    A lot of it was coaching, not going to discount that - but at this level, the player has to put in some work off hours. By all accounts, Carr didn't.
  14. I get that, it's why I'm mocking it.
  15. I have it on good authority that Chenne IS Patrick Mahomes. It's like an episode of Hannah Montana in KC...