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  1. George Kittle

    So does the Packers secondary.
  2. Let's not act like S1 was some tour de force for Sunny - that show didn't find it's footing until midway through S2 when Frank was fully integrated into the lineup.
  3. Idris Elba would have probably declined, but that's a small detail. I have an in with Alfonso Ribeiro, he would have taken on the pilot at least. Clint Howard and I had a falling out a few years back... So that's a tough sell.
  4. I would argue that It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia hit on these themes (pretty frequently at that) and its on its 14th season. Granted, you can't watch it on "rabbit ear" TV but FX is pretty much part of any cable package nowadays. There's a niche for these sort of shows - painfully awkward and very inappropriate comedies. This was the intent, we're not aiming for something everyone will watch, but those who DO watch it will have a cult-like following to it.
  5. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28283534/saints-sean-payton-tells-butcher-worry-your-frickin-meat-failed-2-point-play Damn, @Dome - as both a Saints fan and a card carrying member of the Brotherhood of Butchers, you've got to be conflicted on this one. So, when do you plan on grinding Payton into a fine Shepard's pie?
  6. TNF: For Whom the Bell Bowls (balt v nyj)

    No, they... they hate me.
  7. I got a call last year. Declined, of course.
  8. TNF: For Whom the Bell Bowls (balt v nyj)

    Game related - with Lamar Jackson nursing a quad injury, do you even play him?
  9. TNF: For Whom the Bell Bowls (balt v nyj)

    You're at 10k likes!? What the hell...I used to be close to your number, was even ahead of you for a while. What the hell people, you're supposed to LIKE me...