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  1. Please stop with the personal attacks. - ET
  2. Why don't we all move on from race? Stop quoting it, stop mentioning it. It's done. - ET
  3. MNF GDT: Minnesota at Seattle

    Wasn't a bad game, but enough to keep me safe. On to the 2nd round of my playoffs!
  4. 2019 Draft Talk!

    I'd actually prefer the other direction - moving down, grabbing some extra capital for depth. If Williams and Little are gone by the time we pick (highly likely) I'd be OK with moving into the 2nd round and getting some extra ammo for the 2020 draft. There are a bunch of OK Ts in this draft, nobody really special. A few guys with a ton of upside, but very raw (Dillard, Taylor, Cajuste) or major health related red flags (Adams). No need to force a guy into a spot, even if you get an extra year of team control.
  5. MNF GDT: Minnesota at Seattle

    You forgot "The Texans have Seattle's 2nd round pick and @ET80 is a witch..."
  6. Yeah, sounds legit. In hindsight, probably know a few people with it...
  7. Well... that escalated quickly.
  8. 2019 NFL Draft Early Declaration Thread

    What's the consensus on Little? I've seen folks go anywhere from top 10 to top of the 2nd. I'm inclined to believe it's closer to top 10 than 2nd, but I don't know.
  9. MNF GDT: Minnesota at Seattle

    As the owner of the Seahawks 2nd round pick, I can buy into this - but I'll take a bad game from Carson.
  10. 2019 Draft Talk!

    Never too early to talk draft, right? I think I'm firmly on board with Greg Little as our 1st round pick. I guess the question is will he be there when we pick? If not, do we take a chance on overdrafting guys like Dalton Risner or Andre Dillard? Any other players or positions interest you?
  11. MNF GDT: Minnesota at Seattle

    I need Chris Carson to have a bad game. That's it.
  12. I don't disagree, but I do think we're reaching a new normal (mostly thanks to Brady) in that the next generation of elite QBs WILL be judged on how much they leave on the table to help field a complete team. It's not like the only source of revenue for these guys is their contracts - there is significant endorsement money to be had, post playing careers in the booth, etc. The top tier guys? They're gonna get their "Discount Double Check" money and that branding only grows when they are able to flash SB rings. I know it's a counter-intuitive view, but that's how I'm reading the tea leafs.
  13. 2019 NFL Draft - Offensive Line

    Awesome - EXACTLY what I'm looking for. The way I see it, pretty much every OL going forward is going to be a "victim" of scheme not aligning with what the NFL needs - unless you're getting a guy from Alabama, Wisconsin, Iowa or another school that preaches Pro level fundamentals, every guy coming out is going to be a ball of clay you're going to have to mold. Fundamentals will be lacking for most, if not all. So, which one has a tool belt to work with? Hard to tell, I know - but I think this is the new normal.