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  1. He lost his job to an undrafted international prospect who didn't play football until 2018. That's a bust.
  2. Gonna trade the 5th to NYG for Mike Glennon, the 4th to New England for Nelson Agholor - both will be cut by halftime of week 3.
  3. So much for that - wonder if Miami is in the mix to begin with.
  4. He's probably the most reliable in the area, ahead of John McClain - but this could be manufactured by his sources to generate interest in a fanbase that has put the Texans on ignore. Mark Berman doesn't lose credibility with his statement - he prefaced it with a "by the trade deadline" statement - and even if nothing happens, it's not as if it's a bad report, there's a lot of fecal matter to wade through on any potential deal. Right now... Houston is Astros country, and the Texans are desperate in getting that interest back. Even a slight chirp on Watson gets interested.
  5. I hope and pray we get some Cal McNair emails out of this. Not that he's saying anything bad, but to read the words that man tries to use to communicate? Oh, that's gotta be gold. My goodness... Cal McNair is the Kevin Malone of NFL owners. Pretty much a clone.
  6. You can't run from this forever. Who is running? I for one, welcome the disaster that is Jack Easterby and his football camp. This has been the most fun ever, IMO.
  7. I'm guessing Watson for Salvon Ahmed, Greg Little, Greg Mancz and a 5th round pick. Nick Caserio will end up trading said 5th round pick for Mike Glennon, then cut Glennon about 4 minutes into the 1st game of the 2022 season.
  8. Passing on Sewell seems like a prudent move at present - he's getting beaten like a dying mule. OTs coming from these super-spread offenses just putter out at this level. Remember Andre Dillard from Washington State? He was a massive bust...
  9. 100% agreed - Miami needs to have a PR firm on retainer before they fax in any documents to the league office. The Texans could deal with the cluster simply because they're too stupid to understand what the fanbase thinks or cares. Miami seems to be ran by competent people.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if the charges are dropped and out of court settlements are reached if a deal is done soon.
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