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  1. If Watson heads there, I'd back this one. Same for San Francisco.
  2. I think the plan is to keep him by restructuring/extending him... At this point... I have no idea why.
  3. Yup. For somebody who states his mission is to "serve others" you'd think he'd give Caserio and Cal a quick out, negotiate a golden parachute and leave them to do their work. Alas, Easterby might only be serving himself... Some interesting math to consider: https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/02/27/deshaun-watson-would-lose-up-to-20-2-million-if-he-sits-out-the-2021-season/amp It's easy to say that Watson should stand his ground when you're not due to lose $20mm.
  4. You understand the situation. Jack Easterby five months ago is a different person than Jack Easterby right now. Five months ago, Easterby was in his lane as a character coach, a guy who would do odd jobs around the building - coordinate pre game meals, set the schedule for film and workout sessions, ensure delivery schedules for equipment on road trips - Executive Assistant type stuff for Bill O'Brien. If Easterby stays in his lane, I don't think we're having this conversation, at all. Once O'Brien was fired - Easterby "did everything except call plays" according to sources. He had A
  5. The entire IOL is a disaster. Part of it is because Mike Devlin did the worst possible job... Of anyone, in any job in human history. - The janitor overseeing sanitation during the Black Plague did a better job than Mike Devlin. - Michael Jackson's doctor did a better job than Mike Devlin. - ERCOT... Well, ERCOT did about the same quality job as Mike Devlin.
  6. I guess I'm overly critical. He's serviceable, but unless you have a disaster at C, you're not in a good place with Martin starting. You better have a good backup, too - he's injured a lot.
  7. I pray for you if he is an option. Further evidence that being a brother of a successful player doesn't make you a successful player.
  8. I couldn't care less, if we're being honest. Even with the cut, it's offset by discussions on keeping David Johnson. The only way you can lower Johnson's cap hit is extending him, converting his salary to a signing bonus and stretching that out over however many years you keep him. David Johnson was horrible last season - so it's clear he's being kept because he's liked by someone.
  9. That's gonna look like a duplicate... ...I betcha I can get TheKillerNacho to lock it.
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