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  1. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    It's to be expected from a 2nd year guy who is working with a HC who isn't that good. Reality is - it's his 11th start as a pro, so I'm expecting growing pains such as this. Going into the season, it was mostly about his knee - which seems fine, given the beating he's taking and not missing a snap. I'm now worried about him in terms of said beating he's taking. Jonah Williams, Greg Little - hope you like BBQ, Tex Mex, big trucks and great baseball teams, because one of you is heading to Houston.
  2. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Yes, he's regressing from that six game stretch he had last season. It's baffling.
  3. Tom Brady gets his 200th regular season win

    Enjoy it while you can, it's rare we get to see this level of greatness in a lifetime.
  4. 2018 Roster 53 man + more (Updated 9/8)

    We'd have to add more. Nobody does that straight up.
  5. 2018 Roster 53 man + more (Updated 9/8)

    A Patrick Peterson deal would transform this franchise. This is getting some momentum. Cardinals are going to be active and Peterson's the big name to keep an eye out for (Haasan Riddick and Deone Buchanan are also rumored to be on the market). Gaine and O'Brien need to make that call. We have the draft assets to get a deal done, so if Peterson is traded to any other team, it's an immense failure on their part. Peterson is significantly better than any CB we'll have a chance at in FA or draft next off-season, and we have the cap space to extend him by a few years plus sign his buddy Tyrann Mathieu to an extension. Then, our sole focus could be OL in the off-season.
  6. ...like Houston is gonna host a playoff game.
  7. Greg Little or Jonah Williams?
  8. Alcohol Thread!

    Word - picking up some after work today, would have drank it from the bottle unless told otherwise. Good looking out.
  9. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    So what you're trying to tell me...is that the Texans are going to back into a 9-7 playoff berth and Bill O'Brien will be safe. How DARE you.
  10. Alcohol Thread!

    I had it at a bar, so I didn't personally pour it and would have guzzled it out of the bottle. But, it WAS in a glass.
  11. Alcohol Thread!

    Love at first sip.
  12. Potential Trade Block Players

    I thought they had a respectable CB tandem in Adoree Jackson and Logan Ryan, but that didn't stop them from dumping a boatload of money on Malcolm Butler. Much like CB, you can never have too many pass rushers, and Clowney can be lined up anywhere - I've seen him line up at NT and rush the A gap with effectiveness. He's a very unique piece to a front seven - just too inconsistent (unless he's with Vrabel, then he's blowing up runs all over the place). EDIT: You're probably right though, someone would pay him Donald/Mack money.