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  1. You mean the better passing Randall Cunningham?
  2. There was a lot of shooting. And doves. And I think a young Gina Gershon.
  3. John Travolta already did this movie with Nicholas Cage
  4. I'm only liking this post because of the comments in the edit.
  5. I'd actually put Cameron Diaz in this spot.
  6. One thing that is for certain in this thread - @Nazgul and @Dwight_Schrute are national treasures, and I might join up with them to form the nWo.
  7. I voted for one twin in each round (sorry Whicker) and that trend will continue. Because both twins are up in this round, tbh. Nazgul, because he's been really active.
  8. The 2-14 season in 2013 was comical - Matt Schaub throwing pick sixes every week, Arian Foster getting hurt every time he stepped on the field, Ed Reed doing absolutely nothing - just a hailstorm of a mess. I giggled.
  9. Don't get too excited, unless you're rocking an eight figure bank account.
  10. So, I'll say something - was going to diary this, but will share now. I had a great time with this run! It was a fun game, really exciting to make the final four, but my watch has come to an end, it seems. A few guys to talk to before I end: @Malfatron - it was a pleasure working with you. Going into it, you were a wildcard to me. Most of the players left were holdovers from BB, so I was able to figure out the best way to play against them. You were busy hosting and I initially figured you to be a threat, but you turned into one of my most reliable allies in this game. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you, and glad to see you make the final three. @Hockey5djh - you and I connected late in the game, but our alliance is the last left standing, so it speaks to its effectiveness. You were critical in getting some big wins for all of us, so your efforts are always appreciated. Good luck, buddy! @The Orca and @Pickle Rick - Going into this game, I was wary of you from our experience in BB. I'm now wary of you because you are both beasts in challenges and have a razor sharp social game to go with it. Understand that any vote and/or action against you is motivated by both fear ...and respect. @Shady Slim - I can't begin to tell you how much I love you, buddy. You were a rival, but in the same way Chad Johnson and Ray Lewis were rivals back in the day. They competed, they went hard, but they were smiling the whole time. You're yet another deadly creature from Australia. @Utley - I let you down early, twice. I need to fall on the sword for you next time. @theuntouchable - You're my ride or die bae. We raise hell and drink beer, and we went through hell and back on this island. The way I see it...if you win, I win too. Go win this ****, homie. @Outpost31 - great job hosting, it was truthfully a fun experience from start to finish. Hats off to you! I'm now off to take a shower and eat a tomahawk steak. Let me know the next time we play Writes of Passage. Later! - ET Forgot one! @Dome - @MookieMonstah is better than you.
  11. Marcus Williams CB

    I felt that way on the right side - seems like every play, Seantrell Henderson amd Zach Fulton were getting beat.
  12. Tattoos

    Me too, but doubt I'll get one.
  13. Derrius Guice Tears ACL

    Got it, fair - thanks for the response.
  14. What site you using? Yahoo, ESPN, FleaFlicker? (This will pretty much dictate whether or not I'm in). Basically, this is the anti-fantasy league. We'd be finding bad players to screw up. If I'm drafting #1, it's Bortles or Mariota...
  15. Derrius Guice Tears ACL

    Any chance to bring Bashuad Breeland back into the fold? I think his injury should be somewhat healed up...