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  1. The Official XFL Thread!

    THIS is interesting. If the league is using the XFL as filler content before the start of combine season, this league will have some staying power.
  2. Trying a two Rounder - Be Nice

    Texans drafted three TEs over the past two drafts, so I don't think a 4th in three years is on the table, especially given the limited resources available. Edge, CB, RB are the three priorities going into the draft.
  4. Tennessee expected to release Dion Lewis

    But you can sign for more, boss...
  5. Tennessee expected to release Dion Lewis

    James White is already in that role, and doing a better job than Lewis did. I'll say Detroit is his next destination. Kerryon Johnson is not a healthy RB, so he'll get carries. He's signing for minimum at absolute most.
  6. The Official XFL Thread!

    MVPJ is right now in attack mode, but both wins have been in friendly territory. Next two weeks are on the road - including an in-state game vs Dallas - so we'll see if he keep his magic going while on the road.
  7. It’s delicious. I actually shared some thoughts on this before... Hope this helps.
  8. I plan on being inactive and using my usual wit and charm to make up for any deficiencies in challenges. Unless we play BattleBots. You're all boned if we play BattleBots.
  9. The Official XFL Thread!

    I think this is their intent - outside of FCC regulations with language (no F bombs) they want this sort of on field drama, drama that the NFL goes out of its way to keep behind closed doors. Competetion in general is a very emotional endeavor. All we see are the sterilized versions of it, the celebration and the chest bumping. The OTHER side - the finger pointing, the criticism - is largely ignored or coached out of guys at this point. Let's see the full spectrum.
  10. The Official XFL Thread!

    This kid is straight brutal...holy hell.
  11. Santa taught me that, please and thanks.
  12. We'll get into anatomy later. Edit: Oh, wait. You said WORMhole.
  13. Well, it starts with the flux capacitor. Once you maintain a power source that can generate 1.21 gigawatts of energy, you'll have to maintain 88 miles an hour and you'll find yourself opening up a path to travel through time. Once that's done, you've got to make sure coefficient bonds maintain their integrity. For that, you have to go three levels deep - remember the rule, go one level deep to extract an idea, three levels deep to put an idea in. So, you got your path through time and your idea - what now? Well, you'll need a Maester with some Milk of the Poppy along with some dragonglass (some say that you can use some Valeryan steel, but I don't personally buy that - but if you have some Valeryan steel, don't be afraid to use it). If you know someone who can get you to Braavos, then you're even better. There might be a back door through the quantum realm, but you'll need to whip up some Pym Particles - and who has time for that? Good luck, been a while since I've done PChem. Double check your math in case I didn't carry the one.