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  1. Hit me up on that Jonah Williams thread in News, too. I see you, and I get you back, buddy. There are concerns and that schedule is a road to hell if I've seen one, but I really think Oakland is going to steal a game nobody is expecting them to win. Then, another one... Then another one...
  2. ... princess. You have to add the "princess" to reach maximum level of snark. @theuntouchable, @rackcs and @SwAg were the three randomized blocks on my side.
  3. Dammit - love the theme, and your games are top notch - but I'm too swamped at work and got a wife who is sick, so I'm sitting out.
  4. Do't rite no gud neiter...
  5. ...it was actually because Irvin wanted a haircut, but didn't want to stand in line. I cannot make this up. This ACTUALLY happened: https://www.theversed.com/10506/scissorgate-remembering-michael-irvin-nearly-stabbed-teammate-death/#.2AnbSgmusp
  6. Sometimes, that works out. Hell, it worked for the Cowboys in the 90s; Michael Irvin literally stabbed a DL in the locker room back then, and he's got three rings to show for it. In 1993, Buddy Ryan and Kevin Gilbride got into a fistfight on the sidelines while both coaching for the Oilers - that team went 12-4 and only lost because Joe Montana is a wizard.
  7. I'll admit, I didn't look at the schedule before posting. I get the divisional games, but I could see them steal a game or two in there... ...this being said, I'll concede the schedule would probably factor into a worse record.
  8. I actually like the Raiders as a sleeper 10-6 team; Derek Carr has the talent to become a top 10 QB, some would argue that he got there a few seasons ago. Carr with a revamped WR and OL unit can hang with a very talented AFCW, and they can be one of those surprise contenders for a #6 spot in the WC.
  9. I'll begrudgingly agree, but I have faith Marvel/Feige and co could come up with some way to make it work.
  10. They are NOW, but going into it... Quill was a Ravager, Rocket/Groot were bounty hunters, Gamora was the #1 assassin for Thanos, Nebula was the #2 assassin for Thanos, Drax was the scariest inmate at the worst prison in the galaxy, Yondu was the leader of an ex-communicated Ravager faction and Mantis was complicit to a Celestial murdering thousands of children. They're not true black hats, but they're not quite white hats either. Ideally, something like The Hellfire Club would be what Suicide Squad should have been - a bunch of bad guys who have to do something good, just so they can do their bad stuff once it's all done.
  11. Any bad Encounters with Critters?

    It's indirectly responsible for baby #2...
  12. Bengals OL Jonah Williams likely done for the season

    Think you beat me by a quarter second. Look on the bright side - your 1st Round LT isn't playing this season because of injury. Mine isn't playing because he's not good.
  13. Bengals OL Jonah Williams likely done for the season

    Tough break for the Bengals and Jonah... @TheKillerNacho - I got beat by @TheVillain112, so you can lock this one up.
  14. Any bad Encounters with Critters?

    I swung a stroller at it - had to be the goose, because the son was IN the stroller.