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  1. <look around the bowling alley for something to pull my pud to, casually observing my surroundings>
  2. <file restoration: 9.4%> where am i
  3. <file restoration: 6%> where am i
  4. <restore file> <error: data corruption detected> where am i
  5. <error: data corruption detected> where am i
  6. <file: restored 2050.10.17_dat.exe> where am i
  7. <functional power source compromised> <//.inquiry_file_currentdate#load> <initializing> where am i
  8. <primary function limited> <reroute non critical power to initialize> where am i
  9. <initializing> where am i
  10. <throw my lotion away> I can't go Downtown Buster Brown with people getting 'sploded, maaaaaaaaan. Bruh just trying to bust a lil sumpin, these people got me all ****ed up, maaaaaaaaan... I wonder if there's anything in the Bowling Alley I could run the chub to... <Walk out of the projector room and to the Bowling Alley>
  11. Around the NFL 2019

    I'd want a 5th or 6th in return for a CHJ deal, but I'd go straight up 2nd for Peterson...