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  1. Your rival’s all time team

    QB: Vince Young (even as a rival, it was hard to not respect Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck. Vince Young, on the other hand... he was a superstar against the Texans, and the University of Texas sheeple didn't care that he was ripping up the home team). RB: Maurice Jones Drew (he'd just run over everyone. It was annoying). RB: Chris Johnson (he'd just run past everyone. It was annoying). WR: TY Hilton (he's not quite Bill O'Brien tier, but he's one of my most hated people in sports). WR: Reggie Wayne (He'd just get open and get first downs. I'm sure he did this to other teams, but it stood out. Plus, pretty much every rival WR would belittle us on a yearly basis, so this is a dart throw). TE: Dallas Clark (boy, he'd kill Brian Cushing. Every time, he'd make Cush look like he was running in wet concrete). OL: David Williams, Michael Roos, Richie Incognito, Eric Fisher (I didn't get a full five or go by position, but these guys were the worst. Williams and Roos were the biggest cheap shot artists I've ever seen, Incognito... well, is Incognito. Eric Fisher has one play - a cheap block on a downed JJ Watt when the play was on the opposite side of the field - which pretty much led to the decline of Watt. So, I'll hate him forever on that one). DL: Albert Haynsworth, Kyle Vanden Bosch, Yannick Ngakoue, Dwight Freeney (we'll start with the respect angle and Freeney; He was an absolute terror, Duane Brown was on skates when he tried to block Freeney. Just hated watching them. Everyone else is a combination of general thuggery and good performance...some like Yan were more performance, others like Haynesworth and KVB were more thuggish). LB: Keith Bulluck, Darius Leonard, Paul Poslusnzy (All three have had some huge plays in critical situations vs the Texans. Hate us a strong word, they're not Fat Al or anything - just dislike them because they're so good). DB: Jalen Ramsey, Cortland Innegan, Bob Sanders, Kevin Byard (I really struggled with the FS/SS, so went with two really good players. Ramsey was a pain, but it was great watching him go up against Hopkins. Innegan was a skid mark of a player who got dealt with when he tried to act strong... One of the greatest moments in my Texans fandom is when Andre Johnson put him on a leash and walked his *** around NRG). K: Randy Bullock (yeah, an old Texans K. He sucked). P: I dunno, take your pick. Pat McAfee is funny, so maybe not him.
  2. Your rival’s all time team

    It's this, because he's not that smart.
  3. Hi. Is it hot in here? Jeez, I'm burning up... Let me take some of these layers off... Ahh, that's better. Oh... this old thing? This be my Moderator badge. Got it back in... '07? '08? April 6th, 2008 at 4:34pm? I dunno, who keeps track of these things? Anywho, good luck on finding your Moderator...
  4. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    Who said anything about all? All is a pretty encompassing word. I never said all, I specifically went into a hierarchy of what should and should not be done. I'll state it again - under no circumstances should you cram 80,000 people into a single building right now or in the immediate future - not unless you have a reliable, scalable countermeasure (vaccine or multiple treatment options to account for all situations). Concerts, Conventions, Sporting Events - if you can't do these things in a virtual or streaming setting, don't do them - full stop.
  5. FFMD II '20 - Houston Texans Front Office

    If we stick with the pick, there's only one guy I'd consider in this slot. I'll PM you.
  6. FFMD II '20 - Houston Texans Front Office

    My thoughts are to take it. That's a good return to drop eight spots, but I'll defer to the group.
  7. I want to say that's impossible because BoB is such a control freak, but ...well, this could very well be the case. I think he's too neglectful, but he's too committed to admit he did anything wrong here. He made the trade and was immediately crucified for the deal, and rightfully so - but they put together this conference call where he goes into "T.E.A.M" and basically told everyone "It was a good trade, now shut up and jump on the wagon and renew your season tickets..." And he's also under the impression that Houston fans are ...well, stupid. He thinks he can sell David Johnson as an adequate replacement production-wise to Hopkins... ignoring that the last time Johnson was productive, Jeff Fisher was still in the league. He's sitting there, probably telling Cal/Jack "Hey, don't worry, these idiots will still be paying for their tickets and buying overpriced beer and dry BBQ, we'll still be cashing checks..." This is how I know I can't be a Texans fan this season. If David Johnson puts up 2,000 yfs and the Texans go 10-6, I will be incredibly upset - because it means BoB stumbled into yet another incredible twist of fate that worked into his favor, which I simply cannot have as a fan. It'll be great watching what Watson does (because it'll all be on him) and it'll also be great to see Will Fuller play a full season (that's a requirement now with Hopkins gone) but it's also very bitter to know the "T.E.A.M." will fail when it matters, because BoB will position him to fail. This has got to be his last season, or I get further away from this team.
  8. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    Know thy audience... Consider the typical folk posting on this particular website.
  9. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    How you didn't include this ruins the joke. How can I vote for someone who wouldn't drop this in your joke? It's like not knowing where Aleppo is...
  10. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    I'm bald, if we're being honest.
  11. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    Aw ****, is this finally happening? Hell yeah, I'mma get somebody pregnant!
  12. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    I'm not a big "punish these people" sort of guy, but ...punish these people. Make an artificial "no fly zone" and enforce it. People will sneak in, but the number will be low. Those who get caught sneaking in are subject to a pretty big fine. I've seen similar NFZs in Downtown Houston back during the Republican primaries - debates were at UH and you had to be a Ninja to break into that NFZ.
  13. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    Bingo, right on. There are varying degrees of non-essential. I should be able to go and get a haircut, I should be able to go to the gym (why would I start now is the bigger question) and I should be able to hit up a casino pretty quickly when we're on some sort of solid ground. Going and watching a Texans game is very, very, VERY low on that list.
  14. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    Different question - what's the countermeasure to people who have allergic reactions to hydroxychloroquine? Penicillin is considered a great countermeasure to a lot of viruses, but people (such as myself) are allergic, it'll literally kill us. No matter, I can get a Z-Pack or Erythromycin and I'm just as good. If someone is allergic to hydroxychloroquine, what's the countermeasure? You may not have the answer, but part of making this a solution is having an answer to that. You can't eyeball this, it has to be precise to every possible scenario.
  15. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    I would sign off on this - I don't need fans to appreciate the event.