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  1. I have to say - this is probably the most respectful final two I've been a part of, in regards to how I engaged each. You both pulled off a stunning path to the finals - either of you could be declared the winner, and I really wouldn't have any issues with the decision. I have my vote - regardless of how I choose, I wish you both the best of luck, @Outpost31 and @swoosh. You're both winners in my book.
  2. Oh snap, this is really happening!!! Awesome! It's not Easterby!
  3. Holy moly, it's 10:45am CST... Sorta early to be knocking back shots, right? Tequila? Vodka? Or one of those kidney busters with Red Bull in it?
  4. Are you thinking a Rodgers for Watson swap? Because I can't see Houston in the discussion...
  5. It's going to come down to how quickly they separate from Daniel Jones and find a new QB. With two FRPs next season, they have a shot to turn it around next season.
  6. @Outpost31, @swoosh... If you win: - Will you play in BB X? - How will you change your strategy? If you lose: - Will you play in BB X? - How will you change your strategy?
  7. Each one of these is getting progressively worse... Here, I'll give you one that's better: At least we don't have Dane Cook... Enjoy.
  8. I'll argue that he might catch up to the signing bonus at most, if he lands a spot on a national broadcast along with landing endorsements. He's not making LeBron endorsement money post-playing.
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