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  1. I applauded you, I scolded this guy.
  2. Oh absolutely - but instead of trying to crack the code at this level, I'm going to sit back and wait for Santa to leave my QB under the tree.
  3. Well, let's reconcile the equation here. $75mm is IN ADDITION to the $44mm Edelman made (Calvin Johnson made $119mm over the course of his career). So... the real math is as follows: - $44mm, 3 SB rings, 1 SB MVP (Edelman). - $119mm, 3 All Pro teams, One All Decade team, One Single Season yardage record, One HoF induction, one dope nickname (Megatron). It's a no brainer to me, I'll take Megatron's career 100 times out of 50. Sure, he didn't win a SB - but let's not try to paint it out like he didn't have an incredibly distinguished career. He broke Jerry Rice' single seaso
  4. This isn't even death by overanalysis... this is flat out genocide by overanalysis.
  5. James Campen connection, I'd wager.
  6. I know kiwi. I also know that Nathan Fillion gif is criminally underused.
  7. I applaud you for such a stance. I don't agree, but I applaud you sir.
  8. Drew Bledsoe? I think no, but it's worthy of discussion... Right?
  9. And this is a very safe (if not very admirable) position to be in. Clowney as a guy in the top 2-3 is worrisome. Clowney as a rotational piece, a cog in the machine? That could work.
  10. I can concede that the deal is very team friendly - it's a lottery ticket in essence. As long as you're not looking for Clowney to be the guy, or even the guy next to the guy, you're golden. He's not even a Robin, he's Alfred at this point. Alfred was important to Batman... but it ain't like he's going to fight the Joker 1v1 like poor Robin tried to, y'know? People want to bring up injuries, and that's part of it - but there's an issue with his work ethic and improving his craft off the field. Steve Spurrier wasn't too wrong when he questioned Clowney's work ethic back in 2014:
  11. https://www.gq.com/story/warrior-season-3-justin-lin-hbo-max-interview/amp YES! YES! **** YES!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEAAAAAH!!! SEASON THREE!!!!!!! SEASON THREE!!!!!! WE'RE GETTING SEASON THREE!!!!!!!
  12. It's a little disappointing that neither are in the HoF.
  13. On second thought, the last few pages pretty much tell me we're beyond saving here. We'll see how the league chooses to respond, then we'll reopen this thread. - ET
  14. Let's get back to the football side of the discussion. - ET
  15. You think we don't see what you did there. But I? I see. I see ALL. And... I see what you did there. And... I approve.
  16. Nothing happened... But to go from this... ...to this... ... is the epitome of passing judgement.
  17. If I'm being true to myself - I look at feet that gnarly to begin with every day. So, if I am to ask myself "do I want a SB ring or do I want $75mm," I take the money and invest in comfy shoe and bi-monthly pedicures.
  18. *Shrug* To each their own, I guess. I'll take the money.
  19. Let's be cereal though, nobody is paying attention to Tom Brady's accessory in this commercial... My goodness, I can't unsee those feet...
  20. Pretty amazing how all the facts came out in the time it took him to hit the space bar once. My goodness, I will second this nomination.
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