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  1. It's a shame they never made a sequel to The Rundown.
  2. Exhibit A - The Walking Dead. Show went to trash after they killed Glenn, but they keep on going because the show still makes a ton of money.
  3. Save for one show - Breaking Bad. Ended on a high note, perfect timing.
  4. Lainie Fritz, NBC Houston sports reporter. Holy moly.
  5. Ask for a company car. They love that.
  6. The possibility of going 3-13 the rest of the season is very much on the table, and there's no top 5 pick waiting for us on the other side. However, we should be in good spirits going into next season, with DW4 back in the saddle, along with JJ Watt and Whitney Mercilius. This being said, it's not enough - there are holes to be filled, and we won't have the traditional means to fill them. What do you think the off season should look like?
  7. Texans off-season thread

    I have high hopes for Kelemete, seems like he was very well respected by Saints fans. Fulton is less of a "warm and fuzzy" for me, but can't be worse than either Allen or Sua Filo. Seriously, it is impossible for him to be worse. I had higher hope for Martinas Rankin at RT, but that foot injury put that on hold. Seantrell Henderson isn't special, but much like Fulton, he's immediately better than Kendall "one hitter quitter" Lanm. Hell, Kendall Jenner is probably a better RT than Kendall Lamm...
  8. Don't know if I agree with this. I like em both a ton, but the US Office just resonated with me. Probably because I'm US, but we'll ignore that.
  9. I'll need to check out that A Football Life - I was always operating under the impression that he was molded by Cris Carter and Randy Moss early on, and Carter instilled in him a "my body is a temple" type mindset that drove Fitz to be a workaholic off the field.
  10. I'd pay extra to watch actual natural in action like that...
  11. Suckers - told you I was Civ. All your reads are belong to us. Time to dance off into the sunset...
  12. I'm Having a Baby!! Advice?

    Don't feel bad at all - it's exactly what we did for my son as well. My daughter got the good stuff. I think you can use the OTC ones, but do ask the doctor for a perscription. It helped my wife with some of the morning sickness, but it also helps with energy levels - my wife didn't feel as lethargic at times. The nausea is going to come, from what I've seen. My wife went with a ton of ginger - raw ginger, ginger ale, etc - and while she had sickness, it was much milder the 2nd time around.
  13. It's not as if that was the first time he's put up those kind of numbers (or the last time, for that matter). He's had nine 1,000 seasons (four of those nine were 1,400 seasons) and five seasons of double digit TDs. He's got nine playoffs games under his belt and is averaging over 100 yards in those nine games. From 2007 to 2011 he averaged 92 catches for 1,296 and 10 TDs. His numbers started to tail off in his 30s, but he's re-emerged as a dependable WR with the last two seasons - in a time where his counterparts are all retired. I really don't know what to say to this part - Fitzgerald has always been one of the hardest working people in football, picking up his training methods from Jerry Rice and Cris Carter. I don't know where'd you get something like this from, because it could not be more further from the truth.
  14. Damn right I am...I hate people who pee their pants. FreePee bastids.
  15. You have yet to substantiate this with anything other than "I know a guy." I hope you understand the leap of faith required to take this at absolute face value on an Internet message board. I know a scout too - he says Fitzgerald is quick out of his breaks. So, we're at an impasse. Why bring it up then? He's obviously trying to paint a picture for others - and he does, very vividly at that. He then goes into the timing of a play within the constructs of coverage, explaining the innate knowledge needed to pull that off, which shows a display of awareness mid route (which I'd argue is a more important trait to have in a pre-snap adjustment/timing route NFL that we see, but that's another argument entirely). Going back to brevity. He's painting a specific picture, not the Sistine chapel. Consider the familiarity of the two. Over the past six years, these two gave played 12 times (11, given Sherman was hurt last season). Sure if he's talking about Landry or Jackson he might not be a SME - but this is a familiar for for Sherman. His word carries a significant amount of weight. ...you and your unnamed sources don't have it either. Citing baseline stats you can pull up from Google isn't the Rosetta Stone you're making it out to be, especially when you're talking about instances in the 10s (think I went over this before). Cool story about your friend, BTW. Really happy for him, cancer sucks.
  16. 96/1,431/12 isn't one game...
  17. I will trust on field experience over numbers pulled from Pro Football Reference, tks.
  18. So, this goes back to my original point I made when quoting this article, about two camps in this argument: 1. You and your "scout friend" who clearly isn't good at what he does, saying his route running isn't good. 2. The rest of us, including an All Pro CB in football, who view his route running as anything but poor. You're in the minority, and you're trying to disagree with a SME on the topic in Sherman. It would be the equivalent of me disagreeing with Stephen Hawking on his black hole theory because I know a dude who once took a tour of NASA. You're sunk, bud. Just admit it so we can go on with our Sunday. So, "doing it all" now consists of three actions? Or perhaps he focused on brevity because he wasn't writing a novel on the subject? You tell me, bud.
  19. He doesn't have to because he already stated they can do it all.
  20. Hmm... "Some people might mistake this for poor route running." "Mistake" is the operative word here, bud. Mistake. As in "It's a MISTAKE to think Fitzgerald runs poor routes." And this dude tries to tell me my reading comprehension is bad, haha. Ok, this guy and his scout friend (Scouty McScoutster) know more than a former All Pro CB. Welp, I've heard it all now.
  21. Or me. I'll defer to you on this, because I have no clue what's going on.
  22. Exactly - might look like bad route running, but he quickly corrects it by going into the timing aspect of the route. That's not even football based, it's basic English. Is that the issue here? Are we speaking in a language that you're not comprehending? Holy hell, did you even READ what I posted? I’ll start with Julio Jones because he can basically do everything. I'm really starting to think it's a communication issue with this argument. You're typing a bunch of stuff, you're not reading it or understanding it. Yeah, keep telling yourself that.
  23. The irony in this statement is incredible.
  24. I’ll drop Larry in the “physical” category as well, but he’s another one of those do-it-all guys, like Julio. No. No he doesn't. Might help to read the article. But, this was about your hot take on how Fitzgerald ran bad routes. You did say that...and you're flat out wrong. Sherman completely disagrees with you. I'd say stop while you're ahead, but you're so far behind at this point, I'd ask you to continue, simply for my amusement.