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  1. What are the best polite insults?

    Did I stab you? No? Then it's positive.
  2. What are the best polite insults?

    I have different standards on politeness. As long as I'm not physically harming you, I'm polite.
  3. New 7 Rounder With 1st Round Comments

    Marry me, please. I love everything about this. Risner, Mullen, Deiter, Sanders, Sills - everything is so beautiful. So beautiful.
  4. 2019 NFL Mock draft (3 rounds)

    CB is probably a higher need than WR. WR can (probably will) be addressed via FA. If Oruwariye is available, he's the pick at 2/54. Rock Ya-Sin is also a possibility, but the Penn State ties to Bill O'Brien might be the difference. Much like OL, CB is a position that needs to be doubled up on. I personally like Michael Jackson at the spot, but I haven't dug into this tier of CB just yet. Taylor at 1/23 is GREAT. I don't know much about Nate Davis, but an OL is always good. (David Edwards MIGHT be more apt, given his versatility at both T and G).
  5. Lions release S Glover Quin, WR Bruce Ellington

    Yup - was released with an injury settlement in Houston following the Demaryius Thomas trade. Picked up pretty quickly by the Lions, actually had a few productive games with them. Ellington is a very good WR (a lower end #2 or a high end #3, IMO). He just simply can't stay healthy, always has some nagging injury that forces him to miss games.
  6. How much trade value do the following have right now

    Two things: - I looked at this and thought you said "Mariota" instead of "Mahomes". I was going to politely, yet firmly ask you to leave. - You've got to consider that Lawrence isn't coming out for another two years at minimum; That's around the time Mahomes will be on his 5th year option. Given you don't want him to have even the slightest inkling of a lame duck season, he'll be getting that $200mm mega contract around the time Lawrence is the 1st pick in the draft. I'd still probably take Mahomes over Lawrence, but that's where the list ends.
  7. You're not the boss of me! I'm the boss of you! Get me mah TPS REPORTS!
  8. The Travel Thread

    I agree 1,000% - it's basically Mardi Gras every day, and you can get $12 Prime Rib at the Four Queens with your player card. I'm fighting, but I'm not exactly planning things out this run - so I'mma get drunk and lose money at craps instead.
  9. What are the best polite insults?

    Thought this was exclusive to Texas...
  10. What are the best polite insults?

    It's hard to believe that out of seven million sperm, YOU were the fastest.
  11. You're so fat you're the new boyfriend.
  12. You so fat, you had to go to Sea World to get baptized.
  13. You so fat, your belly button has an echo.
  14. Cowboys decline WR Terrance Williams option

    Didn't even realize he was still in the league.
  15. You so fat that when you go to a buffet, they have to install speed bumps.
  16. Breaking Bad Movie: Netflix, then AMC.

    I'll watch it to say I watched it, but I'm really worried - the story was written from start to finish. It was perfect as-is. Don't go messing with that.
  17. You go to hell. You so fat you roll over a dollar bill and get four quarters.
  18. 2019 FA TALK!!!

    I'm actually thinking Jordan Matthews would be a nice pickup - not a speed guy by any means, but a guy who uses his quickness in his routes to get open and attacks the ball in the air, using his body to box out defenders and make contested catches. He'd be a perfect slot guy in the mold of Jarvis Landry who could take snaps from Will Fuller on the outside if Fuller gets hurt again. Only question would be if he'd entertain a shot as a #4 again. Speaking of #4 guys - Bruce Ellington was just cut from Detroit. He knows the offense and Deshaun has a rapport with him. I wouldn't mind bringing him in as a camp body/#5 guy.
  19. I'm open for it, but I plan on disagreeing with @Malfatron the entire game.
  21. The Travel Thread

    Going to Vegas weekend of 3/1 through 3/3 for a Bachelor Party. Going to do the typical stuff - club one night, gentleman's bar the other night, etc. Not going to Fremont Street, so I'm a bit bummed.
  22. @MWil23 is a quick study. My 2nd round pick is making up for my 1st round pick. @ET80 for GM of the Year.