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  1. I like 1-2 guys at most - I see blown assignments all over the place, I see miscommunications and/or bad calls. I see nothing from this franchise that indicates a potential turnaround. Management on down is incompetent and content with this pathetic existence. Seriously, if the Texans left Houston right now, I wouldn't even care. I put up a harder fight for the Oilers, I couldn't care less if this franchise left.
  2. Yup - I see Carolina coming over the top with this. I hope that PJ Walker is included in the deal - the former Roughnecks QB has a cult following in Houston following his XFL MVP stint. I'd consider buying a PJ Walker jersey...
  3. Lol... That defensive playcall must have been "just let em score" because several guys were running open on that. If David Culley and the coaching staff doesn't lose this locker room by the end of this game, it's the wrong locker room to have in the NFL. This team is simply an embarrassment to the city of Houston.
  4. They'll still compete and they always have a punchers' chance - but the defense is going to cost them in the long run, and there is no quick fix for it because the offense is taking up a lot of resources on the cap. They'll still make the playoffs and win a playoff game here and there, but they're no longer the apex predator in the AFC.
  5. Top 5-10 is pretty much trash, IMO. Might be some good value in mid rounds, but that top 5-10 is atrocious, all things considered.
  6. Kyle Hamilton out with a lower body injury. There's another top 5 guy that you have to worry about. Assuming no QB jumps up the board and Thibs is gone, Hamilton is my #2 guy. Then, I'd go Stingley, Evan Neal, Chris Olave. I've been reading about Purdue DE George Karlaftis, seems like he's the next Edge after Thibs - not sure who he is, but I'll defer to others.
  7. My mother in law makes ambrosia. It's the worst possible stuff I've ever seen. Part of that is because my mother in law is a horrible succubus who is in the discussion for the most worthless human being alive - but part of that is because ambrosia is legitimately a pile of sugar and vomit. So yeah, I'm out on this pimento loaf pie.
  8. That ankle looks on the mend, Thibs might be the guy... This ALSO being said, I doubt he's there at 1.3, where the Texans might end up (Detroit and Jax would be 1.1 and 1.2, respectively). Jax is no doubt looking at Evan Neal, Detroit is probably taking BPA.
  9. Ooooh. Hmm. I do love me some moon pies...
  10. ... could I possibly convince you on key lime right now?
  11. His Wiki says seven... I wasn't too clear on that, to be honest.
  12. Between this and the bourbon fiasco, I'm getting worried. You OK?
  13. Very good post, I agree - here's your first football!
  14. ...ok, it depends on where these are from. If you're talking about buying one of those damn things from a gas station, I need to get you a stomach MRI, stat. If not... we can continue.
  15. Prepare yourself - I have your back, but the vile are coming to fight you on this.
  16. That's a hard left that means all good things come to an end for me. It's my Fat Elvis stage, once I get there I know ruin at a global level is incoming.
  17. A good dessert empanada is basically like becoming one with the known universe. Heck, I good empanada has been known to bring rain to the desert, so understand its greatness.
  18. I'm sticking to desserts, because I am a civilized adult... 1. Key lime 2. Apple lattice pie 3. Cherry pie 4. Peach pie 5. Pecan pie I used to eat pumpkin pie - I didn't know why I would submit myself to each such a substance, but I was once young and naive. Once I went out to the real world, I found a world of pies that inspired joy. I hope you young men and women get to enjoy the goodness of pies that are in fact, not pumpkin.
  19. Stuffing, regardless if it's in the bird or not... that's how I know it.
  20. Season 8 is the pumpkin pie of GoT seasons - a few people like it for some reason, but it's awful for the most part.
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