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  1. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Kareem Jackson. I am NOT stunned. Dude has taken to S like a fish to water, he's a legitimate star at the position Many Texans' fans wanted this move a few seasons ago, Jackson lacked the long speed for a CB since he was a rookie. To think - had they made this switch two seasons ago, there would be logical sense to re-sign AJ Bouye when he hit free agency, which would have been great for us.
  2. Rookies of the year

    That wasn't a Cleveland fan, so not gonna punish them for such an infraction. That Garrett take was from that guy who (still) thinks Josh Dobbs is going to be the greatest QB in the league.
  3. MVP Race

    2,097 yards, while coming back from a torn ACL. Sound about right...?
  4. 2018 Roster

    https://www.battleredblog.com/platform/amp/houston-texans-injuries/2018/11/14/18095352/houston-texans-injury-news-donta-foreman-returns-to-practice 21 days begins...
  5. ...you sure? I stabbed a person I *thought* was a devil in the chest with a wooden stake. They went down pretty quick, lotta screaming and blood. Seemed pretty effective to me.
  6. Pro Bowl predictions

    It's never been about watching. It's a pelt on the wall for guys to argue about on internet message boards...
  7. Pro Bowl predictions

    So, over a decade ago - with multiple votes in since then and now. He's not going at 41.
  8. Panthers waive RB CJ Anderson

  9. Panthers waive RB CJ Anderson

    Meanwhile, @Tyty was throwing up in a bucket because of the chemo.
  10. There's only one reasonable explanation. This man sold his soul to the devil. Or, he IS the devil. Somebody get me my Holy Water, a wooden stake and some garlic. We must strike at night.
  11. MNF WK 11 Chiefs at Rams NOT IN Mexico City

    Updated the title to reflect the change in venue. If it were up to me, I'd reschedule as part of a doubleheader, like they do with rainouts in baseball. Eight quarters of Chiefs/Rams in a single day? My Brandin Cooks-led fantasy team would be loving it. (Then again, my opponent has Patrick Mahomes...so maybe not).
  12. Le'Veon Bell -Farewell Miami

    ... welcome to HOUSTON, Le'Veon! (Actually, would prefer taking a look at Mark Ingram or Tevin Coleman this off-season. RB is a need, Lev in this O could be fun, but...eh, Ingram or Coleman might be cheaper options with less milage).
  13. Carson Wentz vs Patrick Mahomes

  14. NFL Draft - Team Needs

    Texans: OL - Really, take your pick as to which spot at the OL. Even C Nick Martin has been less than average. I'm all but certain that Greg Little or Jonah Williams will be the Texans' 1st round pick this upcoming draft (if they're still on the board, that is). The Texans have three picks in the first two rounds, so don't be surprised to see two OL picked in the top 64. (LT/RT makes the most sense, as you can push Martinas Rankin to G, let Julie'n Davenport serve as a swing T and hold a three way competition for the other G spot with Zach Fulton, Senio Kelemete and Greg Mancz). CB - Kevin Johnson has been a colossal bust, and a major injury concern to boot. Jonathan Joseph is really showing his age. Aaron Colvin has been disappointing as well as injured. Kareem Jackson has been great at S, so moving him to CB only weakens the S unit. Sharice Wright is the best CB on the team, which is telling of the unit. (It's bad). Early round CB is a need, there's no bonafide #1 CB on this team - a few low end #2s at most, and that's being generous. One of those three picks in two rounds will probably be allocated to this need. RB - Lamar Miller and Alfred Blue aren't getting the job done and D'Onta Foreman is probably an afterthought with his achilles injury. Even if he returns, it's doubtful he'll be the guy he flashed last season. Don't be too surprised if the Texans make a play for Le'Veon Bell this off-season, as there is cap space to be had. Tevin Coleman is also a possibility, as he has a similar skillset and lower miles (but is not as talented as Bell). Mark Ingram doesn't seem like a true fit, but has some good experience and skills to work some magic in the Texans' offense. TJ Yeldon would be a sneaky add, as he's showing he's a guy who can take on an every down role as both a runner and receiver. Realistically, your best bet for a RB is free agency. (Unless a guy like Bryce Love or Bennie Snell is available in the 4th/5th round. Even then, still might be better going the FA route). DL - JJ Watt is JJ Watt again, but for how long? DJ Reader is a very good NT, but there's not much outside of those two. A starter opposite Watt and depth along the line would help keep Watt/Reader going strong. If a 1st round prospect slides into the 2nd round, this could be addressed earlier than anticipated. OLB - This will really be contingent on whether or not the Texans keep Jadevion Clowney. If so, you have good depth with Peter Kalambayi and Duke Ejiofor as well as a solid starter in Whitney Mercilius. If not, you've got a big need at OLB. (Only thing that should prevent the Texans from keeping Clowney is if someone puts him in that "highest paid defensive player" spot with an Aaron Donald/Khalil Mack type offer. Nobody should do that but somebody might do that).
  15. Giants part ways with OG Patrick Omameh; signs with Jags

    Uniting Omameh and Ereck Flowers, I see...
  16. N64 Classic Edition

    Hard pass, then.
  17. Rough injury right now, let alone in 1990 when the only option was to butterfly the shoulder open and re-attach the cuff into place. Ugly injury, even with advances in medicine.
  18. Jay Cutler in Denver

    Interesting aside - if Cutler stays, does WR Brandon Marshall ever get traded?
  19. Alcohol Thread!

    What about that TV show we were gonna make with @bucsfan333?
  20. Pro Bowl predictions

    Texans I voted for (in order of probability of making it): WR DeAndre Hopkins (best WR in the league at the moment, legit claim to the #1 spot vs Antonio Brown; Certain to get in). DE JJ Watt (contingent on playing a full 16 games, but 9 sacks through nine games will get him in; Gets in if healthy by end of season). QB Deshaun Watson (Having a strong year, but has namesake value to casual fans; 1st Alternative if other QBs sit out/preparing for SB). OLB Jadevion Clowney (Having a strong showing during the win streak, but a bit of this is reputation - he started pretty slow; Last guy voted in OR 1st alternative at OLB). S Kareem Jackson (Moreso deserved than Watson or Clowney, Jackson has been one of the top S in the league this season, making impact plays at his new position; 1st Alternate candidate). S Tyrann Mathieu (Having an OK season, but gets in on namesake; 1st Alternate).
  21. Pro Bowl predictions

    You might as well figure out who the 1st alternative is going to be, because Brady isn't going - even if he's not in the SB. Can anyone tell me the last time Brady even attended the Pro Bowl? He's guaranteed to get voted in, but is equally guaranteed to skip.
  22. Panthers waive RB CJ Anderson

    There are some liberties taken with your story (knee didn't blow out that night, and "fight" is a figure of speech for "running away") but outside of that - it's fairly accurate.
  23. I'm ready. I'm so ready.
  24. Bills waive WR Terrelle Pryor

    Remember that time he could have secured his financial future by signing a long term deal with Cleveland after that one year when he was actually good? Man, talk about a complete missed opportunity. That's like having a winning lottery ticket, then leaving the ticket it in your jeans pocket when you wash your jeans. Total miss on his part.
  25. Carson Wentz vs Patrick Mahomes

    Deshaun Watson, because people talking about Wentz in the Watson v Trubisky thread. #DoinItRight