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  1. Man this sucks. This was a great signing from us that is turning out to be, from no fault of the Jets, terrible. He's a great player and a difference maker, and our defense will miss him more now than it did last year when we still had Adams. I don't begrudge any player for opting out of the season. If I'm being honest with myself, there shouldn't be an NFL season this year. We're past the worst of it here (Australia) and I wouldn't feel good about having a season of contact football here starting in a month. With the current state of the US? No way. However, the part of me that desperately wants to see football again is very disappointed. I'd almost be happier if our whole team opted out and I just watch this season as a non-invested fan of the sport.
  2. We lost an all-pro and our best player at any position since Revis. That kind of sucks. But, he was a pain in the butt, and didn't want to be here. We shipped him out and we got two firsts, a player who's started 75 games, and we swapped a fourth for a third. Very similar deal to the one the Jags got for Jalen Ramsey, who's of similar ability (not as good as Adams in my opinion) but plays a more important position. Honestly, I'm happy with it. Four first round picks in the next two years could do wonders for this team. There's a reasonable chance that we really suck this year though.
  3. This might sound stupid, but think about it for a second. Why did Mahomes take this $500 million contract? Just... why bother? He will never be able to spend all that money. He, his family, his children, and beyond are all set for lives of never having to even think about money. Hell, that might well be true just from the first signing bonus. Why not take even half of that money, and give the team a significantly better chance of being perenially successful by freeing up that cap space? If you're going to be absurdly rich anyway, why not be rich and win a bunch of superbowls?
  4. What a baby. He's made this look bad for everyone by not having the same patience that everyone else is showing. I say, do nothing and let him choose to either play for us on his rookie deal or sit out and cost himself money (and, I believe, years accrued to free agency). Or trade him to the Texans when they're about to completely implode and watch that play out.
  5. It certainly seems like an interesting coincidence that the one season in the last 20 years where it looks like the Patriots have no chance, is also the one season that might not even take place...
  6. Broadway Joe 2.0. I like: Getting a veteran backup, especially with playoff (and Superbowl winning) experience The price tag I don't like: It's a very hard thing to actually know, but it seemed like he didn't care at all last year. The team went 2-6 with him starting, including losses to Oakland, Chicago, and Jacksonville. And the team seemed to get better after they moved to Drew Lock. But I didn't follow the Broncos closely. If he does in fact still care, and is interested in being a mentor and backup, then I'm totally on board.
  7. Cool, thanks for the recommendation. It's 90% off on Steam at the moment too. Perfect.
  8. I don't care about Doom at all... but damn I would buy the hell out fo a new Timesplitters game. Spent a ton of time with Timesplitters 2 and Future Perfect back in the day. Great multiplayer, and the campaigns are great too. They don't make SP shooter campaigns like that anymore. The objective-based missions like Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, etc. The last I can remember was XIII.
  9. This is really interesting stuff. Would love to see more of what the hell was going on with our offense last season
  10. I hadn't seen that 20-14 stat before actually. Damn, Tannehill missed some serious time with the Dolphins.
  11. @Bobby816 Being a foreigner I obviously have no idea what workplace laws are like for you, or the frustration of trying to get tested but being told you can't. It's probably worth finding out if you have a legitimate legal course of action though. I wish you the best and hope that you haven't been exposed due to your company acting terribly during a time when they should be more compassionate than ever. What you're going through sucks.
  12. Hah when I saw this I had to check if it was a joke account or something reporting it. I love Gore, but he's about 50 now. I love his leadership, hard-working attitude and all, but this is an odd move.
  13. BB hasn't won coach of the year since 2010. Maybe he's just decided to completely lock down that award this year. If he gets 10 wins out of their current roster, and no other team goes 16-0, then it won't even be a contest.
  14. Oh wow that was under the radar. I hadn't heard that Scarnecchia retired again. He makes a huge difference to them in my opinion.
  15. I'm sure Belichick's master plan will come out later, and they'll win 13 games this year, and I'll look stupid. But... how in the hell did the Pats not sign Dalton? Unless they're legitimately going for Trevor Lawrence, it just doesn't make sense to me how they've completely ignored their gaping QB hole.
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