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  1. It's so sad that this was our closest game yet. We had a lead for quite a while, and didn't give up any touchdowns on defense. Josh Allen had his usual couple of fumbles against us. And yet, we also forced no punts, and looked like we accidentally stumbled upon an offense for like two drives, only to promptly forget everything again. Still seeing no reasons for us to not get rid of the entire coaching staff and draft Lawrence.
  2. Becton would be #1 if Crowder leaves. Besides, Mann is kind of awesome.
  3. If we trade Crowder, my second favourite current Jet is going to be our punter. That's pretty sad.
  4. Always liked him. He's been solid here for years. Good for him to get off this sinking (well, sunk) ship. Still hurts though to see good players leave for pennies because we're so bad that there's no reason to keep anyone who won't be here in 3 years when we might sniff .500, if all goes well.
  5. I'm glad he at least seems to care. If Gase isn't canned after this game then there is very little argument left that Mr Johnson actually gives a damn about winning. Technically the Jets: Won the turnover battle (2-1) Converted more third downs (I think? We might've ruined this at the very end) And still lost 24-0. Hell, according to the stats the New York Dumpster Fire actually outrushed them too and had the greater time of possession. This team isn't just bad. It's historically bad. A bit of turnover luck and a few bounces of the ball are only going to bring us to within two scores of an average team. I remember the winless Lions and the winless Browns, and this Jets team is so much worse than both. Yikes.
  6. Hey check it out, we're #1 at something:
  7. Their next 4 games are against the Vikings, Lions, Panthers, and Broncos. Things get pretty brutal after that (though the Chargers always find a way to lose one score games), but they could well win 2 of their next 4 with the interim coach energy. Their offense is too good for them to lose as many as us.
  8. I couldn't take it if we traded Crowder. Would have to stop watching until we actually decide we have some desire to win a game in the near future.
  9. Good for Bell. He deserves to be on a great offense with great coaching and supporting talent after being a class act here.
  10. Join me on the Titans' bandwagon! 1-0 since I gave them my love.
  11. I just legitimately cannot believe that we chose to keep Gase over Bell, in light of everything.
  12. I will sing his praises if he manages to walk the tightrope of canning Gase: Early enough that we still manage to win a game and avoid 0-16 Late enough that we get Trevor Lawrence And then in the offseason he gets some receivers and the first damn pass rusher we'd had since Abraham. Also get rid of Gregggggg That's not too much to ask, is it?
  13. Hey they moved our bye week up a week. So maybe we'll fire Gase one week earlier. We're 0-5. Before the bye we play: @ Miami Buffalo @ Kansas City New England With the way we're playing, I can't fathom a way we're not 0-9 by then, with 4 more double digit losses, unless Fitztragic shows up next week.
  14. So given that it's, shall we say, unlikely that the Jets win it all this year... who do you want to? I like Vrabel and the Titans but they seem to be in trouble with the virus. Our level of ineptitude has me feeling happy for the Browns' fans who had to put up with similar, so I can enjoy their success. I also like the Los Angeles McVays.
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