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  1. Week 6: Dallas Cowboys vs NY Jets

    Or just not been cheap and paid Meyers. We really created a problem where there was none.
  2. Week 6: Dallas Cowboys vs NY Jets

    My god I've missed fun Jets football. I love Darnold and Adams so much. What a fantastic game.
  3. Week 5: NY Jets vs Philadephia Eagles

    I have to agree. It's been my thought these past couple of weeks that we have to have done something to get another veteran QB. We're not just bad right now on offense, we're historically bad. The players can handle losing for a while, but not like this. Everyone's going to be checked out by the time Darnold returns. And we knew when we first got the mono diagnosis that he'd be gone for an extended period of time. I wanted to keep McCown but obviously him retiring and then unretiring is a bit of an unpredictable situation, so I don't fault us too much for that (unless he retired because we offered him pennies, or nothing). There has to be someone out there better than Falk though. I refuse to believe there isn't. Bring back Vinny T if you have to.
  4. Adam Gase hired to be the HC of the NYJ

    If we can beat Philly, Gase will at least be remembered as the coach that finally got us over that hump. That would be nice.
  5. Around the League: 2019 Edition

    I'm a bit on the fence about making a trade for this reason too. However, I'm also concerned that the state of our OL is going to get Darnold hurt or harm his development. The David Carr treatment. In that sense, getting a serviceable OL sooner rather than later would be a big plus.
  6. Around the League: 2019 Edition

    More and more lately I've been thinking that it actually doesn't matter much who we draft/sign. If we had have drafted Mahomes, he'd have busted. If Sanchez had McVay, he'd probably be a pro bowler. Does anyone really think we'd have had all of our kicking woes if Mike Westhoff was still our special teams coach? Coaching makes the player more than I think we tend to credit it. And we just haven't had a good offensive staff in...forever. I just hope we don't ruin Darnold.
  7. Week 3: Jets vs Pats

    This is so weird to me. We've sucked a lot, for long stretches of time. At one point, we found something that made us very competitive, even with The Sanchize at QB. And we just let it die and haven't bothered trying anymore.
  8. Week 3: Jets vs Pats

    I'm happy I chose to watch KC-BAL over this mess. From the outside, 30-14 is better than I expected. But 0 offensive points... my god. And Brady didn't even have to play the whole game. If you watch the highlights on GamePass, the only plays they bother to show with the Jets' offense on the field are the (many) sacks taken. Ouch. A short selection of offenses better than ours: A Jaguars offense led by a 70s porn star A Josh Allen run Bills offense An offense who had their QB1 retire weeks before the season opener A Joe Flacco led offense that isn't even relying on chucking it up and getting DPI calls Daniel Jones' Giants offense The turnover machine Jameis Winston's offense The Mason Rudolph led Steelers offense The Kyle Allen led Panthers offense And you know what? You could make an argument for the trying-to-tank Dolphins too. I don't care how many injuries you have. If you're a supposed offensive guru HC like Gase... you've got to do better. And we badly need to invest everything we have in OL.
  9. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    ^ Yep I just want us to get a huge amount of OL talent and bully everyone. Go back to the days of Thomas Jones getting 5 yards before even getting touched.
  10. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    Hey, we're winning something: https://nextgenstats.nfl.com/stats/top-plays/improbable-completions/2019/all We have the most improbable completion of the year thus far. I don't really know what it means despite reading their blurb but I'm pretty sure that us completing any pass in this game was quite improbable.
  11. Week 3: Jets vs Pats

    Let's just try not to get shut out. I'll take a moral victory if we score two TDs and keep them under 30 points.
  12. Around the League: 2019 Edition

    ^ The Mac effect. Too many draft misses. I have high hopes for Douglas to right the ship. We need him, Gase, and Darnold to work out so badly. In my time watching, the Jets have been relevant 5 times: 2002, 2004, 2008 until we hit 8-3, 2009, 2010. It's been too long. I'm going to give myself a gift next week and watch Ravens-Chiefs instead of our game. Should be a great one.
  13. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    I'm still surprised we didn't hire McCarthy. He seemed to want to be here. We wanted to hire a veteran coach for once. It seemed to align. I was and am completely on board with us hiring someone with experience for the first time in a while. We couldn't just keep with the new guys forever and hoping it would work out. And honestly, Gase's record with what Miami had is relatively impressive. It wasn't the way I'd have gone, but I was okay with it. Doubly so with him being able to help bring in guys like Gregg Williams and Joe Douglas. I just really need to see something out of Gase soon to not get completely deflated on the whole thing, and as a result my hopes for Darnold.
  14. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    What a joke we are. The game was basically over by the time Gase first called a pass beyond the line of scrimmage. I've been thinking more and more in recent times that Dante Scarnecchia (Pats' OL coach) is every bit as responsible for their success as Brady and Belichick and should be much more widely praised. We, on the other hand, are putting out an offensive line that reminds me of the old Anthony Clement and Adrien Clarke days that I had blocked out for so long. Honestly, it might not be a bad idea to sit Darnold and Bell for the year, put absolutely every effort into upgrading the OL, and try again next year. Darnold will get killed if he comes back in any way underweight post-mono. Our offense has really done our defense dirty. With the exception of Maye looking totally lost on OBJ's TD, the D played so much better than they had any right to.
  15. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    That whole "scheming players open" is something I swear we've just never managed to do. In every single other game I watch there's a couple of "wiiide open" calls by the announcer, but every throw we've made in the last 20 years seems to have been contested. Maybe I just don't notice our ones, but it sure feels like it never happens.