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  1. As much as I understand the desire to add to the overall talent level of the team/offense with the #2 pick (via trade downs or taking a non-QB there), my problem is that Darnold just hasn't been good for more than a few games here and there. A significant improvement would still only get him up to mediocre starting QB level... and do we really want to give him the fifth year option ($25 million if I read correctly) in that case? And if not, we're looking to pick up another QB. We need him to make a pretty huge jump at this point. I really only see rolling with Darnold as a decent o
  2. Saleh and LaFleur sounds great to me. I'm on board.
  3. You're my hero. I spent 5 minutes looking through profile settings and stuff and couldn't find it.
  4. I can get on board with just about all of the candidates we've interviewed so far. Saleh, Daboll, and Staley in particular. Just don't let it be Pederson. Apparently he's the favourite from the oddsmakers: https://www.sportsline.com/nfl/news/next-new-york-jets-head-coach-odds-doug-pederson-favored-after-being-fired-from-eagles/ I put too much of his success in Philly on his coordinators to want him here.
  5. I actually can't remember what it used to look like, but this new look feels very bright. Or maybe that's just because it's 2AM.
  6. To be fair though, without BoB in charge there, I give it about a 1% chance that Watson gets to leave. It'd just be such a bad idea for the Texans.
  7. Yep I totally understand where you two are coming from. If you trust your drafting, it probably is the smart thing to do to not throw a bunch of picks away to get one player. I tend to value draft picks lower than most (probably a bit too low since the rookie wage scale), but I do love a sure thing. I'd hate to think that we passed up an opportunity to get Watson just so that we could draft Vernon Gholston and Dee Milliner. And, if we could get him for a first this year and next (and even some other lower value stuff, and/or Darnold)... we'd still have a first in each draft. Low firs
  8. There are good reasons why I'm not an NFL GM, but I'd give Houston #2 and either of Seattle's firsts without thinking twice. I might we willing to add a second rounder in there too. If they asked for me, I'd still think about it. What are the chances we find someone better with our draft pick? Honestly, he's been very, very good. And he's barely had an O-line for most of his NFL career. His receivers weren't amazing this year and he still put up 4823 yards at 8.9YPA with 33TD and 7 INT (112 rating). His four year career passer rating is 104.5. I don't care that his salary is high.
  9. Say what you will about Gase, but he was 4-0 with us on games played on December 20-something in his tenure here. That level of coaching genius is going to be hard to replace.
  10. He basically had 2 "good" passing games this season (out of 11), against the Rams and the Raiders: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/D/DarnSa00/gamelog/2020/ And against the raiders he lost two fumbles. No "great" games. Lots of awful ones. It was like his rookie year, except in his rookie year he actually had several great games. He had great games last year too, and had just the one real stinker. I don't care who your coach is or what the rest of your offense looks like. You're still playing with professional players. You have to do better than that, after
  11. After Crowder's TD pass (potentially the best throw by a Jet this year), Darnold's truck was the big highlight:
  12. I'm going to go out on a limb and say we'll win more games in the 2021 season than this season. I mean, unless we keep Gase after this "winning streak".
  13. Hah well as long as the important people (namely Douglas) notice that: He had a 50% completion rate He threw for 5.5 YPA He threw two TDs to wide open receivers -- throws that any NFL backup could have made He didn't even have the most impressive throw on his own team today I think we'll be fine.
  14. Nice to have a rare watchable game. Loved seeing Crowder have a big one. Now, I know we won, and I know we already know that Gase is a terrible coach, but seriously: when you're 1-13 and you get 4th and 1 - go for it. Always.
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