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  1. I didn't realise until someone else pointed it out, but we cut Ammendola after he was 11/11 on FGs from within 40 yards. 14/15 on XPs too. However he was 2/5 on 40-49 yard FGs and 0/3 on 50+. So, he was actually really reliable as long as you were kicking from under 40 yards. Now that's certainly not NFL-level, but then we went ahead and replaced him with someone who seems like they'd get cut from a college team.
  2. Anyone a Rangers fan? Are they actually good again or is it a mirage? I stopped watching hockey a few years back because the Rangers front office seemed to stop even trying to win games, and continually traded away all the players I liked and let Lundqvist's last years just be a sad waste. Edit: oops. Meant to put this in the TAJT thread.
  3. It's true, he's very new. But he just hasn't impressed me like a bunch of others in the secondary have at times. It is fair to say we have bigger priorities though. If our run D is going to be terrible for the long haul then Zach's going to need go full Peyton Manning so we can be the 2000s Colts. Zach as Peyton. Carter as Edge. Moore and Mims as Harrison/Wayne. Lawson and Aidan Hutchinson as Freeney and Mathis. I'll take it.
  4. Davis did have a good break-up, but he also had a terrible looking tackle attempt on Goedert's first TD. He's definitely someone I want an upgrade from at this point. I'm expecting us to lose Maye and we really need at least one good safety. As for the defense as a whole, I'm trying to reserve judgement on Saleh's whole scheme until next season, given that we have no edge rushers at all right now with Huff on IR. But if we don't use our first pick on a big-time pass rusher then I'll definitely be confused about their ideas. You can't just be okay with the idea that if your main edg
  5. I'm not sure what the hell happened, but a few weeks ago I remember reading that we had the easiest (or close to it) remaining schedule in the league. Maybe that was prior to the Dolphins actually winning games, and we had them on schedule twice. Now, we have five games left and only one is winnable, against the Jags (possibly in a battle for the #3 pick). I hope both QBs go off in that game and we get a nice glimpse of a potential future. The goal for the rest of the season should be for Zachary Kapono Wilson to have more TDs than INTs each game. And a game without a t
  6. So, we lost. And lost by two touchdowns. But this is probably the first Jets loss all season that actually had some positives since week 1 (with the two late TDs to Corey Davis). Zach's first half was the best half of football he has played all season and it's not close (12/14 for 108 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT, 138.39 passer rating, 1 rush TD). Our first three drives were touchdowns. This is huge progress and something to build upon. He still fired in a couple of short passes unnecessarily, and air-mailed the pass that was intercepted. But I did some see touch on more of his passes too. A
  7. Hurts is out, which sounds good, but: The Eagles running game vs our D and Zach Wilson vs himself are much bigger factors for this game. Plus, they'll be unleashing Minshew Mania part 2. It would be really nice to get the first ever W against the Eagles though.
  8. If that's the case, and Zach is lighting it up in practice and then falling apart in games, particularly first-halves of games, then that's kind of its own thing. And then I agree, he might only get better by actually playing in games. My assumption with my statements is that he isn't lighting it up in practice either. And if he isn't the best QB in practice, he shouldn't be the starting QB yet. Give him time. I'd love it if his issues are really just first-half nerves. PFR has him as an 88.0 rated passer in the second halves of games, compared to 27.9 (!) in first halves. If
  9. We desperately need something at TE in free agency. We have plenty of weaknesses but that has to be our single worst position group. Although to be honest I couldn't name our other starting safety along with Davis off the top of my head, and presumably we aren't bringing Maye back. And Joyner is a FA too. Yeah okay, we could really use some help there too.
  10. Very much agree on point 4 about the kicker. Letting Meyers go after a 33/36 season for no reason was such a bad decision by Mac. It gets hidden because of a bunch of other terrible decisions, but it's straight up cost us points almost every game since. I'm in the camp of Mike White starting is a better idea than Wilson. If he poops the bed again against lesser defenses than the Bills then go to Flacco and look to get better competition for Zach next year. Until Zach earns the starting job (which may be never), he shouldn't have it. He needs to be shown that he has to improve his p
  11. Stop the count! Their pick is actually before ours. You love to see it. I wonder if Russ will be on the way out and they go into full rebuild mode. Assuming he isn't broken, he's very welcome here.
  12. Oh for sure. On that I totally agree. It's a hard sell to put Wilson out there at this point simply because he was a high pick and we want him to be progressing. He's not right now (at any noticeable pace), so get him to sit and watch and work on his fundamentals and his accuracy until he's really ready. Sitting a raw rookie QB is not a bad thing (though obviously it would've been better to not put him out there in the first place if he wasn't ready). We have three other QBs here that have proven that they can run the offense better than him. A lot better. "Most yards in the league during that
  13. The Texans had the same number of wins going into this game as we did. We have no leg to stand on in saying "it's just the Texans". They would have been saying the same thing about us if they won: "Don't get excited, it was only the Jets". The Texans have allowed 17 passing TDs on defense but have 14 INTs. We by contrast are at 19:4. They even have the same number of sacks as us, and are similar against the run. There's plenty of argument that the Texans defense has been better than ours overall. And if you only include our games with Zach, I'm sure their offense has been better th
  14. I mean, it's hard not to love this:
  15. Great team effort to get the W and keep the dream of a winning season alive for one more week. That was a god-tier effort by the defense after getting roasted the last few weeks. John F'in Myers with the mirror of Lawson's play against the Bengals. 5 sacks (2 from JFM) and just a dominating performance, particularly in the second half. Until their final drive, the Texans had -6 net passing yards in the second half. I don't care who you're playing, that deserves a ton of credit. As we've seen, our D needs the DL to dominate to play well, but it's fun to see when that happens. O
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