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  1. The Random Thread

    I highly recommend watching whichever game Tony Romo is calling next week. He was fantastic in the Raiders-Titans game and helped make it really enjoyable. I was expecting him to just be "not Phil Simms" (which is plenty on its own), but he was actually insightful and seemed to be really having a great time.
  2. Week 1: So we're really doing this, huh?

    Yep, this about sums it up. For the first time in my ~15 years of watching football, I didn't even try to watch the Jets play. In week one. I watched Oakland-Tennessee instead. It was a good game. If the Jets aren't seriously going to try to win games, then why would I waste my time watching them? We tried to lose, and we lost. Nothing to see here.
  3. Week 1: So we're really doing this, huh?

    The NE loss in week one pretty much marks the high point of our season I'm pretty sure. It was pretty great though, so I can deal with that.
  4. Preseason - Jets vs Giants

    So Petty finished with a perfect QB rating, going 15/18 for 250 yards, 3TD 0INT. He played against 2s and 3s. He had a touchdown where not one but two Giants DBs fell over. He had a touchdown where Powell just caught a short pass and ran like 75 yards. And he had a touchdown where nobody even bothered to cover Stewart. Still, I can't imagine Hack getting those stats with no defenders on the field. Petty should be #2. Or even #1, because I completely fail to see the point in playing a 38 year old on this team.
  5. Preseason - Jets vs Giants

    Geno Smith and Nuge going to work on us. Lovely.
  6. Preseason - Jets vs Giants

    I'd be shocked if I make it through a single complete Jets game this season. I'm just going to go through the schedule each week and watch the best looking games. Somehow I doubt any of those will involve us.
  7. Podcasts!

    Subscribed to a bunch these days. History Hardcore History. The best podcast out there. In depth looks at various historical times or events. I've now listened to all of them except his latest and his WW1 series, which I'll get to soon. Tides of History. It's pretty new but I like it so far. I really enjoyed The Fall of Rome, which is by the same guy. History on Fire. Haven't started it yet outside of the intro episode, but seems interesting The Age of Napoleon. Same as above. Revisionist History. Malcolm Gladwell's podcast. Always tends to be quite interesting. Super interesting things 99% Invisible. All different topics on things you never noticed or thought about in 15-30 minute episodes, like the effect of autopilot on pilots, the military's influence on the food you eat, the time Sweden changed from driving on the left side of the road to the right, an island named "Busta Rhymes Island", and loads more Stories Serial. One story per season told in 10 or so episodes. I believe this is the most downloaded podcast around. I really enjoyed both seasons so far. Ear Hustle. Saw it recommended on the old forum. A prison inmate tells us what it's like in there. This American Life. I've just listened to a few in "best of" lists. I'm only really interested in the hour-long story episodes Comedy/Interviews Nerdist. Interviews with comedians/actors/musicians/etc. If I like the guest I'll tune in and enjoy it. Dear Hank and John. For fans of the Green brothers.
  8. Jets 2017 Training Camp Thread

    I'd totally be up for us bringing in Roberto Aguayo after he was cut by the Bucs. I had to google who our current kicker is anyway. Kickers can be up and down all the time especially with a change in scenery, and this kid showed enough in college to entice a team to draft him in round 2. In a "let's see what the young players have got" year, I say we might as well see if we could get an awesome kicker for the future. What's the worst that happens? We lose a game 35-0 instead of 35-6?
  9. Preseason Game 1: Titans vs Jets

    Well at least now we can say that we won't go winless in 2017.
  10. Random Game Talk #1

    I had the same thought about a month ago. The online requirement and the episodic nature of the release made me completely lose interest. As a complete package however, it's great.
  11. The Random Thread

    There's so much white everywhere. This might take some time to get used to after literally no visible changes to the old forum in my ten-plus years there.