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  1. The Iron Chef!!

    But a very true statement. Just look at this years past draft. 1 RB in the 1st round ( last pick) and 5 in round 2. I would of took any of them if we needed a back and there is a good chance all of them put up good numbers. l’m all for drafting a RB next year if Cook doesn’t take a contract in the 7-8 million per year range. If he doesn’t, goodbye 👋
  2. Jets sign QB Joe Flacco (One year, $1.5 M)

    But, you have to factor in that it took Joe 3 and half years to throw over 30 int’s....( previous years. 2016-2019).
  3. Evaluate the Vikings 2020 draft

    We do have more. We have 12 picks already. Our 7 picks, bills 4th, Bears 4th, Ravens 5th ( actually is Steelers pick), and probably 2 comp picks..
  4. 2021 Draft Talk

    I would say interior line as well. Things could change as the season goes. Also, our cap situation will be a lot different as well. Should be north of 30 million to start. It will be fun...
  5. Very interesting 🤔. How about the 32-13 bench press numbers. I also like the 10 yard splits. Allen was 1.64 and Willekes is 1.69. That’s what makes a difference in getting to the QB. hopefully our coaching staff can work on his moves on beating the lineman he will be facing...
  6. The Iron Chef!!

    Yep. Some people have a hard time believing this. 7-8 million a year is all he is worth. If he leaves or holds out, so be it. Draft another back next year..
  7. The Iron Chef!!

    Well, how about McCaffery just last year. He had more catches and receiving in 1 year then cook has in his career!!!!!!!! and your no help to your team if you can’t play... again, what about Bell, Gordon, Freeman, Gurley????? they were over paid and got cut ( or held out and lost a lot of money) Cook is no way worth over 10 million a year. 7 million a year, or hit the road... By the way, Cook better ask Melvin Gordon how that worked out for him🤔..
  8. The Iron Chef!!

    So career numbers: Cook: 2104 yards rushing 17 TD’s 104 rec , 914 yards 2 TD’s McCaffrey: 2920 yards rushing 24 TD’s 303 rec, 2523 yards 15 TD’s They are both in the league 3 years and you see Cook getting what McCaffrey got???? You do know that McCaffrey has better numbers thru 3 years then Barry Sanders?? They are not even close. like I said before, 7 million a year is my max offer..
  9. The Iron Chef!!

    We might not know talent ( so you think anyway) , but we have a brain that shines way over you... tell me how it worked for Bell, Johnson, Freeman, Gurley, and Melvin Gordon???? All of them thought they we the best as well.... Even Elliott?? They finished 8-8... Biggest issue I have, just shut up and play out your contact. You do get paid to play a sport. Go work 40 hours a week for a living if you can handle your current contract. if cook gets 6 million a year, he better sign quick.. or he could turn 10 millions year Like Gordon and sign a deal in FA making 5 million a year lol....
  10. The Iron Chef!!

    Bottom line, I would offer him a 4 year deal around 35 million. That’s it, RB’s are a dime a dozen In the league. He turns it down, just draft one in the 2nd round next year.. give me Chuba Hubbard and we can move one...
  11. Great pick. He is a freak athlete.
  12. 2020 NFL Draft - Day Three Discussion

    That’s a great pick for the 7th round. Seen mocks with Willekes as high as the 4th round.
  13. 2020 NFL Draft - Day Three Discussion

    Great pick for the Vikings!!!!!
  14. 2020 NFL Draft - Day Three Discussion

    I like Isaiah Coulter as well
  15. 2020 NFL Draft - Day Three Discussion

    He is 1” taller then Jefferson and the same size as Thielen. Why do you think they can’t stretch the field?