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  1. You pay top dollar for good QB’s.. Let's see, 4265 yards passing with 35 TD’s and 13 picks in a run heavy offense with an O-line that ranked 28th in pass blocking?? What more do you want!!! I wouldn’t take Trey Lance in the 3rd round let along 1st round. Now, Mac Jones, I would take. He has proven he can win on the big stag against really good teams.
  2. I believe I would do that deal. I think our defense got better and if we could Brown and keep our pick this year, I really think we would be a playoff team next year. And, next years pick would be in the 20’s anyway and we would find a all pro LT like Brown there anyway. So, yes I would do this trade.
  3. Yep, I would do that trade in a heart beat...
  4. I’m still hoping we trade back about 5-8 spots and add a 2nd round pick as well. A lot of talent in the 2nd round and picks 14-25 have a lot of talent that I see pretty equal. Meaning there is 3-4 OL along with 3-4 defensive players that I would be happy with. Then, i would trade up into round 2 and get another stud player that fell from round 1. Use all our 4th and 5th round picks to move up and get players that help right away.
  5. I would too. Let’s land Trey Hendrickson and Shaq griffin. take care of offense in the draft..
  6. This would be a great signing. I’m all for Hendrickson. Gives us 2 young DE’s to build around. Add in a DT in the draft and we will be moving in the right direction...
  7. I agree 100% vikingsrule. With 4 4th round picks, I would take a safety in round 4 ( maybe even 2 ). if we get another really good DE, that would make our whole secondary better.
  8. It’s not about asking. If you go out and prove yourself, you get paid. That’s how it works. He got paid. I never heard once “ The best player to ever play the game” ask for a raise. He was so under paid it wasn’t even funny. Yet, all he did is take pay cuts to make his team better. And 7 rings later, Brady still does his job and never asked once.
  9. He got a raise!!! His base salary was in 1.9 million. The following year he went to 9.4 million.. That is raise of almost 500% percent??? He is making 12.1 million this year. So again, just shut up and play the game because he got his raise..
  10. It is actually sickening to me... if you sign a contract, play it out... Just shut up and play the game. If not, retire and work 40 hours a week like all of us.. Should be in every contract for every sport that, when you sign a contract, you play it or you don’t get paid. Period!!!!
  11. I believe he will be a 3rd round selection with those numbers. I hope the Vikings do take a hard look at him..
  12. So, now that we are being back Weatherly, are the Vikings no longer looking at a DE? I would of went in a different direction, but we will see. I still would of liked Trey Hendrickson or Romeo Okwara.
  13. I’m leaning towards Barmore. We were 27th against the run last year and had absolutely no pressure on the QB. Barmore along with the return of Pierce and Hunter will be a huge difference.. Plus, I hope we address our other DE in FA. ( I’m hoping for Trey Hendrickson or Romeo Okwara ) I think we can find our other pieces in the later rounds ( S, OG, and depth). Thats my pick..
  14. I would focus on the D-line as well. Hunter and Pierce will both be back. I’m all for going after Trey Hendrickson in FA for our other DE and drafting Barmore in the 1st round as well. Getting to the QB will only help our young CB’s out..
  15. I’m an Athlete.. played football and baseball. Not very big ( 5’10 185 when I graduated) but ran the 40 in 4.5 In football I was a RB and MLB. As a RB, I rushed for over 3000 yards and 48 TD’s. ( starter for 2 years) As a MLB, I had 348 tackles and I’m still 3rd in school history ( started 3 years) I started as a freshman in baseball. I was a lefty pitcher. And as some of you guys know, athletic ability runs in my family. Travis Blankenhorn of the Minnesota Twins is my cousin. Go Twins!!!!
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