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  1. Babe Ruth and it isn't even close. Tom Brady staying here would have been a frustrating repeat of last season with him throwing to a bunch of stiffs and him wasting another year of his talent. Tom deserves a lot better considering how much he gave to the Patriots. I'm not mad at the Patriots or Belichick either. They were in trouble with cap space and were unlucky with draft picks that finally caught up with them. Maybe Tom can finish out is contract in Tampa and come back to us at 45 after the Patriots have regrouped to try and push for one more. I know it sounds silly and unrealistic but the
  2. Look on the bright side guys. The game is over and we don't have to watch it anymore.
  3. The future is happening now!!!! *starts convulsing*
  4. I'm dumbfounded how this game is this close. We have to play absolute perfection to have any shot and it's frustrating to see any hope being pissed away. Chiefs are going to get loose in the second half and put things away.
  5. I screamed at Hoyer for him to throw it away. I'm not sure if he heard me though. Not sure what else I could do.
  6. I see this team as an 8-8 team. Adding OBJ will maybe get 1 to 2 more wins if he plays to his full potential and I still don't see him making this team a Super Bowl contender. Not worth it.
  7. Larry Centers had 962 receiving yards one season for a fullback and pretty consistently had a lot more receiving yards than rushing yards. I can't think of any other fullback that had a career like that. Keith Byers is the only fullback I can think of that even comes close.
  8. Super Bowl 51 was the greatest game I've ever seen. The ending was so euphoric after suffering though the deflategate witch hunt. I thought I flipped out after 36 but 51 beats it. I can't imagine ever seeing a more satisfying game.
  9. Watch the video I posted. Hand signals aren't used anymore as both the offense and defense use radios in helmets to receive the plays. Literally nothing can be gained from filming a sideline . . . Well unless you count fake outrage something.
  10. Anyone catch this on why this is really no big deal?
  11. "Oh we beg to differ!" - Rest of the planet
  12. You're going to get your leg swept if you disrespect Cobra Kai Forbath like that.
  13. As much as I love this defense I don't see it being able to contain Welker. 1st downs all day.
  14. Wow blast from the past! I remember the love fest and so glad it worked out the way that it did
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