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  1. Wow blast from the past! I remember the love fest and so glad it worked out the way that it did
  2. I think Edleman isn't injured and they're just taking him out of the game so he doesn't get hurt in a blowout.
  3. QB option from a high school playbook? Sure why not?
  4. Ok I normally dont give up but I'm waving the white flag. Just keep kneeling it and hope to hell for no injuries please.
  5. Can we stop throwing the freakin ball to the 41 year ol please?
  6. Are the Patriots allowed to have completions?
  7. Any way we can sign a roll of wet toilet paper to strengthen this oline?
  8. Brady and 1000 yards rushing dream is crushed.
  9. If they kneel it before the half I'll be upset.
  10. Yes if it means we can hang on to him. We did it with Chad Jackson and look how well that turned out . . . . uhhh ok bad example. Ok Julian Edelman was injury plagued for a few years and now he's great Either way it's rookie contract money so I don't think he hurting the cap too badly so I think it's worth the risk based on his potential. And just to keep the conversation going Brandon LaFell and Brandon Lloyd came in and had an immediate impact and picked up the offense right away. Britt didn't do jack. It looks like he has the potential to have good seasons like LeFell and Lloyd based off his 2016 season with the Rams but I'm not keeping my hopes up. Hopefully it's just taking some time for him to grasp the offense and maybe it will click soon. Where's the "Who the hell knows" emoji lol.
  11. Training Camp Battle - Running Back

    Who is going to start? At the beginning of the season? Burkhead. I'm not crazy about it because he seems like a jack of all trades master of none type back. Pretty good runner and pretty good receiver = pretty good running back. I'd like have someone better than pretty good. On the plus side the way to compensate for this is that we have a variety of other pretty good running backs that we can switch to depending on different situations to maximize their strengths. I think Hill and Michel could take over depending how quickly they learn the offense. Who is the power/goal-line back? I'm giving the edge to Mike Gillislee over Burkhead because think he's simply a stronger runner. Is James White more than a passing back? Can anyone take that spot from him? No to both. I don't think he has enough power to be the featured back. The next closest competitor would be Burkhead but I flat out don't think he's as good as a receiving threat as White is. As talented as Michel is he would need a lot more experience before he could take over as the main 3rd down passing back. On a side note Brandon Bolden is a lock due to being so good on special teams.
  12. "Move" for what? A ham sandwich? What's the harm in keeping him if anything on IR if we need to. Did anyone see anything in Kenny Britt? I didn't. I'd be shocked if he made it through training camp.
  13. Training Camp Battle - Left Tackle

    I feel that this is really a crap shoot especially with Dante coaching. Who knows how fast Wynn will pick up on the offense and improve his technique. If I'm forced to guess an order then here it is: 1. Trent Brown - At least played some left tackle in the NFL and was a starter. 2. LaAdrian Waddle - Only really played Right Tackle but at least has experience in the Patriots offense. I don't feel comfortable with him starting. 3. Isaiah Wynn - At least played some left tackle in college. I think they will sub him in here and there this year to give him some experience before they make him a starter.