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  1. I don't know how you spend a high first round pick on a quarterback who averaged 6.4 yards per attempt in college. Granted, quarterback position is difficult to translate but that number is so low it basically screams at lack of sufficient upside. Jones has played to his past performance chart, averaging basically the same thing in the NFL. It's the reasons all the analytics guys were literally laughing when Jones was picked that high. Fortunately for Daniel Jones, he does have legs, and the league does not spit out quarterbacks of that level so decisively anymore. The rules allow him to
  2. The Bills and Dolphins were on the opposite end of legitimacy. Buffalo was second in the league in YPPA Differential while Miami was near the bottom, with an awful number of -.7. That stat is the relationship between pass offense and pass defense. Not much else matters these days in the NFL. Tua needs to boost his his physique dramatically to look like a physical match to the league. That was the issue last year. He looked small and non threatening. Maybe all it requires is one year further removed from the injury, and a full offseason program, but I don't know how anybody could watch the Buff
  3. I hope everyone watched the Dan Orlovsky segment on NFL Live this afternoon. He broke down exactly what I've been trying to say about Justin Fields' throwing motion with the high elbow and how it differs from ideal and differs from the other top four quarterback prospects. That segment was so in line with my thought process that it was like I wrote the script. Orlovsky showed the throwing motion of Lawrence, Wilson, Jones and Lance and how similar they are. He compared all of them to a candy cane or a C in terms of the arm path. The tracer was almost identical for Lawrence, Wilson and Jon
  4. I think that's the key point that younger fans miss. Any Given Sunday is long gone, due to the influence of the rules changes and therefore the quarterback position. Nowadays I look at the season win over/unders like 11.5 and wonder how in the heck that elite team is going to lose 5+ times if it has a dominant quarterback? The games are incredibly boring these days, due to total lack of contrast. Teams with lousy quarterbacks are brainstorming to throw it 35+ times, which merely lengthens the game and plays smack into the hands of the opponent with the superior quarterback. I always know that
  5. I can't imagine not watching the draft on ESPN, like every year since 1980. ESPN is true class and clarity. NFL Network is easily the worst specialized network I have ever seen. I don't have NFL Network anymore but I wouldn't watch it if I did. I'll never forgive them for that disgraceful tactic of tipping the picks, especially when Mayock was such desperate low class he would already know the name then pretend he was predicting it. Rich Eisen has an admirable cause but otherwise his style is so juvenile he has no business on a network like that. Eisen's ongoing presence is symbolic
  6. Flowers played well early last season when most of the other Miami free agent signings were struggling. But midseason forth he was mediocre at best and mostly in the way. It was obvious the Dolphins would try to move on from him. As a Canes fan I'm happy for Flowers because Washington is the only spot he's looked decent in the NFL. He should accept that and try to stay there as long as possible. From a Miami standpoint this allows Robert Hunt to move inside to guard, where he should have been in the first place. Kindley can shift over to left guard while Hunt takes the right side. N
  7. I think Pennington is the best comparison, but a more arrogant and ambitious Pennington in terms of playing style. Pennington had sameness in his drop backs and timing, while Jones will spread it around quickly while also able to go for the jugular once the shorter stuff opens that up. Nobody seems to accept the possibility that Kyle Shanahan is determined to borrow the Sarkisian concepts and apply them to the NFL, while making sure he has a guy already proven to understand that approach and thrive in it. Yeah it's lots of looping underneath stuff. Devonta Smith benefitted from that as we
  8. Draft range on gamble on greatness guys like Lance is always difficult to project. But I don't know how you take a high elbow guy like Fields that early. It could not be more basic. When that elbow is extended at 90 degrees instead of neutral at 45 degrees it leads to all kinds of forced contortions that waste precious tenths of a second. Lends to inaccuracy and also panic. The crankup delivery means the windows are closing quicker for you than for quarterbacks with a more compact delivery. Once the quarterback senses that ongoing issue in the NFL he resorts to line drive reliance. It is exact
  9. I ordered the Ourlads draft guide to continue my streak of at least one print publication dating to Joel Buchsbaum. The cover of that guide alone demonstrates why Jones has to go above Fields. They used one action photo apiece of the top 5 quarterbacks, plus a photo of Pitts. Mac Jones' photo shows him with a wonderfully relaxed overhead throwing motion. It reminded me exactly of photos of Chad Pennington coming out of Marshall. Contrast to the absolutely grotesque photo of Justin Fields. Talk about a chicken wing. As I've posted on many sites, Fields has the flawed high elbow backswing just l
  10. Anyone who was paying attention to the 11 YPA knew his stock was soaring, identical to Zach Wilson. Both of those guys established that range midseason and stayed there. It was no different than Burrow last season. I was mentioning the 11 YPA for Burrow on several sites. People obsessed with subjectively evaluating every play and every trait are whiffing the big picture. Are we really going to have ongoing examples of 11 YPA guys who are dismissed to second tier during the regular season, then we're supposed to be shocked at "climbing" the boards during spring? Be my guest. Jalen H
  11. Agreed. I remember watching Stanford vs San Diego State early season a few years ago and marveling at Bryce Love and Rashaad Penny. It was a terrific old style power football game. You could tell the only variable with both guys was health.
  12. Exactly. Anything recognizable is a win. And frankly shocking. I fully expected overdone and grotesque
  13. As a Dolphins fan that was the greatest game in nearly 35 years. I still savor the memory. The New York Football Giants instantly leapfrogged to my second favorite team, and will never leave that perch. The outcome was all the sweeter because my mom was still hospitalized after nearly dying of a diabetic coma on Christmas Eve. Our family were Dolphin season ticket holders in 1972. The next day when my dad and I told my mom the Patriots had lost and the Dolphins' unbeaten alone status was still intact, she beamed and asked us to tell her all about the game. Then she was finally able to com
  14. Definitely Raiders/Redskins from the 1983 season. I don't think any other game is in the vicinity. The others are projections. This one was already previewed. They had played a tremendous high profile game in the regular season and everyone anticipated a rerun. Washington played one high scoring entertaining game after another that season, in the games that were competitive. They defeated the Raiders 37-35 and their only two losses of the season were by 1 point apiece -- 31-30 to Dallas and 48-47 to the Packers. Both of those games were on Monday Night Football, the showcase of that era.
  15. And all of that equated to 11.2 YPA. Again, this isn't difficult. Subjectivity can be thrown away midseason when a draft eligible quarterback is sustaining 11 YPA. That player is going to be drafted extremely high, no matter the obsession with tape. The word tape is a laughable rationalization in the first place. I could understand it if tape had a competent track record. But it is beyond hilarious to hear and read tape tape tape given the astronomical bust rate via a process relying for decades on tape.
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