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  1. Panthers hire Phil Snow as DC

    This is a pretty cool hire.
  2. Those two games are the weirdest case of "good team MASSIVELY playing down to a bad team" I've ever seen in my life. That Falcons team had no business even being on the same field as either team, they weren't even in the same stratosphere in terms of ability. The Saints offensive line was getting eaten alive by a single player and they couldn't block anything for longer than a second. And with the 49ers, Grady Jarrett completely clogged up their running game and shut it down, and Jimmy G had a hard time finding anyone other than Kittle against what is probably a bottom 3 secondary in the NFL. Jimmy G is a very good QB, but it was bizarre to me that he couldn't hit any WRs against a garbage secondary - I know the pass rush was really good that day but jeez. Just a bad day at the office I guess. I think you replay both the ATL @ NO and ATL @ SF games, and they get creamed nine out of ten times (the thanksgiving game is probably closer to how most games would play out, minus the insane onside kicks). The NFL is just weird in that way.
  3. Raheem Mostert

    This but unironically. To elaborate: The running game matters a lot. Running backs don't. Take a UDFA, run him through his rookie contract, get another UDFA, etc. Save that money on getting those backs some guards and centers to block for him. If you're going to pay a RB, you better basically be a WR playing RB, as well as being a world-class blocker on passing situations.
  4. J-Deereā€™s 1 round mock (trades) 1.0

    Having someone to line up right next to Grady Jarrett really solidifies the middle of the defensive line and can allow the pass rushing ends to be more productive. It's not sexy, but I like the pick.
  5. I'd argue that the Saints defense was more impressive than their offense this year, outside of a few select games. The Saints offense didn't really start clicking until late in the season, right around the SF game. If you think the Saints were giving up 40+ points a game... you only watched the SF game. Their defense was definitely legit, and it wasn't the sieve of the previous Saints squads.
  6. Want To Win A Super Bowl? Don't Pay Your QB.

    Who you or I think doesn't get people hired/fired though. Even if narratives surrounding a team's lack of success are dumb, they will get a coach fired. If you are perceived to be wasting the prime of a great player, your ability to coach/manage a team will come into question, even if it's not really your fault. When a great player retires who didn't get a ring, what do you think people say about him? Their organization wasted him and now they're trash for not getting him a ring. It wasn't "it's a shame they didn't have the luck to win a title," - even though that's much closer to the truth. It's really hard to win a super bowl and requires a lot of things going right, but the thing is, to the average person - they don't care that it's hard. Results are the only thing that matters to them. I mean, you have Patriots fans who grew up in the Brady era (not all Pats fans obviously) that are convinced that the regular season is irrelevant. That alone has 2nd and 3rd order impacts upon how other fans perceive their franchises with respect to the Patriots (ie, if we're not getting the kind of success they are, then we're just trash, so the playoffs aren't good enough). Why do you think Steelers/Patriots/Cowboys/etc. fans of franchises with a bunch of championships get to routinely trash franchises that don't have rings? It's not for no reason, even though the reason is kind of stupid. The average NFL fan is really stupid, but the average NFL fan also has 100000x the weight you or I do when lobbying to get a guy fired for not meeting absurd expectations - thus the idea of getting to the playoffs being good enough is kind of absurd.
  7. Want To Win A Super Bowl? Don't Pay Your QB.

    You're misunderstanding me. It doesn't matter what you or I think success is defined as. That's irrelevant. To the average person, success is defined by Super Bowl Championships. Head coaches, General Managers, etc. all get fired for failing to meet these expectations. Coaches have gotten fired because of the narrative that they were wasting a great QB's career before. I'm talking about general perception that if you're not first, you're last. Why do you think Marino has the choker label? "Well winning a Super Bowl is hard." In a vacuum, that's true. You'd be correct. But very few people think about football in that way - narratives are way more important to your legacy than facts are. Hell, people consider Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees chokers even though we all know better. That's the power of narratives. Narratives don't have to be rational to be effective - in fact most narratives are pretty much never backed up by facts. That's what makes them so effective. After the Falcons Super Bowl, there was a narrative that it would been better to go 0-16 than lose the Super Bowl. It's stupid and ridiculous, but you can absolutely find people that will defend and justify it (I run into them every day!). I still run into people that thought the franchise should have been entirely razed to the ground and moved to another city because of the Super Bowl loss. That's an irrational and illogical take, but I frequently run into people who say and believe that kind of stuff - and these are the kinds of people you have to impress to get them to buy tickets or else people will get canned. So the perception of my franchise is that of a gutless choker, and that's what people are going to think of when they think of the Falcons - trash. Hell, most people in Atlanta hate the Falcons right now and actively root against them simply because of that one game.
  8. Want To Win A Super Bowl? Don't Pay Your QB.

    I sort of agree/sort of disagree with this. Winning the super bowl is incredibly difficult because the playoffs have so much variance to them. However, if you think getting to the playoffs and bowing out is a successful season... I don't know what to say to that, because that sounds ridiculous. Now, it can be a stepping stone to better seasons and can be viewed positively through that lens and I don't see anything wrong with that. It can also be comparatively better than what other teams are going through, but there's a reason that franchises that haven't won any championships are considered garbage/trash franchises. An example would be my Falcons - they have made the Super Bowl in 2 of the last 3 decades and on average, get to the playoffs once every two seasons and usually max out at the second round when they do make the playoffs. That's good, right? Well, they're considered one of the worst franchises in the history of American professional sports, and not for no reason. There's a reason their name is a joke to most people. And they'll never, ever, change that perception without some hardware. It's not "fair", in a vacuum, but that's how it is. If you don't win a title, you're viewed as a failure, as trash. That's the nature of the beast. So, does that mean not being trash requires you to be insanely lucky, due to the variance of the NFL post-season? Basically. It's definitely not a fair expectation, but don't tell me that kind of pressure doesn't come into consideration when dudes get hired/fired. Why do you think the "x player is being wasted" narratives pop up? It's not for no reason at all. There are dudes who grew up watching football in the 80's/90's who still think Marino was trash because he never won a title - or that John Elway was a gutless choker who needed an elite team to carry him. Those narratives are stupid, yes, but they're real and they do matter in the grand scheme of things.
  9. I'm not impressed with Gage or Blake. They're the kind of mediocre "move the chains" guy you can get pretty much anywhere. They got exposed hard in the thanksgiving game against the Saints - they were completely shut down by their inability to beat press coverage. Their inability to beat press allowed the Saints pass rush to completely bulldoze the offensive line, because Matt was forced to hold the ball for longer. I agree that the Falcons have way more pressing needs and WR is way down the list. However, I feel with WRs in 2020 and beyond, if you can't beat press coverage, you're trash. (That doesn't mean Gage/Blake couldn't eventually learn how to beat press coverage more consistently, but as it stands, I think they're pretty bad). However, if a situation comes up and if in the 4th/5th round there's a guy who is insanely fast but is a bit raw/project guy in other areas, I have absolutely no problem with the Falcons picking him up. Remember Marvin Hall and Taylor Gabriel? You can lump Aldrick Robinson in with those guys as well. Those guys were great because they were speed demons - and because of their speed, DBs just didn't want to gamble with press coverage on them. And if they did gamble and lost, the result was usually a touchdown. Unironically, the Falcons letting Marvin Hall go was a huge mistake that we're still feeling right now. Take into consideration Dirk Koetter's offense too. I know Dan Quinn claims that it's still mostly the Kyle/Sark offense, but we know that's a load of BS. It's Air Coryell through and through. If you really want to make the Air Coryell offense to work, having that speed demon in the slot opens up a lot not just for Julio/Ridley, but can seriously open up running lanes for whoever our running back is next year. If you can't stretch the field consistently in an Air Coryell offense, DBs will start to play closer and closer to the line of scrimmage (hey, doesn't that sound familiar from 2019?) and now your short/intermediate passing game as well as your running game is compromised. The nice thing about this kind of function in our offense is that this kind of player can be had for minimal investment. A 4th round pick is basically nothing as far as opportunity costs go, and all you're really looking for is a dude who a. can beat press, b. run go routes really quickly. That's literally all he has to do. That's not something I think Blake or Gage are well equipped to do. Gage was effectively a slightly worse Sanu, and we already have Hooper filling the role that Sanu did, but much better. I think guys like Gage/Blake are just kind of a waste in this particular offense because the things they do were things we already had, but just not as good as other guys who did them. So tl;dr my hot take is that for a 4th or 5th round pick, I actually think the Falcons offense could be significantly better with a speed demon in the slot - because of how the Air Coryell offense functions. It'd be a mistake for other offenses in our position, but I think the Falcons are particularly unique because of Koetter and his Air Coryell offense.
  10. Notable Stats and Observations

    TOP is a stupid stat because you can be leading 28-0 at the half, up 20 - 10 in terms of TOP. Then you enter garbage time and the losing teams has a 35:25 ratio of TOP despite losing 31-24.
  11. Want To Win A Super Bowl? Don't Pay Your QB.

    I want to see a team do this and end up drafting a Trubisky and having the entire city wanting to raze the Front Office to the ground. "Why didn't you just pay the QB? God you're so stupid!!!"
  12. In 2012 we were robbed of a Broncos/Falcons Super Bowl. John Abraham getting hurt in a meaningless Week 17 game looks so stupid in hindsight, especially since he would have been critical in the NFC Championship game vs. SF. Without him, they literally had no answer for Kaepernick.
  13. Rank the current Head Coaches

    Tomlin underperforms vs. vastly inferior competition a lot. He's still a pretty good coach but I can't overlook that. You can make an argument in Harbaugh's favor that he needed a QB and Joe was past his prime - to make up for the 2015-2017 Ravens era. If it's 3-4 years from now and the Ravens still haven't done much with Lamar, then you can re-evaluate Harbaugh. Carroll is a good coach still but the Seahawks are just never as good as I expect them to be under him - and with an elite QB at the helm, that's a tough pill to swallow.
  14. Patriots Sell The House For Burrow?

    No, but in Atlanta we thank you for your charity. That pick's being used to rebuild/restock a horrible defense.
  15. What would Dalvin Cook be worth in a trade?

    Good o-line play is pretty hard to come by in the modern NFL - there's a reason teams are starting to just say "screw it" with building a line and just getting a mobile QB who can offset that kind of deficiency.