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  1. Stefon Diggs will become a top 10 receiver!!!

    He had 27 yards against the bears due to injury, and had the same thing again after returning and being used as a decoy. Watching what he is doing against primarily josh Norman should prove how good of a receiver he is. Time off has given him life, and now he is ready to terrorize the league and make that push!
  2. Stefon Diggs will become a top 10 receiver!!!

    Him and theilen are legit destroying the league!
  3. Week 10: VIKINGS (6-2) at Washington (4-4)

    Man, diggs and theilen really were supposed to be nobodies. No-name receivers, and they are legit the best duo in the nfl. Diggs flashy and outspoken, theilen calm and chill. Both run extraordinary routes, great hands...unstoppable. Josh Norman has to switch to cover both, and they don’t even care. Both made highlight plays on him lol.
  4. Week 10: VIKINGS (6-2) at Washington (4-4)

    Man theilen is torching that other corner lol, keep feeding that man!
  5. Week 10: VIKINGS (6-2) at Washington (4-4)

    Stupid penalty, but my boy is back! Can you Diiiiiiiiiiiigg that!?
  6. Are the Jaguars For Real This Time?

    They would be foolish not to. This season alone I’ve watched bortles overthrow open receivers by 15-30 yds. I’ve seen keenum make difficult throws in addition to the deep balls he has passed. I️ got keenum being better then bortles
  7. Are the Jaguars For Real This Time?

    Obviously no one would make him their first pick, but I’m saying the jaguars suffer from legit below average qb play. Bottles is missing wide open targets, like legit wide open receivers and it isn’t because he isn’t rushed, he isn’t just a bum. if jags picked up an average qb they win games with that defense and running game, that’s what I’m trying to say.
  8. Are the Jaguars For Real This Time?

    I️ would say even an average qb would suffice. Case Keenum would help put this team over the top. They need someone who can make throws that’s all. You don’t need a superstar qb that carries the team, just somebody that can hit open targets. Bottles can’t even do that.
  9. Are the Jaguars For Real This Time?

    You know, not to change topics, but I️ made a “is Stefon Diggs for real” topic and caught a lot of slack for it a while back. Why is this thread not receiving the same type of hate?
  10. Are the Jaguars For Real This Time?

    I️ believe so. That defense is scary, leonard fournette is unstoppable and will get comparisons to Adrian Peterson. All they need is a good qb, this team will cause nightmares. They don’t need a star at qb either, just a good qb lol
  11. Stefon Diggs will become a top 10 receiver!!!

    I️ don’t post about theilen in here because it’s about Stefon Diggs. He is def balling outta control, taking on defenses and making some darn good catches. I️ think on the field diggs is better, but theilen is no slouch. You said “actually producing” as if diggs wasn’t leading the league in yards and tds before he got hurt lol. He was producing and should get back on track.
  12. Stefon Diggs will become a top 10 receiver!!!

    27 yards, but he only went deep one time. Had the step but pass interference 😩. I hope the last two weeks and this bye gets his groin injury to minimal effect!
  13. How does Aaron Rodgers stack up against retired greats?

    Faithful Vikings fan here, Aaron Rodgers stacks up against any and every qb in history. I’m only 28 (actually just turned 28 on Friday) and I started watching football 20 years ago. I only got to see Peyton, Brady, Favre, Kurt Warner, and those guys of the early 2000’s. I looked up the other greats like Marino, Elway (watched him win both super bowls), Young, Montana, and other greats as well. Aaron’s got amazing arm strength with pin point accuracy. He can stay in the pocket or roll out and make the throws with the same exact accuracy. What separates him tho is his athleticism. This guy will juke the ish outta you, he isn’t Michael Vick but he will embarrass you lol. Those other guys were in trouble when the pocket collapses, manning against the Seahawks shows that. Put Rodgers on that team and they mess around and win that game. Receivers did get open sometimes, Peyton was just on his *** to fast to see it. Rogers avoids the sacks and makes plays, that is what separates him to me. I think he will go down as the greatest qb ever, and I’m a guy that worshipped Peyton Manning but also respected arguments for Tom Brady.
  14. MVP leaders at this point.

    Which is unfair. Even with all of that, if a qb throws for at least 40 tds he will most likely win it. Like imagine AB catching 24 tds and 1932 receiving yards on 125 catches, Big Ben will have thrown like 32-35 tds and that “upstages” AB. I always felt like receivers are necessary but none will ever win mvp. Unless two qbs get hurt, but still isn’t guaranteed
  15. MVP leaders at this point.

    It’s stupid how the mvp works. You can go crazy as a wideout or a running back but you normally don’t matter lol. I’m looking at wentz as mvp right now tho