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  1. Harrison Smith

    One of the reasons I don’t care to discuss comparisons is the disrespect this man gets. The NFL never talks about how great he is. This guy is easily top 3 safety in the league, but media rarely highlights him.
  2. The Iron Chef!!

    I think it’s honestly on the contrary of what the dirt sheets say. I don’t think he wants zeke/cmc money. The man was basically our entire offense. He was the reason Adam thielen complained and diggs left, it’s because we operate through him. He is one of the best, if not THE best screen players in the game, he is an excellent runner and a damn good blocker as well. To pretend that he doesn’t deserve to get an extension is absurd to me. Should he get 18 mil a year, hell no. But I wouldn’t be angry with giving the kid 8-10 mil.
  3. The Iron Chef!!

    Are we really going to pretend that Alexander mattison will match what cook does on the field? It’s surprising to see how undervalued cook is on this forum
  4. 1.22 - MIN: Justin Jefferson WR/LSU (Jersey #18)

    I agree with you. More and more I watch his highlights, the more impressed I am with him. The fact that we were able to address our oline and corner needs make me feel a lot better about this pick. I really loved the fact that we had two wide receivers that could do it all, I hope Jefferson can show that as well.
  5. The Iron Chef!!

    It is very important. Mcaffery has clearly been the healthier back, but comparing career numbers should never be a realistic comparison unless both players have similar time on the field. If he is arguing the health aspect, then it’s EXTREMELY important. But if we are saying who is superior player due to more numbers, picking a guy who has an entire calendar season and 3 more games over the other to prove he has more yards and receptions is a bogus argument. Was Frank Gore the better option than Adrian Peterson prior to the 2012 season due to superior numbers of yards and catches? Heck no. AD was injured and missed ample time which is why the numbers were the way they were as well as Gore being in the league longer.
  6. The Iron Chef!!

    I see what you did there. That is a great way to showcase statistics in a bias way to prove a point. You’re forgetting one small detail however. One player tore his ACL week 4 in 2017, the other has remained healthy through each season. Would you like to put up games played as well? Dalvin Cook played 29 games, Christian Mcaffery played 48. That is legitimately a full season and 3 extra games. Also, my argument was for this season that just passed. The numbers he had are in 29 career games compared to Mcaffery’s 48.
  7. The Iron Chef!!

    So now there are at least 5 running backs guaranteed that are better than dalvin cook? Sheesh. Before he was injured, the production between cook and Mcaffery were neck and neck, statistics legit show that. He still had a very good year while missing multiple games, and if he did play all 16 he would have been an all pro selection easy.
  8. The Iron Chef!!

    🤦🏿‍♂️Just gotta let people talk and move on. I believe that dalvin cook is SPECIAL and can do things nobody at his position can. I’m just happy that many fans who spew this nonsense are just fans and not really with the team lol or we would be in for losing seasons for years.
  9. The Iron Chef!!

    Quite a few have. One guy said Cook was average lol can’t make this up
  10. 2020 Minnesota Vikings Draft Class

    I was legit pissed off when we picked Jefferson first because I just KNEW we would miss out on Cleveland, who I felt was perfect for us. We addressed our fledgling secondary as well, have extra money due to not trading for Trent Williams. My one issue with Jefferson is his ability to play outside receiver. Thielen thrives in the slot, he can play outside but he isn’t as deadly. Can Jefferson become an above average outside receiver?
  11. 1.22 - MIN: Justin Jefferson WR/LSU (Jersey #18)

    We were able to get who I feel the best oLineman in the draft is for us. Picking up some corners that could actually impact day one as well. With the way the draft played out, I feel a lot better about this pick tbh.
  12. 2020 NFL Draft - Day Two Discussion

    We need oline help ASAP. I hope we can use multiple picks to trade for Trent Williams, but if that ain’t the plan we need to draft an offensive linemen.
  13. 1.31 - MIN: Jeff Gladney CB/TCU (Jersey #20)

    I was pissed with the first pick, but this one I like a lot. He is battle tested for sure, very good man to man as well. Under Zimmerm he can only improve
  14. 1.22 - MIN: Justin Jefferson WR/LSU (Jersey #18)

    He is a solid number two guy for us. I just feel like we should focus on need instead of BPA. We had Stefon Diggs, a much more polished receiver that could be considered the BEST route runner in all of football. We barely used him, what is the point of picking this kid up, who isn’t as talented, and will be underutilized just like diggs was?
  15. 1.22 - MIN: Justin Jefferson WR/LSU (Jersey #18)

    So when we ignore him the same way we ignored diggs, what does that do for us? We are a run first team, we should be addressing our defense or oline. The problem we have is that we only truly utilize one wide receiver when passing the ball. If thielen is as special as you all think he is, we could afford to wait and drafted a receiver today. We have a terrible offensive line and we lost some artillery on defense. Why not focus on that instead?