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  1. Man I wish we took the Jimmy Johnson approach and just play all rookies and practice squad guys. Give the young guys some time to work and still lose to stay in place for Trevor.
  2. Welp gents incoming 1-5. Another L and another step closer to Trevor. Anything that you guys like so far? For me, Cleveland is looking solid, he let a sack happen but he is a rookie playing his first game and that is literally because of injury. Jefferson is eating, I won’t lie I want him to get his stats even though we keep losing.
  3. Man this will be perfect if we can get him. Justin Jefferson and a top 3 running back in dalvin cook just waiting for him.
  4. It’s funny looking at the Texans thread, ppl saying we should be cheering for our favorite team after we beat an equally terrible squad. I’ve never ever wanted to be apart of a fan base of a team that went 1-15, but this is the first time I hope it happens. To finally have a head and shoulders elite Qb in my lifetime will be great.
  5. I dunno, jets might keep darnold. He just needs a rehaul, that kid can play, just has no weapons or oline to work with.
  6. I always want to know where people from footballsfuture get this type of information from. How does anyone know who motivates players in the locker room? Sheesh lol.
  7. We need Jefferson and Thielen to get open and make some plays. Kirk is actually getting some time here.
  8. One bright spot is the oline isn’t looking atrocious during passing downs.
  9. Is Calvin Ridley their new number 1 or is it benefit from Julio being on the field? I keep trying to figure out if he is really this good.
  10. I won’t say he is an elite corner 5 games into the season, but he looks like he will be
  11. I really hope we get him, I have no issue with us losing literally because of this kid.
  12. Tbh, he jumped the route. That was just a great play from the corner. AJ Tyrell they said his name is, if he makes plays like that he is gonna be special
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