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  1. Oh so Eagles nation DOESNT like Hurts? I didn’t even realize that lol
  2. I was referring more to 2019. He was def the problem last season during the games I saw.
  3. I feel like Eagles biggest need right now are weapons for Hurts. Regardless this is a rebuilding year for you guys, you can still get quality defenders in this draft. Every Sunday watching Carson deliver balls to players that just kept on dropping them had been frustrating to watch the last couple seasons. I would hate for hurts to have the same issues
  4. I really hope Devonta Smith falls down to you guys. I really see big things for him and I think his potential will be realized in Philly. I like Reagor also, a lot of ppl don’t think to highly of him but that boy can adjust to the deep ball really well and wins his battles off of routes and not Uber athleticism. Hope him and smith can be a dangerous tandem
  5. As a Vikings fan, just dropping by to let you know this was a very good signing. He is good in coverage and can tackle well. I think he is an above average linebacker. I’m from southwest philly born and raised so I got a soft spot for this squad. Good luck with him.
  6. And yet we were number one with runs on 3rd and 10...but hey if we ignore September and the other bad kirk games, we were one of the most proficient passing offenses in the league right?
  7. I pray he convinces our idiotic wishbone offense minded coach that dalvin cook is not the only weapon there is. I want to see an offense that gets cook utilized around 18 carries per game. Let’s get our skill set guys involved! If Justin Jefferson is targeted on average 4 times a game, then we are in for a world of hurt.
  8. Has anyone seen the Kyle Rudolph interview with Ben Leber? What do you guys think of this?
  9. Possible y’all don’t get the td though. If the defense can actually get a stop you’ll be fine
  10. As a humble Vikings fans I have to say I have been invading this forum all season lol. Proud to see my man Stefon Diggs get a chance to produce. I really hope y’all take this W.
  11. Man I’m so hype for this game! Let’s go Bills, go get it!
  12. Very well possible. I wouldn’t mind bills vs packers either tho. Watching diggs stop the packers from getting a ring would make me feel exquisite. However I could never go for the packers so bucs it is lol.
  13. I’m going bills vs bucs for the Super Bowl.
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