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  1. Well it would be rude of me not to suggest my own team, Collingwood. Good team, lost the grand final by 5pts last season and should be contending again. Carlton were really good in the 90's but have been by far the worst team since 2000, they have finished last a lot (2002, 2005, 2006, 2015, 2018) and wasted an incredible amount of high draft picks. They are basically what the Browns were before last season. Prior to coming last in 2002 they hadn't finished last in 108 years. They still suck this season but seem to have some good young players at least. Richmond are a good team and won the premiership in 2017... but they're a gross club There are few new teams since the 90's and a lot of new teams since the 80's. The competition grew from having teams in one state to teams across the entire country during the 90's.
  2. I plan to, I was looking for a forum and noticed a lot of the vikings ones had terrible layouts. This forum is much better and is very similar to one I use for Aussie football... I just havent worked out where the like button is!
  3. Well I hope to, I have had trouble with becoming attached to an NFL team for some reason, my favourite game I have watched was the Vikings win over the Saints where that Williams fella completely cooked it at the end... I watched that live and I was going for the Vikes in that game. I felt bad for him but not only did he miss Diggs he took out his own teammate, pretty hilarious tbh I go for the cavs (since 2005) in the NBA and became obsessed pretty much straight away And no I dont like the Browns, one Cleveland team is more than enough
  4. Hi new fan from Australia. Just picked Vikings as my team after following NFL for a 3-4 years with no real support of a particular team. I really hope I can become emotionally invested because I dont like not following a team
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