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  1. Dak has 50 million in endorsements for being the QB of the Dallas Cowboys. If we ever win a Super Bowl with him at the helm that number would double in the least. He is no idiot and if playing for a winner matters and money matters the Cowboys will be the only place but he will have to factor endorsement money into his bottom line regardless of the team he plays for.
  2. I think this is the issue as a whole of surrounding him with the talent needed. Mahomes will struggle with the lack of talent around him if they do not hit in the draft consistently. Dak is probably a 35 million a year QB at the rate Mahomes was paid but it still does not make financial sense to any organization. Just as a thought, when a player takes up X amount of a salary cap what is the chances of winning a Super Bowl and what is the breaking point(like going over 15% for one player)? I hope I worded the question correctly so someone who has the resources can dig.
  3. I think with everything going on the salary cap will only go down over the next few years. He is gambling at the wrong time because even if QB's get the same money very few teams will be able to absorb that hit.
  4. Awesome post and stats. I think Dak is crazy leaving the money on the table seeing how Winston and Newton(who was labeled the best new QB many times) both will be playing for a lot less.
  5. Sad that this topic/thread turned into a Dak is the greatest thread again. Looking at the question we could be much better off short term rescinding the tag and signing the additional players. Long term with age of our backup QB and the way our team has been built we need a good QB. I think Signing Clowney and another QB would be the route to start on if the franchise tag is rescinded(which we all know it wont be). On a side note(but right on topic evidently), no one is saying we should not sign Dak just that we shouldn't break the bank over him. When you look at the offer of being the highest paid player ever in the NFL and he has declined, that says all we need to know. We have to look at other options at this point. Just a quick question that I want all the Dak apologists and the Dak realists to answer. Does Dak make Amari and Zeke better or does Amari and Zeke make Dak better. No answer need to say they all make each other better or they compliment each other. If Dak is out for the year will we have more wins than if Zeke or Amari is out for the year? I think we all know with our current WR's Amari would probably come up 3rd but with Zeke out Dak has proven he cannot win and struggles mightily in the absence. Zeke will also struggle without Dak but making Dak the highest paid will cripple us for years no matter how much the salary cap goes up.
  6. If I may add something to this post, not sure it will be anything new and I may have already stated it with another fan. Dak is a good QB that deserves to get "good" QB pay. What the Boys are offering him currently is great/elite QB money and guarantees with a 5th year. If you think that Dak is even worth that much then you haven't paid attention to his play(play not record) when Zeke is out or when he didn't have Amari. The Cowboys have stacked an O-line, HOF caliber RB(if he continues to play the way he has) and a great WR group. They have tailored this O for a QB and offering to pay him more money than he is worth and he is saying no. Time to let him go and see what kind of play he has for a team that is not doing all this for a "good not great" QB. I know we need a "good" QB to run our offense, and I think Dak is better than a "bus driver" but he is still just a wanna be super star that padded his stats when we was behind. I know the argument is that the salary cap will explode in a couple years but it may not and we will be in a world of hurt with an above average QB making elite money.
  7. Building through the draft REQUIRES you to sign the free agents you have DRAFTED. Otherwise you have a crappy team continually with an average age below 28-29 all the time. Not saying we should or should not retain him but he is our draft so we have built through the draft and resigning him solidifies that statement not nullifies it. Not meaning your post DaBoys, just quoting the last.
  8. Byron Jones is better than any corner we can get in the draft. Okudah could be better but we would have to give up 2-3 draft picks to move up and pick a rookie who is going to cost more money than he is worth his rookie year. If you can get a premier safety then let him walk, if you keep Quinn let him walk, if you can get a stud DT let him walk. Only problem with any of the prior statement is that you will create a hole(even if it is just RCB) and we will be weaker for it. Chris Jones, Jamal Adams and Clowney would be a few I would let him walk for but without an elite pass rush we will struggle worse on D than we did this year.
  9. While I do agree somewhat that no team will give up that much I will refer to the Khalil Mack trade last year. 2 firsts plus multiple other picks for an elite defensive player and if another team thinks Dak is a franchise QB 3 firsts will be very possible. And saying that just look at what the Eagles gave up for Wentz, Falcons gave up for Julio and the Vagiants gave up for Sheli. They was all unproven players that got 2 firsts and multiple players and/or picks, so for a proven veteran who is not a problem 3 first rounders is not out of the question.
  10. 3 firsts would be very hard to pass up, hell even 2 firsts and their 2nd would be tough to pass up. We could draft either Burrow, Young or Okudah with the first pick then we could get a safety and DT with our other 2 firsts. Not gonna happen more than likely but still worth looking at.
  11. Trade Dak to Miami for their 3 first round picks. Joking, or am I?
  12. Not saying any of the ones you mentioned are not quality, but the ones you mentioned will have options if they are quality and could/should choose elsewhere based on our f’d up owner
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