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  1. This was too good to not share: https://twitter.com/CoryProcter/status/1090232420899655680
  2. 2019 New NFL Head Coaches - Flores to Miami

    Wait. Dallas had Marty Schottenheimer in as an advisor??
  3. GB’s and Clappers @ Houston

    Does anyone ever mention Sanjay Lal when talking about coaching changes? All training camp long we heard about how he was a good coach and the brick carrying exercises he made the players do after practices and these receivers' hands have been pitiful all year. This entire offensive staff (except maybe Gary Brown) gets my vote for the Clapper award and needs to be gone.
  4. Think it's time someone "phone home".
  5. If that's the going price for the best guard in football, yup.
  6. Greatest Cowboy to never WIN.

  7. Anyone think #9 will be one of those numbers that doesn't get used going forward?
  8. 4-137 TE Dalton Schultz [Stanford]

    Anyone else watching the Draft Day Live on dallascowboys.com?
  9. Butler to Arizona

  10. Around the League - Training Camp

    Couldn't have happened to a worse guy.
  11. Need a new starter on the OLine

    That guy also said he couldn't believe they were benching "Zach" Martin in reply to a tweet from Rappaport suggesting that they were considering moving LC back inside to Guard.
  12. Around the League - Training Camp

    Philly somehow managed to hang on to Bradham at 5/$40M. They were $19M over the cap in 2019 prior to this. Kendricks likely on the outs.
  13. Argument can be made that Nelson is #1, but not a chance Chubb should be ahead of Barkley.
  14. Greatest RBs of all time

    I've always heard he had terrible offensive lines. Could that have played a role? I didn't pay attention to anything other than Dallas back in those days....