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  1. Which of these hurt their team the most?

    We did replace Whit and Zeitler. Unfortunately their replacements aren't playing well yet. But honestly, even with them, our line had issues last season.
  2. I don't think he will be a RFA. If so I'd expect a 2.
  3. Swap 1 O. and D. player with each team in your division

    Ced O for Joe Thomas, Tre Hopkins for Marshal Yanda and Bodine for Pouncey. I'm actually happy with our defense. I don't think I'd make any swaps.
  4. Best Defense ever?

    Da Bears. But Baltimore is awfully close.
  5. mike23md 1st round Mock

    Haven't watched Hyatt, but as of now that's the right position.
  6. Pick one, runningbacks.

    I voted for Zeke, but if the Bengals ever get their O-line fixed Mixon has a chance to be elite. Size of a big back, but hands, speed and cuts like a small back.
  7. ChargerBuckeyes 2018 Way Too Early Mock Draft

    No, Dalton was awful against Baltimore. He wasn't great against Houston, but since they fired their offensive coordinator he has been great. The 2 INTs he threw last week were deflections off AJ Green.
  8. ChargerBuckeyes 2018 Way Too Early Mock Draft

    Dalton has played well when he hasn't been on his back. Take the best available OT.
  9. October Mock Draft/ 2nd round added

    We better see a LOT of improvement in Jake and Ced if they pass on a first round OT.
  10. Elusive_Tiger's Mock Draft 1.0

    Not taking a guard over a tackle.
  11. What would it take for this to be a successful season?

    I disagree. Mike Brown is still a loyal guy. I think Marvin has to not only have a losing record, but also lose the team to get fired.
  12. 1st Qrt PFF Grades

  13. What would it take for this to be a successful season?

    The bar for a successful season is "playoff win" until they do it.
  14. D82's 2018 7 Round Mock Draft v.3.0. **UPDATE**

    I like the first couple of picks but IMO TE and RG need to be taken in the first 3 or 4 rounds as well.