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  1. Yeah, there's no way the Bengals take a guard with a top 10 pick. But I could see it in 2.
  2. Fields not going top 3 is silly. He's at least the #2 QB in this draft.
  3. The only way the Bengals are picking 3 is if Burrow gets hurt again, which means the O-line still needs work. Also, I seriously doubt Zach Harrison winds up a first round pick next draft. I don't think he's going to play enough. Jack Sawyer is going to burst on the scene this year.
  4. It's gotta be the Kens this year.
  5. Pretty sure the Bengals are taking Chase if he's there.
  6. The second round OL are much better than the second round WRs. Give me Chase.
  7. Slater at 5 is a reach. Give me Chase.
  8. I don't hate it. Happy with rounds 1, 2, and 4. But I hope we sign a stop gap RT, outside CB, and 3T in free agency and re-sign Lawson.
  9. You have Moore going twice, and back to back.
  10. I hope we got Moten and Thuney or Scherf in free agency, otherwise I hate this for the Bengals. No way I trade down that far with Chase and Sewell both available.
  11. I'm all on board with Waddle if Sewell and Chase are gone. I think he fits what they need better than Smith and should be healthy by the time the Bengals are doing on field work.
  12. The Bengals are more likely to trade back in 2 than up, but I like the picks.
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