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  1. Draft Talk 2020

  2. He was very good at what he did, but he was also limited in some ways. He always lined up at the same position and NEVER went into motion pre-snap. But he had good hands, good speed, and amazingly quick feet.
  3. Draft Talk 2020

    Zac is trying to get Burrow to play.
  4. 4 Round Post Wilcard Mock With Comp Picks

  5. 1st Of The Year - Just One Round - Some Trades

    That was sympathy, not correction.
  6. 1st Of The Year - Just One Round - Some Trades

    But he decided to return to Ohio State.
  7. That would be a horrible Bengals offseason. Thanks.
  8. AJ Green is not going anywhere as a free agent. They will tag him and try to extend him. The only way he is anywhere other than Cincinnati is by trade. I'm ok with Teddy as a mentor/backup. But that means Dalton was traded. It'd be nice to know what we got for him. If we don't sign a free agent LB or OL at all, I'll be quite disappointed. With the cap room they will have they will be able to do it. Especially if Dalton is gone. But they have disappointed me before. LOL As for the draft, yep.
  9. Offseason To-Do List: Resigning Free Agents

    I'd like to, but I think Billings and Fedj might be hard to keep.
  10. Updated 2020 4 Round Mock Draft

    WJ3 has really underachieved lately and Dre is likely to be gone. A day 2 CB would not surprise me at all.
  11. Draft Talk 2020

    If I'm Washington why would I even consider that trade? Williams is a MUCH better player.
  12. Goldfish's 2 Rounds of Perfect Christmas Joy

    Works for me.
  13. Apart from FA signings Jets 3rd Mock Draft

    This forum is for full first round mocks, or more, only.
  14. Mock Draft 5.0 / 2 Rounds / 1 trade

    Jonah will be the LT. I'm not convinced Cordy will be a Bengal come September 2020. In all honesty I won't be at all surprised if Hart starts again next year, but I really hope not.
  15. Mock Draft 5.0 / 2 Rounds / 1 trade

    Very happy with the Bengals first pick. As for 2, we need everything, but OT much more than OG. Bobby Hart is awful and a bad tackle is harder to "hide" than a bad guard. Give us the best RT at 33.