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  1. I hope we got Moten and Thuney or Scherf in free agency, otherwise I hate this for the Bengals. No way I trade down that far with Chase and Sewell both available.
  2. I'm all on board with Waddle if Sewell and Chase are gone. I think he fits what they need better than Smith and should be healthy by the time the Bengals are doing on field work.
  3. The Bengals are more likely to trade back in 2 than up, but I like the picks.
  4. If the Bengals don’t sign any good free agent OL I like it. But I’m hearing that they are going to try really hard to do just that.
  5. I am hearing a lot of buzz that the Bengals are going to go hard after free agent OL this off season, so I'm not sure we use our first 2 picks on OL. With Chase gone I think they might take Sewell anyway, but in 2 they might look WR, CB, or edge.
  6. Love the first 3 picks. In 4, I’d rather have a guard if there’s someone any good.
  7. Greetings from a Bengals fan. I’m also a big tOSU fan. Of the free agent WRs this year Samuel is a guy I’m interested in, and I have a couple of questions. How likely do you think it is the Panthers will try to keep him? Has he played more in the slot or outside for you? Or out of the backfield? Are you happy with how he has played for you? Thanks.
  8. I just don't think the "brain trust" of this team values a TE that high.
  9. I can't. There is no way the Bengals take a TE at 3. If Sewell is gone I could see Rousseau, Chase, or trade down.
  10. Remember the name Quinn Ewers. Only the 6th player ever with a perfect 1.000 composite recruiting score at 247Sports
  11. Burrow does not need a mentor. But we do need a competent backup.
  12. I like it a lot. Especially the first 4 picks. But if there is a kicker worth drafting,I'd really consider it. I was upset with Randy at halftime last week. Then Burrow happened.
  13. We picked up Quinton Spain a few weeks ago and he has played well. Jonah is good and Hopkins is solid. I'd take Sewell, and then target CB, deep threat WR, Edge, 3T and OG the rest of the way.
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