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  1. The real question is does Burrow trust him to catch the ball.
  2. Let's see how he does outside first. He's 6'1", 195, so he has the size to play outside. He was in the slot last year because he was playing with two 1st round picks.
  3. He is playing outside this year.
  4. As much as I love my Buckeyes, I think I'm taking Rousseau over Wade.
  5. I think it's possible Fields goes #1. I don't think it's possible Lawrence goes lower than 3. The question for Cincinnati in that situation is do you take Sewell, or demand a kings ransom to trade down so someone can take Lawrence?
  6. Only Cam Newton had more yards through his first 7 games as a rookie. The record for most 300 yard games by a rookie in a season is 6 by Luck. Burrow has 5 in 7 games.
  7. You spelled Joe Burrow wrong. Twice. 😆 Nice Bengals draft.
  8. Someone has to win that division.
  9. Maybe CB too, especially if they don't re-sign Alexander.
  10. I think he is, but I'm biased. If you are a bengals fan as well, please don't vote. I want unbiased opinions.
  11. If the Bengals are still picking in the top 10 it's because the O-line is still awful. Best OL available please. Although CB is a possibility. Also, I would be surprised if Wyatt Davis isn't a first round pick.
  12. Retain 2020 order. Adding Sewell to our line would make a huge difference.
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