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  1. Mikey being Mikey

    From what I understand that's pretty common league wide. Unless I misunderstood something.
  2. mock draft research

    Surprised this hasn't been locked yet.
  3. Bengals Hall of Fame

    Bob Johnson over Corey or James. But not by much.
  4. Assuming we have a season...

    Who are your picks for the playoffs and the eventual champion?
  5. 2021 early watching list

    You know PFF didn't exist then, right?
  6. Burrow jerseys

    Just ordered it! Let's see how long it takes to get it.
  7. NFL Draft 2020 Discussion Thread

    The biggest draw Moss had was his friendship with Burrow, but Burrow already has some close friends from his tOSU days, most notably Hubbard.
  8. The best football coach of all time is...

    We'll find out just how good Belichick is now that he doesn't have Brady.
  9. Who is the first player that comes to mind...

    Arizona Cardinals - Larry Fitzgerald Atlanta Falcons - Matt Ryan Baltimore Ravens - Ray Lewis Buffalo Bills - Fred Smerlas Carolina Panthers - Luke Kuechley Chicago Bears - Mike Singletary Cincinnati Bengals - Anthony Munoz Cleveland Browns - Bernie Kosar Dallas Cowboys - Too Tall Jones Denver Broncos - John Elway Detroit Lions - Barry Sanders (Actually Ki-Jana Carter, but I figure you want a player from that team.) Green Bay Packers - Brett Favre Houston Texans - JJ Indianapolis Colts - Peyton Manning Jacksonville Jaguars - Mark Brunnell Kansas City Chiefs - Len Dawson Oakland Raiders - Marcus Allen San Diegp Chargers - Kellen Winslow Los Angeles Rams - Eric Dickerson Miami Dolphins. - Dan Marino Minnesota Vikings. - Randy Moss New England Patriots - Tom Brady New Orleans Saints - Drew Brees New York Giants - LT New York Jets - Mark Gastineau Philadelphia Eagles - Randall Cunningham Pittsburgh Steelers - Terry Bradshaw San Francisco 49ers - Joe Montana (unfortunately) Seattle Seahawks - Steve Largent Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Warren Sapp Tennessee Titans - Eddie George Washington Redskins - John Riggins
  10. O-Line

    I'm still not thrilled with the right side of the line, but there's nothing I can do about it. I feel pretty good about LT - C at this point.
  11. Positions would be nice. I'm not familiar with many non-Buckeyes at this point.
  12. Burrow jerseys

    As soon as the Burrow Nike Elite jersey comes out I'm getting it.
  13. Joe Burrow Thread

    Once backwards.
  14. If the Bengals are picking #2, it means the O-line isn't any good, and you don't give us a single O-lineman??