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  1. Goldfish's 3 Rounds

    And if we pass on White it better be for a QB or Jonah Williams. Under those circumstances Daniel Jones wouldn't shock me.
  2. 2019 Offseason Plan

    You trade Dalton for draft picks. Tannehill becomes the "bridge" QB. You combine the picks you got for Dalton with our pick and move up to take a franchise caliber QB.
  3. 2019 Offseason Plan

    I was watching Saffold to. I'm thinking RG myself, but if he can play RT that would work too.
  4. The one where the Steelers do all the trades (1 round)

    The Bengals are actually in decent shape at DE. Call me crazy (and many Bengals fans will) but with the new offensive coaching staff we are going to have the idea of drafting Kyler Murray is really growing on me.
  5. Coaches still on staff (for now): Alex Van Pelt (QB) Bob Bicnell (WR) Frank Pollack (OL) Robert Livingston (DB) Daronte Jones (DB) Darrin Simmons (ST)
  6. The Mock: Kyler Murray Edition (With Trades)

    I could get behind that draft. Murray is small, but he could be dynamic if used properly. And with Zac Taylor that might actually happen. I like the other picks too.
  7. Bengals HC future poll

    He will have a LOT more talent to work with here though.
  8. Goldfish's 2 Rounder

    With Jonah Williams off the board give the Bengals White. Hyatt in 2.
  9. 2 Rounds Let’s get down

    As if I don't hate Pittsburgh enough already!
  10. 2019 Offseason Plan

    I'd also be happy with Jonah Williams in 1 and Vosean Joseph in 2.
  11. New Years Mock

    White is a good pick. Will Taylor last that long? Walterfootball has him the top OT.
  12. Final Draft Order Mock w/ Explanations. 1 Round

    Give me Dexter Lawrence if White is gone.
  13. 1st Round Mock

    I'll take it.
  14. Bengals HC future poll

    I'm hearing Simmons has a good shot.
  15. Bengals HC future poll

    I believe it will be Hue until it's not.