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  1. Scalamania's first 2020 Mock Draft (2 rounds)

    It should have been edited by now.
  2. Scalamania's first 2020 Mock Draft (2 rounds)

    Joe Burrow in 2???????? He should go AT 2.
  3. Mock Draft 4.0 / 2 Rounds

    Love the Burrow pick. In 2, while we do need a guard, the need at RT is much bigger. Bobby Hart needs to not start. Trey Adams please.
  4. 2020 Mock Draft

    Burrow please.
  5. Some Mocking

    For me Burrow and Young is a coin flip. I wouldn't be mad about either pick.
  6. Mock Draft 3.0 / 2 Rounds

    I'm not sold on Herbert at the moment, but that could change between now and April. For now I'm with JohnDeere. In 2, it meets a need, but I think we have greater need at OT. Bobby Hart really needs to go.
  7. Who Should We Draft?

    My Bengals picks: Whoever they think will be the best QB available or Chase Young.
  8. Do you trade AJ?

    After these quotes: No way I trade him.
  9. 2020 Draft Targets

    My board right now: Tua Young Best OT Available Best player available.
  10. Do you trade AJ?

    If AJ wants to be here, I keep him. If not I need a 1. Preferably another pick too.
  11. 1 Round Mock

    If not Tua I want Chase Young for the Bengals.
  12. LB Malcom Smith available

    Was listening to the Locked on Bengals podcast crossover with the Seattle guy. Apparently Seattle cut a LB that was pretty good. Likely better than most of what we have. I don't remember his name. but I'd definitely look at bringing him in.
  13. 2020 4 Round Mock Draft

    I'm on board with Tua if we are picking THAT high (which I doubt). After that I want OL and LB with every pick. The rest of the roster is actually solid.
  14. Most Overrated QB's of all Time

    Bradshaw by a hair over Namath.
  15. Team Needs

    For this year or the 2020 draft? Assuming the draft: Linebacker. No one on this team is proven, especially as a 3 down backer. Brown is a decent 2 down MLB when healthy, and Vigil has flashed potential, but I still want to add a good LB to the mix. Right Tackle. I don't know what Turner sees in Hart, but until I see it, I want a RT in the first 2 rounds. Depth at LB and OT. 1 more reliable WR, and if he can play Teams even better. (I really wanted to draft McLauren.) Other potential needs depend on what happens with upcoming contracts, and how Dalton plays. Green and Boyd are both entering their last years. Dalton supposedly is a good fit for Taylor's offense, but he's up after 2020 and I really don't want to give him a contract that handcuffs our ability to keep talent around him. If the Bengals are picking high enough for one of the top QBs, I really hope they pull the trigger, but I honestly doubt either happens.