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  1. Duck's Mock Draft 2.0

    Learned something? We are still talking about Mike Brown. Never say never, but I’ll be stunned if we take a guard in the top 10.
  2. Duck's Mock Draft 2.0

    The thing is the Bengals don’t put top 10 pick value on the guard position. And as we saw with Zeitler, even if they did use a draft pick on him, they won’t pay the price to keep him. McGlinchey is someone they would be more likely to invest in for the long term.
  3. Duck's Mock Draft 1.0

    The Bengals D-line is fine. The O-line is awful. Hav to take McGlinchey if he’s there.
  4. Why do pointless factors get brought up in the MVP discussion?

    How "valuable" can a guy be on a last place team? Without him they are still in last place.
  5. Is Mayfield a first round QB???

    So I'm not the only one that sees it.
  6. 2018 Draft Eligible CB Thread

    Denzel Ward keeping the train rolling at tOSU, aka DBU.
  7. Best defense to never win a Super Bowl?

    Mine too.
  8. 2018 Mock 1st w/ Trades

    I don't argue any of that. But they won't take a guard that high or pay him huge money. They don't value the position enough. It's just the way they operate.
  9. 2018 Mock 1st w/ Trades

    I'd rather just stay at 12 and take McGlinchey. I don't see them drafting a guard THAT high, and even if they did they wouldn't re-sign him (see Zeitler, Kevin). They just don't put that much value on the position. But McGlinchey, if he's good, will be around for a while.
  10. The "My Give Up on 2017" Mock

    Yeah, no way Hubbard lasts that long, and when is the last time we drafted a Buckeye? Tovar?
  11. Draft watch

    The only way I'd even consider trading Dalton is if we are picking in the top 2 and have a shot at Rosen or Darnold. I'm hoping we are in position to get one of the top OTs in 1, Price in 2 and Gesicki in 3.
  12. Counselor 2 Round

    I actually prefer McGlinchey, but he's gone. Gesicki in 3 and it's awesome.
  13. Counselor 2 Round

  14. Elusive_Tiger's Mock Draft 2.0

    I like it. As of now McGlinchey is my guy.