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  1. Which of these teams will be 2-0 after week 2?

    Great minds think alike.
  2. D82's Pre-Regular Season 2019 7 Round Mock

    Tackle will be the Bengals top need, but IMO they also have a high need for guard, CB, and maybe TE.
  3. This. He is having a great training camp.
  4. 2019 7 Round Mock Draft **UPDATED 7/1***

    If the Bengals are picking that high (they won’t be) it’s because the O-line is still awful. So to not take an OL in the first 3 rounds is a fail.
  5. 11 Months Too Early Mock

    I know we're not supposed to question draft position, but I really don't get why so many people have the Bengals picking so high. As for the pick, Bosa.
  6. Elusive_Tiger's Mock Draft v 1.0

    Or a couple more OL.
  7. Draft watch

    I think, from an outsiders perspective, it's probably reasonable to have us picking in the teens, but top 5 isn't going to happen, barring devastating injuries. We improved a team that was picking 12 last year.
  8. New arrival jersey numbers

    Will Clarke had 93 when MJ returned from Tampa but Will is gone now.
  9. Draft watch

    Senior Bowl
  10. Early 53 man roster projection

    I think they carry at least 4 RB.
  11. Bowser's WAAAAY-TOO-EARLY 2019 Mock

    If the Bengals are picking in the top 10 it means the O-line is still awful. I don't think QB would be the pick.
  12. Browns: Chubb. He and Garrett would be scary. Ravens: Ragnow. I want him. Steelers: Sam Hubbard, I'm sick of hating Buckeyes, and I think he'd be a very good fit for them.
  13. Who don’t you want your team to take in 1

    For me it’s Kolton Miller. He might be good in a couple years but we need a guy now. And I really want Ragnow unless McG or someone silly slides.
  14. Bridgewater's 2018 NFL Mock Draft Rounds 1 & 2

    Good with 1. In 2 I'd rather have Harrison Phillips. If we go TE I'd rather have Gesicki.