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  1. Gotta think the Eagles land one of DSmith, PSurtain, or JHorn with this move. If Smith falls all the way to #12 over size concerns, this is an excellent trade for Philly.
  2. I will be very upset if the Jets spoon-feed the 9ers Zach Wilson. I'm fine with SF getting any other QB (though I'm confident Shanahan will turn virtually anyone into a competent starter).
  3. I'd be a big fan of it just because he's one of my favorite Seahawks of all-time and this roster could certainly use a veteran CB1, but I'm really skeptical as to whether we can afford him and/or if he'd be a good fit in this locker room. We don't have much available funds left and Sherman definitely doesn't strike me as a hometown discount kinda guy. He's also had some choice words regarding Russell that could present a challenge if he's invited back into a young locker room. I'm of the belief that it won't happen, as fun as it is to consider.
  4. The only notable downgrade. And even that remains to be seen once we get Witherspoon in our system (he posted a better coverage grade and QBR surrendered than Griffin last year). Hoping we can add another body here.
  5. For clarification, I should add that I would never use these numbers in place of watching tape or related metrics. Key part of my posts is the underlined portion above. Between Devonta Freeman, Myles Gaskin, and Jaret Patterson, we are nitpicking relative contact balance. There are a variety of other immeasurable factors that go into this (vestibular, how upright you run, how tight you are, etc.). Getting back to the original point, Patterson can get away with his combination of strength+balance in the MAC. I'm not convinced he would still be that same player in the SEC, let alone the NF
  6. It is the most measurable form of contact balance (which I didn't think needed to be said). Unless you have a method for testing ones vestibular system during workouts, what I shared is the closest thing we can get when it comes to nitpicking ones contact balance relative to their level of competition. Strength is unequivocally a factor in contact balance. It seems as though you're getting far too caught up in the traditional sense of balance, not the practical usage in a football setting. As it relates to improving/maintaining balance, whether traditional or contact, the first thing a he
  7. Absolutely love this allocation of resources. Dunlap was the catalyst that transformed our defense from a doormat into a respectable unit. The difference in our sack production was night and day upon his acquisition.
  8. Reed isn’t even our best pass rushing DT. This is an example of box score scouting. Reed is essentially a clean-up artist when edge players force passers to step up. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good player who should be starting for a team, but to suggest he’s a pass rush threat or anything resembling irreplaceable is wrong. A far better allocation of resources is giving that money to Dunlap.
  9. Don't believe I brought up Zack Moss, so that's a strawman if I've ever seen one. Considering Moss weighed in at 223lbs, his weight-adjusted numbers are actually better than Gaskin's. Considering Patterson weighed in at 195, his weight-adjusted numbers are actually even worse. Tackle-breaking ability largely comes down to strength and contact balance, the latter of which is a result of lower body strength.
  10. Perhaps that's true. Gaskin 24 BP reps 35.5" Vert 118" Broad Patterson 19 BP reps 30" Vert 117" Broad ...but perhaps that's not true. These numbers can't replace what you see on tape, but they sure are indicative of strength and lower body power. We will come to find out.
  11. Correct. We do differ in our objectives when it comes to doing this. I enjoy projecting where a player will actually be selected (relative to where I think they should be selected) to test how aligned I am with actual league decision makers. Because I think that's a large part of the equation for these FOs. It's not simply a matter of where you value a player, it's where you think the rest of the league values that player to know the optimal spot to select him. The Seahawks valued Russell Wilson as a late 1st rounder, but had the wherewithal to know they could wait until the 3rd round to get t
  12. So....Myles Gaskin essentially? I don't think Patterson runs with quite the aggressiveness between the tackles that Devonta did, and that's partially where comparing the level of competition comes into play. Bouncing off guys in the MAC does not = bouncing off guys in the ACC. Gaskin doesn't have that tenacity either, but he's not a pure finesse guy. Gaskin has similarly deceptive strength and contact balance to Patterson, while sporting excellent vision. I don't mind a Quizz Rodgers comp, but I do feel a Devonta comp is bullish. And I do consider a variety of variables with my comps bec
  13. I imagine they would have to LOVE the value of any player who fell to them in the 2nd to stand pat. Love it; however, it does seem like we're going to be paying a lot of money to guys in 2022 that won't be on the team.
  14. Never understood how he didn't carve out more of a role in Miami. Assuming he's still the same player he was in SF, this is a terrific compliment to what Buffalo currently has at RB.
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