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  1. I gave up frankly a stupid amount to move up from #3 to #2, but very happy that I assured myself Kyle Pitts.
  2. With the 2nd overall pick in the 2021 Dirty Dozens draft, SaveOurSonics selects: Kyle Pitts // TE // Florida @winitallOTC
  3. Sammy trades for Henderson. Akers get hurts. Sammy trades away Michael Thomas. He gets hurt. Sammy is Dr. Strange.
  4. Sorry, trying to get this miscommunication figured out. My fault.
  5. I really don't think it has to be this dire. Per your suggestion, if we were to water down QB scoring to where it's more in line with WRs (for example), teams wouldn't HAVE to panic for QBs, because they aren't forced to play a QB there. Also, QB scoring already has an incredibly low variance. The difference between QB10 and QB20 from a points-per-game perspective is null. It's not like RB where you have huge, distinguishable tiers. For reference, last years QB11 in standard scoring was Kirk Cousins, who put up 19.9 points per game (per FantasyPros). Carson Wentz was QB22, and he put up
  6. The timing is actually insane lol. I legitimately went back and checked for Cam Akers news to see if you were tipped off at all about him potentially being hurt. Hey at least I didn't settle for a 5th/6th round swap 😅
  7. Well ya. That's like saying adding another Flex spot (which we have done) is an advantage to teams with better depth at WR. It's simply something you plan for. And with Sammy's idea of lowering QB scoring to potentially level out what a mid-tier QB and mid-tier WR might score, it lessens the NEED to play a QB there. As it stands today, QBs have virtually no trade value in this league and we're in a golden era of QB play where all 12 teams could easily start 2 legit QBs. Again, this isn't something I'm beating the drum for in 2021. I agree teams should have some leash to prepare for
  8. I'm a massive football and fantasy fan, but IDP sounds daunting even to me.
  9. At risk of stepping on the toes of those steering this ship, I imagine it'll be a heavier discussion next offseason. We can certainly brainstorm in the meantime. Personally, I'd prefer to either convert the Kicker spot to a Superflex spot or just turn it into another bench spot so we maintain our 6 round draft and current roster volume.
  10. Exactly this. I would personally still make it a priority to draft a defense, but I don’t want to be forced to if I don’t value what’s available.
  11. I’d actually argue this is why we should keep D/ST and drop K. Kickers hardly matter due to the lack of variance and sheer luck of it all. Defenses actually require a bit of homework and can be a real difference making asset to set your team apart. A good topic for debate next offseason.
  12. Wow Sammy. Terrible news with Akers but the fact you got Darrell Henderson from me right before the deadline. I’m convinced you knew it was coming.
  13. I think this league is super overdue to abolish this rule. I realize it's far too late to implement for 2021 and perhaps even 2022 since picks are being traded, but it seems unnecessarily restrictive to force managers to draft a D/ST and K, and potentially devalues maximizing ones draft capital. If a manager prefers to skip one or both of those positions in the draft entirely to hold an extra bench player, they should absolutely be allowed to IMO. Especially when you consider that there is no penalty or rules against immediately dropping one of those positions for another bench player immediat
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