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  1. Feels like you can't really do that as long as you're in the playoff hunt. If they miss the playoffs this year I could easily see Pederson and Wentz getting canned.
  2. Ya. I've seen Eagles fans mention it, but his "hero ball" is infuriating. 95% of starting NFL QBs would have thrown that ball away that ended up being a Bradberry INT. It's his complete unwillingness to live for the next down that is holding him back. He still has flashes of being a very good QB.
  3. Love seeing the good news about Mekhi Becton. Had him as my undisputed top OT in this class and top 5 overall prospect. For the Seahawks, 3rd round OG Damien Lewis has graded out as one of the best run blockers in the NFL through 2 games. He’s pretty much the only rookie to see heavy snaps so far.
  4. Very early in the season, but very happy with the way my first 3 picks are looking so far: 1. JK Dobbins 2. Antonio Gibson 3. Laviska Shenault
  5. Another stroke of fortune for me. Had you not taken RoJo, I wouldn’t have Antonio Gibson rn.
  6. It looks bad now but it was a really good trade for you at the time. Really dumb of me tbh but it looks like I might get lucky.
  7. There’s a legitimate chance we see 100+ total points in this game with the way these defenses have been playing.
  8. I would be so bummed to have Adam Gase as my teams head coach.
  9. Finney isn’t meeting expectations of being a starting NFL offensive lineman? Boy, who could’ve seen that one coming. Love the guy, but Schneider’s incompetence along the OLine is really frustrating.
  10. Interesting that we’d bring Justin Britt back if that were really the case. I can’t believe it’s almost September and Clowney remains unsigned.
  11. Budda’s value lies in his versatility. He’s essentially a younger Mathieu. Happy for the Washington alum.
  12. I wouldn’t have predicted it. Hopefully this isn’t taken as a low blow at a division rival, but I think Sherman resented the praise and attention and credit Russell received for the team’s success during that stretch, whereas that’s not much of an issue with Jimmy. Sherm is happy when the defense is getting attention.
  13. I think he came up in the NFL with a very close knit team that treated each other like family. Earl seemed to take it really hard when the business side of the NFL inevitably reared its head and he seems to have transformed into a jaded individual because of it.
  14. I’m not ruling out CTE, but Earl has had problems socializing and relating since day 1. He was lucky enough to be drafted by a very young up and coming team that naturally included him in that maturation process. As soon as his buddy system of Sherman and Kam left, you saw him come unhinged in Seattle.
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