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  1. Defense looks great. Benson Mayowa with a 33.3% pressure rate today. 2nd best of anyone in the NFL this year. Still slightly concerned with the leaky zone defense. Play a better QB than Goff and that gets exposed. Russ really needs to step up. I have zero faith in a deep playoff run with the way he’s playing.
  2. Didn’t you just say a few weeks ago that Goff was an MVP caliber player? Anyways, just came in here to say that was a good, tough defensive game. Russell has looked awful lately and I wasn’t expecting a win at all. Hope we don’t have to see you guys again.
  3. Totally. There’s the Goff we all know and love. Appreciate the West crown.
  4. Same. Vegas has the wrong team favored and the public has responded accordingly (line went from -3 to -1 since Monday). But these also tend to be the games where the team plays above expectations. I just can’t trust us with the way Wilson has been playing.
  5. Anyone who thinks PIT is coming back to win this game is kidding themselves. This team is embarrassingly deflated.
  6. I must sound like a broken record by now but I actually can’t believe how bad Ben looks.
  7. I wonder which bad team overpays Juju this offseason.
  8. Ryan Finley legitimately looks better than Big Ben. This Steelers teams stock is falling faster than the NASDAQ in March.
  9. Russell honestly looks terrible right now. In a nutshell, he’s just not seeing the field and hasn’t been for weeks. We missed several 3rd down conversions because Russell is failing to see wide open receivers. And frankly his accuracy is lacking right now (most notably a redzone fade route to Moore where he had him but never gave him a chance). I’m confident we lose that game with Alex Smith under center and I hope we don’t have to go back there in the playoffs. I have very little faith in us taking down an angry Rams team next week.
  10. I don’t know if I’d say Goff is holding the team back, but he’s certainly not maximizing their window. Overall this feels like an overreaction after one miserable game. I still think the Rams are a top 3 team in the NFC and a dark horse to win the conference.
  11. I wonder if Lawrence preferred the Jets or Jaguars here. Far more marketable in NY but he gets to stay down south with arguably a better supporting cast in JAX. Anyways. It’s a terrible scenario for NYJ. There’s not a Chase Young pass rusher at the top of the draft that relieves you of missing out on Joe Burrow and waiting another year at QB. The best non-QB prospect in this class plays the same position as arguably their most valuable piece. If I’m a Jets fan, my preferred scenario is to trade down out of #2 with anyone who falls in love with Fields or Wilson. Pick up Chase or DSm
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