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  1. Cowboys sign K Greg Zuerlein

    Despite the fact he missed a season-defining kick here in Seattle, I'm definitely happy to have him out of the division. Dude is lights out when healthy.
  2. I was under the impression Robinson is more of a 5-tech but admittedly that's based off of my assessment of him at Alabama.
  3. From what I can tell it isn't a better deal. He was getting 3/$31 with the Ravens and is now getting 3/$24 with the Rams + incentives. And it makes sense that the Rams were ready to pounce on this. No one is going to be more familiar and comfortable with the status of Brockers' health than the team he played for.
  4. It's likely they agreed to a general structuring of the contract but in the absence of a physical there were some concessions the Ravens were not comfortable making. At least that's the rationale being reported.
  5. Colts sign CB X. Rhodes

    @Seth Walder "The two CBs that allowed the most completed air yards over expectation in 2019 are now both on the Colts." Xavier Rhodes was worst in the league. Rock Ya-Sin was second worst in the league.
  6. I'm just here for the backpedaling. Very interesting allocation of funds by the Rams.
  7. Seattle trades for db Dunbar

    How Nick Vannett ever fetched us a 5th round pick is beyond me.
  8. I like to believe that teams are pretty keen on the fact that the Chiefs have one of the great QB talents in the game right now and trying to replicate that is more or less a fool's errand. What team's should be noticing is that effective running games serve as a major boon to your QBs rhythm and success. Ryan Tannehill was a bust before being put in a situation that relieved pressure from him and allowed him to take advantage of efficient pass attempts, thus maximizing his effectiveness. The same is true of Dak Prescott, Lamar Jackson, Russell Wilson, Teddy Bridgewater, Jared Goff, and Kirk Cousins (just to name a few, and not implying they are/were busts). It's no secret that the impact of an offense's running game massively benefits the situational responsibilities of the QB. Not every team is going to find a Pat Mahomes, and for those who don't, setting up the pass with the run is the most successful alternative approach.
  9. Question: Why do you think Clowney is unsigned?

    Most of this. Clowney's ability is getting largely downplayed in this thread. I agree with the rationale that teams simply don't pay for pass rushers whose sack totals don't jump off the page, but Clowney is incredibly disruptive outside the statsheet. Per Seth Walder (ESPN Analytics Writer), Clowney was amongst the tops in the league in ratio of QB pressures to pass rushing snaps where he was double teamed. If you're not getting the actual sack, this can considered an intangible effect, but it speaks volumes on the field when he can continue to make the QB uncomfortable despite the attention he's receiving and effectively open things up for the rest of our mediocre pass rushing unit (guys like Quinton Jefferson and Rasheem Green had career years much ado to this). QB Pressures are still highly valuable. Sacks are gold, but pressures are a nice silver medal that still cause disruption of the offensive play flow. He's also not a great run defender, he's an elite run defender with how he eats up double teams, eliminates the edge, and chases ball carriers down. I would love to have him back on the Seahawks. For $20m? Hell no, but I think anywhere between $15-17.5m is going to be reasonable for a 27-year-old disruptor. To answer the question of the thread, I believe the reason he isn't signed is because he doesn't put up the stats that justify his financial demands + the inability for teams to get a player asking for as much money as he is in for a physical considering his injury history.
  10. Eagles sign CB Nickell Robey-Coleman

    Unless he experienced a precipitous decline last year, he's quietly been one of the best nickel corners in the league.
  11. Panthers releasing QB Cam Newton

    Indeed it is me. The quarantine has brought me back lol. You boys have been missed but not forgotten.
  12. Panthers sign WR Robby Anderson (2 years, $20 million)

    I love what Carolina is assembling around their QB, granted I'm not sure Teddy can truly take advantage of Anderson's inherent strengths (but PJ sure could...). With that said, I'm really surprised the Jets weren't willing to make a better offer to keep some continuity for Darnold.
  13. Seahawks sign WR Phillip Dorsett on 1-year deal

    Was admittedly very high on Dorsett coming out of Miami. Obviously that hasn't panned out, but he does provide a speed element that this offense has sorely lacked outside of DK last year.
  14. Panthers releasing QB Cam Newton

    A lot of people relishing the fall of Cam. I just can't support any comment that detests the idea of him being their team's starting QB. Granted we have no idea what the status of his health is, but you also have no idea what type of contract he would net. You're telling me a healthy Cam on a cheap deal isn't worth it? You sign a guy like that to a 1-year deal, he performs he somewhat admirably, and you can let him walk the year after knowing you're getting compensatory help. I think he'd be at his best with the Pats, but this seems like a no-brainer for the Chargers. There are plenty of football reasons to do so (this team is ready to win now, anyone they draft at #6 will need a year of refinement, etc.) but from a non-football perspective, this franchise needs someone to steal attention away from the Rams and actually win the hearts of a portion of that market, which Cam would undoubtedly do.
  15. Seattle trades for db Dunbar

    Perhaps they let it play out and hope Griffin nets a high contract and valuable compensatory return. Keep in mind both Dunbar and Griffin are playing out contract years and I'd say it's unlikely we would re-up both.