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  1. Any tasty props for the upcoming slate of games?
  2. Is Rhamondre Stevenson out there? I'd take him over either. I wouldn't count on Penny for much when he's back. Alex Collins has been perfectly effective and there's really no scenario where Penny earns heavy touches.
  3. Personally don't think Watkins has done anything spectacular enough to warrant the assumption that he's locked into the #3 role. I agree that there's notable risk with Bateman, but I'm not sure Sammy is a big part of that. For me it's more so the fact he'll be coming into the game plan essentially mid way through the season off of a relatively serious injury. I can definitely see a scenario where they ease him into the game plan slowly. That said, if his talent speaks for itself (similar to Toney), the Ravens will have no choice but to accelerate his onboarding. It's the level of uncerta
  4. Glad I avoided TB -7. Bad beat for anyone on that side of things.
  5. Buried behind who? Sammy Watkins? I wouldn’t be worried about him. The ceiling isn’t huge, but he has immediate #3 target potential.
  6. At this point, we more or less know what Moore's role is. We have no clue what Bateman's role is in that offense. That uncertainty makes him the better stash.
  7. I would be shocked if they did. Even with Shepard coming back, Toney showed way too much promise to significantly reduce his work. The Giants were also finding creative ways to get him the ball (direct snap in the RZ is glorious) and he’s the type of player who can consistently take advantage of that type of usage. Toney at least has realistic potential to emerge as the Giants #1 pass game option. With how well Brown and Andrews have been playing, I don’t see a scenario where Bateman, coming off of a relatively serious injury, captures anything better than the #3 role in a mediocre passing gam
  8. Oh I agree. Hence me mentioning Williams trade value now that he’s “the guy”. If I had any Darrell shares I’d be looking to flip him right now, and my point was that you can flip him for a better WR than you’d likely be stashing. Bateman is another prime example of a good WR stash.
  9. I typically don't consider WRs for stashes. It's usually reserved for high-potential highly-drafted WRs like Justin Jefferson (last year), Kadarius Toney, and Elijah Moore. RB is just so much more valuable that, if you have a guy like Darrell Williams right now, you're suddenly in a position to trade him for a better WR than any guy you're likely to stash. Just my personal take on it. That obviously doesn't mean we should miss out on glaringly high-ceiling opportunities like Jefferson & Toney.
  10. I teased Bucs to -0.5 but wouldn't trust the spread. I fully expect the Bucs to beat up on the Eagles, but I also fully expected them to beat up on the Patriots on the road. Thursday night can be a cruel mistress. There's X number of what I call "landmines" every week, and I try to rationalize how each favorite could result in a landmine. I certainly wouldn't bet on PHI, WFT, or TEN to win, but I do smell a landmine among them for the reasons I already shared. If the better team covered every week, we'd all be millionaires.
  11. Looking ahead to next week, I just put some money down on a 3-leg ML parlay for Packers, Cowboys, and Steelers. Oddly enough, Buccaneers, Chiefs, and Bills make me a little nervous this week. I feel like people will be flocking to bet on these teams. Could easily see Philly catch TB off guard at home on a short week without their defensive leader in Lavonte David. Everyone's expecting a Chiefs bounce back, but that defense looks rough and WFT should be able to move the ball against them. With CEH out and Tyreek potentially limited, the WFT defense is still talented enough to show u
  12. Just coming back to this thread and happy to see that I already did almost exactly what you and @N4L recommended (didn't bet on the Under). I bet enough on Colts +7.5 to hit even if the other bets lose. I also put enough on Colts ML to make a decent amount even if the Ravens lose outright. Best case scenario, Ravens win a low scoring game by like 6 (let's say 20-14 Ravens) and I come out around +20U tonight. Worst case, Colts win outright, I'll come up around +4U.
  13. The Russell news is obviously a huge bummer, but I am oddly excited to see what this team looks like without him. On one hand, this will be the best supporting cast + coaching staff that Geno has worked with in a career that started with him as an early 2nd round pick. The mobility and arm talent are there in spades, but the question of processing remains with him. I think this is an opportunity for us to see what the Waldron offense is really about. They were already treating Russell like a fringe starter with their conservative play-calling, so I wouldn't expect much change there. The change
  14. Very late reply here but a lot of us liked him. I believe it was a few years ago when we had Thomas Rawls that he came into a game v the Lions and looked really good. Has been somewhat injury prone since then so he didn't get much of a chance. I think it's a smart chance on talent by Mayock.
  15. Wow. Insane to me that a guy like Toney is available in a Dynasty league.
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