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  1. This. He’s at his best processing near the LOS and serving that rover role. Putting him in coverage is sacrificing another more equipped player in coverage.
  2. Great points all around @animaltested Though I will say we were up 30-16 with ~10 minutes left. The defense needs to take some serious blame here. Our "All-Pro" safety was invisible while the other team's best player is rumbling on us. If I'm trading two 1st round picks & handing a $17m/yr contract to a guy, he better be able to step up and showcase an enforcers mentality when the defense needs it. I'm also surprised Tre Flowers is still employed as I type this sentence. The guy looks LOST in coverage and I think it's time to squash the idea of him transitioning from safety. We
  3. I'm putting 3U on this 7-point teaser (-135): Panthers -0.5 + U50 total points I just don't see a world where Mills leads a productive offense in his first start against a surprisingly good looking defense. This game feels virtually injury proof as even if Darnold or CMC go down (god forbid), I like their backup situation enough to still favor them over the Texans. My only fear is that Matt Rhule wants to put a show on for Thursday Night Football & puts up 35+ points.
  4. Maybe it's the homer in me, but you have a pair of 2020 Pro Bowl safeties in the same division. I realize that's not the crown jewel of achievements, but it's certainly an indicator of performance. I suppose I've overlooked just how good the tandem is in SF.
  5. I pulled the trigger on... Send: RB Zeke TE Gronk QB MRyan RB AJDillon Receive: RB Ekeler TE Trautman QB Hurts RB JWhite Half PPR. 12-team 2QB 2Flex. My TE1 is Kelce. My other RBs are Mitchell & Pollard. Curious what people think.
  6. Fournette Latavius TJJ In that order. Fournette has the clearest path to serious value in a great offense (9:0 ratio of pass:rush TDs obviously can't continue). Latavius is next as the reliable vet and preferred goal line back in a proficient rush offense. TJJ is entirely reliant on Kamara's health. I don't see a path you're starting him in a flex spot with Kamara healthy outside of really big leagues. While I do think he has huge boom potential with an injury, there is also a layer of uncertainty there as well. My personal "pure" handcuff ranks (guys who don't have flex val
  7. I don't want to derail this thread but..... ......they do?
  8. Shame to see this one go down with the Steelers coming out flat at home. Managed to hit on Hockenson o5.5 catches @ +120 but missed on both MVS o41.5 yards and MVS o2.5 catches to go down on the day. That was it for me this weekend with props. Planning on diving back in this week.
  9. Funny money on a 6-team 7.5-point teaser Bengals +10 vBears Titans +13 vSeahawks Steelers +2 vRaiders Rams +3.5 vColts Cowboys +10.5 vChargers Chiefs +4 vRavens +475
  10. Solid night of props: TWilliams u14.5 carries ✅ Waller O6.5 catches ✅ Jacobs u48.5 rush yards ✅ Jacobs u1.5 catches ✅ Ruggs O2.5 catches + O38.5 yards (parlay) ❌ Not often a game goes about as expected. TySon didn’t get a lions share despite early success, Waller got hammered with targets, and I added both of those Jacobs props last minute when I read about his status. Unfortunately Ruggs hit the yardage but missed by 1 catch.
  11. Definitely get the hesitation on Waller and wouldn't be playing it if it wasn't juiced to +120. Only went half unit on it. That said, the Raiders closed last season peppering Waller with double digit targets in 4 of their final 5 games (he hit the over in all 4). I'm banking on them picking up where they left off in their priority to get him the ball and I see Baltimore struggling some on offense on the road with so much uncertainty on their offense (RB, Sammy Watkins, Hollywood missing so much time, etc.) which should balance the TOP a bit more than what's expected. And you're totally ri
  12. I like this. My only concern is he gets matched up with Marlon Humphrey for exactly this reason. The props I have my eye on include: HRuggs O2.5 receptions (-125) HRuggs O38.5 yards (-108) DWaller O6.5 receptions (+120) TWilliams u14.5 carries (-108) I really like the Waller one with juice. Also, in a combined 35 games, JK Dobbins & Gus Edwards exceeded 14 carries 4 times last year. I just don't see Ty'Son Williams doing that in his first pro start. The Raiders were comfortable enough with Ruggs to cut John Brown. He's reportedly put on weight and polished
  13. Really appreciate @DontTazeMeBro talking me down from Green Bay. I ended up hitting on both of my 4-team 7-point teasers this week because I took that game out: SEA +4 SF -2 PHI +10.5 ARI +10 and WFT +7 NYJ +10.5 MIA +10 DEN +4 50% on player props. Ended up dropping the Pittman/McLaurin ones. Hit on Jeudy & Devonta Smith. Missed on Goff (bad) and Gerald Everett (barely; 2 flags negated gains that would've hit). Overall very solid day. I'll probably stay away from tomorrow's game unless I see a prop I like.
  14. I’ll shoot straight with you. Posting my prop bets in this thread is not priority #1 😂 I mostly do it to get feedback on my brainstorming, but I already loved both of those lines enough without it. That said, feel free to hit me with your feedback on the ones I did share for this weekend 😉
  15. Hit on 2 player props last night: OJ Howard <20 receiving yards Zeke Elliott <16 rushing attempts Neither was all that close. These are the ones I really like going into the week: Jerry Jeudy O4.5 receptions (+127) DeVonta Smith O3.5 receptions (-120) Michael Pittman O4.5 receptions (-103) Terry McLaurin O5.5 receptions (-114) Jared Goff u20.5 completions (+100) Gerald Everett O25.5 receiving yards (-115) The Jeudy over with that kind've juice seems well worth the squeeze. I'm expecting Sutton to primarily draw Bradberry and the Gi
  16. As of this very moment Ty'Son is positioned really well to be that guy. I don't consider Bell or Freeman to be legitimate threats to him. The biggest question with Ty'Son is if he can hold up in pass pro. If he can, skies the limit. If he can't, Baltimore is going to be a rotating carousel of frustrating fantasy question marks. I'll take that ceiling over what TJJ's is assuming Kamara's health.
  17. To be honest I'm not TOO worried about Jeudy's keeper appeal. I have McLaurin, ARob, Claypool, DeVonta, and Elijah all at really affordable rates (and we can only keep 3 guys, fwiw). The reason I brought up Sermon's keeper value is because a lot of RBs get kept every year due to their draft inflation. For example, Josh Jacobs went for $39 in this year's auction (CEH $47, Najee $64, Mixon $55), whereas Jeudy went for $11. So, if Sermon hits, he's very likely a multi-year keeper within our format. Here's my issues with Sermon: - What is Shanahan's track record with rookie backs? -
  18. @sammymvpknight @Dr LBC I could trade Jerry Jeudy straight up for Trey Sermon fwiw. I've been reluctant to do so because I'm incredibly high on Jeudy and it's a 2 Flex 0.5 PPR league, but I'm also super high on Sermon, have guys like DeVonta & Elijah on my bench, and Sermon would be a cheap keeper if he hit.
  19. No more IR spots (Akers eating that) but I am heavily considering dropping Rhamondre Sunday morning for a RB with a more realistic opportunity at flashing Week 1 and presenting tangible value to my starting lineup by Week 2. I also feel like RS would get picked up if I dropped him today, but if he only gets ~5 carries Sunday and other waiver guys flash, he's unlikely to be picked up. Tevin got picked up FWIW, so at this point those names include James White, Ty Johnson, Boston Scott, and Larry Rountree. I haven't convinced myself any of them is worth gambling on losing Stevenson.
  20. Well, you have the fortune of deciding between 3 relatively good options (not all of us are so lucky). Sanders probably has the lowest floor, which eliminates him from consideration for me. Gus feels like a near lock to fall into the endzone but Thielen has a great matchup. If it's full PPR I think I'd go Thielen. If it's half or standard I'd go Gus.
  21. Tyler Boyd should definitely be your flex play in a PPR league until he proves otherwise. The RBs are more of a toss up, at which point I'd let the Vegas projected point totals guide me on where to go. In this case, that's ARI vs TEN, so it's Edmonds for me. Harris is in consideration as well, but you're really banking that he falls into the endzone. I'd prefer to wait a week on Swift if I have other decent options. I'm curious how good of shape he's in coming off that injury & how Campbell actually plans to mix he and Williams.
  22. I'm actually quietly optimistic about Sammy Watkins this season. There's not a ton to back that up aside from maybe his prior success in the Roman offense, more of a hunch. Is this to start or as a bench stash? If it's start/sit, I'd 100% roll with Watkins against a bad secondary as someone with proven success at this level. If it's stash, it's more 50/50 preference pick. I'd personally still go Sammy.
  23. WFT was dangerous enough with Dwayne Haskins, Kyle Allen, & the shell of Alex Smith. I think they can be very scary if Fitz plays smart, Gibson takes that next step forward, and they get another pass catcher from Curtis Samuel / Dyami Brown / Adam Humphries to step up as a #3 target. Not all that unrealistic to ask for. Cowboys are also a very sensible pick as their QB probably has the highest ceiling of any of the teams mentioned as qualifiers. The last one I'd consider fairly likely is the Dolphins. We know they have a good head coach and a strong defense. What they l
  24. Assuming you're doing a 6-point teaser, I'm only getting Rams -3 (so -2 on a 7-point teaser). If you can get them at -1 on a 6-point teaser, that seems like great value. There's just enough uncertainty with it being Stafford's first game and what that rushing offense will look like, that I'm shying away from it. They should of course win comfortably, but I'm trying to target low uncertainty in the early goings. Few teams have less uncertainty than the Pack this year, and I think the line is being suppressed by the Saints name value & offseason drama for Green Bay. I think in most cas
  25. Currently have this 4-team, 7-point Teaser teed up to submit (+200). Figured I'd ask for feedback here before making it official: Packers +3 vNO Broncos +4 vNYG Eagles +10.5 vATL 49ers PK vDET I just think no way Winston beats Rodgers head2head on a neutural field. I love the Broncos straight up here with how little the Giants offense has gelled, so +4 is solid. Most Falcons starters haven't played a single snap of preseason football so I can't imagine a double digit win. And the 49ers PK just feels like easy oney. Any time I do a parlay/teaser, I try to identify
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