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  1. Around the NFL - NFL General GDT

    CB and RB seem like positions where Howie is cool with cheap rentals. I was cool with passing on Clowney at first. Definitely should've got that deal done. We desperately need another pass rusher in the rotation.
  2. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    Terry McLaurin (@Chi) vs James Washington (@SF) Classic case of anticipating a breakout game (James) vs the better player with a terrible matchup. I'm stuck on the idea of James Washington breaking out now that his old college bff is under center. I'm leaning toward James right now. Am I wrong?
  3. How bad are the Miami Dolphins?

    IMO they're the worst ever until they start trying. Even the worst teams in history at least tried.
  4. Who writes for NFL.com? The three stooges?

    Really? A lot of the segments are cheesy but I think that's the intention. Brandt, Schrager, and Burleson are funnier than anyone on any other program.

    Week 3: Dallas Cowboys I've never wanted to be wrong so bad...
  6. NFC East: Now half good!

    They'll definitely make the playoffs. I thought the NFC was stacked. The entire NFCS is average at best. GB is the only really good team in the North. West is looking alright but I'm not trusting Jimmy and the Niners. My guess: 1) GB 2) Rams 3) Dallas 4) Falcons 5) Eagles 6) Seahawks
  7. NFC East: Now half good!

    Reddit's waiting for you at the end of the year too. Understand that the "took you guys long enough to win" take doesn't affect us. We got to witness our teams first championship at the peak of our fandom. Something that Dallas fans under 40 can't say. But we know Eagles winning a ship demoralized you as seen from your emotional breakdown and hiatus to reddit after our championship a mere year and a half ago. So just understand that we are aware of this and the more you gloat about early season success, the worse it's going to be in January. There's going to be a Sunday or Monday morning where you login to 30 new notifications. I'm just trying to prepare you, bud.
  8. NFC East: Now half good!

    Dak's doing what he's supposed to be doing. He's crushing weak opponents. That's a not a knock. He's been playing great. The only team he's not going to crush in the next 6 weeks is the Packers. I expect these takes to be more common over the next couple of months. Remember when Reid and McNabb were dominating the NFC but when they came up short at the end of the year, all we heard was "lmfao" from everyone else. Oh how the tables have turned. Cowboys fans can puff out their chest in September and October but the Cowboys will inevitably do what they do and come up short. Dak/Garrett are a lesser Reid/McNabb. We were at least getting to NFCCG's. Dak is impressing, but as Colin said, there's nothing impressive about him physically. Accuracy, meh. Arm strength, meh. Stature, meh. Athleticism, meh. He's a great leader and he's reliable. But you're going to need more than that in January. He's going to have to carry them to a win against a good team, which they aren't playing now, and when the pieces around him aren't functioning perfectly, as they are now. And he's just not capable of it. So as I said, have your fun now. Pogo around on Dak's jock. Because the lmfao's that you're going to receive at the end of the season are going to be that much sweeter.
  9. SNF Eagles @ Falcons GDT - Dirty Bird Hype Game

    Until another NFC East team wins one.
  10. SNF Eagles @ Falcons GDT - Dirty Bird Hype Game

    Cowboys fans don't seem to be aiming that high these days.
  11. I'm just glad all these injuries and BS happened in week 2. We have time to adjust and recover. I'm hoping we make it to November at 4-4. The schedule is going to get brutal (includes 3 consecutive road games). Other than the Pats, the schedule for the last half of the season is cake. Gotta be patient.
  12. SNF Eagles @ Falcons GDT - Dirty Bird Hype Game

    You know it's not the 1900s, right?
  13. SNF Eagles @ Falcons GDT - Dirty Bird Hype Game

    Wentz gets rules down as "giving himself up" while diving for a 2pt conv. Wentz gets rules down while scrambling. Lose top 2 WRs and backup TE. Agholor drops wide open game-winning TD. When the Eagles and Falcons play each other, I feel like the visiting team always has this flurry of misfortune.
  14. SNF Eagles @ Falcons GDT - Dirty Bird Hype Game

    Praying they wait until after the Miami game. Thats gonna feel like Christmas.