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  1. I remember a question that was occasionally asked: "Would you rather have a team that wins a Super Bowl then becomes trash forever, or a team that's always good and never wins a Super Bowl?" I'm perfectly fine with the dysfunction that's to follow. Thanks for you time, Doug. This had to be done, but hopefully no one ever lets you buy your own beer when you're in town.
  2. Before week 17 I would've said it would've been impulsive to fire him. But when you clearly try to lose a game and therefore lose the trust of your players, that's a bridge that can't be rebuilt. Super thankful for him bringing home Philly's first Super Bowl and he should never have to buy his own beer when in Philly, but this had to be done.
  3. Kelce sharing a conversation is the “players literally saying otherwise”? Because all the reports after the game was that the team was pissed https://www.rotoworld.com/football/nfl/player/11144/doug-pederson Miles even said on the radio nobody liked the decision. The reason of wanting to get Sudfeld, a guy who has zero chance of ever starting, playing time over a ROOKIE 2nd rounder who’s expected to be competing for the starting job next year is beyond laughable. Doug is either a fool or a liar. Not sure which one is worse.
  4. Trading away talent (done by the front office) is different than a HC pulling his QB late in the game because he’s close to winning. Has that ever happened in the history of the NFL? Doug lost the respect of his players. Next year will be even worse if he comes back. You can’t coach players that don’t respect you
  5. He conveniently left out Hurts’ rushing impact. No one is buying “we wanted to see what we had in Sudfeld.” The starter is gonna be Carson or Jalen. It’s blatantly obvious Dougie was trying not to win.
  6. If the goal is to get the 1st overall pick in 2022, this is a great plan
  7. 1) A team with a losing record winning the division is extremely rare 2) The division winner should definitely NOT get to host a playoff game if the wildcard team has a better record than them. I think this has a possibility to change.
  8. Well, I don’t feel too bad about the risky pick now. Would’ve picked the Rams if I was playing it safe.
  9. I legit almost edited this post to correct 'worst' to 'worse' ... That would've been embarrassing...
  10. Favorite Team: Philly Week 15 Pick: San Francisco 49ers So much for me waiting until the last minute. @ChazStandard I triple dog dare you to pick someone with a worst record lol. I think as of right now, judging by the different teams we picked, you're ahead of me by half a game.
  11. Sounds like I’ll be waiting til the last minute to make my pick this week 😉
  12. To go with the safe pick this week... or get a little fancy 🧐
  13. Yup, this had to happened. At this very moment, Wentz is playing like the worst QB in the league.
  14. At what point do the players completely disregard what a coach says? At that moment, zero coverage was the worst playcall possible. It's like if an offense were to call a draw play from the 30 on the last play of the game.
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