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  1. Still not understanding what I'm saying. Let me convey it another way. Romo vs Eli. A lot of people are going to say Romo was the better QB, right? But who would you say has a better chance at the Hall? Eli, right? Why is that? Why is it guys that weren't statistically great (Namath, Aikman, Elway) are in the Hall? Again, debate who you'd prefer on your team all you want but that's not the discussion. I wouldn't be surprised to see Rivers get in down the road due to longevity and stats. All I'm saying is there's virtually no chance he gets in before Eli due to his virtually non-existent playoff success and lack of awards. When your most significant accolades are Pro Bowls, that's not great. It's like a musical artist racking up a bunch of MTV Music awards (Pro Bowl) but never winning a Grammy (All-pro / MVP).
  2. Again, Rivers has undoubtedly been more consistent. But look at what actually matters when getting into the Hall (hint: passer rating isn't atop the list). All-time passing yardage: About the same Total wins: About the same TDs: About the same Major awards (MVP, OPOTY, All-pros): About the same Postseason success: Eli >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Rivers This is all I'm saying. You're obsessed with passer rating. When HOF QBs are discussed, how many talking heads on sports shows are like, Man, that passer rating though. Look at the career stats of guys like Aikman, Elway, Namath, Kelly, Staubach etc. While consistent statistical success is valuable, it's more so about your accomplishments. Jim Kelly never won a ship but four AFC championships is amazing in of itself. Rivers, despite nearly 15 years in the league and being on some amazing teams, reached a conference championship once. His career has been a little better than Tony Romo's. We can debate who we'd take on our team forever, but Eli undoubtedly has the better HOF resume.
  3. These are the kind of statements that Eli's career so damn underrated. He received no help at all from his running game and defense throughout the regular season, but the fact that he had two good WR's (neither of which will sniff the Hall) diminishes what he did. He did get more help that postseason. Lord knows no team is going to win the Super Bowl with no defense, no running game, and having to sling it for 400 yards per game. But here are his postseason stats from that year... 305 passing ypg 65% completion pct 9 TDs, 1 turnover Game-winning SB drive and SB MVP Rivers will probably get in down the road. But sorry, there's no way he gets in before Eli. It's just not happening.
  4. Now you're just saying things you can provide no evidence of. I said it on the last page -- "In 2011, he threw for just under 5000 yards and carried the 32nd ranked defense and the 27th ranked rushing attack to a Super Bowl win." Name another QB that took the dead last defense and a bottom 6 rushing attack to the Super Bowl. The defense stepped up in the Super Bowl, but Eli still had to make two of the clutchest drives in history to win both games. Had Eli not put the team on his back that season, they wouldn't even have sniffed the Super Bowl... "Oh but passer rating" lol You're actually going to argue playoff success when one guy is 5-6 with one conference championship appearance and the other is 8-4 with two Super Bowl MVP's in the same time span? In their primes, I'm sure as hell not going with the guy that only made one conference championship in 14 years.
  5. You're misinterpreting what I'm saying. Eli was great for a while. Inconsistent yes, but was great at times. I would imagine HOF voters would consider 2 SB MVPs >>>>>>>> career passer rating. I wouldn't vote Rivers in but I wouldn't be surprised if he gets in down the road. He sure as hell isnt getting in before Eli though, unless he does something more significant than accumulate regular season stats. You referred to him as a poor mans Marino earlier. I'd consider him a rich mans Kirk Cousins. Stat-padder extraordaire but disappears when it matters most.
  6. Cmon now. From the start of the 07 postseason up until 2016, he was much more than an average QB. In 2011, he threw for just under 5000 yards and carried the 32nd ranked defense and the 27th ranked rushing attack to a Super Bowl win. I like making fun of Eli as much as the next guy, but this constant talk of him being an average QB is making him one of the most underrated QBs of all time. Rivers has been more consistent for sure, but Eli's done some great, HOF-caliber things. Rivers doesn't have that big game ability.
  7. More perspective: Hypothetically, all these active QB's retire right now: Brady Rodgers Brees Ben Eli Rivers Rivers is 6th on that list to get into the Hall and it's not debatable. So, in addition to everything else I mentioned -- no SB appearances, no first team all-pros, and no significant awards -- he wasn't even a top 5 QB of his era. Rivers is great... doesn't deserve a gold jacket.
  8. Letting Rivers in sets a bad precedent. That opens the door for Matt Ryan and Cam Newton who have MVP's and conference championships. Rivers has no SB appearances, no first team all-pros, and no significant awards. If you're a QB, you need something more than stats.
  9. Nick Foles to the jaguars 4 years 88 million 50 mil grt

    So, a QB with virtually no intangibles and no significant accomplishments other than stat-padding against bad teams on Sunday 1 PM ET games, got about $40 mil more guaranteed than a SB MVP who's the same age and cold as ice in big games.
  10. Nick Foles to the jaguars 4 years 88 million 50 mil grt

    Foles is equal to or better than Kirk, who got 34 mil more guaranteed. Jags got a deal.
  11. Golden Tate signs with Giants

    Gettleman is waking up each morning with a different plan. Y'all rebuilding or not? 🤷🏼‍♂️
  12. The Kansas City Chiefs will be the team of 2019-2020

    The Rams had the 6th ranked defense win they won the ship.
  13. The Kansas City Chiefs will be the team of 2019-2020

    They will lose in the AFCCG again. C'mon guys. How much more evidence do you need?
  14. Browns trade for OBJ

    Lol. I think this was a good trade for both sides. Peppers is a baller and I imagine they'll use these picks as ammo to trade up for Haskins. I do think Odell and Baker will mesh well though. They're gonna be deadly for a long time.