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  1. Assuming this gets them Rodgers (and maybe Davante), the AFCW is gonna be lit next year.
  2. Bengals / Niners easily. Bengals because I always root for a team to get their first ship. Niners because it would be yet another team with more rings than the Cowboys.
  3. Sorry guys, I really wanted to see you play the Bengals in the AFCCG. The last 14 seconds of regulation are just inexcusable. If they just squib and/or not play prevent defense then they're moving onto the next round. It's like McDermott forgot KC still had timeouts.
  4. So… Did Buffalo know KC still had timeouts at the end of regulation? Man I wanted to see Buffalo and Cincy in the AFCCG. Unrelated, anyone watch this on Paramount+? Is that app usually trash? Buffering every few minutes, good grief
  5. Not saying the Niners will win, but of all the teams in the NFC playoffs, they’re the most physical and they’re the best running team. I think any other team would’ve been a better matchup on a frigid night. Green Bay had the week off and Aaron’s won in the cold a thousand times but I definitely wouldn’t be surprised to see an upset.
  6. This is why I think we sell high on Jalen. They’re both gonna fool you with great fantasy numbers but are going to consistently lose against the elite tier of QBs. Russell or Deshaun plz
  7. Probably shouldn’t be this way but ever since bringing home the Lombardi, a Cowboys loss gives me more joy than an Eagles win. We reached the pinnacle, now I just wanna see their heart break over and over again 💔
  8. I mean, there was a reason Dougie P ran a fake walkthrough before the Super Bowl. Did the dummy practice actually trick the Pats? No one knows... But did Nick Foles look like Joe Montana that day? He sure did.... 🤷‍♂️
  9. Just need you to fly down to Tampa and pass it along to Brady now. Then we'll be good.
  10. If this happened to literally any other player in the league, I’d believe it…
  11. When a play is challenged, the fact that everyone watching the game on TV can see clearly what happened within 10 seconds but it takes 10 minutes for the refs to figure it out.
  12. Wait, what’s the bad beat here?
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