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  1. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    Does Dak get benched before the midway point of the season? He's been so incredibly bad since like November of last season.
  2. Could Cousins end up the best QB from his draft class?

    He'll never be considered better than Wilson by an unbiased person. I would include Luck in that sentence but I'm skeptical about his health.
  3. RB Frank Gore: 4th all-time rusher

    He's already making the Hall. If you're top 10 all time, you're a lock.
  4. Dez Bryant

    Dez is not a top 25 WR. He's slow, can't catch, and has an attitude problem.
  5. TNF: Jets vs Browns GDT The Battle of the light weights.

    Baker referenced Old School and Talladega Nights in a span of 30 seconds. Sign me up as a fan of this kid.
  6. SURVIVOR POOL 13!! (now closed to new entrants)

    Changing pick Favorite team: Eagles Week 2 pick: Texans
  7. SURVIVOR POOL 13!! (now closed to new entrants)

    Favorite team: Eagles Week 2 pick: Saints
  8. SNF: Bears @ Packers (AKA: The Richest Game in America)

    Wish I could see Jon Gruden's ace right now
  9. SNF: Bears @ Packers (AKA: The Richest Game in America)

  10. Week 1 GDT: LETS GO!!!

    Literally came in here to make this same exact post. Pay Zeke and draft another QB.
  11. NFL Kickoff GDT: Falcons @ Eagles

    He's a good QB but my god is he overrated. People see him as a borderline elite QB and he just flat out isn't. This is his 11th season and despite having great surrounding talent for basically his entire career, he's had one elite year. His chance to get a ring came and went in 2016 considering how stacked the NFC is right now.
  12. NFL Kickoff GDT: Falcons @ Eagles

    How many heartbreakers can Atlanta withstand? Being able to pull that one off despite all that sloppiness, that's huge. Take 9 days off and fix all these kinks.
  13. Madden 19

    Didn't let me advance. Gave me the L.
  14. Madden 19

    Won my wildcard game 27-0. Game says I lost 28-27. I'm not even shocked, man. EA is barely trying anymore.
  15. Bills cut Corey Coleman; signed by Patriots

    Damn, that's insane. And they've had 16 first round picks in the last 10 years. And I know the verdict is going to be pending on the rookies for a while but they passed on the two guys that were widely considered as the best QB and best defender in the draft. I don't understand it continues to happen. It's to the point where the owner should just forgo a GM and scouting department and compile all the "expert" big boards and draft based off that.