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  1. Name your all time top 5 favorite road wins for your team.

    I'll have to think about the other 4, but far and away my favorite was Miracle at the Meadowlands Part II.
  2. AFC Championship Titans@Chiefs

    I'm so conflicted here. There's no reason to trust Andy in a Championship game, but Mahomes is just downright filthy. I'm gonna say the Titans pull off the upset.
  3. Divisional: TEN@BAL

    And Father Time is still undefeated. Tawmy is done.
  4. Divisional: TEN@BAL

    I guess ending a 20 year dynasty unlocks this whole new level of confidence.
  5. Obviously these people aren't atop the leaderboard, but I feel like any good player that took less to sign with the Pats should be included in this conversation.
  6. It's probably already been mentioned but it's fitting Clowney wrecked our season. That's what Howie gets for being frugal. Hopefully a lesson has been learned.
  7. Around the NFL - NFL General GDT

    I really think Brady goes elsewhere. He put his house on the market months ago. I can see Gisele with her finger in his face saying she's not spending another winter in Boston. LA would be my guess.
  8. End of the Patriots era?

    They just lost two consecutive games at home to Miami and Tennessee. You saw it, bruh
  9. End of the Patriots era?

    Pretty much this. It took Father Time a little while to find Brady but he finally did. And once he gets to you, there's no shaking him.
  10. WC: Titans@Patriots

    All the motivation and billboard material in the world and they can't beat a 9-7 Titans team at home. It's over. Sweet baby Jesus it's over 🙏
  11. Seattle Seahawks @ Philadelphia Eagles

  12. He's absolutely the primary reason we got a ship lol. He had an epic Eagles take each week of the playoffs. The Falcons week was definitely the best.
  13. It was reported by Rapsheet that he had a lacerated kidney. Doubt he plays this week since he hasn't been cleared for contact. If we can just figure it out this week, Ertz, Lane, and Desean all likely return next week.
  14. Cowboys fire HC Jason Garrett

    Clap off...