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  1. Yeah, MVP is a two man race between Lamar and Russell. I guess the silver lining to Dak continuing to play well and the Cowboys potentially winning the division is now Dak has even a greater argument to back up the Brinks truck. I will give Dak kudos for this: He's basically played for free for 4 years, won more games than anyone not named Brady, watched his peers get paid, and hasn't complained once. If what's being reported is true and the Jones' franchise tag him, that would be beyond insulting. If that happens and Dak doesn't holdout, he's a fool.
  2. What if Carson Wentz never got injured in 2017?

    So much this. There was some audio from the game where BB told Patricia to basically wait for Nick to mess up.
  3. What if Carson Wentz never got injured in 2017?

    Wentz wins MVP but they probably lose the Super Bowl for two reasons: 1) MVP's don't win Super Bowls (at least not in the 21st century) 2) BDN was basically perfect the entire game.
  4. I'll believe he's elite when the Jones' believe he's elite $$$$$
  5. Can we name every team's best player ever?

    For Philly, I think I'd say Chuck Bednarik. Reggie was a better overall player but spent only half his career in Philly. If I'm asked best Eagle ever, it has to be Bednarik. Years: 14 Championships: 2 1st Team All-Pros: 8 HOF: 1st ballot
  6. I'm always skeptical when some unknown position coach gets promoted to coordinator. You'd like to think they'd pick up where the former left off but it rarely happens. I haven't seen much of Groh, but I imagine he just tries to be one of the guys as opposed to laying into someone when they screw up. Combine bad coaching with bad WRs and this is what you get...

    Phil should be the first QB that comes to mind when you hear the term "compiler." Change my mind.
  8. How good is Carson Wentz

    LMAO Goedert up there doing the salsa
  9. How good is Carson Wentz

    A few thoughts: - It's becoming more evident that Frank Reich was the offensive mastermind for the Eagles two years ago. There's not much creativity at all. - The current corps of WRs aren't capable of getting separation or catching contested passes. - There have now been three games where a WR drops a game-winning (game-tying yesterday) ball that hits them right in the hands. If the WRs could catch routine passes, they could very well be 8-3 right now and the story would be much different. - With all that said, Wentz can't be completely absolved. He can be erratic at times.
  10. Another drop to end a game. It's just funny at this point lol
  11. What if I added that we beat them with Chip Kelly and Sam Bradford... in New England
  12. TNF: Steelers at Browns

    Not Freddie's fault tho!
  13. TNF: Steelers at Browns

    Yeah, and they're trying to blame him for the Browns leading the league in penalties too. Don't they know a HC's job is to simply draw up plays!?!?
  14. TNF: Steelers at Browns

    Any discussion about Kitchens? The Browns already were the least disciplined team in the league, then this happens. Dude needs to go.
  15. If you look at Dak's stats when Tyron is out, it's legit Nate Peterman type stats. One could argue he's the most important piece.