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  1. The most logical thing to do if adding two extra weeks is to give everyone one more game and one more bye. Is this not the most obvious solution? Everyone wins.
  2. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Go solar, brolar
  3. Who do you choose in 2019: Rodgers or Ryan?

    I'm higher than others on Ryan this year. I think the Falcons are poised for a bounce-back season. Rodgers is becoming less mobile, less durable, and more pouty. I'd take Ryan.
  4. After two years, I'm up $700. Not bad but I'm thinking I should stop half-assing it and go full on degenerate gambler... like a real man
  5. Any ideas on how to retire in your 30's with minimal effort? Asking for a friend.
  6. 9 Super pessimistic about the PI rule but fantasy football and DFS will always keep me hyped.
  7. Frank Gore- HOF?

    Exactly. This is similar to the ongoing talk about Eli Manning. He was never considered a top tier guy at his position but there are certain accomplishments that will get you into the Hall. With Gore, longevity is the one of the main accomplishments. It's the equivalent of being a WR who's still productive in their 40's. It's unheard of. People talk about accumulating stats like it's no big deal. Like anyone can just stay atop the depth chart for 15 years and stay durable enough to finish top 5 at their position all-time. He's also top 10 in all-purpose yards. Despite everyone's opinion, he's a lock for the Hall.
  8. Is the NFL worth watching anymore?

  9. Who Wins This Year's NBA Title?

    Would've went with the Nuggets before the Kawhi/PG trade. Clippers gotta be the favorite at this point. LA is getting overrated in a hurry. I doubt they have home court advantage in the first round.
  10. Stranger Things

    Season 3 did not disappoint. I love how it bounces back and forth from being this cheesy PG type show to incredibly dark.
  11. Brett Brown will F it up for us in the playoffs somehow. He's ironically the Andy Reid of postseason coaches in the NBA.
  12. What do we make of Donovan McNabb's career in 2019?

    Saying he was trash is hyperbolic, but I agree he isn't sniffing the Hall. I'll always believe the primary reason for Philly's success on the 2000's was Jim Johnson and the defense. Donovan McNabb was a good QB but too inconsistent and unreliable. If we were down by one score in the 4th, I always assumed we were going to lose. Of Donovan's 9 playoff wins, only one was by one score and the defense never allowed 20 points. Aside from the 4th and 26 game, Donovan was never a good pressure/clutch QB.