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  1. Nvm, already posted
  2. Antonio Brown

    Nah. Not after this. This will be an unprecedented situation where a HOF lock goes to no chance at all.
  3. Andy Dalton signs 1 year deal with the Dallas Cowboys

    Dalton was pretty respectable considering the dysfunction he had to deal with. I don’t think this is much of a step down from Dak. Really hoping Mahomes gets his deal soon lol.
  4. That’s fair. Howie reached a little but I can’t fault him prioritizing a QB. If all Jalen amounts to is a guy that keeps us afloat while Carson heals up, I’ll be happy. In no way do I expect him to be the QBOTF.
  5. Means QB is by far the most important position on the field and we need a good backup, especially when Carson’s hanging out in the blue tent.
  6. And Carson will get injured again and you and others will try to convince yourselves it was just some freak accident and that he’s not actually injury prone.
  7. Yeah, because I that’s what I said... 🤦🏻‍♂️ Whoever trusts Carson to make it a full season is on another level of naivety. Carson is obviously better, but it’s also obvious that we need a good backup.
  8. How are y’all surprised by this? Our backup was a 40 year old football analyst and our QB1 is as durable as styrofoam
  9. Which teams will be the biggest risers and fallers in 2020?

    Biggest Riser: The players really started to ball out for Brian Flores toward the end of the season. They win the AFCE. Biggest Faller: BoB's plan of getting Deshaun killed will come to fruition early in the season. Texans 2-14.
  10. Nick Foles vs Derek Carr 2020

    BDN easily
  11. How does Brady's Buccaneers do this season?

    Quinn/Ryan and Payton/Brees are SIGNIFICANTLY better than any other HC/QB combo Brady's had to face in his entire career. But I agree the Panthers are going to suck.
  12. How does Brady's Buccaneers do this season?

    First time in his career he’s not in a trash division. I’ll say Wildcard, 9-10 wins.
  13. Jags trade Foles to Bears for 4th round pick

    BDN gonna take them to an NFCN title
  14. Hopkins traded from Texans to Arizona

  15. Strangest careers

    Brandon Lloyd comes to mind. Spends 13 years in the NFL and the only year he goes over 1000 is when he goes HAM in 2010 and leads the league in receiving with Kyle Orton at QB.
  16. Around the NFL - NFL General GDT

    This. The coaching ineptitude toward the end of the AFCCG was classic Andy. Lucky for them they have NFL Steph Curry at QB.
  17. Eli Manning is retiring

    Seemed like a foregone conclusion toward the end of the year. It'll never feel right, but he'll have a gold jacket one day.
  18. Arrest warrant issued for Antonio Brown; turns himself in (page 7)

    Has there ever in history been a player that went from a HOF lock to having virtually zero chance at it in the span of a year?
  19. The Chiefs run reminds me of Philly's run in 2004. A relatively easy road to the ship (as easy as playoff football can be), but unfortunately ran into a juggernaut. This Niners team has so many ways to beat you whereas KC relies too much on Mahomes magic. I think it'll be exciting and close but I trust the Niners more late.
  20. What would Dalvin Cook be worth in a trade?

    I said 4th or less. Troubling injury history and now eligible for an extension.
  21. Name your all time top 5 favorite road wins for your team.

    I'll have to think about the other 4, but far and away my favorite was Miracle at the Meadowlands Part II.
  22. AFC Championship Titans@Chiefs

    I'm so conflicted here. There's no reason to trust Andy in a Championship game, but Mahomes is just downright filthy. I'm gonna say the Titans pull off the upset.
  23. Divisional: TEN@BAL

    And Father Time is still undefeated. Tawmy is done.
  24. Divisional: TEN@BAL

    I guess ending a 20 year dynasty unlocks this whole new level of confidence.