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  1. Simmons was legitimately the only reason I picked the Cardinals defense so glad to see that has paid off. My defense is pretty much the sole reason I won the first game and a very significant part of the second.
  2. You won't be laughing when I with this whole thing with...[checks notes]...the Browns offense and Cardinals defense?
  3. Was more worried about the defense than the offense going into the game but the defense really kept us in it with all those turnovers
  4. I was being sarcastic since you kept telling people not to pick you
  5. Wow, Forge really shouldn't have been talking so much ****. He definitely jinxed himself.
  6. Think I'll go Mwil and Forge as well. I'm not super impressed with either defense in the first matchup, at least not enough to swing my opinion one way or another. Then on offense I think the Cowboys are going to be more well-rounded. For the second matchup I think Lamar is going to be pretty good in Tecmo. I would be less surprised by an upset from Tampa though.
  7. What a field goal. And I almost thought the Broncos return guy might pull it off there at the end. If only it was Hamler, amirite @Counselor?
  8. Cleveland offense and Arizona defense
  9. BDL Discussion Thread 2020

    I'd be interested but it depends on when we're doing it
  10. BDL Discussion Thread 2020

    Having the same problem as Ruskie where the sound keeps going out
  11. BDL Discussion Thread 2020

    Definitely QB is the big question mark for my team. I do plan on targetting another starter level guy in the Shark Tank but I do still have faith in Mayfield. Time will tell. I think my starters as a whole are as good as anyone else's in the league but my depth at some positions is absolutely lacking so I think a big factor in my success or lack of next year will be health. Good work ww, appreciate it. It was the same last year. All four of us were in playoff contention up to the final couple of weeks. And I think all of us got better overall so far through the offseason as well so should be a bloodbath yet again next year.
  12. BDL Discussion Thread 2020

    Rivers got absolutely zero love late last year so I understand that half of it at least
  13. BDL Discussion Thread 2020

    Is what it is. Kittle was my guy as soon as I traded the haul I traded for him. At least I can take solace in the fact that he is far and away the best TE in the league even if I still am overpaying him.