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  1. I mean I can't say I wouldn't strongly, strongly consider it just for the pay raise alone. But as much as this year has made me question things, the grass isn't always greener. I don't know about your current situation, but I really enjoy my coworkers and my job in general (this year notwithstanding). While it's not easy it does at least leave me fulfilled most days. Not every job can do that. Even when I have tough days I have moments with my students that make it worth it and put things in perspective for me. Now again, that offer seems really nice. I would absolutely strongly consider
  2. Again, how does that make me the best choice? And you haven't explained what specifically about me doing that makes me so scummy. Many other people have been posting sporadically. Why me?
  3. Ok but before I said that what made me the best choice? You said I was the best choice before I said I always play this way. So what about the way I was playing made me seem that scummy to you?
  4. Oh ok, now I see what you mean. I thought you were talking about a TCMD type thing. And the answer is no, not really. The draft is my favorite thing about football and what makes it most fun for me. I've never really considered doing a whole FA prediction thing honestly but it just doesn't sound as fun for me really.
  5. On a separate note, I don't really understand the case against me other than I am sporadically posting. That's just how I always am so I'm not really seeing the case here. And Counselor has refused to elaborate on why it makes me the "best choice" for today.
  6. I'm gonna be real with you, I'm not sure what you're asking and/or telling me here
  7. I'm asking how my posting makes me the best choice for today
  8. So how I always play? What about that makes me the best choice?
  9. Oddly enough, Pink Floyd has been stuck in my head all morning and then I read this I said Malf's case on you is compelling because I agree with it. You do try to avoid lying as scum and so I think his question about your alignment and your subsequent non-answer does paint you in a very scummy light. And the inactivity stuff is about why I wasn't around to play in last game. Foolishness Those are all from the last few days. I'm doing alright. I had a lot going on outside of just school stuff too which is why I took a break from the site. It was mostly good
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