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  1. If you're on your phone or something it won't but on your computer or laptop that should work. And same to you.
  2. Have only occasionally been popping into the LSU-Mississippi State game but nice to see Kylin Hill being used as a receiver. Always good for a RB to prove their ability to be used in the passing game so it doesn't have to be a projection. Looking not so great in pass protection though
  3. Joseph Ossai showing some really nice speed getting around the OT there to get the strip sack Well, ruled an incomplete pass but still really great move there from Ossai. Like him a lot.
  4. Seth Williams having himself a day here too. Really nice catch just now over a defender on an underthrown ball. He was pretty inconsistent last year but the talent was so, so evident. He's one of "my" guys this class so I'm glad to see him having a big day.
  5. Agreed on both counts. I've noticed that Pitts has been lining up at WR a bit this game. Shows some nice versatility too and how you can move him around and do different things with him.
  6. So I have no clue how to scout punters but the Kentucky punter just punted from his own endzone all the way to the opponent's ~24 yard line. Probably one of the more impressive punts I think I've seen.
  7. Kyle Pitts is looking great for Florida. A couple of really nice catches on this last drive here. Really nice body control, adjusting to the catch. Trask with some nice ball placement out there too. Trask I think could be a nice career backup type. Not sure he has the tools to be a consistent starter but he plays well.
  8. Getting in a little late for some of the noon games but I thought a thread like this would be cool so that people who are watching guys live can talk about what they're seeing. Like a live scouting session basically. Currently flipping between Ole Miss vs Florida and Auburn vs Kentucky. I'm a big Seth Williams fan so hoping to see more consistency out of him today. Who is everyone else watching?
  9. I feel like just watching how strong and fluid he is on tape in college and now the NFL is better evidence than HS testing numbers but you do you bud
  10. Lmfao I'm done with this man. He's basing his absolutely terrible Chase Young takes on HS testing numbers and a couple of plays he caught on RedZone. Just embarassing.
  11. The bold is absolutely false. You're basing your ideas about a player on a few plays on RedZone, that's an absolute joke. And again, Chase Young could be a complete washout but to say that he isn't explosive or strong or fluid is factually wrong and frankly a ridiculous thing to say.
  12. This isn't about projections. I'm saying that if you watch Young and don't see a strong, explosive, or fluid player then you either are lying about watching or you don't know what you're talking about. It's that simple. I'm going to straight up accuse you of not watching the college tape either because Young was constantly getting through the line and putting pressure in the backfield even when the stats didn't reflect it. And even now when he's dominating NFL players you're still holding on to your bad takes? Ridiculous.
  13. This isn't even about results of his career or anything like that. I don't think you've watched Young's two games so far if you think he hasn't played strong, explosive, or fluid. That's just flat out wrong.
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