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  1. Told you that you'd be safe last night mwil
  2. 17 games and 7 teams per conference. Still not great obviously but those changes do give teams more breathing room than the previous system did.
  3. Ok so that's bed. In my defense, would I really have voted mwil on a losing bandwagon like that if I was scum with orca? Should I just claim now?
  4. Like I said above, technically his ability isn't confirmed but his targets are at least
  5. Well I guess technically his ability hasn't been confirmed as he failed both nights But his targets are confirmed since both said that he should've failed after he revealed he failed when targeting them
  6. I'm town and I lay low regardless. Orca's ability is verified by two people. I'm tired of just playing how I play and people always call me scum when I always play like this.
  7. Busy morning so haven't been able to watch the games so far. What matchups have been good so far and which ones are you looking forward to seeing the rest of the day?
  8. I don't think I've ever seen a host mod kill someone n1 for wanting to quit the game. Seems pretty hard to believe to me personally. And if that is the case why are you completely against figuring out the missing n1 kill?
  9. Where did I twist your words? And it was actually kind of crazy. Do you also think there was no night 1 mafia kill then? Because that's what carl implied when he said Daniel's death was due to him quitting the game. If so we should see who was roleblocked n1.
  10. Yeah because we know if you vote for town you're automatically scum and scum never avoid town lynches. Matts claim seemed unbelievable to me, to have that many chats. And I still don't know if I believe Carl that Daniel's natural causes were him quitting the game. At the end of the day I'll admit that I'm wrong but I also don't understand why matts wouldn't tell us that he's Trevor. If he'd claimed Trevor I obviously wouldn't have voted him.
  11. This story is so ridiculous. Matts had a partner who couldn't play so was killed by natural causes and then replaced with another player in the game, who then also died. Both died without confirming this. Then matts also has another partner somehow who dies if he dies so we totes can't lynch him or we lose two confirmed townies guys.
  12. Yeah, I'm not buying matts claim. How convenient that both of his supposed partners died. matts Matts
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