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  1. How the hell have you not seen Hot Fuzz? You of all people I would think would have seen it. You need to watch it immediately.
  2. Make Another Movie - Draft Thread

    I've gotten my first choice for everything thus far, so things are going pretty well so far. I told myself I wasn't going to use anyone from my first movie so he was out of the running. I picked Paul Dano instead.
  3. Make Another Movie - Draft Thread

    I select Noah Jupe to play young John Wilkes Booth
  4. We never have before, have we?
  5. Make Another Movie - Draft Thread

    Agreed. My last movie was based on a real event but there were absolutely no details or specifics about it whatsoever so I got to pretty much take it in whatever direction I wanted. Meanwhile this story basically writes itself but the casting is tough.
  6. Yeah, but my effort to MVP ratio blows yours out of the water. I'm efficient.
  7. Make Another Movie - Draft Thread

    I don't think I'll ever do historical dramas again. It's so hard trying to balance fitting the look of the actual person with finding someone who is talented and right for the part.
  8. How dare you have the MVP as mild scum. This is why you don't win MVPs like I do.
  9. That's why this is the most me MVP ever. I coasted, hit big on one random invest, and continued coasting. That's a rack MVP if I've ever seen one.
  10. Who knew you could win MVP without reading half the day phases?
  11. This might be my first town mvp ever. Probably my second ever other than that first game I was in where you and I were scum.
  12. I meant if you'd picked someone other than Malf. Like you converted touch, malf outs you d2, then touch has to survive the rest of the game.
  13. You're god damn right His only hope at that point was that he converted whoever it was and then that person made it through the rest of the game
  14. Sorry man. Like you said, the odds of this happening are ridiculously small.