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  1. BDL Discussion Thread 2019

    Damn, the Atlantic is a tough division
  2. **** you Orca, you've made an enemy for life
  3. Tbh I'm mostly sad that I'm not the one who got to kill orca
  4. Yeah, mwil totes scum It's not like they couldn't be separate factions. I do like the touch, forge potential connection there though
  5. Don't ******* blame me for that tie fiasco. Also, love the desperation. You talked about how you were totally cool with being lynched so you could shoot your shot but now you're desperately trying to get out of it.
  6. Also love when you say someone is scum so and they immediately accuse you right back. Really changes my opinion on the matter.
  7. I don't like these mother ****ers who seem to be trying to set up another tie
  8. I'm starting to feel more and more like Counselor is scum tbh
  9. Those aren't the worst targets if you are town but there are definitely better options on the board
  10. Your team wouldn't be bad in the NFL but in a condensed league where every team is vastly more talented than any NFL team, it is not so great.
  11. It's just how it goes when you take over with a rough team. Okc is solid all around. I think their defense especially is where they have an advantage. Their pass rush is going to have plenty of success against your OL and I think their secondary will be able to limit Ben's weapons. I think your defense will have a good amount of stops as well but it just won't be enough.
  12. I think this game is going to have plenty of offense but I trust Anchorage's weapons to make more plays and their DL to get more pressure