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  1. No I get what you're doing. I also don't think its particularly helpful. You pretty much spelled out the clear strategy, I don't think theres really anything to gain from the responses to it other than learning which people understand this game and which ones don't.
  2. We still have plenty of time but you haven't tried to really put pressure on people or get reactions. We do still have 24 hours but at the pace this is going who knows if we'll actually have much action going on tomorrow. I'm not saying you're scum because you haven't pushed a lynch or voted. I'm saying that I think you aren't doing what you usually do in trying to get reactions and reads on people.
  3. Like you keep talking about how important our numbers are and how 1 or 2 mislynches could screw us over but you haven't really been trying to discern who our first lynch should be. It feels like you're stalling us with all of this claiming talk until we get close to the deadline and then town will panic about being close to the deadline and you'll probably subtly lead us into a town lynch, putting town in a bad situation. Swag I really am getting scummy vibes from you here because I feel like you're not really adding anything of substance when it comes to our lynch here and that is unlike you imo.
  4. This is interesting to me because I feel like you have not been trying to find scum in any way, shape, or form. You've been overly focused on this claiming stuff which is an important topic but you haven't really been pushing on anyone or trying to get any reactions and it makes me wonder about you. You haven't really commented at all about reads or anything like that.
  5. For those who have played with Pickle before is it like him to just completely ignore someone voting for him?
  6. I'm sticking on Pickle Rick for now. He has been online and active in the Overwatch game but not here. It's certainly possible that he's largely ignoring this game in favor of the other but I don't think so. I think he's using his being in the other game as an excuse to lay low in this one.
  7. I'm feeling pretty good about Pickle Rick here
  8. Why do you think I voted Pickle Rick? I know he's playing another game but he couldn't make a single post here?
  9. Well let me assure you that there is no need to be concerned. I was just bored because nobody was posting earlier.
  10. If you're scum them that would make sense
  11. Guys, this game is going too fast. I can't keep up. Forge
  12. Patrick Peterson

    How is this dime on the dollar? We'd be giving up Juju and a 2nd rounder? I don't think a single team in this three way trade would accept this. 49ers aren't giving up their first round pick for a WR who hasn't proven himself a true #1 target yet (I think he'll get there but it's not proven). The Cardinals are not trading away their best player for Solomon Thomas of all players. The Steelers are not going to trade Juju. Who would our number 1 receiver be? Diontae Johnson? Justin Washington? Absolutely not.