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  1. The Baltimore Ravens select, with the 184th pick... Jared Hocker, OL, Texas A&M @Packerraymond OTC
  2. Hell I might just eat a whole pizza on twitch and analyze the draft even if I'm right
  3. Good thing Seattle doesn't have a first this year. They do have a second though...
  4. That's fair and I like I said it was just a small thing where it's what I would've done but there's nothing wrong either with just going BPA and getting good value. I gave you guys a B+ at the end of the day.
  5. Large meat lover's, I'll eat the whole damn thing while analyzing the draft live on twitch if Rumph goes round 2
  6. I almost want to just lose again all ready so I can be out and try to sell. I don't have a first rounder for the next two drafts so it'd be nice to recuperate some of that. But if I can make it to the playoffs, I feel like this team can win on any given Saturday/Wednesday/occasional Tuesday night.
  7. Yeah, I personally agree and think you got some good players but no denying the bust potential of them. It was a small quibble myself so it's not a huge deal. I just feel like you've got Mahomes, why waste a year of his prime rebuilding. Ultimately you're right that you did get good value on a lot of your guys which I think is reflected in the grade. I see what you're saying about using guys interchangeably but I also think there's something to be said for having versatility in how your guys can win. If you go up against a team that can stop the kind of players you have, you ha
  8. The Cleveland Browns select.. Tre Brown, CB, Oklahoma
  9. Well here it is. I stayed a little late at work to finish this up for you guys. The individual pick grades were mostly focused on the value of the players and where they were picked whereas when doing the team draft grade I thought more about fits and overall draft strategy so don't expect a one-to-one correlation with the pick grades and the team grades. Enjoy and please comment as much as you want about these, I do this because I enjoy the discussion. 2021 BDL Draft Grades & Superlatives
  10. Only your stinker of a draft But basically some teams made some bad picks but overall I got the strategy they were going for and there weren't enough bad picks to give any team a truly bad grade
  11. I feel like I'm being too nice with my grades but I really don't think there were a ton of bad picks this year. This is a deep draft and I don't think there were a ton of reaches. I'm curious to see what you guys think.
  12. I think I want to add a draft superlatives thing to my draft breakdown thing. Feel free to give me suggesstions for superlatives and I'll add ones I like.
  13. I'll probably be finishing up on Friday. I'm done with the individual draft grades and now I'm working on overall draft grades. Depending on how much down time I have tomorrow it could get done then but probably Friday.
  14. The Cincinnati Bengals select... Tre McKitty, TE, Georgia
  15. The Cincinnati Bengals select... Cameron Sample, EDGE, Tulane @KingOfNewYork
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