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  1. I say, I say, I say a **** all y'all. Goodbye and good luck.
  2. Cause that matters? I didn't make it to tomorrow because you scum coordinated and got another triple lynch. Doesn't change the fact that you're scum.
  3. I'm just calling out the inconsistency in your playing style this game vs others. And I've made it very, very clear that I think you and orca are scum. So yes, I wouldn't mind if either of you were hit. Doubt it happens.
  4. Don't forget about pickle and orca trying to get me to tell who I protected despite them constantly, CONSTANTLY calling people out for "fishing"
  5. I'm still waiting on the one that says I died.
  6. Will if you are town, the wrong decision will only happen tomorrow because of your terrible decision today.
  7. I can see you disagreeing but not getting it? Ok.
  8. I don't know why Pickle and Orca are doing this obviously fake suspecting each other thing. They're not good at it.
  9. Well I guess this means you're safe MD4L seeing as how he is scum
  10. Wow, really sold me there. Again, you're not this incompetent.
  11. Pickle, Orca, Touch. So clearly scum.
  12. It's all good. I don't blame anyone for me getting lynched in a negative way. Scum orchestrated it to get another multi lynch.
  13. Lol I really don't see what was unclear or ambiguous about what I said.
  14. With touch doubling whatever ability he has, scum's probably gonna straight **** everyone tonight and pretty much lock this one up.