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  1. Can you imagine if, instead of Leftwich and Wilson, they end up with Baalke and Fangio? Next level incompetence and Lawrence should straight up demand a trade. Not even joking.
  2. Is that confirmed now? I was seeing earlier that Leftwich wouldn't come if Baalke was still GM and he wanted Wilson. Can't believe the Jags even had to think about it. Even if Leftwich and Wilson flame out, at least there's potential for them to be good. Baalke is a proven garbage commodity. I think it's a good fit for Jacksonville too. Some of their more recent leadership guys (Coughlin and Urban) have been terrible on the player relationship side. Hard to imagine a better fit to fix that than two fairly young former players. If nothing else it should help with reducing the toxic cultur
  3. Like I said, the Garrett stuff was just speculation from some media guys. I just thought it made sense as far as realistic possibilities due to their experience together. The other name being floated around as a rumor is Kevin Patullo, Eagles passing game coordinator. Don't know anything about him though.
  4. People are connecting Eberflus to Jason Garrett because Eberflus coached under Garrett in Dallas. Pure speculation based on their connections but certainly seems possible. Would not be good for Fields.
  5. I am also looking for a co-owner who can help with game day stuff and potentially take over the team in the future.
  6. I remember many, many years ago I had the number 1 pick. It was the horrible 2013 draft. I was desperate to trade down and had a few offers but I decided that because they didn't meet the value I felt was proper, I was going to hold on to the number 1 pick. I took Star Lotulelei lmao so yeah, if the guy you want is for sure gonna be there a few picks later, definitely take a little value and move.
  7. I've said my piece. I feel that good discussion was had about the topic. At the end of the day I have always felt the trade should go through because it's what both owners want and agreed to. And let me be clear that any sort of rule restricting owners from trading is a disastrously terrible idea. All I've been trying to advocate for here is a little more respect when dealing with new owners.
  8. I don't think it's about not letting new owners trade at all or creating any rule about not trading with them. Just maybe don't start with huge controversial blockbuster deals.
  9. What other recent new owner's have we had? Whicker? He's been a part of the BDL for many years, I don't think that's at all the same.
  10. Look, the trade is done and it should go through. At this point I think we've had the discourse that some of us, mainly me probably, felt needed to be had about dealing with new owners. I think now we just need to move on.
  11. Like I said, I don't want to cancel the deal. It's what he wants and it's done. I just felt that it should be pushed back against or at least discussed so people are more careful about how they deal with new owners in the future. I feel like it'd be worse for new owners if people looked to take advantage of them the second they joined.
  12. That's what he has so far. Look how many 3+ year deals wwhickok himself was trying to get out of purely off of last year's free agency alone. And besides, that could be the huge difference. It's the little details that a new owner might not yet understand that an established owner would.
  13. In my mind, wwhickok got rid of the singular worst contract in BDL. No other RB right now is signed for more than 3 years, Kamara is for 4. Kamara costs $17,000 and the next most expensive RB is $9,500. A new owner is not going to understand necessarily just how poorly Kamara's contract stacks up against every other RB contract in this league. It's not about the difference between Thomas's contract and Kamara's, it's the difference between Kamara and every other RB in the league. Wwhickok talks about the risk of Thomas's contract but if Thomas doesn't work out he can use a normal 3 down
  14. And I'll never regret it. I forget the exact game and circumstances but if I remember correctly we were on our way to rolling town until two of our scum teammates went inactive during a key vote that could've cost us the game. So I don't feel too bad.
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