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  1. Is a serious question. It feels as though the team is moving backwards instead of forwards quiet a bit this season. Is it time?
  2. why they aint even trying to make Gordon a big part of the game?
  3. Might have to give Mahomes' contract to our kicker, at least he scoring points.
  4. even the Jets have more points than us so far today lol
  5. Man, this must be wot it's like as a Jets fan.
  6. Might need a refund on that Patrick Price 🙃
  7. look like they have no motivation or hustle out there on the field 😒
  8. our defense playing like they have no motivation lol
  9. was frank clark on a different side than normal on that play?
  10. No idea why they dont put the big guys out there and just run the freaking god danged football. Instead we trying to throw to the smallest guy on the field 😑
  11. I'm thinking we go Wr, rb, de in the first three rounds lol.
  12. Thornhill getting the start over Sorespot, so that should be a plus hopefully lol. Just hope it doesnt backfire.
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