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  1. Maybe we could attach 6 foot flags to the players and play some flag football instead of tackle I mean, it's not like they can tackle the QB without getting a penalty anyways lol. On a serious note, the season better go all the way, the Chiefs are going Back to Back Champions
  2. He gonna end up on the Jets and be reunited with his best friend Bell
  3. He started out good last year, but kinda just dissipated towards the end of the season. I like McCoy, hopefully he does some good for them, except for when they play the Chiefs
  4. Please feel free to make your own lists so we can all see them and compare
  5. They both seem to enjoy the drama, but I would have to go with Adams.
  6. I figured since they did a player one for the Top 100. We could do a coaches one Ranking all the head coaches in the nfl I shall start, here is my list. If you don't like my list, OH WELL LOL 32) Doug Marrone - Jaguars 31) Adam Gase - Jets 30) Joe Judge - Giants 29) Zac Taylor - Bengals 28) Matt Rhule - Panthers 27) Matt Nagy - Bears 26) Dan Quinn - Falcons 25) Matt Patrica - Lions 24) Jon Gruden - Raiders 23) Brian Flores - Dolphins 22) Frank Reich - Colts 21) Kliff Kingsbury - Cardinals 20) Kevin Stefanski - Browns 19) Sean McVay - Rams 18) Vic Fangio - Broncos 17) Anthony Lynn - Chargers 16) Sean McDermot - Bills 15) Bill Obrian - Texans 14) Mike Zimmer - Vikings 13) Mike McCarthy - Cowboys 12) Matt Lafluer - Packers 11) Doug Pederson - Eagles 10) Mike Vrable - Titans 9) Bruce Arians - Bucaneers 8: Ron Rivera - The Team That Has No Name 7) Pete Carrol - Seahawks 6) Mike Tomlin - Steelers 5) Kyle Shanahan - 49ers 4) John Harbaugh - Ravens 3) Sean Payton - Saints 2) Bill Belichek - Patriots 1) Andy Reid - Chiefs
  7. Poor ol Patrick Mahomes, got number 4 last year and only won MVP. Got 4 this year and only won Superbowl and Superbowl MVP Maybe he should shoot for Number 4 every year
  8. Think it will be fine, we did pick up Edwards in the draft, and a lot of people have good things to say about him
  9. well it sure is a good thing we got Edwards-Helaire in the draft. Dang.
  10. Them Patriots, always up to something But I don't blame some of these players, especially the one with a new baby.
  11. Good thing we got a bunch of Wide Receivers lol
  12. I think he is a bit underrated by fans most of the time. He had some good years before Mahomes, with Smith. He scares defenses because they know if they let up for even one second, he can burn em.
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