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  1. Laugh now but I bet we see a lot more of it this coming season lol.
  2. Teams not hiring Eric Bienemy as a head coach.
  3. I enjoy listening to some of the things Mike Florio says.
  4. Mac Jones Hits, Trevor Lawrence Hits, everyone else on a different team in 6 years.
  5. Andy Reid needs fired for losing the SuperBowl
  6. The Panthers trading for Sam Darnold. I really hope he does well though, no offense to the NY Jets lol.
  7. Kc Chiefs regression 🤣 Long is a backup for depth if needed.
  8. Would be cool if Fitzgerald came to the Chiefs for a year 😀
  9. The Chiefs not getting a Left Tackle 🤪
  10. Draft Mac Jones, trade Jimmy G for wotever can get.
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