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  1. I might agree with this, we have been playing with house money on the offensive line, we should start drafting others in their place
  2. isnt Hill already on a contract extension? If we need money cut Thompson, Hardman, Watkins, and bring in some rookies. I know Clark does well in the playoffs, but he doesn't show up much in the regular season, I would look at restructuring him. Also, I will try to join whatever this is, but don't expect me to crunch numbers
  3. Better make it 27 for when Butker misses his obligatory extra point lol 😝
  4. I am getting way too excited for this game. The history alone of hosting 3 AFC Championships in a row, something that has never been done. Maybe I am spoiled now, since my team is good again... The heart of the KC Chiefs is much greater than I think most people realize. Before the year started KC players were posting all over social media about that #RunItBack... They better back it up... On page 1 I said they win by 21 with Mahomes playing, let's go with 28.
  5. we paid Patrick Mahomes II around half a billion dollars, so far it seems to be working out ok 🥰
  6. Ty for the invitation but I dont has extra time. Also it looks like too much reading lol 😜
  7. Been waiting 54 years to get our revenge 🤬
  8. You can do whatever you want and root for whoever you want. If others dont like it, that is their problem, not yours 😁
  9. GOOOOOO CHIEFS!!! 😍 If Mahomes plays they win by 21, if Henne play they win by 20.
  10. Think I legit had a heart attack during this game 🤔 TIME FOR A 3RD AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME AT ARROWHEAD!!
  11. Goooooo Chiefs 🥰. Coming off a bye week, the Chiefs win by like 14.
  12. OMG, are the Browns returning to being the Browns lol?!
  13. Get home from work and DANNNNNNGGGGGG. I wonder if the Browns know they would be headed to KC next week if they win? lol
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