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  1. Week 10: vs Chargers in Mexico City

    looks like Mathieu is trying atleast
  2. Week 10: vs Chargers in Mexico City

    Ye man, dunno what the Chiefs are trying to accomplish here.
  3. Week 10: vs Chargers in Mexico City

    Phillip Rivers pass to Ngadi lol wtf
  4. Week 10: vs Chargers in Mexico City

    GOOOOO CHIEFS!!!! Let's hope we can play well in ALL 3 PHASES this time So much hope, and yet we keep getting the dumbest things happening lol. But in Reid we trust, right?!
  5. Does Tomlin Deserve Any Credit for This Season?

    Not a Steelers fan, but Tomlin deserves most of the credit. After all that weird crap that went on the last 2 years, then Ben going down this year, and they still competitive. Pisses me off they doing good lol
  6. NFL arranges workout for QB Colin Kaepernick

    Does he have to come back as a Quarterback? Or could he work as like a Wide Receiver?
  7. NFL arranges workout for QB Colin Kaepernick

    Would have hoped they didn't make this a private event, so others could see the thing to. I don't think it will lead to much, but maybe he will get in as a backup to start somewhere first.
  8. KC vs Titans

    they gonna break 50
  9. DT Mike Pennel

    he is a good kid
  10. I got scared when Mayock joined the team, I am getting less scared every week.
  11. Jaguars to start Nick Foles

    he is not who you need
  12. KC vs Titans

    I remember years ago when people were asking why Erik was such a high pick, they called him a draft bust. Now everyone want him back
  13. KC vs Titans

    Go KC!
  14. hes back babeh! https://www.kmbc.com/article/coach-reid-patrick-mahomes-expected-to-play-against-titans-kansas-city-chiefs-tennessee-titans/29727248#
  15. He is playing Sunday