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  1. Arrest warrant issued for Antonio Brown; turns himself in (page 7)

    Dang man. What a sad state of affairs. Hopefully he gets the help he needs.
  2. Raiders Officially known as the "Las Vegas Raiders"

    Might have to go to one of the games there Good luck on the move.
  3. Eli Manning is retiring

    I always like him CONGRATS ON EVERYTHING ELI
  4. Team needs.

    Trade for Kareem Hunt, then fill in the trenches on both side
  5. Raheem Mostert

    They wont be talking about him next year
  6. They are going to have some fun
  7. They are waiting for a pretty face
  8. Super Bowl LIV: 49ers vs Chiefs

    Blake Bell gonna score the game winning TD
  9. Patrick Mahomes going to do some pretty cool stuff in the SuperBowl. I have been a fan all my life, and it is nice to see them get there. It is even more fun knowing our QB is beyond words. Andy Reid deserves this win
  10. Tom Time

    All of this is just Brady mad he ain't in the Superbowl. Also he going to the Chargers.
  11. Patriots Sell The House For Burrow?

    Patriots tanking for Lawrence? LOL
  12. Farewell, Patriots

    I am alright if this is the end of the Patriots We should be honest though, and not forget they have Bill Belichek and a whole host of decent coaches. Right now I feel the KC Chiefs are in the process of birthing the next Dynasty, last year was a contraction, this year they gonna pop the baby out But it is the Patriots, they probably gonna hang around for a while lol.
  13. Super Bowl LIV: 49ers vs Chiefs

  14. Playoff Week 3: Tennessee at Arrowhead

    Yayyyyy Chiefs