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  1. Sorenson doing the OBJ impression
  2. Is this a record amount of running plays for Andy Reid?
  3. Leveon probably watching from home salivating at the possibilities.
  4. Just imagine wot might happen if we get Leveon Bell going to 😮 Patrick Mahomes might be out of a job. Will be interesting to see how that plays out.
  5. maybe this is because its a 4pm monday game. both teams underperforming lol.
  6. Man the Chiefs offense really needs to get it in gear, starting to piss me off. Imma write Andy Reid a letter >:)
  7. Who needs Patrick Mahomes when can run like this. 🤪
  8. Think I need to fire Butker from my fantasy team
  9. lol bouncing right off their QB
  10. Was Mecole Hardman just fingering with that other dude on the kickoff lols?
  11. suddenly I feel like having Tacos for dinner.
  12. Heck ye this is cool I was hoping they could get him lol.
  13. Man that was nuts looking at it live on tv. Best wishes for Dak
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