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  1. Chiefs lost Joe Montana, but now we got Patrick Mahomes.
  2. How are you watching the NFL this year?

    I get to see most of the Chief's games on Network TV, so that is pretty cool. For ESPN games or NFL Network games, I think last year I used Sling through my SmartTV. Mostly I just look for the cheapest, but still decent quality ways to watch.
  3. Number of TDs for Mahomes this year

    I am going to be a bit optimistic here and go 55+. Lots and lots of speed on that side of the ball. Admittedly they should run the ball more to help keep the other offense off the field, but we all know how Andy Reid be
  4. Enjoy the NFL but tired of your team?

    I was growing a bit tired of the Chiefs, even after Reid's first few years there. But now for some unknown reason, I am really starting to enjoy them again
  5. Patriots WR Josh Gordon reinstated

    I bet after the Tyreek and Zeke things, they kinda just gonna let all the players back in Gotta keep the talent on the field where it is producing numbers and revenue
  6. The KC Chiefs Training Camp Thread

    I hope Thompson becomes a great back, when watching him in his interview he seemed very intelligent and like a good guy.
  7. Does anyone believe he just going to let 30 million in ezpz money go?
  8. Report - Dak Seeking 40m Per Year Deal

    Whew, that is a lot of money. If he can get it cool, but it sounds like most people think he is around the 30 million area, which he already had an offer for.
  9. This is a good point, ratings are ratings. Still, I would be ok with him missing time
  10. Cool I would be alright with him not playing this year
  11. Mo Claiborne to KC

    I think they may have done this more for depth, and maybe some leadership to help teach the other guys along. Good to have old timers in there to help them younger generations learn how to FINISH games. Something the Chiefs need to get better at for this year.
  12. Free Agency

    Ye, I like the signing of the veteran corner. He will be out the first 4 games, but could provide some good leadership for some of the younger guys.
  13. The KC Chiefs Training Camp Thread

    I dunno, throw Hill, Hardman out there together on each side and let em fly, who gonna cover them both at the same time? Throw in Kelce going across the middle, the defenses going to be like "Wot is happening?!". And for good fun just hand the ball off to Smith, and let him go to town with that stretched out field. Andy Ried probably like a kid in a candy store this year.
  14. Hill under investigation for Battery

    he probably should have been suspended , but he not. It is scary
  15. Hill under investigation for Battery

    the nfl showed *** don't care, as long as thee best player 0n the fielld