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  1. After KC won the sb, they didn't bring back Lesean McCoy. Lost the next sb. The Bucs won the sb, they haven't brought back LeSean McCoy.....
  2. We have everything needed to blast teams with that ground and pound, it just a matter of will they actually do it. Sweeps, reverses, CEH Hill Hardman, could be great. I think CEH only a rb2 cause all the other players that could take snaps.
  3. Would like to say Kansas City for getting a wicked OL for running the ball. But it will be all for not unless they actually call run plays more than 2 to 3 times a game lol. 🤣
  4. It all means nothing unless Andy calls them run plays more than .01% of the time lol. 🤣
  5. well, my day is over, off to sleep, yall have a good night
  6. now we can have 2 people playing Center
  7. ye I like it definitely, we need to get a bit meaner on Defense.
  8. ayyy some Defense, not Edge Rusher like I wanted but ok
  9. This is the point where the Chiefs should move up to get someone, or something, I dunno
  10. Maybe the Chiefs will take a RB or WR LOLS
  11. lol. my money is on a Defensive Edge Rusher for the Chiefs first pick. At least I hope so. I really dont even know who is left in the draft lols.
  12. Ayyy I think my team has a pick tonight
  13. AYYY HERE WE GO!!! AM SO EXCITED TO SEE WHO MAH TEAM PICKS TONIGHT!!!!...... oh.... nevermind 😗 Man, there a lot of hoobajooba over the lower numbers than the number 1 pick lol
  14. And all through the picks, all scouts are stirring, trying to be slick. Anyone got some BOLD PREDICTIONS for the draft tomorrow? Congratulations, you're immortalized - you started this thread!
  15. Shoulda put it on 18 red like Peyton Manning said, coulda won a lot more.
  16. So uh.... we actually gonna run the football this year?🤬
  17. HolmesPriest Members 154 643 posts Posted February 10 (edited) Seems maybe the Chiefs can go get themselves a left tackle 😆 Edited February 10 by HolmesPriest Quote
  18. Cool Pretty sure when news broke of him wanting a trade I was like "Bring him here !" lol
  19. Laugh now but I bet we see a lot more of it this coming season lol.
  20. Teams not hiring Eric Bienemy as a head coach.
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