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  1. Sorry for the delay guys, took me an hour, but in and safe, and both Buccs tickets, sold on through stubby. For seat price plus handling
  2. Not only sold out, but I also saw that both viagogo and stunning had tickets on offer before they were sold out, and at £400 per ticket minimum. Bad show again TM. I get the idea of selling Season Tickets, but not if you have to pay full whack, so anyone wanting to buy a Buccs ticket...... Bad, bad, bad !
  3. Yo, Beardown. There is no indication yet as to when the individual tickets are going to be released, the NFLuk and Ticketmaster are I am sure completely sure of it, but it is a bigger secret than Dolly Partons bra size ! The whole thing seems to be a conspiracy of silence. Season Tickets, could have been released today and then the rest on Monday, and then the returns/not solids in say six weeks. Having to buy for both games and then resell via Ticketmaster is a good source of revenue, but adds frustrations that are not needed !
  4. Don't be misled by the logo, I bet that the graphic artist usual uses an aerosol can ! I looked at and "had a go", at Wembley, and the system seems straightforward, but I tried again today and nothing was available. I am lucky to be able to not be picky about where I sit, or the cost, so I will try for the first available ! When and if, I get sorted, I will let you know what and where. Cheers
  5. I had planned to be online, but I know that the bulk of the tickets will go to people who buy for both games at Tottenham, and then buy separately for the Wembley games, and this is causing a great deal of bad feeling in the UK. When the games were all at Wembley it was easy, but now it seems as though every obstacle possible is being introduced.
  6. I know about the tickets, but the stadium only holds just over 65,000, and I am determined to be there, and with the usual demand for seats, I am not confident that there will be many single game tickets left. I am also flying in on the 2nd, but going to see family, before I fly back here to Kefalonia.
  7. Hello to all if this is a duplicate thread, my apologies, but I didn't see one. How many Bears are going to swim across the pond for the game ? And how many Brits are going to have to do the same as me and try to get tickets for the game, by also having to buy for the Panthers/Buccs and then resell ? I will be at White Hart Lane, so I get to have a selfie with Staley again !
  8. But again it is not a NEW show/idea, I was hoping for something unseen.
  9. No problem. Glad that you offered anyway.
  10. Is The Witcher, the one from Netflix ?, because if so you are disqualified ! Because it is not " New " If Lord of the Rings is that interminable series by JRR, then you are doubly disqualified for the same reason. And the Dark Tower makes you three strikes and out ! But thanks for stepping up to the plate.
  11. A pasty would be fine, and for the non educated in culinary arts, that is meat and vegetables in a pastry wrapped "block", popular in the South West, of England. But, the last new poster that I bought came as part of the Elton John album called "Captain Fantastic", on vinyl, before most of you were born !
  12. I am glad that you are being entertained, that was after all the intention.
  13. Thanks for this Gnat, but you also only get a Bronze (plastic) star. Dresden was done by Canuck Tv, and has to be disqualified. But I am going to add The Kingkiller Chronicles to my " to be read " list
  14. B Be thankful that it is not Disney !!
  15. You are going to be awarded a bronze (plastic), star for adding a series to my " must read" list. I would have been a Gold (real gold) medal, until I read that it has already been commissioned by Sony/Amazon,
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