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  1. 2020 Draft Talk

    I understand this ... but I would be 100% behind using both 1st rounders on the OL, assuming they feel they are not only starting quality but high calibre draft prospects. I don't know if there is an LG/OT prospect that can work in that regard. But rolling out two 1st rounders + BO + Bradbury, would give Vikings more success in my opinion. Helps give Cousins a lot more time (abet there will be growing pains) and should provide improved blocking for Cook on the runs. I have no problems using the 2nd/3rd/3rd directly on defense.
  2. 2020 Draft Talk

    Trying to think outside the box: If Cousins need an upgraded OL, what if we used both 1st round picks on OL, while still not sacrificing BPA Would you be pleased or displeased with the selection of Andrew Thomas (#22) and Austin Jackson (#25), with the game plan that both are going to be in the starting OL unit somewhere (along with BO and Bradbury, maybe Reiff as well).
  3. Reaching out, and not touching someone...

    I'm down.
  4. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    They still got some cap room to work with.
  5. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    I don't think that Harris tweet had anything to do with Trent Williams trade, at least I hope not
  6. Vikings Mock Drafts

    While I do see that with Jones, that could be partly due to the offense not snapping the ball under center and being in constant shot gun (DL react differently to that formation). I rather someone who has a better blend of both under center and shot gun. I also prefer the stay at home (bulk) OT (while sacrifing pull\run ability), as opposed to a pull\run OT (while sacrificing gerth and power). ... On 3rd and long (and RZ), the stay at home power OT should do better, since your less likely to be running the ball to take especial adv of LT pull blocks capability. My best OT attributes in order (reasonableness): 1) weight, 2) "power" (bench press #), 3) "technique", 4) quick feet (10 yard split), 5) arm length, 6) arm size, 7) pulling ability (40 yard time), 8) height
  7. Vikings Mock Drafts

    Jackson has the better athletic scores and has better technique. Jones i think it going to have difficulties vs pure bull rush. I believe Jackson is younger as well. Jackson will eventually be a starting LT, whether it's day 1 or later. I think he could start day 1 on either side (if they want to move BO to LT, coupled with releasing Reiff). In this mock I added Hennessey who could develop into the starting LG. (BO\Hennessey\Bradbury\Sam\Jackson) or switch the tackles after one season, if they don't want a rookie left side in 1st season
  8. Vikings Mock Drafts

    Not sure if this is directed at me, but both Jackson OT and Jones OT where available at 25, in this particular mock
  9. Vikings Mock Drafts

    Vikings trade #22 + #105 for #34 & #44 25. Austin Jackson OT USC 34. A.J. Terrell CB Clemson 44. Tee Higgins WR Clemson 58. Matt Hennessy C Temple 89. Darnay Holmes CB UCLA 132. Davon Hamilton DT Ohio State Vikings get their starting LT (Jackson), CB (Terrell) and WR2 (Higgins)here. They also get a potential starting LG (Hennessy) and Slot CB\Returner (Holmes). With a backup NT in (Hamilton) who can do some dirty work.
  10. Seven Rounds w Trades, post FA and Combine, Mr Fluffles V2

    Vikings: Its not necessary true that they need to replace Griffen immediately. We already have his replacement on the roster. I would take Josh Jones or Austin Jackson OT. Also AJ is not the kind of DE our management has selected, let alone that early
  11. 3-rounder.

    Good updated picks for Vikings.
  12. Vikings Mock Drafts

    Anything is possible.
  13. BayRaider 2020 Semi-Final Version Mock Draft

    Vikings; Pick 25.. Brandon Aiyuk .. Really think Austin Jackson OT would be a superior pick. Many Viking fans don't want to use a 1st rounder on WR.
  14. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    They prolly don't have much suitors, and i don't think those 5 or so teams will be giving up much value.
  15. It will be nice to see the draft in a small room

    Its possible they have a camera set up in 40 prospects residences, to get live prospect reactions with family, and the visual of the phone call with the tears in their eyes.