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  1. The practice of agents/ players colluding won't happen. However, teams can certainly work together to try and collude by offering either one deals or lower than expected 2-4 year deals. - teams should cut more boarder line players with not great cap hits - not Non-top 25% FA will get huge reductions, making players in the middle "25-60" say screw it "I'll join a superteam this year"
  2. My preference is trenches/QB at #14, however i realize QB at 14 likely not happening and the DL options don't look strong to me.
  3. There is no comparison for the Watson situation. If Watson holds out, it will be a PR nightmare, many many times worse then any hold out you've seen. QBs get to pick the destination. Wentz picked Indy over Chicago, Chicago removed their offer, Indy decided to drop the offer since they were last standing. With a NTC, Watson must have given a list (short list), whether it's only Miami or not. No team, not on the list will make an offer. If your a team on the short list, you will want to reach out to the Watson camp for confirmation of interest, and one you get it, you can proceed
  4. I agree Watson value is highest now (will only reduce).. but with Miami the only team on Watson list, the longer Houston waits the lower return they get. If Watson opens up to more teams, that helps Houston.
  5. I'd too that trade. However, unless Watson indicates minny as a destination, it's all moot. Franchise QBs on big ticket salaries get to pick there destination.
  6. I think Watson gets traded to Miami before the draft... and the package includes Tua but not #3. Miami just waiting for the situation to deteriorate enough in Houston for them to accept the deal.
  7. This is my thoughts. I prefer to promote from within for the RDE position
  8. Definitely not the first. But teams just won't trade high picks for a QB on a big salary, specifically to be their franchise leader and starting QB, when said QB has indicated that he doesn't want to go there. This should have been expected.
  9. So Diggs did in fact lead the league in yards. Good confirmation To say we lost nothing with Diggs, well that's just not an accurate pretense. Trading Thielen ahead of last years draft, would have been the better move, and for many more Sunday for years to come. On any non-Vikings board, I would imagine the sentiment that Vikings should have figured out a way to keep Diggs would be more prevalent than on here. End of the day our record dropped from 10-6 to 7-9 too. Facts
  10. Bears likely want some signal from Wentz camp that he would accept the trade (meaning: be on board). Bears don't continue with the trade without this assurance. I think this ends with Wentz to Colts, and Wentz signaling he'll like to join the Colts, and the second 2nd rounder be conditional to be upgraded to 1st if Colts get to the AFCCG.
  11. Lost no production? Who led the league in yards again.. Getting younger & cheaper doesn't necessarily equate to better.
  12. Teams don't willingly let good OL go.
  13. If Vikings knew they had this with Diggs, they would have traded Thielen instead & made Diggs the number one
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