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  1. Purple Haze - State of the Purple Pass Rush

    We are top heavy at DL, an injury to a start hurts us plenty
  2. Vikings select...Daniel Carlson, K, Auburn

    Illegal touch penalties should go up, but if you can just do enough without the penalty... there should be more room for a returner to diagnose where he wants to go.
  3. On the Ascension (OTAs)

    I don't let voluntary work change my view of who is rather have extended. I certainty hope we extend Barr to bring his cap # down, then perhaps Hunter takes a deal now
  4. Deepest Team Rankings

    I agree with Philly being #1 (far and away) as I do think they have strong starters & strong depth I think there is to much of an "equal\hinderence" weighting on "strong strong + weak depth" compared to "weak starter + strong depth" I think rules of the max score a non-starter could achieve is the same value as the starter, could more closely align values
  5. Vikings select...Colby Gossett, G, Appalachian St.

    if Oneill is a better RT (than Hill) & in general better then Collins (@ RG), i don't see why it wouldnt be Remmers-O'Neill. defenses are talented to go after weak points in offensive lines..... having a higher floor at each position is better then creating high ceiling / lower floors combinations
  6. Purple Haze - State of the Purple Pass Rush

    It wasn't meant as a full team analysis. Just a comparitive analysis of additions\subtractions during the offseason & yes Vikings get a massive peice in Cook back but they also get a couple guys back from injury as well.
  7. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    Any word on the number? Gaureented or semi?
  8. Vikings select...Colby Gossett, G, Appalachian St.

    Most likely + semi optimistic RR - Easton - Pat - Remmers - O'Neill I think come opening day Remmers is better then any RG (by alot) & still the best RT on the squad. But O'Neill inches ahead of Hill in the RT competition.
  9. Purple Haze - State of the Purple Pass Rush

    I think we upgraded the top end DL talent & added potential pass rusher. Theses pass rushers are mainly mid-late round rookies so their impact is unknown. Even with Curry gone, Philly did add to their DL depth this offseason through additions & the draft. I'm not going to say Eagles were lucky last year. They did have an easier schedule then us & were fortunate to play us at home (again this year, 3rd straight time?), But they won from the trenches dominating us on the OL & DL. They still hold the OL advantage, & it's likely a push between our total DL (starters & depth). We upgraded QB, but eventually they will get back Wentz. 2 potential unknowns, but good stock regardless. Philly had more injuries then us last year, so maybe both teams going to the mean hurts if not this year compared to Philly. Philly still has a big advantage in the coaching department. I'm hoping the NFCE is tougher on Philly this year.
  10. Why Aaron Rodgers Doesnt Have 2 Super Bowl Rings

    He'll have opportunities to win from the wild card spots again. With Rodgers you always have a chance in the 1 game knock out playoffs
  11. Eagles Offensive Line vs Cowboys Offensive Line

    Individual Players = DAL Higher Floor for the combined Unit = PHI
  12. No they wouldn't win ...
  13. Vikings sign...UDFA

    Do we know if Mata'afa now being listed at DE is an actual indication of them playing/trying him out as DE. 2 different things, but we surely need help at the DE spot, especially if we move on from Robison since he was a non-factor in playoffs aside from being a snap eater.
  14. Evaluating & Projecting The Roster

    I think\hope Robison is a camp cut or retires. I left him off my predictions on page 1
  15. Vikings select...Mike Hughes, CB, UCF

    I'm thinking Waynes will be the outside corner in bases sets this year still. Hughes to be slot nickle|dime CB. If Hughes takes the 2nd starting outside CB that should be huge.