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  1. Trade Help

    In a 1 QB league ... if you have Matty Ice and Josh Allan (good stretch of games) ... would you move Ryan for Mahomes
  2. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    If RIck has no plans to upgrade the QB this coming draft ... might as well upgrade the LT ... while this defense is still together and going relatively strong.
  3. Week 7: VIKINGS (4-2) at Lions (2-2-1)

    I'm thankful this is the Lions road game now instead of our home game.
  4. Who killed you this week?

    I think i have a good team, but cant get the right combination on Sunday. QB Ryan RB Saquon, Gurley, (Brown), Jacobs, Ekeler, M Gordon WR Lockett, Woods, Diggs, Gallop, Green TE Kittle Pats D + Gould K
  5. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    I get that without Cooks\Gurley, Woods should be a better play .. but i think I'm on with going with gaureenteed touches on the ground
  6. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    Is anyone starting Diggs or Woods? I thinking on rolling Gallop \ Malcom Brown \ Melvin Gordon ahead. 0.5 PPR
  7. Add/Drop thread

    Better add... Malcom Brown ir Chase Edmunds ? I'm leaning Brown (taking multiple possible games into consideration). Thoughts?
  8. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    I am leaning Gallop too ... I plan to start Gallop over Woods and Diggs
  9. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    What team size are you? At 0-5 ... I don't think you can sit by. Maybe sell high on Fuller for a weekly RB, Also, see what you can get for AJ Green from the top roster.
  10. Add/Drop thread

    I added Chase .. as a DJ owner .. no FAAB or priority was needed.
  11. Who killed you this week?

    I beat my opponent in pts for QB, RB, TE, K, DEF ... he beat me in only WR .. but by a large enough gap to take the win by 6pts ... oh and Robbie missed 3 FGs. I added Michael Gallop ... so he is going to be a fixture in my starting lineup (with Lockett) ... Woods and Diggs hit the pine
  12. Add/Drop thread

    Coleman rest of season Outlook?
  13. Trade Help

    Crazy, if you can actually get KJ for Sutton. I think its practically imposstible
  14. Fantasy Progress Thread

    Naw man ... I can't do it ... the touches are just not there. he is riding bench unless Thielen gets hurt.
  15. Week 6: Eagles (3-2) at VIKINGS (3-2)

    Home game vs +0.500 team ... who have a banged up secondary. If we can't get this one, its curtains for playoffs.