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  1. If your sitting #3 and there is a QBOTF sitting there, but you want at ~#7, you take him at #3.
  2. I laugh at the cousins extension... ... until i remember, it was used to get Rick his own extension from Zigg. "It's all good boss, nothing to see here, we're running it back"
  3. Its a shame Vikings are not winless thus far
  4. Yea i held on to Akers ... let's see what the kid can do tonight
  5. 12-team, standard. I give Cam Ackers, I get John Brown. How close is this?
  6. Seattle would have preferred Vikings take the FG. They made a good play and the QB got a chance
  7. No revenue in forfets. No fans and no stadium event competition basically, so they can re-schedule the games weekly.
  8. I'm glad Zimmer went for it. Didn't work out tho. Finding news to lose are Vikings
  9. NE is officially on bye next week, they should postpone it somehow.
  10. you the man scotty miller giving me the gooseegg to Penn they week. well done bro
  11. so TEN players still get paid, to stay home or does the NFLPA need to fight it out
  12. I'm not really sure what "backup plans" they NFL could have instituted? Co-locate all players and team personal in temporary house for 8 months? It's obvious NFL is going to blame team/players. At the end of the day the players/coaches/teams/NFL want to get paid so they will solider on, unless someone dies. I know the schedule is made months in advance, and typically takes into account a whole host of other dates/events happening at NFL facilities and other sports etc (but this is only happening at extremely low rates now, and NFL obviously still have 1st right), but another option is to kill the current schedule, and expand the season by 2-3 weeks, and maybe play 12 games per week, the revised schedule is released every Tuesday for the Thursday/Sunday/Monday slate of games. Any team with active non-contained infections are shelved for 2 weeks.
  13. Cheers to that on a gorgeous morning
  14. Is Patterson still your "backup RB" ?
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