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  1. Id easily take Taylor on this team over cousins with their cap hits now and (likely next year to)
  2. I think the writing in on the wall for Justin Jefferson to request a trade sometime this season as we’re on the to an expected 0-4 start. Not saying it’s actioned, but that’s the problem when the brass miss manages the offense so poorly. Ppl try to blame Diggs but he was 100% correct. The cousins extension was the downfall. He should have played his 3 years out and we let him walk. The argument that we got JJ for Diggs is dumb. It should be that we could have had Diggs-Theilen-JJ had they selected JJ with the Vikings pick.
  3. Losing by 17 in the 4th quarter should not be underestimated.
  4. It’s moss a real thing. on the wire in my league.
  5. That’s amazing in an absolutely terrible way
  6. Zero chance i would give Zimmer the DC here if he got fired
  7. I lost mostart and Edwards, have Kamara and Latavius now, with needing to start 2 RBs (so those are my starters for the foreseeable future with Tony Jones as my handcuff). Just gotta figure out the RBs as the season goes on. Won week 1 still. Picked up Gainwell for No-start as my only move.
  8. It might be a bit early to pick up Jeff Wilson Jr .... but if you have space go for it..... I don't want to draw attention yet. I will try to get away with having Batmon on IR, then going from Batmon to Jeff Wilson.
  9. I am thinking Latavius might end up leading the BALT back field. They obviously made a concerted effort to get him the ball in the 2nd half. That can easily continue as he gets more comfortable in the offense
  10. Easy L here. Better team is Arizona, and much better QB is Kyler.
  11. I wasn't saying all is lost. But heading for the bottom this season is not as bad as it sounds, to me at least.
  12. New coach, new management, new starting QB. This is not a playoff team because the offense will struggle and finish bottom 10 in pts scored.
  13. Vikings didn’t play well, as expected. the refs didn’t lose the Vikings the game. A lost was the best outcome, longterm.
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