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  1. 20 team league strategy, please

    i think in a 20 teamer ... need to go RB early, likely QB late (but kinda monitor how much have been taken - be happy with a Goff/Rivers/Allan type as your starter.. there is a lot more depth at WR that you can get in your 6-8th round.
  2. Picking at 10?

    CMC, Kamara, Barkley, Hopkins, Adams, Zeke, DJ... Chubb, Connor, Kelce, Jones at 12/13.. who would you take? this is kinda my worst case scenario. Beckham, Thomas, Juju, Bell, Cook, Gurly?

    what is your late round RB order? Thompson, Jackson, Harris, Pollard, Mattison, Hill, Brown that's my order now
  4. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    plus there is the small detail of likely never getting the superbowl again in our lifetimes or until another stadium is built
  5. Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers Updates

    The field was actually approved for play by NFL officials 3-4 hours before game time. I don't think the field is a "disaster" but i think NFL dropped the ball by not realizing there could be a hole where a post has been and coaches wood hold players out. Terrible for the fans.
  6. Mock Draft Thread

    12 team - 0.5 PPR .... totally got snipped at TE multiple times... but didn't reach for TE, and took the value on the board ... would it cost me? Sniped by 2 picks for Howard, following round sniped by 3 picks for Henry, another round snipped by 1 pick for Vance, couple rounds later snipped by 4 picks for Walker D Adams (1.06), T Gurley (2.19), Hilton (3.30), Carson (4.43), L Murray (5.54), Landry (6.67), Green (7.78), Shepard (8.91), Tucker (9.102). Winston (10.115), D Harris (11.126), D Thompson (12.139), Pollard (13.150), DAL (14.163), Hockenson (16.170)

    Who are your last 2 round TE flyers?
  8. The Official 'Grade My Draft' Thread

    so in quite a few mocks i see these 5 WR all come off almost entirely in a row. Diggs, Godwin, Edleman, Cooks, Woods ... (mini gap) Golloday. how would you rate them in 0.5 PPR - 12 team
  9. Mock Draft Thread

    What the latest you have waited for a WR in a draft/mock draft? In a mock draft I waited till round 6/7 I think (RB-Barkley/TE-Kittle/RB/RB/QB-Rodgers) ... and came away with Green + Landry (back to back on the turn) ... and followed it up a bit later with Sheppard and Gallop later. Reasonably viable strategy, or too risky? 12 team It definitely put a lot of pressure on other people to draft crappy-value RBs in that 5-6 round range.
  10. Who to target at the end of R1?

    Conner as well for me.
  11. Preseason, Week 2: VIKINGS (1-0) vs Seahawks (1-0)

    like the knee was down in field. ...
  12. The WR battle of 2019

    he doesn't have it. only thing he has is good LxWxH but can't use it for anything purposeful.
  13. Report - Dak Seeking 40m Per Year Deal

    30M AVV sounds like a good deal ... but ... you gotta know the term and the actual guarantee money, it can be structured terrible, with small money early with low actual guarantee money.
  14. Mock Draft Thread

    5th pick, 12 team .. RB heavy early QB: Cousins WR: Godwin / Pettis RB: Elliott / Gurley TE: Ertz Flex: Carson K: Lutz DEF: CHI BEN: Green (WR), Guice (RB), Allison (WR), D Harris (RB), Gallup (WR), Hyde (RB)
  15. AJ Green

    3rd round for Green? I'm not looking his way till 70s, just got him at 92 in a mock.