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  1. Better job security than players due to mainly guaranteed deals.
  2. I'll take the trophy first, but a full on tank is fair as well
  3. The Vikings, who are extension of NFCW since we always play Seattle in Seattle .. i think Seattle is a better team with Adams than what they'd get with the picks.
  4. We will need Adam stretching the field, and they have the timing already down with Adam. Jefferson in slot is better, since I think it's a shorter learning curve
  5. Its also potentially unclear what happens if Cook decides to not play "due to the COVID19 pandemic", can't see the NFL wanting to put negative deterrants on that. So it's possible in internal meetings that is potentially further leverage for Cook agent to try and use. Right now will be his peak earning potential for his career.
  6. Cooks agent said Cook did not tell Zimmer that ... so let the stand off continue
  7. MLB didn't lose... they got what they wanted the most, which was a short season and then on to the playoffs. (This was to avoid a long season and than a potential shutdown and no playoffs where the real money is made by the league). Everything else was just negotiations and positioning. Leagues never lose in the negotiations (but they have the non- sport income to walk away), it's just a matter of how much they win by.
  8. 80 man roster to start training camp. players will need to be cut before they are even seen.
  9. No doubt the money / % / what happens if shutdown happens etc.... will be where the real discussion happens
  10. Where is the NFL spectacle in that and all those benjamins. Draft is staying.
  11. At that point, Minny would have 2 full teams...
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