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  1. The team values system starting experience, even if its bad experience too. I'm not even in the cautiously optimistic camp yet
  2. Hope I'm wrong but I'm predicting Dozier to be our opening day starter at OG
  3. Cousins would need to be on board with whichever team trades for him, in all practical purposes
  4. The "reports" are saying that the Rodgers side has not agreed to the "new contract" whatever it might have been that was offered. So it appears GB is not in the "no reason to rework the deal" camp.
  5. The extra gmen draft capital in 2022 is to move up in 2022 to replace Jones if necessary
  6. Fans are not GMs You might have 2 teams that Rodgers may want to go to. And if GB gets to the point that they want to move him, they'll insist on a conversation with Rodgers. And Rodgers could always narrow it down to one team once he knows GB is getting ready to trade him. Then all the "big packages" drop off the table.
  7. What if Rodgers wants a new contract and reassurance he won't be traded right after 2021 or 2022 season. Working on a deal is positive, and possibly the reports said looks like GB made a substantial (highest?) QB offer. So really what's the hold up? Logically, its possible he wants a NTC in the contract or some kind of opt-out.
  8. If the 'bare minimum' deal is three 1st + young star/potential player, no GM would touch that deal, and thus GB will still be in the same position they are today.
  9. Instead of thinking about the "sweet haul" in a potential Rodgers trade. What is the minimum you would trade Rodgers for (whereby if you can't get this, you're ok putting up with AR ish & circus, not moving forward and continuing the path of being uncertain if AR sits out/sulcks.
  10. I think we'll find a trade partner that will be willing to give up a 2022 2nd in February 2022. Wolfson reports are generally very pro team, and he reported that the Wilfs asked Rick to draft a QB early, but gave Rick pergotive on who and how early (but they were not opposed to using a first rounder on QB). Basically, from ownership, they are spelling the end of Cousins soon.
  11. If Rodgers first choice was to move on via a trade it would have been made public knowledge 1-2 months ago. It appears Rodgers actual first choice is to stay through a restructure/extension on more favorable contract terms (not only monetary terms)... and obviously that fully has not been offered yet. The timing of the information release is likely a combination of Schefter not wanting to sit on the information and be "beat to market" by someone else once he heard SF inquired about Rodgers availability ... and Rodgers camp/agent advising 'off the record' that they are fine if the
  12. If #3 was offered by SF, that is going to be the best package they'll be offered. I am glad GB didn't accept that, Lance potentially going to GB would cut deep
  13. Certainly possible he is working on a extension/restructure, possibly with either/both an opt-out or a NTC.
  14. Perhaps. I think if Darrisaw was there Top target (while on the clock at #14) they prolly take him at #14 (that's LT locked down). I think they valued the DEs more, moved down but they were taken. Settled for Darrisaw, and are spinning it as "Darrisaw was the top target all along" Just my opinion though, i am fine with the result
  15. I think playing in opposing loud stadiums hurts Cousins more then the defense getting a boost in the viking stadium
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