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  1. With CB, S, and DT covered now, The Vikings can use Their first choice to grab a falling LT, or falling DE, or move back into the early 20s and add a 2nd Round choice, and pick up high quality guard in the late First, 2nd, or with one of the two 3rd Rounders. They will also get an edge rusher in one of those 4 picks, and probably take a speedy WR with the remaining pick.
  2. Actually, it is $1.75 M, and $0.5 M of that are bonuses that probably won't be met. But, IF they ARE met,we'll be happy. I can live with $1.25 M. That not much above the veteran minimum. I'd say that's almost free for a 4 year veteran in his prime with a lot of upside, who is healthy and a good athlete. If he has only a so-so year and wants too much money, next season, The Vikings can let him walk. The Cap limit will skyrocket next season because of the new TV national contract, and fans back in the stands. There will be lots of free agents from which to choose, because so many took 1 y
  3. Yes. I'm sure he does. But, I think it is more likely that whoever the new free safety is more likely to need relieving at times than Harrison Smith would. But wouldn't the backup (3rd) safety get practise time at BOTH safety positions, anyway?
  4. I think they should try him out at free safety. Then, if he'd be the 3rd safety, he'd also be an extra CB if they get a run of CB injuries like they had in each of the last 2 seasons. That would give the roster more flexibility.
  5. Think of what his observations, tips, and demonstrations could do for Cameron Dantzler, Jeff Gladney, Harrison Hand, Justin Jefferson, and Besi Johnson. This would be better than hiring an individual "coach" for each of them during camp and the pre-season because: (1) Peterson will not only be there to work with them before the season, but all through it, and (2) who better to teach them but one of the very best at his position, at the end of his career, after he's amassed all the knowledge he'll have from a long career, and after he's had so much experience dealing with people that he's wise
  6. I doubt that ALL $10 is cap hit. I think there is a decent signing bonus, and incentive clauses, that cuts it down to a palatable number.
  7. You mean like Larry Fitzgerald????? 😎
  8. As we write, management and Thielen's agent are working on a 2021 cap-friendly restructuring of Thielen's contract, and they are also considering doing the same with Harrison Smith. And extending/restructuring Daneille Hunter's contract to pay him more to keep him with the team, will also be heavily weight towards the end, so enough money will be left to add a decent quality free agent guard (there are still several left), and possibly a FA edge rusher. They'll probably get their 2nd safety in the draft with the first 3rd Rounder, or moving back up into The 2nd, and use Pick 14 for moving ba
  9. Yes. He'll be like a coach on the field in practice and official games.
  10. That's why it would be better to go after Deshaun Watson, especially if they can dump off Cousins onto The 49ers, Jets, or maybe even The Patriots, or Colts (albeit for almost nothing).
  11. No! The Vikings have pride. They didn't want to finish 6-10, just to be 3 picks higher in the draft!
  12. Got to score on this drive to win it. Don't screw it up!
  13. Nice to see Beebe get a TD! But, I'd still like to see The Vikings beef up their receiving depth with better WRs than Bisi and Beebe.
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