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  1. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    I agree 100%. The holes in all 3 of those positions are more critical to fill from the first 2 Rounds. Also, they need players from those picks that will be able to start from Game 1. A wide receiver from Round 3 might even be able to start in Game 1 (in the slot?), whereas, there's no way on Earth that we'd want a CB or OL starting on day 1 if no team wanted him in Rounds 1 or 2. Those positions have a lot more technique and systems knowledge and comfortability to pick up before a player can start and play the bulk of downs in a game, and raw talent, strength, quickness and speed can't make up that gap as well at those positions for that reason. Whereas, those strengths, jumping ability, and fluidity of movement, and being a good route runner alone, without having played in the new team's system, can make up that gap more easily for the WR. Not to mention that there are a whole slew of high-level receivers in this draft that will still have some pretty good ones left in The 3rd, and maybe even the top of The 4th (several of whom would have been grabbed in The 2nd in a normal year). The Beauty is that The Vikings have 5 relatively high choices, so they can grab a solid CB, DL, and OL in the first 3 in ANY order they fall to take BPA EACH time, if things go decently.
  2. 2020 Draft Talk

    Waiting till the 6th Round to take a safety. I assume that you think that The Vikings will end up NOT trading Harris, presumably because no team will offer more than a 4th Round choice. Keeping Harris, will they have enough cap space left to sign a half-way decent veteran CB as insurance, in case both Arnette AND Robertson need time to adjust to their new team, system, and league, AND Hughes doesn't play well?
  3. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    The Vikings recently restructured Danielle Hunter to get more cap space. I hope they do that with Barr as well, so they can have enough to possibly get Thuney in a trade, or pick up a decent vet WR, as a placeholder until the 2nd Round rookie they draft is comfortable with his new QB and The Vikings' system, and knows the playbook, and so, is ready to produce. Otherwise Irv Smith and Rudolph, and Cook will have to be used a LOT, as Thielen will be doubled on virtually every play.
  4. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    We saw the difference between trying to run our offence using Boone to try to establish the run to open up the play-action pass for Cousins. It worked very well with Cook, but not at all with Boone. And it worked a lot better with Cook than with Mattison.
  5. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    I think Harris will be traded off due to the high amount he'll have to be paid. I just hope he brings back a 2nd Round choice, rather than the "mid-round" (3rd or 4th) stated that The Vikings are seeking. I'm hoping he'll be signed to a long-term contract, which will make his cap hit a lot higher after 2020, so The Vikings can boost their cap room up from $7 million to, maybe $12 or $13 million, so they can pay their many rookies, and still grab one OL free agent. The rest roster filling will have to come from The Draft and, possibly an UDFA or 2. The only other possibility is trading Harris for a 2nd Rounder, and flipping it to The Patriots for Thuney, who may have only been tagged by them to get something in trade for him.
  6. Vikings trade WR Diggs to Bills

    I don't like the trade. Diggs is one of the best deep threats in The NFL, and still young. I would have wanted at least a top 10-12 pick, plus a 3rd and 4th Rounder. But Diggs ruined any chance of that by announcing he wanted out of Minnesota. Some teammate, eh? He could have just gone quietly to Zimmer and requested the trade, and let them get decent compensation. But, maybe he DID, and Zimmer told him to honour his contract?
  7. 2020 Sign, Draft or Promote - Starting S

    Harris wouldn't lose his job to a rookie because: Unfortunately, eve if Winfield is still available at pick 25, The Blues probably couldn't pick a safety there, because they're likely to need to replace at least one cornerback with a rookie that can start for them. That latter position is a lot more important than safety, especially with an all-star on the other side. If Sendejo is the starter, being old, somewhat beat-up, and quite a bit slower than 2 years ago (when he had lower than average speed), he might lose his job to a rookie. But Zimmer doesn't play rookies much on defence. I don't think that's a reason for concern for The Vikings. IF Harris costs $9 million a year, they should probably sign him. If he costs $13 million a year, they should wave goodbye. I hate to see a good, healthy, and skilled young player like him leave. I hope the whole league devalues safeties this season, and he gives up a million per year to stay with The Vikings. I think they will likely take a cornerback with pick #25.
  8. Will Mike Zimmer be back in 2021?

    The Wilfs are loyal. The recent problems with The Vikings were caused by some bad luck (Bridgewater), causing need to give up a 1st Rounder for Bradford, AND to need to overspend salary on Cousins, and having little cap space left over to address holes in the lineup due to players in several lineup areas aging. In addition, there were several reasonably high round draft choices that didn't work out. Many of the overall problems are more due to Spielman's, or Spielman's AND Zimmer's failures, taken together, than to Zimmer alone. Unless BOTH will be fired, I'd expect Zimmer to stay. The Wilfs firing BOTH seems fairly unlikely, based on how they've behaved, so far.
  9. What The Vikings will need IF Rhodes AND Waynes, or Rhodes AND Alexander are gone is a mentor to help Hughes, Hill, Alexander, and the drafted cornerback, and whichever of the young cornerbacks are playing, to learn to play their positions as solidly as possible. I'm guessing THAT's the main reason he was hired.
  10. English language spellings make no sense in any case, as they are based on how the language was spoken from the year 800 A.D. through about 1100 A.D. or so, attempting to spell sounds that no longer exist in this language (gutterals, glottal stops, etc.). How else can anyone explain "enough"??? It's utterly ridiculous that English official spellings are not changed to match the current sounds of the word. Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and many other European languages have had major spelling changes about every 100 years, or so. We had the last one in Dutch, not long after I was born. But, The British are very stubborn. That is why they still drive on the left side of the road, climb up the left side of stairwells, want to measure things by the size of one of their ancient king's feet, and weigh things based on the weight of an ancient stone, and why they still insist on spending tonnes of public monies on pomp related to a "royal family". I won't get into The Netherlands having the first long-term modern republic, and then deciding to turn it into a "kingdom", and worse yet, bringing in a German family to receive it as a gift! - Not supposed to talk politics here. I've taken us even more OT here - so I'll bring us back: I hope The Vikings do a ridiculous amount of trading off of drastically and mildly "fading" veterans for LOTS of draft capital, which they parlay through shrewd dealing, into enough to trade up to the 2nd choice in this season's draft, and they take Tua. They use their choices left to shore up the OL, DL and defensive backfield the best they can, filling holes with young players they already have, and grab as many young, talented fairly low cost athletes they can in free agency, and just play out next season with building the team for the future in mind, EVEN THOUGH, they are still stuck with Cousins' large contract and the need to build up the OL, and use the offence in a way to "hide" his weaknesses. I would try to keep Dalvin Cook, AND Diggs, but not worry about losing Griffin, Waynes, Rhodes, and I'd hope that Harris might want to stay for a fair amount less than he could get on the open market. I'd hope that young players like Hughes, Hill, Odenigbo, and the new draftees would help make the team more athletic, despite the likelihood they'd make more mistakes. I'd realise that the chances would be low that next year's Vikings would be able to play on the level of the Top 4-5 NFL teams next season, but would accept that, knowing that the trap of trying to build the team around the dinosaur-style QB, Cousins, would be avoided, letting him walk in 2021, and building the team around a passing offence. The Vikings, IF they are shrewd, hard-working, willing to spend more money on scouting and developing young players, may be able to transition to a new powerful lineup, over a 3-4 year period, on the fly, WITHOUT plummeting to the depths of the standings.
  11. Thanks! I hope so for ALL our sakes. Such devotion through the years deserves good results.
  12. Vikings Thru Time

    Bill Brown was just like you described Joe Kapp. And he wasn't that way because he followed Kapp's lead. Like Kapp, he was born that way. I became a Vikings fan when they were awarded the franchise at the beginning of the '60s, and have been one ever since, despite moving to Europe in 1972. Thank goodness for The Internet. I saw all the great ones, Page, Eller, Marshall, Tarkington, Brown, Foreman, Kapp, Randle, Doleman, Krause, Cunningham. Peterson, Moss, Carter.....etc. I've followed The NFL and CFL since about 1950, when almost everyone played 2-way (both a position on offence, and one on defence). And I have to say that "The Purple People Eaters" were the very best front four in football history. But the players, nowadays, are stronger, quicker, faster, have more stamina, are more skilled than ever before. I played hockey for twenty years, starting before Hockey Canada even started requiring all youth players to use helmets ('64). We didn't have weight machines for training. We had to use free weights. Weight-gaining nutrition shakes didn't exist. I got strong by lifting 100 lb. potato sacks at my father's store. For football players it was similar. One thing I CAN say, however, is that great players from any era would have been great in any other, IF they had had the more modern training methods, equipment, etc. of the more modern times. Fran Tarkington, Alan Page, John Randle, and Jim Marshall are my Vikings' Mount Rushmore
  13. Canadian, too. Spelling in Canadian English lies somewhere between U.S. and British English. I grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba in the 1940s through early '60s. I'm a Vikings fan because The Vikings were the closest NFL team to us, and we, being near the border, have also gotten US TV since the end of the '60s/early '70s. I was a big Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL) fan. And Bud Grant was our coach for many years (the longest run-he's a CFL Hall-of fame Coach). He also led us to several Grey Cup wins. So, I HAD to be a Vikings fan! I've seen 6 Vikings' games live (all in the 1960s). You didn't notice Manitoba's Provincial flag on the bottom of my posts? I live in The Netherlands, and there, when we write in English, we use British English. But, mainly, I just use Canadian spellings, grammar (old-fashioned, as I grew up with 1930s language), and everybody still understands enough. I do spend December and January in Winnipeg.
  14. We ALL know that Papa Zimmer is going to make all the top-level decisions on defence, and so his having co-coordinators simply means that he will have two totally loyal assistants carrying out his instructions the way he wants things done, and not trying to take too much initiative to do things their own way (which would have had much more potential for occurring if he had hired a highly experienced, well-established NFL-level defensive coordinator. I don't think too many of us have a problem with Zimmer concentrating his own detailed efforts on The Team's defence, as long as he lets Kubiak run the offence without interference.
  15. 2020 Free Agent Thread

    I wouldn't want to lose Harris or Alexander. I'd like to keep Waynes, if he can accept a team-friendly deal. I think Hughes could start next season.