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  1. Doogie Wolfson of Minneapolis-St.Paul NBC-TV Sports reported on Skor North, that his sources informed him that The Wilfs have already started looking into potential GM candidates that will be available after this season ends. That doesn't mean that they have definitely decided to fire Spielman, but implies that they want to get an early start, to have the best potential field from which to choose, IF they decide to change the GM along with the coach. But he said that it is pretty clear that Zimmer won't be back next season.
  2. It's not like The Wilfs don't know anyone on the inside of The NFL. They have some contact with Bill Parcells, and other ex-Giants' management, who they could use as the start of their network for finding out which GM worthy candidates might be available after this season ends. They could be referred by their contacts to people on the inside who could give rundowns on their abilities and maybe recommend a few candidates, and they might even have contacts to facilitate meetings with them after The Superbowl is over, or even before the playoffs, if their current team's season is already over.
  3. Barr is more or less through, because of injuries, anyway.
  4. Exactly this! Let Patterson coach a few games, and bring in an emergency offensive mind to call offensive plays! Meantime, the good news is that it's been reported that The Wilfs have started looking for a new GM to find The Vikings' new coach for next season.
  5. He made ALL the wrong decisions. He should be fired. The Wilfs need to smell the coffee!
  6. The Vikings need their biggest defensive stand right now! Can this depleted, tired defence come up big?
  7. 2 penalties in a row 20 yards to go and Cousins throws a checkdown behind the LOS! Then with 22 to go on 3rd, he takes the 4 yard pass the defence WISHES he'll take, with NO chance for YAC!!! BOOOOOOO!!!
  8. FINALLY DANTZLER makes a difference in a good way!!!
  9. Osborn!!! TD!!!! One yard extra point!! But The OL gets pushed back and Mattison can't even get back to the LOS! The Vikings are PITIFUL!!!! 😟
  10. Let's have THE VIKINGS score just before the 1st Half ends, for a change! MUST get a TD on this drive. No settling for a FG!
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