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  1. 2019 Draft Talk

    Best Player available if clearly better potential difference maker than the best DL. Otherwise, best DL. 2nd Round, best OL.
  2. Week 15: Dolphins (7-6) at VIKINGS (6-6-1)

    To me, it appeared that the way the plays were called, allowed the OL's weaknesses to be better hidden, and so, the running game could be more effective. That may not have helped the running game against the crushing run defences of Chicago and Seattle. But, it worked against the middling-level run defence of Miami. It should also work next game vs. Detroit. Maybe The Vikings will squeeze into the playoffs, but will likely either lose in the 1st game, or surely in the 2nd, IF they get that far. They need major improvements in the OL,, and some more on defence, and have too much money tied up in QB position to get enough high-quality help.
  3. Week 13: VIKINGS (6-4-1) at Patriots (8-3)

    The Vikings' severely flawed offensive line keeps them from being competitive with The NFl's Top 8 teams, and will be their Achilles' heel until they improve i substantially. Cousins' giant salary is wasted, and a drag on the team's ability to improve significantly, until it is upgraded substantially. It was horrible as an almost 60 year Vikings' fan, to watch this game.
  4. So am I. The Vikings' defence were dominating teams last season. This season, they have not been stopping opposing offences when they've needed to. If they had been playing defence like last season, together with the team's increased scoring, they'd have a significantly better won/lost record. The personnel held over from last season are one year older, but still young. They've added Richardson. They shouldn't be significantly weaker on defence than last season. Yet, they seem to be. Could it be that offensive coaches around the league have adjusted, and found ways to exploit Zimmer's schemes? Could it be that Zimmer needs to try to try out some new strategies? With the personnel The Vikings have on both sides of the ball, they should be one of The NFL's top teams (assuming the OL can improve).
  5. The 2018 Playoff Hunt is on!

    I don't think they can change NBC's game to a different pair of teams coming from Fox's or CBS' contracted games, once the schedule is made up. I think the nationally shown games can only come from those games within each individual network's contract (e.g. Fox's can move only within Fox's, and CBS' only within CBS' games). And NBC and ABC/ESPN only have one game each week, so they can have no change. Apparently, a game that needs to be shown and can't, for whatever reason, be shown on Fox or CBS, can be picked up by the other of those 2 networks, IF agreed upon (as a "favour"). I did see that CBS has picked up games with 2 NFC teams playing, a couple times. I'd like to know why that happened.
  6. Week 9: Lions (3-4) at VIKINGS (4-3-1)

    Nice to see The Vikings rebound from adversity, and wipe out their own fumble with their own recovery! We need a win here badly. It was too close for comfort, before.
  7. Week 8: Saints (5-1) at VIKINGS (4-2-1)

    Playing vs. tougher teams, while having injuries to key players is most of the reason, I would say.
  8. Week 8: Saints (5-1) at VIKINGS (4-2-1)

    No doubt about that. The Vikings shouldn't have neglected their OL so much, and, at the same time, been so unlucky to have so many OL injuries, that he was forced to learn on the fly, before he's really strong enough to hold his own vs. the bulkier and stronger veterans he often faces. Long-term, he should be a terrific run blocker, and adequate or better pass blocker.
  9. Week 8: Saints (5-1) at VIKINGS (4-2-1)

    The defence played surprisingly well considering Rhodes was out and Hill and Kearse started. But we KNEW that The Saints would adjust at halftime, and be almost unstopable in The 2nd Half. We absolutely HAD to build a 10-14 point lead at Halftime, to make them need to pass more in The 2nd Half. Had Thielen's fumble not occurred, the extra point not been missed, and The Vikings not ended up having to settle for a FG when they had ample chance to get a TD in The 1st Half, and they won the turnover battle in The 2nd Half by at least 1, they'd have come away with the win. But winning was a lot to ask with Rhodes and Cook out, and The OL beat up. I hope The Vikings can grab a guard (who can be a decent starter replacement, and possible future starter) from a team that knows it is out of the playoff race, before the trade deadline.
  10. Week 8: Saints (5-1) at VIKINGS (4-2-1)

    I agree. Compton has played poorly in all the games (when measured by average starter replacement standards).
  11. Week 8: Saints (5-1) at VIKINGS (4-2-1)

    O'Neill played. He looked good on some plays, and not so good on others. He got pancaked on a couple critical running plays. He's a work in progress, generally improving as he gets more experience. I think he'll become a top-notch run blocker. He needs a lot of work on pass blocking. But he's big enough, and VERY mobile and athletic for his size. I think we have an eventual Pro Bowl RT on our hands whose play we'll enjoy for many years.
  12. Week 8: Saints (5-1) at VIKINGS (4-2-1)

    The problems moving the ball in The 2nd Half came mainly from The Saints' adjustments, and to a lesser extent, getting too far behind, and not being able to use the run to help balance the attack. The turnovers killed us.
  13. Week 8: Saints (5-1) at VIKINGS (4-2-1)

    The Vikings needed to come away with a 2 TD lead at the end of the 1st Half, AND to win the turnover battle in The 2nd Half, to win this game. They blew some chances in The 1st Half, and that killed any chance. Rhodes and Cook being out hurt a lot. Our defence is not remotely as good as it was last year.
  14. Week 8: Saints (5-1) at VIKINGS (4-2-1)

    I agree. He was down before the ball came loose.