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  1. It allowed me to stay alive for at least 3 more months!
  2. I'll be shocked if they have people in the stands even in Montana, Wyoming, The Dakotas, or Idaho. I don't think anyone will be in the stadia except players, team staff, medics, stadium staff, and league officials. We'll be lucky if the teams can have a timely pre-season, and start the season playing on time in early September, with no fans allowed. And, I expect they'll be no fans all season in 2020. But I'm okay with that.
  3. Clearly, as long as Griffin doesn't sign with another team, there's a chance he'll be re-signed. Personnel-wise The Vikings WILL want to do it. It will just depend upon how much money they will have left under the cap, and if it will be enough for Griffin to accept. IF he DOES return, naturally, he'll be in a rotation, likely getting somewhat less downs than he got last season.
  4. Cleveland is the better fit for Kubiak's schemes, and he and O'Neill can grow together to give this team a very tough running game to stop. But I really thought when I kept see Jones falling, that soon after they chose Cleveland, The Vikings should have moved up to also take Jones. They still had enough ammunition left to get most of the higher choices they made after that. Think of how solid that would have made the near future of their offensive line! I think. in the long run, that would have helped them more than having 2-3 more extra late picks.
  5. Now that they don't have to worry about paying Williams, they might be able to pay both, even if Harris stays. But, I don't think they dumped Kline with the idea they could re-sign him IF they didn't draft a guard. I think they KNEW there really weren't any guards in this draft capable of starting day one, especially given the drastically cut pre-season/training camp/rookie camp situation.
  6. Choosing a guard in this draft wouldn't have been for THIS season. But, they need one for the long term, and one from this draft might have been ready to start in 2021 or 2022. The Vikings won't want to carry Reiff's high salary for several more years, especially with them having spread out their high extension payments with the higher years over the next several seasons. And Cook's next one will do that. as well. It would also be nice for them to have young guards developing along with O'Neill and Cleveland.
  7. Kyle Hinton Guard - any good as a long-term project? Looks lucky to make the practice squad.
  8. The Vikings took their QB Nate Stanley.
  9. That'll probably come with a trade for a relatively low-cost veteran, or a late free agent signing.
  10. The Vikings took WR K.J. Osborn. He's got decent, but not great speed. And a good cone score, so good agility. Not a great vertical jump, but he's only 5ft.11. He looks like yet another slot receiver. That was the excuse for not going after Tyler Johnson. Then why didn't they go after Gandy-Golden?
  11. The Dolphins took Weaver, who I also wanted.
  12. What about Harrison Hand? He's got decent size. Does he have good recovery speed? 7.15 on the cone. 41 vertical jump. Does he project as an NFL possible starter?
  13. Every pick now is drafting the best athletes for development into what Zimmer thinks will be that player's optimum role that The Vikings think they are good at teaching. But, I didn't like the fact that they passed on several WR burners.
  14. Don't forget that Zimmer is good at taking good athletes and making them into excellent NFL linebackers and defensive linemen. I think the 162nd and 182nd ratings are heavily weighted towards readiness for immediate help at that position, while Spielmann and Zimmer are more interested in taking great athletes and molding them into the type of player they want. This deep in the draft it's better to take players with a high upside than players with a marginally higher floor, and a much lower ceiling, ESPECIALLY IF HE'S A PLAYER TO BE MOLDED AND TAUGHT TO PLAY A POSITION TO WHICH YOUR STAFF IS EXCELLENT AT TEACHING TECHNIQUE. I think that was a huge factor in the choices of Wonnum, Lynch, and Dye, as well.
  15. The highest replacement pick for 155 is LATER than 176. I don't like this.
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