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  1. Ever since Andy Dalton has come into the league, I have been one of his biggest supporters. While everyone was calling him nothing but an average quarterback, I was always defending him, and saying that he was at least top 10. Now that he has been in the league for a while, there have been some questions about his future with the team. Especially with the Bengals drafting Ryan Finley. Personally, I believe that this next season is going to be by far Andy Dalton's best season as a pro, and he will put up huge numbers that might put him into the MVP race. I believe this because we have seen him play at a high level before, and all of the weapons he has at his disposal. For example, during the 2015 season Andy Dalton was already considered to be having a MVP like here by experts. However, since then injuries to him and other important players have held back his production. I will go through each position now, and explain why the weapons he has will lead to big numbers from him this season: Receiver) - AJ Green - All pro receiver who has proven himself to be a top five talent at that position - Tyler Boyd - Budding star who surpassed 1,000 yards and 75 catches last season -Jon Ross - Fastest 40 time ever recorded coming out of the slot. Tight end) - Tyler Eifert - When healthy, scored 13 touchdowns in one season (Bengals single season record) - Drew Sample - Not the best receiving tight end, but regarded as the best overall tight end with his ability to both block and catch. Running back) - Joe Mixon - Lead the AFC in rushing last year, and is a dual threat option out of backfield -Giovani Bernard - Great change of pace back, and keep Mixon healthy Offensive Line) - Revamped these past few season with Cordy Glenn, Billy Price, John Miller, and now Jonah Williams Zac Taylor) - New head coach that is considered to a "guru" who will implement a system to support Dalton and the skill players With all of this talent, and a new and innovative system, I believe that Andy Dalton could be the MVP of the 2019-202 season. What do you guys think? I also made a funny youtube video discussing this, and I would appreciate any feedback you would have for me on it. No obligation to watch it though: