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  1. Well that was good timing.
  2. Oh and cricket is much more complex than baseball. Imagine baseball with the pitcher and hitter in the middle of the field, the pitcher has to "bowl" the ball (must have a straight elbow so can't throw it) into the dirt so it can go anywhere, anything over waist high on the full is a no-ball, which needs to be rebowled and a run given up, and aims at 3 small sticks (stumps) to get out the hitter. The hitter can then score runs by hitting the ball anywhere in a 360° area of the pitch. The bowler can deliberately aim at the hitter and this is a genuine strategy to get the hitter out. For strategy you want to watch a test match that can last 5 days and still end up in an exciting draw. For an entry level, and just for some entertainment value, watch a 20/20 game from the Big Bash or the Indian Premier League. Only lasts a couple of hours but is worth the watch.
  3. Well the AFL (Aussie Rules football) starts again on the 11th June. You want complex and skillful then check it out. 18 vs 18, 4x30 minute quarters of non-stop action, players can run up to 20km per match and if you can understand all the rules then I need a few explained to me.
  4. General off-season discussion/plan thread

    They need to get this done ASAP before Kelce gets his next contract. George should probably be getting 15-16m py. Whoever signs first will get less money so I hope it's George. No franchise tags for me. It will also be interesting to find out the upcoming salary caps in coming years. COVID has stuffed things up short term but 15-16m may be a really good deal from 2022 onwards so a 5 or 6 year deal would be ideal. 6 years/90m with about 35-40m guaranteed with the usual outs that Paraag puts in would be good.
  5. General off-season discussion/plan thread

    However, no black unis, no black catsuits. You're thinking with your wrong head.
  6. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    I've been watching Reprisal. That is a fun show with just the right mix or dark comedy and mindless violence.
  7. Chiefs Damien Williams Robbed in L.A.

    It wasn't Breeland was it?
  8. Supplemental Draft

    Where do you think that he would have been picked in the draft?
  9. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    Yep, when they showed what was left of his leg after the surgeries that was gruesome. Plus you know it's bad when you're interviewing the doctor and she starts to cry.
  10. Supplemental Draft

    If you're a first rounder why would you even think about it? Surely the pay of a first rounder will be more than the pay of a supplemental draft pick? Also it would mean that you are not competing to be drafted against other college athletes. The supplemental draft is a "blind auction" where a club will offer the lowest possible pick that they believe will get the player. It's a no lose issue for NFL teams and everything to lose for players. If any of the players have half decent managers then they wouldn't enter the supplemental draft. They would just lose too much money over the long term.
  11. What movie are you watching?

    Watched Once Were Warriors. My heart is beating 10 times faster than before the movie. Need a real thick hide to watch this. It's unbelievable in it's rawness.
  12. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    I also just watched the E:60 show on Alex Smith. Holy crap was that intense at times. When you get a doctor to cry!!!!!!!!
  13. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    If you get a chance watch Mr Inbetween. It's fabulous. Also watching Westworld s3. Nowhere near as good as the first 2 series but enjoyable anyway.
  14. General off-season discussion/plan thread

    2 words - click bait.
  15. 49ers draft Charlie Woerner TE at 190

    I think if Juice goes down we would bring up Hokit who should make the PS. The interesting question for me is can Woerner catch and run routes? One of the biggest knocks on him is his lack of receptions. This was also the biggest knock on Kittle which is why he went in the 5th. If the scheme he was used in didn't throw to TEs, which seems to happen a lot at the college level, we may find that he is Kittle lite, due to speed concerns. With Toilolo and Celek gone though I think Woerner is lock for the 53 as we will keep 3 TEs.