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  1. He needs to grow up quick but if Alex Smith couldn't help him then what hope have Pitt got?
  2. Agree about #12. We either sit at 12 and pick a QB, trade up for a QB or trade down to the early 20s, get a couple of extra 2nd day picks and pick the best DB, IOL and Edge players who will still be available at those spots. There's just no value in picking our needs at #12.
  3. If this was the case then why didn't Jimmy G win the award last year?
  4. I'd look at either Ryans or Morris if they are even close to Quinn, due to new rule put in by the league. If you can get a minority Co-ordinator in, who will be good enough to get a head coaching job, then you do so for the compensation. It's a genius rule for minorities to get the co-ordinator jobs, as teams will be more likely to pick them up as co-ordinators in the hope of getting a 3rd round comp pick if they are good enough to get a head coaching job. Unfortunately there is still no incentive to give the HC job to a minority but you have to start somewhere.
  5. When you are saying play the "young guys" which young guys are you talking about? We have already turned over the practice squad a couple of times this year and I don't think that there are any players on the roster that haven't already had appreciable playing time. Who would you prefer us to play?
  6. My main question is if Brunskill is no good to go then who is our 5th string Center that will get the start?
  7. The more that I read about the prospects in the middle of the first round and beyond, which is where I think I think we'll be picking, the more that I think we should be trading down or trading out into next year's draft. There seem to be a number of DBs and IOL on the 2nd day of the draft so if we can't get our QBOTF in the first we should try to load up on later picks to get DBs or IOL, or move some into next year when we will see more talent on display in the college season.
  8. Would you really pick a slot corner in the first though?
  9. Hopefully we have a draft pick at about #32 so we don't give a rat's left ******** who we pick.
  10. I starting to see a few mocks with Mond going to us (usually 2nd round). Supposedly fits well with what Kyle likes to do??
  11. I'd be shocked if the 9ers didn't put in a claim for him. We started Brunskill at Center last game and he had never played there in his life. This meant that we had to put in Tom Compton as starting RG. Would improve 2 spots overnight.
  12. If you are still alive at the end of the year will this be irrefutable proof that God doesn't exist???
  13. As you said above "based on their history". Their history shows that they also don't take CBs high (I think Witherspoon is the highest that they've taken a CB) and as we don't have a 3rd we may not take one until the 4th. I can see an IOL only if it is a Center and Richburg is totally rooted. LT will depend on whether we bring back Williams or not. I'm hoping for either a quick Edge as a Ford replacement, a quick sure tackling replacement for Kwon at LB or a Center with our first 2 picks and then a couple of CBs with later picks, all dependent of course of what we pick up in FA.
  14. I thought that the Niners had total control until Mostert and Tartt went down. Our ground game went downhill with Mostert out (although Hasty looked good after replacing a mediocre Jet) and the Rams 2nd half YD was against Tartt's replacement
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