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  1. We may not pass it 10 times so Z may be superfluous to the game plan.
  2. Not sure if PFF is taking the PSS but any list with Tom Compton as the 4th best tackle in the league should be discredited immediately. Might not even be the 4th best tackle at the 9ers.
  3. This is what happens when you make players have to do press conferences straight after losing the biggest game of their life. They're not really thinking straight.
  4. Yeah Jimmy has to go for the sake of the team unless he takes a major, major pay drop (as in release him and sign him for $5-6m per year which isn't going to happen). The guy that I always see not to be resigned is Mostert. Why wouldn't we resign him? As long as he still has his speed after surgery I would give him a 2yr/$4m deal plus incentives to cover for possible injury again. He makes the offence much better as he is a TD threat every time he touches the ball.
  5. Is he great? No Is he good? Often Is he good enough? His record says yes.
  6. The fact that Culley got Houston to 4 wins with everything that happened to that organisation (all self-inflicted) is a minor miracle. By the end of the season we were talking about Houston the football team instead of Houston the dumpster fire. As soon as they sack him then it's back to Houston the dumpster fire. Culley - COTY.
  7. Not sure about the bolded. I would love to see what Kamara or CMC would do in a Shanny offense.
  8. Loved seeing the end of the sack when they 3 linemen blocking Bosa but forgot the rest of our line
  9. 2 questions: 1. Is Tomlinson changing positions? Would prefer to keep him at guard but if he's moving to edge we can afford to lose him 😁 2. Why would Cousins be worth so much more than Jimmy G? I think that Jimmy G is about right (maybe a little more with the QB premium) but what has Cousins shown that gets him that much? I would think he would be similar to Jimmy G except possibly worth a little more due to availability. But 2 1sts and a 3rd???
  10. Don't know why they just don't call themselves Washington Reds. Easy changes all round and should only offend the perpetually offended.
  11. Nah, I reckon it's just underneath that.
  12. 2 weeks isn't enough for a groin injury. If he's still questionable now then give him another week. If it goes again then he's gone for the year. Even if we lose this week we still have a very good chance of playoffs and we won't win one without Deebo.
  13. That's a given. I'm waiting for the "is Deebo a top 10 RB?" thread
  14. I'd tell ya but then it wouldn't be a surprise would it??
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