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  1. That is the mighty Richmond Tigers my friend. 2 of the last 3 premierships in the Australian Football League (similar to winning the Superbowl in NFL). Playoffs coming up next weekend. You should all give it a watch.
  2. Nope. It means that I think they'll win but hopefully I put the moz on them and they lose.
  3. Week 3: I will take the Arizona Cardinals. Never made it past week 3 and hopefully that continues.
  4. OK in Wk 3 I will take the Arizona Cardinals. Never made it past week 3 and hopefully that continues.
  5. Even though I feel so dirty right now I will pick the Seahawks. And hope that I get knocked out
  6. I'm not sure that Kittle will be quite as prolific this season if Reed manages to stay healthy. Good for SF, not so good for fantasy owners
  7. Favorite Team: 49ers Week 1 pick: Bills I have read all of the rules and agree to them. The most important rule is "Watch your edits"
  8. I'd definitely look at picking up Rosen for a 6th/7th. Worst case scenario is you lose that pick. However with our coaches training him up you'd think he'd only get better. Maybe to good backup/low level starter level. Then he's either trade bait, backup or improved draft position by letting him go in FA. No real downside here.
  9. In Australia we call it Gridiron. However in 2 states (we only have 6 states) they call Rugby League football, the remainder call Aussie Rules football. In New Zealand they call Rugby Union football.
  10. I don't get the bolded part at all. It would take me 30 years to make his current annual salary and I am comfortable. What he's doing is risking his extremely well paid job so how does this help him to set up his family?
  11. Especially with Greg Roman there who was the coach that he played his best football for.
  12. Oh and cricket is much more complex than baseball. Imagine baseball with the pitcher and hitter in the middle of the field, the pitcher has to "bowl" the ball (must have a straight elbow so can't throw it) into the dirt so it can go anywhere, anything over waist high on the full is a no-ball, which needs to be rebowled and a run given up, and aims at 3 small sticks (stumps) to get out the hitter. The hitter can then score runs by hitting the ball anywhere in a 360° area of the pitch. The bowler can deliberately aim at the hitter and this is a genuine strategy to get the hitter out. For strategy you want to watch a test match that can last 5 days and still end up in an exciting draw. For an entry level, and just for some entertainment value, watch a 20/20 game from the Big Bash or the Indian Premier League. Only lasts a couple of hours but is worth the watch.
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