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  1. Who would be our #2 LB if we moved on from Greenlaw? We have no depth at the position at all. Better off moving one of our secondary and giving the draft picks a run.
  2. I can definitely see this as a Colin Kaepernick/Alex Smith situation. Jimmy G will look great early in the season and then get nicked up a little at mid season. Lance takes over and is then the incumbent from then on. Jimmy gets traded at the end of the season based on a very good early season, so increases his value to maybe a 2nd and future conditional 2nd if we're lucky.
  3. I wasn't a fan of the draft and gave it a C. Happy with Lance and the 2 CBs. However this D lives and dies by it's pass rush. Thought we should have picked up at least one Edge. We can't rely on Ford and we lost Hyder. Also thought that if we picked up IOL they at least required Center experience as this is the most important piece on our OL as was shown last year. No need to double dip on RB either.
  4. I'll just quote myself from yesterday as it's easier for the first 4 picks and I just got out of bed. At #155 I will take Deommodore Lenoir a bit earlier as I want some of the guys that dropped later. But we need extra CB help with next to nobody signed up for 2022. At #172 I am taking Nick Niemann ILB. We have absolutely no depth here and he can attack the QB. At #180 I am Shaka Toney DE. He's got serious upside and I am doubling up with Edge as I don't trust Ford to get healthy again and even if he does then he won't last more than this year. At #194 I am taking Da
  5. After my first pick of Lance I will keep both trades. At #48 I will take Boogie Basham. Will give us depth and hold up an end allowing AA to stay inside. At #88 I will take Quinn Meinerz. Can start immediately at Guard and transition to Center when Mack retires. At #102 I will stick with Thomas. Can play inside or outside and immediately gives us special teams help.
  6. Know the feeling except it was son's footy match.
  7. I'll have to take Lance even though I really like Mac
  8. Damn was hoping that Corky would fall to 43 and then 49ers pick him up as the bridge QB to Lance
  9. Is anything being done about critiquing previous versions of this? I know Y2 did it in the past but the reviews are a couple of years late...unless I missed something???
  10. Why does everyone believe that the Jets are taking Wilson? I haven't read anything from Jets officials about who they are taking. Remember Saleh is from the Shanahan coaching tree so it wouldn't surprise me if they were playing the same games as Shanahan, but they are under the radar as they did not need to trade to get to #2. The fact that they got rid of Darnold means that the new draft pick will have to start. Is Wilson the most Pro ready QB and would he be fine to start in New York from Day 1? I can still see Wilson as a very real option at #3.
  11. That's silly talk. You obviously meant to say trade our 4th,6th and 7th for another 3 5ths. 5th round is Lynch round.
  12. How many Superbowls would Jones have to win to change people's minds?
  13. Reading this would point me to Jones rather than Fields even more. I can't remember where I saw the quote but I remember Shanny saying the reason that we don't throw many deep balls is because it is a low percentage play, whereas getting a short toss over the middle to a guy running into space was a much more high percentage play and kept the chains moving.
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