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  1. I can see why he got ticked off. Waddle's "joke" was in incredibly poor taste.
  2. 11/24 GDT, NYG @ CHI

    I'm expecting nothing at this point and am still prepared to be disappointed.
  3. Bears and Rams, 11/17, GDT

    Right. Mitch has the tools and Nagy can't teach him how to use them. Nor does he do anything to make it easier on him. Matt "Im not here to run the I formation" COTY Nagy. He's horrible. Most QB's drafted as high as Mitch was who bust bust on personality i.e. Jawalrus, Ryan Leaf or injury Akili Smith. Mitch has the talent. You don't go #2 overall if you don't. He is smart enough and he has the talent. He has zero help from the coach in adapting the offense to his strengths or in the play calling. Lamarr Jackson could barely hit an open receiver last year and has improved drastically this year and he certainly isn't smarter than Mitch. So sorry not sorry but I really fail to grasp how this isn't on Nagy 100x more than Mitch.
  4. Bears and Rams, 11/17, GDT

    Lamarr Jackson got a freaking 13 on the wonderlic. You're going to tell me that he is smarter than Trubs? Sorry no. Baltimore built an offense he could run. Nagy built an over complicated one that Trubisky and Glennon couldn't. And then called horrible plays on top of that. HE gotta go
  5. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    20 years ago it was should we get Bledsoe or Plummer. Some things really do never change.
  6. Is Matt Nagy Ruining Mitch Trubisky?

    Dowell Loggains did far more with far less than our genius HC. Nagy is absolutely terrible. This is probably the most talented offense we've ever had and it is averaging 10 points a game. Unbelievable.
  7. Bears and Rams, 11/17, GDT

    While we are at this let's go ahead and throw out the decision to pay Mike freaking Glennon instead of Cutler. Pace/Nagy have made some impossibly bad decisions. 1.Howard 2.Mike Davis 3.Mike Glennon 4. Cutler 5. Shafreakingheen 6.Burton How much more do they need to screw up before changes are made?
  8. Bears and Rams, 11/17, GDT

    The red flags were there like every rookie QB shows. You're supposed to be able to coach the players up. Not watch them drastically regress. I firmly believe that Mitch has the talent and he has looked absolutely lost this year. Deer in headlights every single play. Nagy has consistently hung him out to dry (7 freaking runs?) and ruined his confidence.
  9. Bears and Rams, 11/17, GDT

    I 100% blame this on Nagy over Trubs. Nagy has shown himself to be an arrogant egotistical moron who thinks he is always the smartest guy in the room when he so so so clearly is not. How many rookie QB's have we seen succeed this year who don't have half the talent that Mitch does? It's infuriating.
  10. Bears and Rams, 11/17, GDT

    I don't disagree. The other thing that comes to mind for me is them shipping off Jordan Howard for peanuts only to sign a guy as his replacement who they cut last week. It makes no dang sense at all. And I feel absolutely terrible for Mitch. That kid tried his hardest and got very little help from the org. It's the same ole same ole that has been going on for freaking ever. Ignore the offense build the defense and hope we can win every week on field goals. It's so stupidly exasperating.
  11. Bears and Rams, 11/17, GDT

    If you are averaging less than 10 points a game there is a whole lot more wrong than just the QB play. Trubs has been bad but this gigantic mess is far far far from being all his fault.
  12. 2019 NFC North Fantasy Football

    Team skittles once again dropping the ball. Started 5 players on a bye and an injured Matt Stafford. What gives dude? @Nzd07 @squire12
  13. 2019 NFC North Fantasy Football

    Browsing through the teams today noticed Team Skittles starting several players on bye. Checked his lineup history and he also started Antonio Brown for 3 games. Pretty sure he only played one. What gives dude? Also, are we enforcing penalties? If so, what is it?
  14. If that's not a fumble I don't know what is.