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  1. Disappointing. Had high hopes for Guice. Didn't seem like the guy could catch a break. If guilty though I won't feel bad for him.
  2. Trade alert! Pool sends a 3rd rd pick to @persiandud for one Kerryon Johnson!
  3. Drew Lock C McCaffrey J Conner C Sutton DK Metcalf D Goedert K Allen D Samuel D Njoku D Guice T Brady Bears DST T Cohen P Campbell D. Knox
  4. No Ganos is good Ganos?
  5. I think this is the team where the guy traded 3 1sts for Antonio Brown before he went crazy. Terrible trade even if AB didnt go nuts.
  6. When Aaron Rodgers was drafted people couldn't believe he was falling that far. When Jordan Love was drafted people were like wtf the Packers traded up to get this guy? Now that may be a bit of an oversimplification but the point still stands. How these players got drafted as late first rounders is significantly different.
  7. My thoughts as well. Fighting through coverage for the ball as well.
  8. Well now the Graham signing makes more sense!
  9. I think this trade worked out very well for both sides. Our players make more sense for us and their players make more sense for them based on where the two teams currently sit. 100% would do the trade again.
  10. Was not expecting to read this on a football forum but damn man that is crazy. Very glad you got your life sorted now and are doing better. Major props to you for that.
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