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  1. Not a great first half for the offense. Lucky to only be down 7. Game is still very winnable.
  2. Looks like Miller was wide open on that last throw to Mooney
  3. I wish I knew. Probably fans of other teams haha
  4. Not a pretty win but a win nonetheless. Definitely some mistakes in this game that need to be cleaned up. Foles wasn't spectacular but he played well enough. No QB is perfect. This game never once felt like it was out of hand or that we were going to lose. Nice to feel that way for once watching a game. Montgomery starting to show just how freaking good he could be with a decent offensive line. Let's hope they get him one.
  5. I am by no means a huge Foles fan but I have to agree with you. He played pretty well and I was happy with his performance.
  6. Haven't we had some success with BYU QB's before?
  7. Disheartening though. This is a game we win with a halfway decent QB.
  8. Sucks dude. But tomorrow is another day.
  9. I mean.......its a ridiculously stupid take for starters? I'll start upping my emoji game.
  10. You have a habit of taking posts I type jokingly as serious.
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