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  1. Bears @ Cardinals, 9/23/18, 3:25 CT, GAME THREAD

    Sorry missed those plays. Hard to catch every play when you're chasing after a 3 year old. I'm pulling for him but the Bears got really lucky to win this game and Trubisky is a big part of that.
  2. Bears @ Cardinals, 9/23/18, 3:25 CT, GAME THREAD

    Has he really improved? Did he complete a single pass over 10 yards today? His high completion % is largely due to screens and short passes. No touchdowns today, another fumble, and another INT. There is nothing wrong with expecting more out of a QB than that.
  3. Bears @ Cardinals, 9/23/18, 3:25 CT, GAME THREAD

    Getting flashbacks so hard it is making me dizzy
  4. NFC North 2018 Thread

    Sent you a message.
  5. Bears @ Cardinals, 9/23/18, 3:25 CT, GAME THREAD

    Thrilled for the win but it's tough to feel good about it or this team right now. Trubs just absolutely has to play better or at least show signs of improvement.
  6. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    Is Cousins playing poorly or is the Bills D just playing really well?
  7. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    This Mahomes guy looks pretty good. Wow.
  8. I love that this thread is being made 2 games into this season for a Bears team with new coaches and a whole lot of new faces. Can't wait till next year!
  9. Yea don't they know that's the Bears thing? I mean, get your own identity already.
  10. I want to frame this. Absolutely fantastic.
  11. Dez Bryant

  12. Seahawks @ Bears, 9/17/18, 7:15 CT, GAME THREAD

    Really glad to get the win. On to Arizona!