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  1. Vikings @ Bears GDT

    https://cdn-b-east.streamable.com/video/mp4/j06fo.mp4?token=aUQ1xEmqB1nuf7l-M8K56g&expires=1542612174 Rowing TD celebration
  2. Vikings @ Bears GDT

    Too good not to share from another site.....The Bears D must be from Alabama cause they just ****ed Cousins
  3. Vikings @ Bears GDT

    That's depressing and awesome at the same time.
  4. Vikings @ Bears GDT

    My biggest regret is that I have but one like to give.
  5. Vikings @ Bears GDT

    For a second year QB he did just fine. Could have been better but also could have been worse. This is one of his biggest tests so far and I'd say he passed.
  6. Vikings @ Bears GDT

    Pinch me. I honestly can't believe it. What a ride so far.
  7. Vikings @ Bears GDT

    No Eddie Jackson? For shame!
  8. I really wouldn't wish that on Raiders fans but dang that would be too freaking funny.
  9. I wouldn't be happy either but I'd much rather see a guy blow it all up and go for a full rebuild than mire in mediocrity for years. Here's to hoping he hits on all those tasty draft picks.
  10. Do you root for Mack in the SuperBowl? That'd be a tough one for me. I'd like to think I would though.
  11. Vikings @ Bears GDT

  12. Fangio is ours for the foreseeable future. He isn't going anywhere.
  13. Vikings @ Bears GDT

    GB win puts them and MN at 5-5-1. If we beat the Lions we will be 8-3 putting us 2.5 games up on each of them. I like the sound of it but I honestly don't think I could ever root for GB to win.
  14. I wish Donald was on the Bears.