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  1. Raiders sign QB Mike Glennon

  2. Randall Cobb 1 year 5 mil to the cowboys

    I can get behind that.
  3. Randall Cobb 1 year 5 mil to the cowboys

    And Eric Berry is from Georgia. One way or another one of these things is not like the others.
  4. Randall Cobb 1 year 5 mil to the cowboys

    Except Cobb went to Kentucky?
  5. Kevin White signs with Cardinals

    He's a good blocker and seems like a good dude. Wish him the best.
  6. Bears sign S Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix

    Thanks for pointing that out. I've never looked at their combine numbers and mostly based that off him being a 1st round draft pick.
  7. Bears sign S Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix

    This will be such an easy step to a big payday for him. He's going to look good on that Bears D and if he doesn't it will only be because of effort. I've never been a huge fan of his and thought he was pretty overrated in GB but he has a chance here to excel and earn some serious dough. I mean, look at what Amos just got and Dix is a considerably better athlete who should flourish on this Bears defense. Smart move by him for signing here and smart for the Bears to get him for so cheap.
  8. Jaguars release Blake Bortles

    Really good dude and funny as hell. I'm sure he'll catch on somewhere as a backup pretty easily.
  9. Trey Flowers to sign with Lions

  10. Free Agent Rumors

    Agreed. He's going to be too expensive and we really don't "need" him.
  11. Preston Smith signs with Green Bay

    I hope you are right!
  12. Maybe we can keep Amos and Callahan afterall? Hate to see Sam go but he is very replaceable.
  13. Rams vs Saints - part II

    Goffs gonna have to step up. Game is far from over.
  14. Stafford vs Cousins vs Trubisky

    Stafford Trubisky over Cousins. Trubisky is young and raw but has shown he can step up in big games. Cousins is older, more expensive, and implodes under pressure. Maybe it was just the games I watched but it seemed when the game was on the line he choked.
  15. Name Your Goat Offensive QB/RB/4 WR's/TE

    QB: Marino (I want the stronger arm for this offense over Brady/Montana) RB: Tough call but gotta go with Barry. He would destroy defenses that couldn't sell out to stop the run. WR: Rice, Moss, Megatron, Antonio Brown TE: Gronk. No question.