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  1. I just don't care anymore. What a depressing day.
  2. Felt like this was an appropriate time to revisit this topic. This effin team. Unreal.
  3. Rare for this to happen but I disagree. Mitch is still better than a lot of backup QB's in the league. And the fact that he was a high draft pick(and has talent) there is certainly coaches out there who will think they can "fix" him.
  4. If I have to watch Nick Foles start another game for this team I'm gonna seriously consider jumping ship.
  5. @Uncle Buck So about this Jaguars thing.......think there's room for one more fan?
  6. well gentlemen a game was played. Maybe not the best game, maybe not the worst but it was a game. That's about all I can say about this.
  7. Defense: tough choices because there are a plethora of HOF players to pick from Offense: tough choices because there are a plethora of suck The Chicago Bears in a nutshell
  8. How can you root against Cleveland? Their like the Bears of the AFC
  9. What's up with Rodgers helmet? He looks like Megamind­čśü
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