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  1. When are we drafting? Any word on who is taking over a team?
  2. I clearly was not being literal with that 90% part. Just an analagy.
  3. Then GB has a management problem if they can't read their players well enough to know how to handle them.
  4. sorry 2. Donald and Kelce. Point still stands.
  5. This line legit gave me goosebumps. Bear freaking down boys!
  6. Of course, saw it with Urlacher who continues to cry foul about how he his career ended with the Bears.
  7. Don't waste time arguing semantics. My philosophy in life is to always try to do the right thing. The Packers as an organization didn't do right by Aaron by not talking to him about Love. And let's be real here, hurt their chances for a SuperBowl last year by drafting backups with their first 2 picks. I don't see how anyone in Aaron's position wouldn't be pissed. Now, obviously Aaron is being petty as hell about it and shouldn't be behaving the way he is but it doesn't make his point less valid.
  8. But this isn't a roster player. This is your HOF QB and face of your franchise. I'm not advocating for doing everything he says but would it have been so hard to keep him in the loop? Seems like that'd be a simple, fair thing to do.
  9. Apparently he threatened to quit when he found out they drafted his replacement.
  10. No dog in this fight but you can't say you didn't cherry pick 3 HOF players on good contracts lol. You lose allllll your credibility.
  11. This isn't firing Joe down on the docks, this is firing the most valuable company asset your company has who also brings in like 90% of your revenue. Example, I have a friend who is probably top 3 in his profession in the world and they had to let his partner of 10 years go. Do you think he just walked in to work and found out? Hell to the no, they had a meeting with him and discussed the whys hows etc. Like a uh, professional.
  12. I love this pick for ya'll and love where your franchise is headed. My dream scenario is a Bears Jags SuperBowl in a few years. Lawrence vs Fields. It'd be awesome.
  13. And at the very least given him a phone call about what their plans are. Being blindsided by something like that when you are one of the best in the world at what you do? Yeeeesh!
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