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  1. And they actually called the penalty! SHOCKING!
  2. Randall Cobb with an 87 yard TD to win the game for the Pack as time expires. Bears lose 24-20.
  3. @Sugashane I'm no fantasy football expert but I think starting players who uh are actually playing increases your chances of winning. 😂
  4. @squire what was the final decision on player starting injured players etc? Check Gnats team fyi
  5. No. Not a chance. He is saying it because it sounds good and he thinks it is the right thing to say. Saying that and being unwilling to discuss what that actually means i.e. everything about coaching that he sucks at kinda tells you everything you need to know.
  6. Because Nagy is to coaching what this sentence is to the English language.
  7. You'll take one Jeff Fischer and like it.
  8. https://medium.com/@augbottorf3/the-same-old-matt-nagy-387ed1afd69a Matt Nagy’s defining characteristic as a tactician is thinking of things that would trick him, trying them, and then finding out they don’t work because he’s a not-very-smart man who’s easy to trick. At the very least, the Bears head coach is honest about why he’s taken over these duties- he likes doing it. That much is obvious. Matt Nagy likes playcalling in the same way an 8-year-old likes eating an entire ice cream cake in one sitting. It may be against the advice of everyone around him but its motivated by bra
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