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  1. I feel this so much it hurts
  2. From 0-2 to League Champ "The JF1 FF Story"
  3. I drafted him in dynasty so obviously his career could never recover from that.
  4. Bears doing their best Lions impersonation
  5. Incredibly stupid play by Quinn
  6. I'm that guy. Aiyuk, Moore, Sutton, and R Jones for a total of 1.5 pts. This may be a long year! LOL
  7. Its one game no one expected us to win. Let's not write this team off yet even though there are (many) obvious reasons for concern.
  8. Win or lose can we just appreciate how well this offense is playing against one of the best defenses in the NFL?
  9. How did Green Bay do today? They win?
  10. I thought penalties were reviewable?
  11. I'm ready to get hurt again
  12. Be careful taking advice from the enemy!
  13. Can we change waivers to FAAB? Also the flex spot looks like its only for WR's and TE's? Is that intentional?
  14. The real question is can he beat out Tua for the starting gig?
  15. I'd be interested. Need to get it rolling if we are gonna do it though.
  16. Trubisky just swung the blame balance back pretty heavily to Nagy's side.
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