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  1. This is actually shaping up to be a solid CB class in the early rounds.
  2. I’m not on the Parsons bandwagon at all. He’s a superb athlete, but I question his love for the game and he plays a non-premium position.
  3. One doesn’t just sing that song. A legitimate purpose is required.
  4. That’s why I originally pegged him as a 2nd round guy. But I think/fear the recent performances have elevated his status enough to where he’s now in that top 10-15 discussion. If he tests well, he may end up in the top 7-15 range.
  5. Like I said, we may not be able to trade down to get him if he’s a guy we’re targeting.
  6. It’s similar to this philosophy: if you never ask, then the answer is always “no”.
  7. He was damn near unblockable tonight. Just a monster, monster game. He’s raw, but he’s got all world potential.
  8. If he has a solid combine, we may not be able to trade down for him.
  9. Why? It’s not like Wentz or Hurts will be able to get him the ball.
  10. Christian Barmore is looking every bit the part of a 1st round pick so far. He’s doubled teamed on nearly every play and still has a few QB pressures and 2 pass deflections.
  11. A tag and trade won’t result in a team paying the tag price because he’d be signed to a long term contract.
  12. I agree 100%. But you can see why I feel that he’ll fly up the boards. If he has a dominating game on Monday, he’s a top 15 pick.
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