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  1. Mahomes makes the game look so easy. It’s ridiculous how good that guy is.
  2. Good guy, solid career. Michigan Man. It’s a shame that he was an Eagle.
  3. We both did. I’m glad that he’s proving us wrong.
  4. Game Balls: The Running Game - Because. It. Effing. Matters. PERIOD. Micah Parsons - He was an animal today. I hope that it’s just a taste of the mind of player he can and will become. Trevon Diggs - By and large, he played a brilliant game. CeeDee Lamb - His decision to lateral the ball just before halftime was very smart field awareness. Had Zeke scored, that very well may have been the deciding play of the entire game. Greg Zuerlein - Perfect game, and he sealed the win with a very tough 56 yarder. Concrete Feet: Mike McCarthy - There is no excuse for such
  5. If Zuerlein missed that kick, it would’ve all been on McCarthy for letting 5 seconds tick off the clock for no reason whatsoever. That’s Jason Garrett level stupid.
  6. To be fair, the reason that @Nextyearfordaboyz and I had reservations about him were because he was an off the ball LB who was very raw and came with character issue baggage.
  7. As good as the offense looks, the defense looks equally as bad.
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