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  1. Honestly, it should be 5-15
  2. I do not, have not, and will never “think the world” of Romo. He was a stat compiling choke artist. I’ve never wavered from that position. And, I don’t care what Spielman’s relationship is with Zimmer. The Village Idiot was in Dallas long enough for us to know that his system doesn’t work. Again, let’s stop with the useless retreads.
  3. We’re going to lose this game by a lot.
  4. Matts, I’ll gladly take this. There’s little chance that things would’ve been much different if Romo played under Payton because of his mental meltdowns. Romo’s problems were 100% mental. Yes, he showed flashes of brilliance, but for every amazing play he made, he leveled the field with 2 mind numbing, back breaking INTs at literally the worst possible moment. Romo was never a winner. He was a stats compiler. And, absolutely NOT to Zimmer. The Village Idiot is a mediocre coach. The concept of continually recycling washed up retreads is one of the many reasons why this team has always felt like we were behind the success curve. In this case, we’d have yet another antiquated scheme with yet another “yes man” coach. Haven’t we seen enough of that over the last 20 years? With the exception of Parcells, that’s ALL we’ve had, and look where it’s gotten us: nowhere.
  5. I’d be stunned if @Ace5 hasn’t drank himself blind at this point.
  6. “Another” game? They have yet to win one as it is! LOL
  7. This level of ineptitude is worse than the Campo years.
  8. You never pass on a top player to fill a need. Lamb was the 6th ranked player on the board. You take that player, regardless of the position he plays.
  9. It was a poor throw, yes. Back shoulder, Moose? Really? You don’t toss a “back shoulder” throw on a square-in.
  10. Thrown behind Zeke who tips it right into the defender’s hands. You can’t make this up.
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