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  1. 2019 trade deadline.

    Fair point. Very fair point.
  2. GDT - week 7 The SHE Gals vs the Damn Boys.

    And I don’t know about any of you, but if Agholor pulled that stunt on my team, I’d want him cut immediately. He’s put in zero effort all season, and that blatant lack of effort in the 4th quarter tonight was really bad. Like, “pack your bags and get the eff off of this team” bad.
  3. 2019 trade deadline.

    Unless there is a legit FS and/or 1Tech available, I wouldn’t get my hopes up.
  4. W8 News and Notes: LVE okay

    That’s a huge relief.
  5. Game balls & CLappers: Sheagles at Dallas

    No, it’s not. You never place any team in a position to swing momentum, especially in the red zone. You just don’t do it. Philly was struggling stopping the run, so I would’ve kept punching them in the mouth until play-action opened up. But you never telegraph and then force a throw into double coverage. Seriously, why in the hell is anyone even challenging this? Have you guys lost your god damned minds??
  6. GDT - week 7 The SHE Gals vs the Damn Boys.

    You know that I’ve never been one who gloats about wins or about players to fans of other teams, but Wentz was completely outplayed, and quite honestly, outclassed, on the field tonight. I’m no fan of Quincy’s by any stretch, but he was the DECIDEDLY better QB tonight by a very wide margin. Here’s my take: Wentz played rattled. He didn’t look rattled, but the erratic play proved it. I’m sure that Philly’s shortcomings at RB and lack of talent at WR significantly contributed to it, but his body language was, well, “soft”, if you understand what I mean. I never felt like he had the command of the offense, nor that he was a real threat to beat us. A few plays here and there? Of course. It’s the NFL. But, for all 60 minutes? Nope. And his offense, for the most part, mirrored that as well. I don’t know if tonight’s game was just the perfect blend of everything going wrong at the same time (we know what that’s like), or evidence of deep rooted flaws with the team, but I know one thing: Wentz sure as hell isn’t living up to that massive contract. He’s playing like a 2nd-3rd tier QB, not a guy who’s worth that ~$145M extension.
  7. Game balls & CLappers: Sheagles at Dallas

    Game Balls: Kellen Moore - Welcome back to calling the plays. Our offense is SO much better when we’re running his plays than Garrett’s. Quincy - He made some really tough throws today, and the audible leading to Cobb’s goal line catch was money. Zeke - He’s almost in shape, and looked really good. Cooper - That sideline catch was nuts. We haven’t had a WR who runs routes that well literally in decades. The D-line - What a performance. Had it not been for a few poor plays in the secondary, this game wouldn’t even have been as “close” as the 37-10 score. The front 7 abused Wentz mercilessly, and it was quite enjoyable to watch. Maher - You kick a 63 yard FG, you get a game ball. Slappers: Jason Garrett - For not utilizing this game plan and level of preparation the last 3 games. Had you done so, we’d be undefeated, and you’d be in the running for coach of the year. Instead, you were arrogant and poorly prepared until tonight, and wisely went back to Moore’s offense because yours sucks. Quincy - That INT was horrifically bad. I don’t care that he was going for “the kill shot”. You never make that throw under any condition when you have a lead. EVER. Dalton Schultz - You sir, are a walking penalty. You’re literally going to kill at least one drive per game with your idiotic holding penalties. Jeff Heath - Because you got up after having your bell rung.
  8. GDT - week 7 The SHE Gals vs the Damn Boys.

    Bummer. He got back up.
  9. GDT - week 7 The SHE Gals vs the Damn Boys.

  10. GDT - week 7 The SHE Gals vs the Damn Boys.

    Oh, God yes.
  11. GDT - week 7 The SHE Gals vs the Damn Boys.

    Very smart play by Quincy. Zeke became an incidental decoy.
  12. GDT - week 7 The SHE Gals vs the Damn Boys.

    And the Eagles gave it right back to us!!
  13. GDT - week 7 The SHE Gals vs the Damn Boys.

    You should hate it. Small WR who is double covered is not a kill shot. Stupid decision. Don’t even try defending that bonehead move.
  14. GDT - week 7 The SHE Gals vs the Damn Boys.

    Aaaand that’s why I don’t trust Quincy. He knew it was double coverage and threw it anyway.
  15. GDT - week 7 The SHE Gals vs the Damn Boys.

    Woods stole that pass like a thief in the night.