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  1. Building a Big Board - - #14 - -

    Chaisson really only makes sense if we’re moving to a 3-4.
  2. 2020 Cowboys Free Agency

    If we’re considering going back to the 3-4, I wonder why we aren’t looking at Markus Golden in free agency.
  3. Building a Big Board - - #14 - -

  4. 2020 Cowboys Free Agency

    Dump an incompetent android for a coach, and get two qualified kickers to fight it out in training camp. Imagine that.
  5. I hope it comes back negative. If it doesn't, be safe and get well soon, my good man.
  6. NFL Wide Free Agency Thread

    And the Raiders' defense will suffer from it.
  7. Draft watch 2020

    Did another one: Your score is: 37603 (GRADE: A-) Your Picks: Round 1 Pick 21 (PHI): Henry Ruggs, WR, Alabama (A) Round 2 Pick 19: Justin Madubuike, DT, Texas A&M (A) Round 2 Pick 25 (HOU): Antoine Winfield Jr., FS/SS, Minnesota (A) Round 3 Pick 23 (N.E.): Leki Fotu, DT, Utah (A+) Round 3 Pick 26 (HOU): Hunter Bryant, TE, Washington (A+) Round 4 Pick 17: Lavert Hill, CB, Michigan (A+) Round 4 Pick 19 (N.E.): Donovan Peoples-Jones, WR, Michigan (A+) Round 5 Pick 18: Ty Tyler, DE/OLB, Marshall (A+) Round 5 Pick 26 (N.E.): Jordan Fuller, FS/SS, Ohio State (A+) Round 5 Pick 33 (COMP): Tremayne Anchrum, OG, Clemson (A+) Round 7 Pick 17: Brian Lewerke, QB, Michigan State (A) Your Future Picks: 2021 Round 1 Pick 2022 Round 1 Pick Not sure how that ends up an A- draft, but...ok
  8. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do when "stay at home" rules are in place....
  9. I already posted food porn. I smoked ribs last week. I'm not planning on smoking more meat this weekend.
  10. Cowboys Sign TE

    Camp body and roster filler. Every team does this.
  11. 2020 Cowboys Free Agency

    Agreed. The smart signing would be Harrison.
  12. Draft watch 2020

    I'm not suggesting that we have to draft any of them. I was just commenting on what they can do. As a Michigan man, I had high hopes for Ruiz, but he never really impressed me as a player.
  13. Draft watch 2020

    Cesar Ruiz and Tyler Biadasz are two of the best Centers in the draft. Both will be eventual starters in the NFL. Ruiz was the higher rated prospect coming out of high school, but Biadasz looks like the superior NFL prospect. If you want a guy who is the tough-as-nails run blocker, then Biadasz is your guy in the 2nd round. But, if you want a guy who plays well in a passing based spread offense, then Lloyd Cushenberry is a great option in the 3rd or 4th round.