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  1. You know my position on this. We don’t win because the Jones family only cares about making money and staying relevant. As long as that happens, winning will never be the priority.
  2. My second dose of Moderna hit with a good punch. Like you, I didn't have any side effects from the first one, but I had a 101-102 degree fever off and on for nearly 36 hours, body aches, and fatigue. The hard part was the constant coming and going of the fever. The rest just made me feel kind of "blah".
  3. I get that, and I'm not challenging your logic, because it's reasonable and sensible. I'm challenging the organization's logic due to the historical laziness that its has shown toward that position and how poorly they attempt to even evaluate it. By and large, they make such little effort that they may as well look to another position because they won't find a solid guy with the potential to develop into anything because they genuinely don't care about the position.
  4. If we get to the 4th round and haven't drafted a Safety (if there was opportunity to do so in the 2nd and 3rd rounds), then I don't think I'd want to draft one, because it would be yet another half-hearted attempt to throw poop at the wall in the hope that something will stick, rather than specifically focusing on effectively addressing the position.
  5. Seriously, Ford Should. Not. Be. Drafted. I don't know why you have such a hard-on for that guy, but he has damn near zero pro potential. And, quite honestly, if we're tired of just throwing talentless bodies in the defensive backfield, how does Ford change that? He's less talented than Jeff Heath. If we're to use a Day 3 pick on a Safety, my money would be on Divine Diablo.
  6. Paris Ford shouldn't be on anyone's draft boards. He's not an NFL player.
  7. True. He rarely gave DTs a first thought, let alone a second.
  8. I’d put in a waiver claim for him. I have no idea what his issues were with the Raiders because I rarely watched any of their games. The only thing I know about him was that he would’ve been a 1st round pick coming out of Michigan had he not been diagnosed with the abnormal heart condition, which I believe was disproven by a different doctor.
  9. The Draft Network, 5 Rounds, no trades. Before you ask, Surtain was selected by Carolina. 10. Jaycee Horn CB, South Carolina 44. Christian Barmore IDL, Alabama 75. Richie Grant S, UCF 99. Alim McNeill IDL, NC State 115. Patrick Jones II EDGE, Pittsburgh 138. JaCoby Stevens S, LSU 179. Kary Vincent Jr. CB, LSU
  10. That's a very solid draft. The first 5 picks are money.
  11. That would be a monumentally stupid thing to do.
  12. If it means getting NE’s 2nd round pick as the trade compensation, I’m all for it.
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