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  1. Dak

    $25M a year is too much. He’s not that good.
  2. 2018 Playoffs

    And that’s because these albatross QB contracts cripple the team. Look no further than what Romo’s ridiculous deal did to us. It leaves teams with a few options: 1. Stop doling out those insane deals and pay the player rather than the position. 2. Keep paying them at the expense of maintaining other players at key positions. 3. Force the QB to have its own independent salary cap that isn’t counted as part of the main salary cap in the next CBA negotiation. 4. Eliminate the salary cap.
  3. Around the League Week 15: Cap space everywhere

    IIRC, he was like that in college as well. Missed games his Freshman, Sophomore, and Senior seasons due to various injuries.
  4. And we lost to an anemic Carolina team, a then-mediocre Houston, and a mediocre Washington team. That’s the thing about the NFL. You just never know. Every year, teams lose to teams they should beat and beat teams they should lose to.
  5. I wish it wasn’t too much to ask that we win out, Saints and Rams lose out, and the Bears drop one more.
  6. 2019 NFL Draft Prospects

    We have no real talent at TE. We have a collection of JAGs, but no impact player. Tyron Smith has a lot left in the tank and has like 4 or 5 years left on his deal. He needs offseason surgery. Once healthy, he’ll be better. If he’s on the decline (which is possible), I doubt we’ll do anything about it for another 2-3 years unless he totally falls apart. RBs are a dime a dozen. No need to invest a premium pick on a guy who’s going to get 3-4 carries a game. Use a 7th round pick on a change of pace guy. I’d argue that DT is more of a need than DE based on the way Randy Gregory has been playing.
  7. Around the League Week 15: Cap space everywhere

    Gee, I wonder why. It’s not like Wentz has any vested interest in his physical health or anything. It’s not like his quality of life may be impacted by this. Wait...
  8. Dak

    It’s really more that many of us are frustrated that Quincy continually pisses in the glass with his poor-to-mediocre play for most of the game and forces us to drink it rather than measuring the liquid level.
  9. Dak

    Very true. People forget that he was an INT machine early on in his career. Favre was his idol, and he mimicked Favre’s style for a very long time, turnovers and all.
  10. Dak

    I’m sure Parcells would want someone who’s accurate. Quincy is not.
  11. Around the League Week 15: Cap space everywhere

    I’ll head out there for that weekend. We should meet up for dinner since it’s been many years since we’ve met up. I may actually go out there for the entire week.
  12. 2019 Free Agent Pool

    That should be the approach. Make him earn the bigger checks through incentives. And I agree: if he outplays the new deal, then tear it up and give him a contract more fitting to his performance.
  13. 2019 Free Agent Pool

    There’s plenty of merit to it. His deal isn’t as much about available cap space but what his actual worth is. The problem is that the league has gone away from focusing contracts on the value of the player and now only focuses on the “value” of the position. The QB position value is A LOT higher than what Quincy the player is worth. When you then look at it against the cap, it creates problems because he’s now been overpaid, and the cap prohibits us from paying everyone else what they’ve truly earned; thus causing us to lose them to free agency, making us worse off as a team in the long run. If Joan and Steven are smart, they’re already taking to Quincy’s agent and telling him that they’re not going to pay top QB money for him because his play hasn’t warranted it. If his agent balks, Quincy gets the tag, and we draft a QB in 2020. Pure and simple. Also think about the negative impact that Romo’s albatross deal had on the team. It prohibited us from doing just about anything in free agency and put us in salary cap purgatory because we had to restructure his deal almost every year. Quincy’s deal would be the equivalent of that. Do we really need to go through that experience again, knowing full-well what it cost? (Read: defensive talent)