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  1. I’m Gen X, thank you.
  2. And, more importantly, it ensures that The Village Idiot won’t be on the team next year!
  3. If Dean is there, I’d strongly consider drafting him.
  4. It’s hard to say because their games are completely different and they’re completely different physically.
  5. I was really hoping that the Bears would hire Ryan Day.
  6. At the time, our offense was based on one of the following: Run, Run, Pass, Punt; or Run, Run, Run, Punt
  7. Ugh. Three of the original Dead To Me members.
  8. Brady and Rodgers rarely had great weapons. They had solid players, but it’s not like they had a laundry list of superstars. Brady had the best receiving group of his entire career last year in Tampa, while Rodgers takes mediocre and pedestrian guys and makes them look good. Dak has Cooper, Lamb, and Gallup and can barely get the ball to them.
  9. Those are excuses. Rodgers spent the brunt of his career with terrible o-lines and still had success. And, drops happen for a variety of reasons. Some are on the WR, and others are on the QB for not putting the ball in the right spot. You know, I find it amazing that the best QBs in the league (past and present) never really had to deal with WRs constantly dropping the ball. Hmm, wonder why…
  10. We both know that isn’t true. The throws that both Rodgers and Brady make are vastly more difficult than what Dak makes, and they do it with far more consistency. Every analyst and broadcaster talks about that, so to suggest that Dak is anywhere near guys like Brady and Rodgers is mental gymnastics at its finest.
  11. And there’s a great deal of the problem. Dak only throws it to the open man because he isn’t capable of throwing the man open.
  12. He’s been spectacular calling games. I’ve really enjoyed his commentary.
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