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  1. NFL Draft - If we had (Q.2)

    Is anyone worth it? Probably not. Normally, a move like that is exclusively for a QB. So barring the obligatory QB selection, my top three picks would be: Christian Wilkins Dexter Lawrence TJ Hockensen
  2. Quick Mocks

    I think I’d faint if that draft happened.
  3. NFL Draft - if we had...(Q.1)

    Nick Bosa
  4. Josh Rosen trade value

    I can definitely see the Pats swooping in and pulling off a trade, and one which provides lesser compensation than other teams.
  5. Dallas Cowboys - NFL Draft Prospect Meetings

    I’m not sure I understand the reference, but I LOVE me some crawfish. I’ve been trying to convince my wife to let me do a crawfish boil at the house, but she doesn’t like crawfish, so it’s a tough sell.
  6. I’m smoking the point of a brisket today. The flat is sitting in brine and will be pastrami in a few weeks.
  7. 2019 schedule

    I don’t see 14 wins with that schedule.
  8. Josh Rosen trade value

    I’d be hard pressed to make a trade for Rosen. While he throws a great deep ball, he has a well documented history in college of having attitude problems, not getting along with coaches and teammates, and has a very slight frame which led to repeated injuries. From my perspective, he’s Sam Bradford 2.0 but with an attitude problem.
  9. Yep. He earned the name, and now he has to perform much better than he has to get me to stop using it.
  10. I’m glad it’s done. The terms aren’t bad, and the bulk of the money appears to be paid out in the first 2 years, making it much easier to sign the other guys next year and the year after WITHOUT having to restructure D-Law’s contract. That alone makes me happy. No more dumb contracts.
  11. Gregory suspended indefinitely

    Randy Gregory is a guy whom you pull for because he’s a good person who is struggling with mental illness. David Irving is not a guy whom you pull for because - regardless of a potential mental illness - he isn’t a good person. Irving is a walking prison sentence waiting to happen. Gregory is not.
  12. Free agency - who is left.

    I’d love to see if we could fleece Tampa Bay out of Gerald McCoy. We know he’s being shopped / on the cusp of being cut, so we may be able to steal him.
  13. No one has been more accurate in the history of this team than our beloved brother from The Great White North. VIVA!!!