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  1. We should. He’s a solid player. It seems pretty clear to me that we’re not trading for Earl Thomas, so we may as well sign Iloka. Granted, they play different positions, but still...
  2. Around the League - Training Camp

    I don’t see that happening.
  3. Around the League - Training Camp

    And the other 4 carries netted a grand total of 5 yards. I agree that Barkley will be a beast, though.
  4. ** 2018 Training Camp **

    Yes. He is.
  5. Around the League - Training Camp

    No doubt. Or, try a player and a pick to help ensure our getting a quality DT in the 1st round in 2019.
  6. ** 2018 Training Camp **

    That move almost caused Collins to sack Dak.
  7. Around the League - Training Camp

    On the bright side, we haven’t heard any bad news, either. Seeing that the first preseason game hasn’t even taken place yet, I don’t think we need to start worrying. And this is coming from me, a well known Dak non-supporter.
  8. Around the League - Training Camp

    I would’ve traded a late round pick to Cleveland for Coleman.
  9. Favorite Cowboy player by position

    It was a really hard choice, but Novacek will always have a special place in my heart because my best friend, a die hard Eagles fan, hated Novacek more than any other player on the team.
  10. Around the League - Training Camp

    I have a feeling that we’ll see an ish-ton of those calls early on until figure everything out.
  11. College Football 2018

    If we could convince them to make us an offer for David Irving. The guy is a bonafide turd, so I’d be happy to unload him to one of those teams (read: Cleveland) for their 1st.
  12. College Football 2018

    I’m not surprised, either. Not because it’s Urban Meyer, but because we all know how shady and how seedy the underbelly of college football really is. In my opinion, there’s little-to-no way to be successful for the long term without taking shortcuts and covering up problems.
  13. College Football 2018

    The DT class this year is going to be so sick. I wish we had three 1st round picks so we’d be able to draft two DTs and another position.
  14. Cowboys off season - training camp is almost here!!!

    I don’t care who “the best” has been. I want to know if any of them are real NFL caliber talent. Because if all we have are 4-5 players who are trash, then “the best” is nothing more than the cream of the crap.