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  1. There also has to be a position worth the value of the selection. If there aren’t any DTs worth the 4th overall pick, you draft whatever position IS worth that spot. You never, ever, force a pick solely to fill a need. That strategy has been a proven failure for decades. As many have said for years, you draft the best player available regardless of position.
  2. That would be an amazing draft, in all honesty. Twyman was viewed as a top 15 pick in many draft sites before the season started. While some may see Surtain as a reach at 4 because he isn’t super fast, I think it’s a possibility for us given the lack of other top tier players at that spot.
  3. The entire staff with the lone exception of Bones needs to be fired. No excuses. The coaching is so bad that it’s laughable.
  4. McCarthy is indeed a joke, but Jerry doesn’t have the balls to fire him after one season. He’ll justify this season’s failure on Covid and injuries.
  5. It makes last week’s win so disappointing.
  6. Even Aikman just said that the team that ran the ball the best was going to win. But, what the hell does he know? It’s not like he won anything, let alone played with a great RB.
  7. That’s how it’s done! What a pass!! Wait...
  8. Our lack of interest in even trying to run the ball is definitely helping the tank.
  9. There is. It was a poll on whether he or Jaylon Smith should be cut first.
  10. Zeke is committed to the cause. He wasn’t about to let last week’s accidental win get in the way this week.
  11. I agree. In general, GWDs are a pretty meaningless stat.
  12. Washington really needs to change its name to Washington Team Football just so its initials will be “WTF”.
  13. Or maybe his ceiling is so low that it was the only thing that helped him get onto the field at all.
  14. And people accuse you of mental gymnastics, yet also subscribe to your point I just quoted.
  15. I’ve always looked at the whole GWD thing as terribly overrated. Is it a factor of success? Sure, but it gets so overblown that it really lacks proper context and value. To me, if your defense is doing its job and your QB and RB are doing their jobs, then GWDs are often dramatically reduced. So, having very few doesn’t diminish the greatness of a player nor does having a ton of them make a player great.
  16. While our defense becomes Team 55 Burger.
  17. As much as it pains me to say, I may support going CB/S in back-to-back rounds this year if it means landing a combination like Surtain and Holland...as long as there isn’t a superior player on the board.
  18. That’s REALLY bad. Our QB isn’t great, but he’s not even close to that bad.
  19. Seriously, how many games does Wentz have to stink up before people admit that he sucks? You and I have been saying it for 2 years now.
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