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  1. Game Balls Dak - The INT in the end zone was brutal, but he played a really solid game other than that. CeeDee Lamb - There wasn’t a DB in New England who could cover him today. Randy Gregory - Huge game today. I honestly thought that he killed Mac Jones on that first sack. Trevon Diggs - There are no words to describe how unbelievable he is. Jock Straps Third down execution - We really struggled there.
  2. There are a lot of Dave’s on this board. Slam and I are two of them.
  3. The Raiders aren’t going to have a fire sale just because Gruden “resigned”. And even if they do, there aren’t many players on that roster who would help us all that much, anyway.
  4. Good. Garrett was incompetent and a progress stopper. I support anyone who wants to rub his robot nose in ish.
  5. That’s what I think, too. I’d be hard pressed to believe that we’d trade for a Center given the fact that there are so few quality Centers in the NFL to begin with, and none of them would be available for a trade.
  6. While that’s possible, moving him around will also confuse and terrify QBs and offensive coordinators because they’ll never know what he’s going to do on the field or where he’ll be. That also increases the opportunity for sacks and turnovers.
  7. I don’t think we’ll make a move for a Center. If we address the position, it’ll be in the draft.
  8. In the 4th or 5th round? Sure. Earlier than that? No effing way.
  9. The connection between Dak and Kellen Moore is insane. They complement each other perfectly. We cannot let them split up under any circumstance.
  10. Game Balls: Diggs - This guy is freaking amazing. He was in position to have THREE INTs today. He landed out of bounds on one (which the QB was throwing away), bobbled another (still a ridiculously incredible pass break up), and then the INT. Unfreakingreal. Zeke - Powerful performance today. His weight loss is obvious. He’s much quicker then he’s been over the last 2 seasons, and looks much fresher as a player. Jason Garrett - His customary overly conservative game plan got even stiffer when Barkley and Jones went down. His calls made vanilla ice cream cringe, and we took total
  11. And many of us have been down on him, so he won’t get a lot of sympathy from us. One can only sh!t the bed so many times each game before we lose all confidence in the guy, and that schlub did it for 2 straight seasons and 4 games into this one.
  12. We’re good enough to win most of those games. But, like with virtually every other team in the league, we’ll lose one that we should win, we’ll win one that we should lose, and at least one team will blow us out.
  13. I don’t. I think they saw his garbage play and got fed up with it and decided that cutting him was the same value this season as keeping him on the bench, because he isn’t good enough to see the field, anyway.
  14. People conveniently forget that football is a business first (for the owners and executives), a business second (for the players), a business third (for the networks and advertisers), and a sport fourth.
  15. You don’t pay a backup player elite LB money. There’s a whole lot wrong with that approach for a variety of reasons. Further, cutting him strengthens the team. It doesn’t weaken it. Keeping all of the players on notice that poor play and/or complacency will get you cut keeps them in line and holds them accountable. Seriously, this organization has done a piss poor job of holding anyone accountable for anything over the last 15+ years, and now you’re concerned when they do? This move should be celebrated because it signals a serious shift in company culture: we’re not giving below average
  16. I wouldn’t say that Jaylon Smith will “beef up” Green Bay’s LB corps.
  17. This is one of the rare times when I’d make a big move to get someone. Sign Gilmore. A player like him - even at 75% of his usual self - is a significant upgrade over any CB on our roster not named Diggs. We should already be on the phone with his agent.
  18. He’s not the worst LB or all time, but he is terrible, though. I really thought that he was going to turn into an all-pro after how he played in 2018. Then 2019 happened. And 2020. And four games of 2021.
  19. Gee, I wonder why. He can’t rush the passer because he hates contact. He makes mental mistakes, can’t shed blockers, and has no leadership skill. So unless his role is to chase after tennis balls and hubcaps, he has little value.
  20. If you recall, I was concerned that he wasn’t ready for it, not that he wouldn’t eventually be sensational at it. It’s obvious that his learning curve was a lot flatter than most others who are promoted to that position.
  21. Multiple reports are surfacing that the Jags were pretty pissed about it.
  22. https://dailysnark.com/2021/10/05/report-jaguars-execs-discussing-firing-urban-meyer-under-morals-clause-following-lap-dance-video/?fbclid=IwAR2aarvSN20QLBEB5YpUtFeXVBnyyLb3Y315xMgeeFolKbtE_zmY_QREUeg I’m not sure if this belongs here or in the college football thread since USC is likely taking interest and hoping Jax fires him.
  23. Kevin Smith is one, but that was 25 years ago.
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