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  1. R.I.P. Phyllis George

    RIP good woman
  2. Does Joe Judge win Super Bowls with the NYG?

    I also know little about Joe Judge but I have this gut feeling that hes going to do great things with the Giants. I cant wait to to come back here after next season and wish I never posted this...
  3. Onside kick versus 4th and 15

    Your offense just scored a TD to go up by 4, there are 2 minutes on the clock in the 4th and the opposition is Mahomes. You decide to go for 15 from your own 25 to own the clock and keep the Chiefs O on the bench and prevent Mahomes from using the clock to defeat you in the fading seconds. You are successful and maintain possession to win the game.... OR you fail the 15 yarder and give away field position... A field goal is no use to them, they need a TD so you defend as such, chances are you give away a TD anyway but with Mahomes back on the bench you have a minute left on the clock, enough time to go down the field and score a field goal to tie the game. The point is, when your playing an O you cant stop, its often better to keep them on the bench, especially if their QB has an arm and a liking for dramatic endings. I could see the 15 yarder being used in more situations than the the onside kick was. Trouble is getting 15 yards when the D knows its coming, is insanely hard.
  4. 2nd year breakouts

    Yeh - This guy is a true sleeper, people are still sleeping on him entering year 2. Looked good in college, did well with his opportunity last season and looked good on the field. With Terry on the outside this guy shout eat. We just need Haskins to do his bit.
  5. Do you think Seattle tried to trade Russell Wilson?

    I was wondering the same, is he referring to his small head? No cant be, thats on the field too....
  6. The Claypool Quandary

    I'm a fan of Claypool but I have to say, when you watch the senior bowl for both him and Mims back to back, Mims is too fast off the line for the DB whereas Claypool looks much stronger but also slower.
  7. The Claypool Quandary

    Makes perfect sense fella and I agree really. Your right, Bryant was faster across the turf. I think I meant being that huge catch radius in the end zone and being the deep guy the team needs. The coaches have said already that they hope he becomes that reliable deep target they never had last season. We shall see but good point.
  8. Rams release New Uniforms

    The all blue and the off whites are great, the logo is a poop
  9. What are your favourite NFL uniforms?

    The Rams new Uni looks great, the new logo however stinks everything up
  10. What are your favourite NFL uniforms?

    Agreed, simple and yet unique
  11. What are your favourite NFL uniforms?

    That helmet logo, years before its time
  12. The Claypool Quandary

    I think it depends on how we define play speed fella, if its running in a straight line, then sure, it is what it is. If it includes learning how to explode out of breaks etc then based on his college tape and his late bloom i would say he has room to improve.
  13. The Claypool Quandary

    Thought he might split opinions Those videos where hes falling on the ground and the ball flying in the other direction, were from the senior bowl I think. The written reports of the senior bowl suggest he did really well and showed quite a bit of improvement in route running etc. By some accounts he was open most of the time despite the DB climbing him like a tree. Hes a late bloomer for sure and I think his middle ground is Martavis Bryant with + learning, character and hard work characteristics. I actually see him filling that exact role with the Steelers initially and potentially growing from there in a couple of years. The concern (imo) is that Ben may be on the downward curve. The points made about how the Steelers have an edge re making WR's good/great might be outdated (not sure) as I tend to think its not the franchise that makes player types great, its the coaches and the WR coach is new to the team this year in Ike Hilliard. Im really not sure what to expect from him. He was at the Skins for a few years and they had WR issues for much of that time and until Terry and Sims turned up last year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0m3HfaOInxg