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  1. Raiders place RB Doug Martin on injured list; to be released

    That one Broncos fullback/Browns runningback. Peyton Hillis, I think?
  2. Current NFL QBs that Elevate Supporting Casts

    That post didn't age well.
  3. Show me where I said there wasn't talent around him. I even made sure to show that in the comp I said. I compared Alabama's offense to Ohio State. Are you saying Ohio State's offense had no talent? I
  4. Report - Dak Seeking 40m Per Year Deal

    Disagree. 30-32 mil a year for five/six years will look like a bargain really soon. The Cowboys will be at a huge advantage again once the new CBA Ros around if Dak and Zeke get paid NOW. Prices are only going to go up. Even if Dak doesn't progress, the cost for a league average QB will balloon, and Dak is a top half of the league QB with potential to get better. Look at how he did once he had a weapon in the passing game.
  5. I'm a Redskins fan. I agree with Matt's, though. Dak is really too close to Wentz to separate them from each other. They've both been awesome* ! They've both sucked** ! I'd place Goff, Wentz, Prescott, and Watson in the same tier, just ahead of Garropolo, Trubisky, Dalton and Darnold. *With arguably the best supporting cast in the league, or at least top 10 **With arguably the worst supporting cast in the league, or at least bottom-five
  6. Tell us about yourself

    Hey guys. The name's DeShaun. I'm from Virginia Beach and I was raised watching the NFL. The Skins were always sort of my team because they're local, but I really got into the Redskins in 2015 during my senior year of high school when "You Like That!" And Jordan Reed were playing like HOFers. Obviously, it's been more or less meh since then on offense, and last season was a total crapshoot once Alex went down, but I'm still all-in on the Redskins. I've also been reading the forum as a guest for a year or so and my name is obviously a Derrius Guice reference. I'm ready to say the initiation. "I, Duoathome "Solemnly swear to support the Skins "Wings will be clipped "The West will be won "And magic beans will be planted "Roll Washington Crimson Tide!"
  7. No, I think he's suggesting that Tua carried his offense more, for what it's worth. I mean, Tua HAS opened up a generally conservative offense. I don't think it's a knock on Lawrence that he's played in a good offense. I guess we just won't get to see if he'd have similar results since he plays at Clemson. But it's kind of like how we saw Kyler at Oklahoma. He balled after Mayfield did. Did we get to see him take the offense to a whole new level? No, because it was already great. Not a knock on Kyler. Dude balled out. I think the comparison for Tua is more like what Dwayne Haskins did for the Ohio State offense (coaching aside), where we saw it do well enough to be competitive with JT Barrett, but the whole thing opened up once Haskins was under center. So we got to see them take it to a new level. Not saying that TLaw or Kyler can't. I think both could open up those Bama / Ohio State playbooks to an even greater degree than Haskins or Tua could. I'd tank for Trevor.
  8. Former: Robert Kelley and Josh McCown. OKAY, so I think it's safe to assume that Fat Rob is done. I mean, there are several higher-rated prospects still in Free Agency and the draft class is loaded. Also, don't you agree that the ultimate backup QB deserves a ring if Nick Fools has one? Current: Lenny Fitzgumbo and Adrian Peterson. Fitzgumbo deserves it after being such a great man in the community, very humble and DOING IT for his team in the playoffs. Wanna see clutch? Watch the end of his super bowl matchup against the Steelers or the entirety of his 2015 divisional round matchup against the Green Bay Packers. There is not current player more deserving of a ring than Lenny Fitzgumbo right now. Adrian Peterson is going to get a ring in early 2020, which is good because he deserves one.
  9. Washington RB Derrius Guice hurts hammy

    And they will ALL know my name! Mwahahahaha!
  10. Washington RB Derrius Guice hurts hammy

    What are you talking about!? We're going to be the first team to have three RBs rush for 1,000 apiece. AD gets 1,060, Guice the GOAT gets 1,300 in our committee, and Bryce Love gets 1,000 flat. Chris Thompson gets 200 rushing yards. When Chris Thompson gets hurt, Fat Rob will rise from the grave and have a 150-yard rushing game.