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  1. Let other fans stew in their own ignorance and pretend nothing bad happens in their precious fanbases. Just don't come to us and high road like less than a dozen people to make yourselves feel superior. Once you hop off your high horse and come join us normal human beings things are a lot more fun. @Uncle Buck
  2. hope so. might as well have fun this season lmao. im a firm believer of tomorrows problems is for tomorrows me.
  3. you have to ask yourself: whats more entertaining? two good teams playing each other in playoffs, or the aftermath if somehow a 5 win team beats someone in the wildcard.
  4. now i know what it feels like to watch the eagles as a non fan. jesus.
  5. this is somehow going to end as a defensive game because both qbs suck
  6. lol week 8 theyre just gonna use the cardboard cutouts in the stands in place of oline for both teams
  7. if the eagles offensive line and the cowboys offensive line got into a bar fight not a single fist would land and there would still be people put into a hospital
  8. I believe in fulghamis prime, he's produced against two of the best secondaries in the nfl so far.
  9. 35-33 giants. doug fails a 2pt early and loses because of it
  10. i can see why you'd prefer this but I'll counter and say there will probably be no sweeping changes while there are still this many injuries. Everything will be blamed on injuries first giving people a leash they shouldn't have.
  11. plus imagine how legendary the eagles would be to win a superbowl with a backup qb and then win a superbowl after entering the playoffs with 5 wins lmao. i would brag about that all day every day
  12. idk man it's hard to make playoffs generally. i want every chance possible. 1/50 of a chance is better than zero. id rather have a shot at a superbowl than just watch a team lose just for a shot at a good player in the draft
  13. fulghamis prime, ward, reagor, the version of hightower that can catch, and dallas goedert is a young core of receivers that i can be excited every week about
  14. imagine telling past you that you would be wishing for isaac to be starting
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