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  1. Armada / redwolves are pretty cool names. rest are whatever. Would love to make fun of the Washington Demon Cats for years though.
  2. Singleton would be an excellent LB if we had one that could cover well along with him. dude is a great tackler
  3. Watson for murray, hopkins and jj?
  4. I think the answer to this question is: We couldn't be much worse last year so there's a solid chance this offseason has been upgrade.
  5. At this point there shouldn't be any debating. Wentz looks like hot trash and dak can only play football if he's already down by 21. Neither are spectacular qbs.
  6. This has been an unexpectedly jorts tightening offseason so far. I'm unsure how to conduct myself considering I expected only the worst.
  7. So who is ideal for OC at this point? I'm feeling pretty happy about HC and DC. I imagine they go with a more experienced OC to balance the youth if there is a good one available.
  8. cant go wrong with a guy who made a dude named brisket look serviceable
  9. I agree with this in theory, but until this season did anyone REALLY question if he was the guy other than the worry over his injury history? The fact of the matter is no one knows if wentz is good or bad anymore, it's a complete roll of the dice at this point. He's had one mvp season, two good seasons, and one literal worst in the league season. I personally would be in favor of just cutting bait despite how much i love the guy. The headache of wondering isn't worth it.
  10. you know, i don't understand why people are worried about mcdaniels committing to the eagles and then bailing like he did with the colts. the colts got Reich out of that and are going to be a playoff team for years to come lol.
  11. The good luck charm we needed this offseason. Grats.
  12. I'm far more inclined to believe that carson is stubborn enough to think he knows better than his coach and changes the plays over the thought that he just doesn't like doug and changes them out of spite. Which is obviously just as bad; but it's the difference between attacking his ability as a player and attacking his character as a person.
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