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  1. Kilty is the Picasso of football forum eastern United States football team fanbases.
  2. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    dak would be pretty damn good under reich.
  3. I was under the impression that he dinged up his hand getting that first down near the endzone early and didn't really recover until the 4th quarter. He was okay before that hit, his accuracy was terrible after.
  4. In what way did I say that it did? at all?
  5. They'll allow poledancing but an artist cant curse. yikes
  6. Cowboys likely to use franchise tag on Dak Prescott

    Bias aside, just sign the guy. It boggles my mind in an era where you have teams that can barely get above 6 wins without a good qb they have literally paid everyone but Dak. He literally proved in his first year that you *can* win with him given the right coaching and pieces around him. The dude gets hilariously overrated and underrated everywhere. People either think he's top 6 or bottom 10 in every thread. The reality is he's a fringe top 10 guy who can sometimes play better than that. Either the cowboys or daks agent are absolutely moronic not to get a deal done yet.
  7. felt like they undersold Sanders' improvement towards the end of the season. Yeah he does have work to do, but to only briefly mention his receiving stats is a bit disrespectful to a man who had an argument for OROY.
  8. yikes lol. I'd say more a of a paul bearer
  9. Idk man, watching him post for 8+ years hardline convinced me that he is the king of "insert stupid comment...... wait for reaction..... if it's negative say i was trolling all along"
  10. Just ignore him and let him beat a wall of silence until he exhausts himself. He'll find somewhere else to go after that.
  11. Around the NFL - NFL General GDT

    it helps when your o-line opens up 10 foot holes and the entire greenbay defense forgets how to tackle. but i do agree he looks good overall today notwithstanding
  12. Some of you guys are going absolutely mental over this press taylor thing. I want him gone too but damn you guys are acting like promoting him is going to set back the eagles 20 years and erase the sb win from existence.
  13. Eagles DBs have been booty cheeks for like 5+ years so he didn't make them bad. He certainly didn't make them good though.
  14. clowney about to get fellated for two hours and then given the postgame interview for that facemask
  15. Divisional Round - HOU @ KC

    kelce putting the entire team on his back