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  1. I'm far more inclined to believe that carson is stubborn enough to think he knows better than his coach and changes the plays over the thought that he just doesn't like doug and changes them out of spite. Which is obviously just as bad; but it's the difference between attacking his ability as a player and attacking his character as a person.
  2. Feel like a lot of these articles are just twisting context to fit the easy clicks of ****ting on carson as a human being. An olinemen possibly saying "he's playing horribly bench him" and some people possibly saying he's stubborn somehow turns into "carson wentz is a horrible person, he is as likely to kick a baby as he is to throw an interception, he's basically satan walking the earth". Yeah the whole smoke and fire saying applies but man this stuff seems dramatically overblown.
  3. I'm all in on this idea and it will happen until proven otherwise.
  4. Wentz is heavily expected to be gone and Ninja has found a new target.
  5. i dont think two players having their worst seasons of their careers will fetch a first
  6. Honestly would be AMAZING if all this backlash from the primetime tank actually gets doug fired so luries saves face lmao. cherry on top would be howie too but that won't happen.
  7. oh man the post game pressers are going to be hilarious
  8. lol is JJAW's most productive game going to be the final game of a tank job.
  9. i wonder if doug is trying to take one for the franchise by putting sudfield in. just saying right to luries face that the front office needs an overhaul
  10. this is the most competitive limping contest ive seen in a bit
  11. 6 tries inside the 10 and no touchdown. doug pederson ladies and gentleman
  12. ah ertz and running 3rd down routes short of the first. really not gonna miss that
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