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  1. tfw other team's fans come in to support us and cheer us up because we know the eagles are trash lmao
  2. eagles gonna beat new england and seattle only to lose to the giants and dolphins. i got a feeling
  3. not as a runner. as a thrower sure
  4. Has McVay been overrated?

  5. imagine being a fan of this guy https://[LINK ERROR]/aqfs7
  6. another week, another game proving that the run game doesn't matter
  7. what an abomination of a gdt lmao.
  8. I don't understand how people can 100 percent think it's only JJ's ability that's preventing him from seeing the field. Have you guys not seen jalen mills and darren sproles? Is this opposite land? Is it possible he's just trash and can't get on the field? Sure. It's also just as possible that our team has yet another bias they can't seem to get over. fwiw I don't think any player gets shafted on this team. I do fully believe that some players get MUCH longer leashes than they deserve from the coaching staff. Some sort of odd loyalty even if they are playing like dumpsters.
  9. MNF : Cowboys @ Giants GDT

  10. I'm liking that we can actually use screen passes again
  11. the difference between my anecdotal evidence and your anecdotal evidence is that I walked away before i could find out if they would back it up.
  12. You can say that about any fanbase. I nearly got jumped in south Texas just walking around in eagles gear. I'm not going to go around saying all cowboys fans are evil.
  13. Pretty sure you posted that the eagles are the worst fanbase in sports like a week ago in an nfl gen gdt. It wouldn't have been the first time either. Literally no one is "debating" that violence is acceptable. Literally all of us are saying it's not something solely eagles related, as you seem to keep trying to convince us. inb4 "show me proof". You can either find it yourself to defend yourself, or continue living in your make-believe land. Either is fine with me
  14. Don't know why you guys are surprised. Matts has been doing the whole "eagles fans are the worst fans on the planet" shtick to anyone that will listen to him for years.
  15. We don't deal in optimism around these parts.