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  1. One thing that I am presently surprised of is that so far gannon has found a way to neutralize both teams they have played best players in kittle and ridley. One of the biggest problems that the eagles have had the last 4 years or so have been the opposing teams no1 receiving option just absolutely annihilating us in every way conceivable.
  2. Was a pretty easy decision after watching him wish injury on players last season
  3. if you didnt block don after last season idk what you're doing at this point
  4. 1 great game one pretty damn bad game. I am back to square one in expectations and don't know what to expect again.
  5. gg. sirianni just got rolled as a coach. not too mad at it since he's inexperienced but I hoped for more.
  6. not sure i agree with that but ill take it i guess
  7. well sirianni remembers what a sneak is at least
  8. goedert would have eaten this defense alive in the middle of the field. can't fathom why he was used so little today
  9. damn sloppy by the eagles to tackle like that
  10. i didnt even see how he got hurt. what happened?
  11. just cut barnett man this dude is so dumb
  12. smith has been open regularly this game but just not thrown to. this is a rough game from hurts decision making wise
  13. why though. like two people were wide open intermediate
  14. that drive was nearly a quarter. shocked they lasted that long tbh
  15. this is the eagles i expected this offseason.
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