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  1. He been having a bad *checks google for last cowboys superbowl* 24 years.
  2. I have no opinion on this situation but comparing the job security of a safety, even if he's amazing, to probably the best player in the nfl isn't the greatest comparison. Mahomes doesn't need to "throw a tantrum", no team is going to let him go without a massive contract.
  3. Yeah people keep saying that but I'm 100 percent confident that groh and the wr coach i already forgot the name of would have ruined their seasons too. I'm not sold on jjaw being a bust at all at this point.
  4. Why does this guy continue to @ me about something he said in 2017. furthermore why am I still receiving notifications from someone I've had blocked for over a year lol.
  5. Dan likes the qb that I like therefor he is the most trustworthy analyst.
  6. he does a 100 reps of the movie frozen per day. there is nothing he cant handle
  7. quote it for the future. patrick mahomes retires in 2028 for similar reasons as andrew luck.
  8. i have high hopes for killins in the return game tbh
  9. Can't purposely injure an eagles QB if he's on the eagles.
  10. Wait until she finds out you're a veteran on a football forum. She'll be in love forever.
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