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  1. How do we feel about Jim Schwartz?

    Average at best DC, more often than not pretty bad. He relies entirely on his D-line doing 70 percent of the work and can't physically adjust any scheme. Could we be fine with it? Yeah if most of our D-line wasn't old or leaving. I think we need a fresh face at DC.
  2. Tom brady was a late 6th. So I'm pretty sure Mailata is going to be the greatest LT of all time.
  3. Who are your favorite broadcasters right now?

    Anyone but aikmen and witten. And honestly not even because they were cowboys. I really like witten as a player and a person. He's just terrible so far and aikmen is so far up his own butt I'm surprised i can't smell his halitosis through my tv screen.
  4. Wentz without a doubt in my mind.
  5. NFC East: Now half good!

    100 percent need to hire chip kelly's old smoothie guy
  6. Divisional Round GDT Saints vs Eagles

    Wentz at least would have overthrown all the underthrown deep balls nick had this game. meaning no back breaking int to ertz.
  7. Fletcher Cox Appreciation Thread

    Easily my favorite member on the team.
  8. Divisional Round GDT Saints vs Eagles

    If only he listened to himself for this game.
  9. Eagles vs. Saints: Divisional Round

    but but but... daks efficiency stats
  10. Divisional Round GDT Saints vs Eagles

    I really hope they overhaul our medical staff this offseason. I feel like we've been rolled over by injuries for years now.
  11. Divisional Round GDT Saints vs Eagles

    The better team won. hope brees makes it out with another ring
  12. Divisional Round GDT Saints vs Eagles

    welp guess matts is off to reddit.
  13. Eagles vs. Saints: Divisional Round

    I'll give the position coaches props for making as much as they can with what they have. The gameplan (as far as i know) coming into the game was to stop thomas and kamara. He failed.
  14. Divisional Round GDT Saints vs Eagles

    If before the game you were told that the saints would look like a highschool flag football team for an entire quarter and some change would you believe it? I'm not about to give him props for another teams mistakes.
  15. Eagles vs. Saints: Divisional Round

    If the saints didn't come out the gate looking like a peewee football team would you still think this?