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  1. curious how it works. Do they both get the probowl accolade for their resumes?
  2. watched like 4 college QB highlight videos and the only one i like is kenny pickett for no reason other than i arbitrarily liked what i saw. I have no in depth analysis or even a logical basis for my assessment but I'm going to continue with it as if it is fact and I won't have a discussion otherwise.
  3. If you're dropping a hall of fame 300+ pound defensive tackle into an off the line linebacker even once a game, let alone the multiple times a game gannon did it. I fully believe you're incompetent and will flame out in a few years.
  4. im not comparing him to allen in any way. He's just the only QB i can think of that went from being pretty terrible to becoming exceptional in one offseason
  5. man its such a shame he's so underwhelming as a player. Jalen hurts is so unbelievably easy to like and root for Here's hoping he has some miraculous josh allen transformation over the offseason i guess
  6. I'd like to thank you for your service for having to deal with this thread and all the headaches that come with it.
  7. if only they showed that level of awareness on offense that last play
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