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  1. I refuse to believe they call him anything other than Nicky Nine Inch in the locker room.
  2. Subtly bringing up Nicky's nine incher is one reason ill always love this oline lol.
  3. NFL News & General Info Thread

    I'd be actually be pissed if Devin Hester didn't make the hall. Dude practically changed how special teams works and was easily one of if not the most dominant returner to play.
  4. guess the cowboys are about to start bringing in english dudes for workouts then.
  5. when you remember that you're not a redskins, giants, or cowboys fan.
  6. I dont think you understand how disappointed 9 year old me was when the resident evil 2 movie trailer had papa roach in a scene but didnt have it in the actual movie.
  7. I'm a long snapper. Don't really notice I'm here but you'll miss me when I'm not. also smores flavored poptarts > life itself.
  8. Who Hates the Redskins More?

    Dan Snyder
  9. The NFC East Thread

    jeeze matts getting the hate real good in here.
  10. Eagles OTA/Training Camp News

    gonna be weird having the best 3 quarterbacks in football on one team this season.
  11. Eagles cut Kendricks

    @Mastercheddaar > Kendricks easily. You are dismissed Lil Salami.
  12. Nicky's Nine Inch has really relit my interest in the NFL now that's he's staying. It's just been so impressive along side Long Sweat and Cox.
  13. My 10 Most Overrated Players in NFL history